The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 368

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368. Conqueror (4)


In the blink of an eye, the sailor’s invisible attacks rained down in succession.

‘That’s fun.’

It was a kind of technique like a mind sword.


If I had to be honest, should I say that it’s a slightly more modified technique than Mind Sword?

Every time the palm of the sailor standing in front of me was thrown into the air, an incredibly strange sensation arose.

‘Now, I think I know how to use that attack fist… … .’

I felt it.

What kind of trick is that power that appears out of nowhere, as if leaping through space in an instant?

Isn’t the original sword of mind a sword of imagination constructed through the medium of magical power?

It wasn’t that different from the attack range.

“… … .”

Gyeokgongwon (擊空拳).

It is a technique that literally attacks the air.

And the blow struck a certain place as if leaping through space, riding on some invisible medium.

As I watched nearly a hundred technology demonstrations, I slowly came to understand what principle it was made of.

‘Perhaps the principle itself is not that new.’

It was worth it.

The principle of the attack fist in front of me was just a slightly more twisted version of the sword.

I was able to understand why, every time the empty space on the other side was struck, a windstorm would suddenly pour in this direction.

‘The method of transmitting power itself is just more useful than the technical principles of heart and sword.’

I felt a strange sense of accomplishment and smiled.

‘I understand perfectly now.’

Transmission of power.

Just as the heart sword itself is used using a medium called magical power to freely use divine power… … .

That side only used strong energy for magical power that could manipulate divine power.

In fact, doesn’t the strength of sword energy mean that changes in the nature of sword energy can even touch certain laws?

In that case, it was certainly possible to manipulate divine power with strength.

‘Gyeokgongkwon simply twists the nature of the divine power concentrated in the heart and changes it as desired.’

To put it simply, should we say that the change in the nature of sword energy was combined with the operating principle of divine power?

‘Change in the nature of divine power…’ … .’

It was fun.

I never thought I could use the principle of property change based on divine power and sword strength… … .

At best, that side could not have been officially deified, but somehow they seemed to know more about the use of divine power than this side.

‘no. It could be the other way around. ‘I guess that’s why technology developed like that because he couldn’t even become an official god.’

It was bizarre.

Even though he has that level of divine power, he is unable to grow properly as a god and just combines divine power with martial arts.

Nevertheless, it was surprising that martial arts that incorporated the principles of using divine power had now become a skill that even I, an ancient god, felt worth learning.

‘Well, even if you become a god, Murim is a world with a lot to gain.’

However, just for a moment.


Just like that, I stepped back, avoiding the attacks of four of the Cheonhaojeols pouring down on the non-stage.

Since there was no need to use a sword any more, he put his long sword in the scabbard on his waist.

Only then will we be able to reproduce the newly realized principles of Gyeonggongquan.

But did it look different on the other side?

“Do you think the fight will stop if you express your unwillingness to fight like that?”

At this, the sailor’s eyes flashed brightly and he spewed out anger.

“Do you really think this little bastard can live without insulting this Seonwon Jinin?”

Seonja continued speaking in a voice filled with murderous intent.

“Even if Transporter and Namgungsu step down from this position, you will not be able to live as long as this Seonwonjinin is around… … .”

I think he was probably mistaken when he saw that this person had put his sword in his hand and thought he was desperate… … .

“I don’t think so.”

This side had no intention of admitting defeat.

“I just want to test out my newly learned martial arts skills.”

This is a game that is as good as winning in the first place.

At that, I put a sneer on my lips and took a stance as if I was going to show off some fighting technique.

Only then did the misunderstanding seem to have been resolved, as the sailor’s expression hardened and then his face turned bright red.

“Tai chi… … .”

That’s right… … .

“How dare you, this damned bastard, mock frequency———!”

Before I knew it, I was imitating the tai chi that Seon Seon-ja showed.

“I’ll tear you to death———!”

The sailor’s face turned bright red, he screamed and ran as if he was breaking the ground.


“Skill ‘Battle Focus’ is activated.”

“The user’s concentration increases tenfold.”


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‘… … .’

In response, I activated the skill to accelerate the consciousness world and looked at the enemy.

Before I knew it, the sailor was running at supersonic speeds, firing a blow with every step he took.

Since it was a series of attacks using the technique of attacking fists, an invisible attack was launched, creating a shock wave like a drum exploding.


And very quickly.

‘It’s huge.’

But there was no tension.


It is expected that this side will be able to take on the powers that have been honed to their limits.

I felt my heart pounding strangely, and then I used tai chi like flowing water and punched the air.


“… … .”


‘I did it.’

Next moment.


An invisible fist was fired in a split second, and the non-stage itself was devastated.


Seonwonja was a 300-year-old old monster.

Three hundred years ago, the level of internal qigong reached the highest level and lifespan increased significantly.

Since Seonjae-ja had the body of eternal life, from around that time, he began to practice the magical power of staying in the middle and middle jeon instead of the Neigongsimbeop.

‘okay… … . At that time, it was like that. So, I hoped to become a hermit.’

I hope without end that I will become a hermit based on that.

As a result, Seonja was able to control the divine power accumulated in his heart, but that was the end.

Even in his own opinion, he noticed that being able to manipulate the sacred power of the heart through neigong techniques was clearly different from becoming a god.

‘But in the end, I didn’t become a hermit.’

It was different from the ideal of godhood that Seonjae hoped for.

At this point, Seonwonja also realized that he could not become a god just by manipulating the divine power accumulated in his heart.

Therefore, Seonjae-ja despaired and gave up his practice.

Seon Seon-ja was certain that since he had achieved a level of martial arts that was better than what is generally known in the world, there was no way to go further than that.

This was thought to be the pinnacle of martial arts.

‘okay. Gyeokgongkwon was completed after hoping to become a immortal. This must be a technique close to the pinnacle of martial arts.’

It was worth it.

Gyeokgongquan, which was perfected after 300 years of training, is not an art that can be imitated after seeing it a few times.

Seonwonja was not only considered a genius even hundreds of years ago, but he also entered and left the battlefield as if he were breathing, so he was able to perfect his attack fist through the divine power accumulated in his heart.

This is not the kind of technology you can just look at and copy.

‘If that’s the case, what on earth is this…? … ?’

So what is that thing you see in front of you?


The correct answer was fixed.

It was a fighting attack that originated from the attack-based type of taijiquan practiced by Han Seong-yoon.

And that means only one thing.

as soon as… … .

“I learned attacking fist… … ?”

Han Seong-yoon learned the results perfectly after 300 years of training.

At this, Seonwonja’s feelings of denial welled up.

Suddenly, the sailor’s eyes showed intense denial.

“No way!”

Seon Seon-ja’s bloodshot eyes flashed and he continued to use striking attacks.

“Do you think I’ll admit it! You bastards! There’s no way you can reach the pinnacle of martial arts!”

In an instant, a loud noise like a drum exploding resounds, and an invisible pistol is fired.


However, just for a moment.


They are canceled out.

Han Seong-yoon’s attacks are erasing Seon-won’s attacks one by one.

It’s not even just that.

Before he knew it, Han Seong-yoon’s striking attack was not enough to erase Seon-jae’s attack, but began to overwhelm him.

Thus the face of the battle changed.


Seonwonja was no longer able to attack one-sidedly.

It’s just that they are in a hurry to even respond and block Han Seong-yoon’s attacks one by one.

In response, Seonwon-ja tried to tell the other three to join him during Cheonhaojeol, but even that did not happen.


It’s no different… … .


Before I knew it, the sailor who had been hit by Han Seong-yoon’s attack had collapsed, spitting out a handful of blood from his mouth.

“This can’t be happening…” … . Banseon, Lee, Seonwonjin… … . I just can’t die in a place like this… … . I am… … .”

And that was it.


“That can’t be possible.”

At that moment, Han Seong-yoon stretched out his palm and crushed the sailor’s head and said:

“There’s no way I would look after an enemy who is fighting, right?”

And that too in an extremely cold voice.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against an unrivaled expert, making him 1.7% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the command of the Sailor Invincible ‘Sailor Man.’”

「… … .」

Sailor is invincible.

An expert of the Shaman faction who was considered the best in the world among the martial arts of the time for over 300 years ago.

At this moment, with the defeat of the powerful Xuan Xiangzi, the remaining three members of the five temples of the world were able to become certain of a certain fact.

“Is this the only three left?”

It’s no different… … .

“There are still three of the five festivals left… … .”

The fact that the young man in front of me with a cool smile has become the new strongest person.

“Really, I’m glad.”

Han Seong-yoon flashed a cool smile.


Before I knew it, three of the Five Heavenly Fathers were rushing in with a fierceness that was incomparable to before.


The transporter’s sword flows freely like a cloud and unleashes anomalous attacks.

I’ve already seen it.

When the Jongnam faction was almost wiped out, he saw and memorized numerous sword techniques of the Jongnam faction.

In response, I predicted the trajectory of the transporter’s sword and lightly dodged and cornered him.


But maybe he didn’t like it?

“You bastard! Uh, why are you targeting only me! Namgoongsu! Good luck! “Hurry, get this crazy bastard away from me!”

The transporter screamed, sweating profusely all over his body.

Of course, there is no particular meaning.

It’s just that I didn’t pay attention to the other two, Nangongsui and Tang Luoun, and only attacked Yunsu.

In any case, the other two attacks during the Five Days of Heaven couldn’t reach this side.

“Skill ‘Fire Dragon Eye’ is strongly activated.”

Before I knew it, my field of vision had expanded with the skill, so I could clearly see what the other two were doing during the Five Festivals of Heaven and Earth without having to use magic detection.

‘If I don’t want to, there is no chance of the attack being successful.’

As I openly pushed the transporter, he gritted his teeth as if he also felt his limits.

As if we could change this unfavorable situation by seizing even the last chance.

In reality, the transporter did that.


In the blink of an eye, the transporter’s sword spewed out light and swung.

It was similar to what happens when the clouds that block the sun’s light clear.

And the aim inherent in the transporter’s technique was not that different.


“Yuck… … .”

Next moment.

“How on earth did you realize the secret of the Cloud Light Sword Technique…?” … .”

I responded by cutting off the head of the transporter who was sitting on the floor.


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a peerless expert, making him 1.2% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the command of Jongnam Swordsman ‘Transporter’.”

「… … .」

“It’s just that it shows me openly what kind of sword technique it is.”

Just like that, I wiped the blood off my sword and turned my head.

“Now there are two left… … .”

It was that moment.

Come on, come on!

“… … “Don’t move any more.”

Some green threads came down in front of my eyes, and soon they drew strange paths all over the non-stage, forming a border like a spider’s web.

“… … you. This evil thing. “Now I won’t be able to stand in front of Tang Nak-un!”

Tang Nak-un burst into laughter and eventually continued speaking, as if he was excited.

“Hahahaha! This is a single marriage from the Sacheondang family! “The moment you touch the thread, your limbs will be cut off!”

“Single marriage?”

“okay! It’s a thread woven from the skin of spirit creatures! Moreover, with the added intangible poison flowing from this Poison King’s Danjeon, you are as good as dead… … .”

“Well, I have something similar.”

However, just for a moment.

“Skill ‘Abyss Bloodline’ is strongly activated.”

“Invokes the abyss of evil that resides in the bloodline in the form of a spell.”


In the blink of an eye, black tentacles shot out from my fingertips.

As it was, the black tentacles simultaneously derived blade-thin black tentacles and woven all of Tang Luo-yun’s single marriage threads.

Of course, it was not easy to cut off due to the strength of Tang Nak-un’s intangible evil… … .

Even that was cut off pointlessly as this side showed proper strength.


“ah… … ?”

Even this is so easy that it seems futile.

I think he probably used it as a form of conversion… … .

It was difficult to understand what was being written because it was not very threatening.


I looked at Tang Luo-yun and smiled.

“Is this it?”

“… … .”

Now, the end is near.

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