The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 356

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356. The best person in the world (2)

Actually, I didn’t know much about Moorim.

What I do know is that martial arts is considered the highest value.

And other than that, all I knew was that the tower was one of the worlds where it had long been rooted.

‘If you change your perspective, the revival of the Baek clan is not that difficult.’


‘Anyway, it will be enough to destroy all the places that can compete with the Baek clan.’

Based on my experience climbing the tower so far, there was one thing I was certain of.

“Now you won’t have to be restricted by powers or anything like that.”

It’s no different… … .

“No matter who it is, if it is at the level of black night blindness, I can eliminate it all.”

That only one force can trample all that lies beyond.

‘In fact, if I fight using only martial arts, there is no way I would lose.’

But doesn’t Baek Cheon-hyuk think that way?

“Ha, haha, hahaha… … .”

Baek Cheon-hyuk spoke with a stern face and barely a smile.

“No, even if it’s a joke, I think it gives me strength to hear Daehyeop say that… … .”

However, just for a moment.

“I wasn’t kidding.”

“What is that… … .”

“I’m just saying that I will destroy anything that gets in my way, whether it’s the Nine Files or the Murim Alliance.”

“… … .”


Could it be that he dismissed what I said to him as a joke?

As soon as Baek Cheon-hyuk suddenly heard that it was not a joke, he pursed his lips and became silent.

Suddenly, a hint of doubt and great anxiety appeared in his eyes.

‘… … ‘Why can’t I believe this?’

It’s like seeing a mentally ill person who can go on a rampage at any moment.

And at that, I frowned slightly and felt a shallow sense of dissatisfaction.

Still, I think he showed quite a few techniques that are considered legendary in their own way in martial arts… … .

Nevertheless, Baek Cheon-hyuk seemed to think that I could not organize all of the similar factions.

“I can destroy as many assholes who just rely on power.”

In reality, Baek Cheon-hyuk revealed that he thought that way.

“… … Umm. “I’m sorry to the Han Seong-yoon Daehyup, but it is impossible to eliminate the old faction and the Murim Alliance.”

“Why do you think that?”

“… … The heirs of the Japanese clan are masters who have reached the prefecture. Even if the immortal in the sky beyond comes back alive, we cannot guarantee victory.”


But I couldn’t help but frown at him.

“hmm… … .”

It was worth it.

“But you could probably defeat any number of immortals in the sky if they came down… … .”


It can’t be an ancient deity, so I’m guessing it’s at the level of a formal deity.

At best, they were relatively weak people who were only formal deities.

Of course, he was qualified to rule as the ruler of any world.

If we have to be honest, godhood itself is not a very common concept.

However, that does not mean that the formal deity is a particularly strong enemy.

‘Is there any way that I can lose to a immortal just because my physical ability is lowered?’

It was natural.

No matter how great a mere insect is, it cannot defeat a human… … .

It could be said that the seeds themselves, as innate creatures, are different.

In fact, the gods under the ancient Godhead were, to put it bluntly, no different from mortals.

‘If it’s a battle between concept divinity, no one can lose.’

It’s not something like confidence.

Even if it is the best of ants, it is still an ant in its essence, and there is no need to talk about confidence in trampling on a mere ant.

Everyone knows that a person can kill an ant by crushing it.

Therefore, without even a moment’s hesitation, I pursed my lips and muttered the thoughts in my head.

“At best, how strong are those things… … .”

And Baek Cheon-hyuk tried to hide his embarrassment as much as possible, cleared his throat and spoke.

“… … Uh, anyway, there is no need for Han Seong-yoon to do something like that.”

Baek Cheon-hyuk continued speaking as if he had no wish for such a thing.

“… … “For me, as long as my daughter is safe, that’s enough.”

Before I knew it, Baek Cheon-hyuk spoke in the same tone as before, asking for a favor.

“And it won’t be difficult to do that. Volcanic wave. “There, I have been blessed.”

At that moment, when I heard those words, I felt a word pass through my mind.

─… … The Hwasan Sect has been indebted to the Shingeombaekga in the past.

–So I was curious whether you were a descendant of the Shingeombaek family.

-Anyway, you are a descendant of the Shingeombaek family, so someday you will have to resolve your past grievances.


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It’s no different… … .

‘Come to think of it, I heard something like that in the Giant Tree Labyrinth.’

This is because I remembered what Seolmaegeom Lee Jin-gyeong, an elder of the Hwasan Sect whom I saw in the Giant Tree Labyrinth, said so.

‘I think I just passed it on at the time and thought I’d check it out later… … .’

Only then did I focus my attention and listen to Baek Cheon-hyuk.

‘Did the story continue like this?’

And accordingly, Baek Cheon-hyuk’s story continued uninterrupted.

“The other day, I restored a Neigongsim technique called Honwonjingi (混元眞氣) that was said to have been lost in the Hwasan Sect.”

To be honest, I didn’t know much about martial arts, but I knew martial arts to some extent.

Simbeop is the training of magical power circuits and, furthermore, a technique that allows you to build up high-quality magical power in your body.

Of course, it is meaningless to me, who can endlessly increase my magic power with necromancy in addition to the tower… … .

I knew what he meant because it must have been extremely important to ordinary people.

“horsepower… … , Rather, you are saying that I gave you back a skill that allows you to build up your strength in the Danjeon.”

This means that the elderly man in front of me has done a great favor to the volcano wave.

“That’s right. Although he was not a martial artist representing the volcano itself, he was nonetheless classified as a rising martial artist. “I once got it back.”

But Baek Cheon-hyuk smiled bitterly and said.

“Well, I didn’t even hear a thank you from Hwasan’s master… … .”

It was as if he had brought out one of the painful memories he had experienced in the past.

“At least Sounjinin, one of the elders of Hwasan, expressed his gratitude.”

“… … .”

“Perhaps if it were him, he wouldn’t refuse if I asked him to accept my daughter as a registered disciple…” … .”

“I understand roughly.”


“… … Phew. I’m glad you understand. “With this, I can worry less too.”

“In other words, you can destroy all of the volcanic waves without having to worry about everyone except one.”


Next moment.

“Then there is nothing to worry about now.”

Only then did I smile and say something to Baek Cheon-hyuk as if to reassure him.

“Anyway, I will eliminate all forces fairly within a month.”

And that too in a very merciful tone.


Time passed quickly.

Of course, if you count the time that had passed, only about three days had passed.

But even so, a lot changed in just those three days.

First of all, I settled down and received treatment beyond that of a bodyguard of the Baek clan.

‘Still, in his own way, he is a benefactor who saved the family… … .’

It’s not even just that.

Was it actually a virtue that saved the family from being cut off?

Before I knew it, I was in charge of guarding the Baek Crane Sword, which was considered the most important in the Baek clan.

And it wasn’t just about protecting her, there was also something that only I could do.


It’s no different… … .

“From now on, I will be Lady Baek Sul-hwa’s martial arts instructor.”

White Snow Flower.

In short, I got to teach a girl who could be said to be Baekhakgeomseon’s past.

The girl in front of me, about fifteen years old, had a body as stiff as a machine and screamed like a chick.

“… … Ugh, it’s an honor to learn martial arts from a master like my benefactor!”

He looked stiff, as if he wasn’t used to this.

I wondered why he treated me so respectfully… … .

It wasn’t long before that question was answered.

“And… … . Ugh. I think it would be okay for the benefactor to talk to me comfortably… … .”

It was worth it.

“I even wore a life jacket, but even though I am the daughter of the family, it is not polite to listen to honorifics…” … .”

I, reflected in her eyes, will be a ray of light that has poured into the Baek family.

‘Well, in reality, it’s just an external challenger.’

Perhaps, as Baek Sul-hwa said, it would not be appropriate to insist on honorifics.

But that didn’t mean I could easily tone down my words.

The situation happened to go awry, but isn’t the girl in front of him from Baekhakgeomseon’s past?

Then, it bothered me to use words that weren’t honorifics to her.

‘… … Anyway, even though I’m a teacher, it’s a bit weird to use informal language.’

That’s why I slowly shook my head and answered.

“There is no need to feel so burdened. miss. “It’s just because it’s convenient.”

“that… song… … ?”


“If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter… … .”

“It’s really okay, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Baek Seol-hwa glanced at him like a small animal, as if she was uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do.

The truth is, I feel very uncomfortable treating her like this.

But it didn’t end there.

“… … So what should we call Eungong now? Master Han Seong-yoon? Otherwise, you can say it’s Master Han Seong-yoon—.”

Before she could finish her sentence, I said with a straight face.

“I can’t do that because I’m not an official disciple.”

And to those words that clearly drew a line, Baek Seol-hwa responded slowly, like a limp chick.

“… … yes.”

Of course, if you look at it from her perspective, you might feel a little offended… … .

‘… … I never thought I would almost be called teacher by Baekhakgeomseon.’

To be honest, when I saw this, I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

If the relationship happens to be messed up here, the relationship with Baekhakgeomseon will also become ambiguous in the future.

And Baek Seol-hwa, who didn’t know that fact, seemed to feel distant, perhaps because I had pushed her away a little forcefully, but I quickly changed the topic.

“For now, let’s just learn simple sword techniques.”

At least it seemed like there would be less to worry about while teaching her martial arts.

‘Anyway, the revival of the Baek clan is something that must be accomplished by improving the level of Baek Sul-hwa.’

It’s not even just that.

Teaching Baek Seol-hwa within the Baek clan was a kind of measure of the process of clearing the ordeal.

The fact that the Tower of Trials gives a trial period of 10 years means that it may take that much time to clear the trials… … .

Considering that, it was right to quickly measure Baek Seol-hwa’s level and set a schedule to quickly make her stronger accordingly.

Because that would be the most efficient of all.

‘It would be better to at least see Baek Seol-hwa’s level and move on.’

At best, it was simple enough to measure Baek Seol-hwa’s growth.

After about two days, the answer came right away.

It’s no different… … .

“… … hmm.”

To a level beyond what I thought.

“… … “Why can’t I follow this?”

Before I knew it, I narrowed my eyes as I saw Baek Seol-hwa out of breath in the center of the large training ground.

‘What is this again?’

It has to be that way.

In fact, Snow White should be more talented than anyone else here.

I don’t know why, but Baek Sul-hwa’s growth was slow even though I personally taught her martial arts.

“… … Ugh! Oh, why can’t you follow that? “There’s no way you can copy that!”

However, just for a moment.

“You didn’t teach me martial arts techniques in a standard way, but you just demonstrated the basics… … !”

Snow White’s face turned red and she answered like that, so there was nothing to say.

“That’s true.”

It was like that.

Although she was a martial arts instructor and taught her martial arts, I actually didn’t know much about martial arts.

That’s because, with the exception of learning martial arts from Baekhakgeomseon, most of the time I was able to see it with my own eyes and copy it.

‘You only gave me a martial arts demonstration, so I don’t know how to teach you anything more than this… … .’

It was frustrating.

All you have to do is read the sword’s intention and embody its essence through intention.

And the rest must be mastered repeatedly.

‘I thought I would learn Baekhakgeomseon quickly even if it was taught like this, but that wasn’t the case.’

However, Baek Seol-hwa could not follow the process.

At this point, I want to look at Baek Seol-hwa and say, ‘You taught me that way, right?’

In fact, other than climbing the tower and copying other people’s martial arts, there was nothing more I could do for him since I had never properly learned martial arts.

‘What should I do?’

I was worried.

Roughly at this point, should we stop raising Baek Seol-hwa for a moment and shake off the powers that be?

If it was like this, no matter how much I raised her here, she wouldn’t be able to stand out.

I looked at Baek Seol-hwa as if I felt sorry for her, and then she spoke with shame on her face as if she was making excuses.

“… … Sigh! Well, please don’t look at me like that! “No matter what, you can’t do what you can’t do!”

“I didn’t really do anything different.”

“… … Ma, you looked at me as if I didn’t know how to do this either… … yo. this.”

“no. Is that possible? “It’s an illusion.”

I didn’t look at Baek Seol-hwa very pitifully.

To be honest, I was trying to teach him how to use chopsticks, but it turned out that I had to teach him how to move his hands first, so I was just surprised.

Other than that, there is nothing to say that I am disappointed with Baek Sul-hwa.

And then I looked at her quietly, tilted my head, and got lost in thought.

‘Should we just erase all powers other than the Baek Clan and think again?’

But that was only for a moment.

“Even if I am the best technician in the world, I can’t do it like you, unless I have taken all the best medicines from the Nine Files.”

That’s right… … .

“Is it a famous medicine?”

Before I knew it, I was captivated by the words that flowed from Baek Seol-hwa’s pretty lips.

“yes! A miracle medicine! Things like Hwasan’s Plum Blossom Dan or Jongnam’s Yuun Dan!”

“Does anything change if I take them?”

“of course!”

Baek Seol-hwa placed her hands on her hips triumphantly and continued speaking.

“Perhaps if I take the famous medicine, my intellect will be as excellent as Master Han Seong-yoon’s, and my internal energy will also increase a lot!”

“Is that so?”

“That too, very, very much… … !”

“Then can you express it in detail?”

“uh… … ? Well, I’m not sure about that… … . Maybe it won’t be as good as this… … yo. this… … ?”

Only then did Baek Seol-hwa draw a circle with both arms, pursed her lips like a nervous cat.

‘… … ‘I guess I should say he’s still childish.’

It’s as if her arms are only as helpful as the size of the circle she draws.

However, the process of understanding was that simple.

Before I knew it, I had decided that feeding Baek Seol-hwa the elixir would help her grow to some extent.

In any case, if she had to grow to the point where she could compete with a hermit, there was a way.

‘… … If Baek Seol-hwa is to grow to the level of godhood, there must be some foundation.’

At least Baek Seol-hwa had to be at a certain level to make her a god.

‘Then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use someone else’s elixir.’

Only then did I nod my head and ask a question.

“You say there are a lot of elixirs in places like volcanoes or Jongnam?”

“sure! There’s no way a old file room is just a old file room for nothing. “Perhaps it would have been different if I had grown up eating great medicine like the people there?”

“I see… … .”

“Hehe! If that were the case, maybe thanks to the famous medicine, I could have learned martial arts just by watching martial arts demonstrations like Master Han Seong-yoon.”

“Then I will do it for you.”


“Did I tell you that you and Hwasan are Jongnam?”

Next moment.

“Then let’s bring all the medicine they have.”


“If it was that easy, I should have collected it a long time ago.”

“Sashimi, return? What on earth is that… … . “What on earth are you talking about?”

“So, to put it simply, this is it.”

Just like that, I smiled brightly, looked at Baek Seol-hwa, and performed a black magic with my internal demonic power.

【Folding vortex】

as soon as… … .

“It means that within today, two of the old file rooms will disappear.”

A technique that only I can handle here, a technique that moves as if folding space itself.

“With all the elixirs I had spit out.”

In an instant, there was a spatial jump that allowed you to go to one of the old file rooms.

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