The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 365

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Episode 365, Conqueror (1)

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Before I knew it, I realized that Biwon’s ordeal was coming to an end.

‘Did the powerful people in the martial arts world who reached a point where they had nowhere to go say that it was the fifth day of the world?’

It was worth it.

In fact, as Gwanggae said, if the top-level strongmen called Heaven and Earth are targeting me, then this will be the last battle I face in this world.

Of course, we still haven’t recovered all the minor benefits that can be found throughout Moorim… … .

Anyway, the big powers that called Hwasan faction and Jongnam faction had no regrets because they plundered everything without leaving a single grain of rice behind.

‘… … Probably, we won’t be able to get any more honey-like elixirs or treasures from here.’

I smiled at him.

I happened to gain a lot from the secret ordeal, but that is over now.

Only then did I enjoy the growth by converting the open treasures on the table into a handful of divine power or ability points.

「The Seal of Offering (SS-) exclusive effect ‘Offering (供養)’ is activated.」

“I received 11 items as an offering from myself.”

「Replace the relevant items with divine power and store it in the heart.」

‘It won’t be long now that the power level of divine power will increase… … .’

Should we collect dust and call it Mount Tai?

It seemed that the divine power that had been collected in various ways as persistently as possible would soon advance to the next level.

And not only that, all abilities had also reached a high level based on growth skills such as ‘Steel Eating’.

‘Physical abilities and magical powers also seem to have grown significantly.’

Of course, there are limitations.

In fact, most abilities obtained with all ability penalty penalties are adjusted at the end of the trial, except for achievement rewards.

In any case, the achievement reward is to increase certain abilities in a fixed way, so there is no need to touch it at the tower, but abilities that are not fixedly increased are adjusted after the end of the trial.

This is probably the case with the skill ‘Steel Eating’ or the growth of all abilities gained through Necromancy.

“… … .”

But it didn’t matter.

Currently, when I am not restricted by the tower, all of my abilities have reached incredible levels.

Even if it is a small increase in ability, it can be said that its efficiency is completely different from when it was a low-tier challenger at the top.

‘I’m looking forward to going back to the tower.’

Only then did I stand up with a faint smile on my face.

“I’m leaving now.”


“that… … . Are you really going? Surely, opening the door is not the same thing… … .”

“That’s right.”

“… … .”

So I finished what I had to do before leaving the open house.

“Gaegae, like other sects, is a prosperous sect for 40 years.”

“yes? That is so harsh… … !!”

Of course, the decision was not easy to accept, and complaints had to come out of Gwanggae’s mouth.

“okay? Don’t hate it. It’s just that if I break all the openings, that’s it. Then there’s no need to keep you alive anymore… … .”

“… … I will ask you a question. ha ha ha. If you think about it, it seems like a very generous treatment. As expected, it is mercy worthy of the great association. cancer. “Of course.”


“… … .”

However, just for a moment.

Has Gwanggae finally realized how much ‘consideration’ I am giving him?

Suddenly, Gwanggae broke into a cold sweat and then gave a lifeless, empty smile and agreed to the request.

I smiled and quickly left the open building and decided where to go.

“Is the end approaching now? … .”

Choosing a destination wasn’t that difficult.

No matter where I went, I openly said that I came from the Baek clan.

In that case, it was obvious where the people called Heaven and Earth Day would come.

There were still a few decent factions among the old factions, but there seemed to be no need to take care of them anymore.

“Now, should I finish warming up at this point?”

It was worth it.

“It’s the Five Days of Heaven… … .”

If we were to really ask the question, wouldn’t it be the enemies called Heaven and Earth that can be said to be the final boss in the secret ordeal?

“I’m looking forward to it.”

therefore… … .

【Folding vortex】

“What kind of loot can I get from Heaven and Earth?”

This time, it’s time to truly end Biwon’s ordeal.


A folding vortex.

The essence of spatial leap made of black magic that only I can use.

As soon as it was activated, the scenery before my eyes changed in a split second, and I arrived at Baek Csega.

‘Has nothing in particular changed…? … .’

I looked at the Baek family and then smiled bitterly.

‘It’s a messy atmosphere.’

It was worth it.


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Wasn’t the original Baek clan inevitably exterminated in history and disappeared from the martial arts world?

Even if I saved the Baek family from extinction, it cannot completely calm the Baek family’s confusion.

‘Probably, if I hadn’t prevented the extinction, the situation would have been more serious.’

Actually, this didn’t mean much either.

After all, this is a virtual space created by TOP.

Everything that happens during Biwon’s trials is like a dream.

However, all that can be gained from Biwon’s ordeal is that the manager’s wish could have come true.

“… … .”

It is an extremely empty ending.

Of course, this side can gain numerous benefits even in the virtual world created by the tower.

As a challenger climbing the Tower of Trials, I was able to obtain numerous rewards, and sometimes I was able to obtain rewards by using expedient methods that deviated from the tower’s rules.

But what does Baekhakgeomseon gain in the end?

Perhaps it is only a small consolation.

‘I felt it during the Iron Blood Lord’s time, but being an administrator’s secret agent is nothing but futility.’

However, there was no way.

‘… … Still, if I could see the end of the tower, wouldn’t I be able to perfectly fulfill my secret wish?’


A transcendental structure that even ancient deities whose existence is imprinted in the universe cannot take lightly.

Perhaps, if we can reach the end, we will be able to find a better way than this.

Even Baekhakgeomseondo once said that the secret ordeal can truly be achieved if one can climb to the top of the tower.

‘It’s not impossible at all.’

only… … .

‘The only problem is that I can’t think of the end of the tower yet.’

Suddenly, to think about the final floor of the tower, this is just an awkward floor.

Because I became an ancient god, I can easily deal with challengers who stay at the 40th floor… … .

In any case, since I am a challenger who has only just cleared the 26th floor, it is difficult to discuss the end of the tower.

‘Even if that’s not the case, I wonder if the tower will actually let me climb all the way.’

It’s not even just that.

The Tower of Trials seemed to be very dissatisfied with its inability to control me.

Wasn’t the fake ancient deity seen on the battlefield of the gods also an opponent designed by the tower to determine whether I was an entity that could not replace me?

‘The tower now knows that I am not subject to control.’

And since I am the one who won in the end, the tower is also staying still for now.

Because I realized that even though I created a fake ancient deity, it could not replace me.

Probably, no matter what purpose the tower has, it can be clearly predicted that it will want to test this.

‘Now that the 27th floor ordeal is just around the corner, the tower must be planning something in some way.’

At this point, it’s surprising that TOP doesn’t resort to trickery.

Perhaps, as predicted by a higher deity like the God of Proof, a trap could be laid on the 27th floor that would tie me to the tower.

And I have already prepared for that.

Basically, as they say, overwhelming power shines even in the midst of any hardship… … .

After climbing the tower and overcoming the many dangers of death that came my way, I have now gained a power that not only the tower, but even the ancient deities can rashly use.

Then all that’s left is to focus on the present.

‘First, we must finish Biwon’s ordeal.’



The moment I cleared away all the miscellaneous thoughts in my head and entered the training hall within the Baek Clan.

“Where on earth have you been all this time?”

In the blink of an eye, Baek Seol-hwa, who seemed to have been training in the training hall, rushed over and grabbed my arm.

Before we knew it, Baek Seol-hwa’s eyes were filled with worry.

At first glance, the look in his eyes was as if he were looking at someone who had returned from a battlefield somewhere.

“that… … . After asking me about the elixir, he suddenly disappeared without a trace, so I was really worried… … .”

That was actually the case.

“Even worse, he disappeared while saying he was going to retrieve the elixir from somewhere. Even so, it’s a messy poem… … .”

I answered him with a wry smile.

“I was just busy looking for things that would be helpful in your training.”

“… … “Really?”


“… … Even if you didn’t do that, it would have been enough for me to just teach you martial arts from the side.”

“Is that so.”

“… … yes.”

Snow White grumbled as if she couldn’t bear to complain out loud.

Is this a feeling that only those who raise disciples can feel?

I felt like I was a grandfather watching his granddaughter break down.

Only then did I smile and take out several elixirs from my arms.

“But for now, I brought the elixirs, so try using them.”

Snow White’s deep, pensive eyes began to sparkle like a child.

“Wow… … .”

But even that didn’t last long.

This is because Baek Seol-hwa’s gaze suddenly lowered as if she was embarrassed.

She shook her head in refusal, as if feeling guilty.

“Yeah, but even though I wore a life jacket, I can’t even receive the elixir… … .”

“it’s okay. I brought it anyway so I could stop by somewhere. “You can just take it.”

“Still… … .”

“There’s no need to feel so burdened.”

And I persuaded her in as gentle a tone as possible.

“If it’s still a burden, you can repay me later when you grow up.”

“Later, when I grow up… … ?”


“… … .”

And did persuasion change your mind?

“… … In that case, I will definitely pay you back later, Master.”

“In that case, I will also look forward to the future.”

Now, the moment has come to repay the favor to Baekhakgeomseon, even if only in a small way.


As soon as the persuasion was over, things progressed quickly.

Before I knew it, Baek Seol-hwa took the elixirs with a shy nod, and in her hands, I handed out most of the elixirs of the volcanic sect called Plum Blossom Dan and Seolmaedan.

However, the efficiency of the magical power-boosting items here drops significantly when used multiple times, so I decided to use the remaining ones.

‘After all, it’s the Five Days of Heaven, so if you’re going to fight enemies, you’ll need more magical power.’

In response, I rented one of the practice rooms provided in Baeksise and took the elixirs.

“… … .”

What to do next was simple.

In the blink of an eye, the magical energy within the body stirred and swallowed up the energy of the outer world as if melting it away.

And very quickly.

As written in the item description, it seems that the extent to which you can receive the elixir energy depends on how you use your magic power… … .

It was obvious what the result would be anyway.

“I took plum blossom (B+).”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s magical power increases by +15.”

“I took Seolmaedan (A+)… … .」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s magical power increases by +30… … .」

“I took perilla seed (S+)… … .」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s magical power is +100… … .」

‘Did you digest the elixir with maximum efficiency?’

It was worth it.

In fact, by climbing the tower, we have reached a level beyond that of an expert in magic management.

At best, even if the level of all abilities was lowered, there was no way that the overwhelming ability to use magic power would have disappeared.

‘It’s neat.’

Perhaps, even after the secret ordeal is over, the magic power already gained will be added to the original magic power level.

This means that even after the secret ordeal is over, the magic power grows further.

As I left the training room with a grin on my face, Baek Sul-hwa also came here after taking the elixir.

There was excitement in her eyes that she couldn’t hide.

“Master! “I used the elixirs you just gave me, and my strength increased tremendously!”

“Is that so?”

“yes! Oh, and it even tasted amazing! It tasted as refreshing as the plum blossoms of the volcanic sect… … .”

“That’s correct.”


However, just for a moment.

“That’s an elixir taken from the volcanic sect.”

“Well, what… … ?”

“I told you, right? “It’s just that I had some work to do, so I stopped by and brought it along with me.”

“… … .”


“Perhaps that is the final elixir of the Volcanic Sect.”

“… … … … .”

I smiled brightly and said that sincerely, as if everything went well.

At this point, is Baek Seol-hwa also starting to wonder?

She stuttered out a question with a pale, tired face without knowing why.

As if he had been involved in a huge incident without even knowing it.

“Master… … .”


“Well, I heard that places like the Hwasan Sect and the Jongnam Sect were wiped out one after another. Can I know how you obtained the Hwasan Sect’s elixir?”

“Ah, that… … .”

I responded with a light smile as if it was nothing.

“It’s simple.”

even… … .

“That’s because I personally destroyed them. That’s why I have the loot.”

And very calmly.

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