The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 367

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367. Conqueror (3)

In an instant, there was silence in the hall.

“… … .”

A situation where only silence remained.

Before we knew it, the audience below the off-stage couldn’t even breathe.

I think that’s probably because what I just said sounded so shocking to them… … .

Before he could reply, I took the sword out of the scabbard hanging on my waist and spoke again.

“If you don’t want everyone coming at once, you can refuse.”

Did that really stimulate things over there?

“Anyway, no matter which side you choose, you will die here.”

Next moment.

“Something mean… … .”

As if in response, an angry voice came from one of the audience seats below the off-stage.

“How dare you make fun of such a meager life as a mayfly? “It’s a waste.”

Only then did I look at the source of the voice with a slight twinkle in my eyes.

An old man wearing a purple uniform with a plum blossom pattern on it, his face distorted.

The old man wearing a uniform with a plum blossom pattern came up to the duel with his eyes wide open.


“There’s no need for all of Heaven’s Day to come all at once to catch a bug like you.”

as soon as… … .

“A suitable candidate. He is the Taesang Elder of the Hwasan Sect. “Recognize that it is an honor to have seen in your eyes the true nature of this entire volcano, a lowly thing.”

It was one of the five festivals.

After instantly assessing the level of the enemy, my eyes sparkled.

This is because quite a bit of divine light has been discovered near the heart of the red maeja.

‘… … ‘That’s fun.’

Really, it was amazing.

‘… … It’s not even a place like the battlefield of the gods, but I never thought there would be so many prospective gods with divinity.’

Is there still a world-class expert like this left in the Hwasan faction?

I was even more surprised because I originally thought the volcanic wave would have ended when I destroyed it.

Judging by Jeokmaeja’s title as Taesang Elder, unlike other elders, he is not in the Hwasan Sect, so I guess I overlooked it… … .

This is truly an unexpected benefit.

‘Still, I guess the fact that it is Heaven’s Day is not a lie in its own way.’

Only then did I feel my appetite tighten and I held my sword tightly.

After eating all of the Five Festivals of Heaven, I felt quite full.

However, just for a moment.



Soon, the moment when the enemy sent a message as if whispering in my ear.

―A mean thing. I don’t know what kind of magic was used by people like you to destroy this recluse of the enemy. … . There’s just one thing you need to know.

I had to wake up from my thoughts.

-Bindo will repay you tenfold for what you did.

As the red maeja’s eyes flashed fiercely, numerous negative emotions were swirling in them.

―Let me tell you how great a sin it is to tarnish the name of a volcano. First of all, the Baek Clan clan’s bastards will cut off the muscles and veins of all limbs and completely abolish the dantian, which is the source of martial arts.

“… … .”

-Is that all? I will personally behead the head of the Baek clan, and all martial arts of the Baek clan will be burned. That will be no different for the woman you serve named Baek Sul-hwa.

“… … .”

-Maybe it could be even worse. Oh, you’re right there? Indeed, it is something to be expected as it is a beauty worthy of being given the title of Shandong Best Beauty. Why, there are many places where pretty girls can be used… … .

“Shall we begin?”

At that, I wiped the smile off my face and looked blankly at the red-haired man in front of me.

“I don’t want to take any more time.”

The red maeja sneered once and nodded.

“her! If you want that, then do it. “It seems like what we both want is clear.”

He prepared to fight with a sinister smile on his face.

“I dare tell you clearly the price of challenging the Great Volcanic Sect… … .”


“The sacred <death> is used.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred <death>.”

“The sacred <evil food> is used… … .」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s next attack is imbued with the power to consume divinity… … .」

“The sacred <acceleration> is… … .」

“All abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon have been greatly accelerated… … .」

Next moment.

“The power ‘Sunbo’ is activated.”

「A cooldown is granted for this power for 10 minutes.」

「Consumes divine power to immediately move to the desired point within sight.」

In response, I immediately activated numerous divine powers and then swung my sword heavily.


And that was it.


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In the blink of an eye, I won, splitting the enemy’s body in half.

Due to the addition of instant death attacks such as Holy <Death> and Holy <Evil Consciousness>, the opponent died without any resistance reaction.


And very lightly.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against Go Soo, making him 1.1% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of ‘Red Maverick’.”

「… … .」

Even if we assume that the enemy reacted to this attack, there is no particular meaning.

Divine <Death> is the power that announces the end of all things, and Divine <Evil Consciousness> is the power to consume the Divine itself.

The immediate death of the enemy was natural.

Only then did I wipe away the blood that had splattered on my face with the back of my hand and slowly turned my head as if looking around the off-stage area and spoke.

“I guess you can get a feel for it now, right?”

Before we knew it, the entire audience below the off-stage was filled with feelings of astonishment.

“You could never have been my opponent in the first place.”

At that, I put a bright smile on my face.


And that is an infinitely bright smile.

“Stop showing that damn pride and come all at once.”

however… … .

“The god of transcendence and death looks down at mortals with eyes filled with anger.”

[ hurry. ]

… … It was a straight smile, without any trace of laughter in the corners of the eyes.


Suddenly, the atmosphere in the hall was not one of silence, but one of astonishment.

“… … .”

As if he didn’t know that Jeokmaeja, one of the five festivals of the world, would die with a single blow.

“What on earth is this…?” … .”

“Jeokmae Jin-in was defeated in just one herbivorous meal?

”“… … It’s a lie, right? There’s no way that the enemy of all volcanoes would be defeated like this! “It’s a hex!”

That was actually the case.

Most of the audience seats under the non-stage were filled with members of the Murim Alliance.

In fact, even though this stage was prepared by this side, there were more people on that side.

However, despite the number of people, many of the Murim League members sitting there were shaking in shock.

“dare… … .”


“Are you really giving orders to this Seonwonjinin?”

It was not that different on the Fifth Festival of Heaven and Earth.

Before I knew it, an old man wearing a uniform with the Taegeuk symbol on it was stroking his beard and growling like that.

Seonja tried to act as angry as possible, but his hands were trembling slightly.

And when I saw that, I still responded with a straight smile on my face.


“… … .”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“you… … !!”

The sailor exploded in anger, gripping the handle of the chair so tightly that it seemed like he was going to crush it.

“You son of a bitch… … .”


“Then I will kill you as you wish!”

It was that moment.

The moment the sailor cried out in anger, the new type disappeared, leaving an afterimage.

As if that wasn’t enough, the three old men sitting next to him also blinked out of sight.

“Skill ‘Battle Focus’ is activated.”

“The user’s concentration increases tenfold.”

In an instant, the world slows down.

Suddenly, the movement of all objects in my field of vision seemed to have slowed down, as if I was playing a slow video.

And as I watched these unrivaled masters moving at supersonic speeds, creating numerous afterimages even in such a slow world, I felt my heart pounding inside.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

In fact, even a full-fledged god with acceptable physical abilities could not move as nimbly as me.

It’s not even just that.

As befits those who are regarded as world-class experts in this world, their bodies operate like an organ without a single ounce of waste.

‘If you fight with pure technique, you will probably lose because of the difference in physical ability.’

But I wasn’t nervous.

“The myth <The Hero of Reversal> is activated.”

“All abilities increase by +300.”

“The special buff <Aesthetics of Solitude> is activated.”

「In one vs. many battles, all stats increase by +300.」

That’s right… … .

“The conditions for exclusive spell activation have been met.”

“The exclusive spell <Contempt of the Strong> is activated.”

“All abilities and all skill efficiency increase by 100% until the end of the battle.”

Because I was confident that I would be able to win no matter how difficult the challenge was.

Aren’t the opponents in front of you old monsters who have reached the pinnacle of martial arts?

Perhaps, we can gain a lot from this battle.

Aside from the simple mythology <Possibility of Transcendence> or those that can be obtained through necromancy, you will be able to learn numerous martial arts from them.

This is the essence of martial arts refined through hundreds of years of accumulated combat experience.

‘Let’s see if there is any martial arts that can be obtained.’

At that, I smiled greedily and kicked the ground.


Seonjae was truly astonished.

‘What on earth is this…? … .’

The fact that the young boy in front of him, who seemed to have only lived for about twenty years, was insanely strong was astounding to him.

‘Four of the Five Heavenly Fathers rushed in together, that’s how much?’

It was worth it.

Han Seong-yoon was showing movements like the embodiment of martial arts.

It was just a perfect defense structure that could be used to avoid an attack by a single piece of paper or to slightly twist the sword’s trajectory to block the attack.

Of course, only one defense structure has been formed yet.

In fact, it was a one-versus-four battle, so there was no attack from the other side, but even so, being able to defend even after being attacked by four of the Five Heavenly Flies was a terrible thing in itself.

‘Crazy guy.’

It’s not even just that.

Seon-jae clearly saw Han Seong-yoon splitting the body of the enemy.

Among the five festivals of Heaven and Earth, the level of the enemy was slightly better than the bottom, but he was still a strong person.

In that case, Han Seong-yoon killed the enemy with a strange power that even a sailor could not understand?

If you think about it with common sense, doesn’t this mean that the young man in front of you is a powerful enemy whose victory is difficult to guarantee?

Then I had to die here.

“The one who will tear you to death———!”

To hide his astonishment, the sailor spewed out his anger and struck the air.

And every time, the technologies that were the origin of the nickname Sailor Invincible exploded one after another like an explosion.

In the blink of an eye, the palm of the sailor’s hand was thrown out, the Shaman’s Three Peak Taijiquan was used, and attacks accompanied by a roar were unleashed.


It was a fierce attack.

Every time Seon Ja-ja punched the air, an invisible fist struck Han Seong-yoon.

It was the ideal of a martial arts expert, and if you were to be a swordsman, it was a skill equivalent to a swordsman’s sword.

However, it is higher than the mind and sword.

Because Seonjae’s attack power extends beyond space, unlike Shimgeom, there was an aspect that made it even more difficult for the opponent to respond.

‘I’ll see how far you can avoid the attack, you bastard.’

Oh my gosh!

Seonwonja was an old monster who was evaluated as the closest to the best person in the world among the five festivals in the world.

It means that his level is higher than the other three of the Five Festivals of Heaven and Earth.

That’s why it was difficult to understand.

That’s right… … .

‘What on earth?’

Before I knew it, Han Seong-yoon was looking at Seon-won-ja without even looking at the other three.

He dodges the sword strikes of the Changcheon Sword Zone Namgungsu as if he knew it, sheds the cutting cuts of the Jongnam Swordsman Transporter, and even cuts through dozens of strong threads of the Four Heavenly Poison King Tang Nakun.

And in the process, Han Seong-yoon was looking at Seon Seon-ja and showing a strange smile.

‘Why are you looking this way… … ?’

As if he could learn by stealing a sailor’s martial art.

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