The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 374

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374. Difference in power (5)

Often, most small animals that stand in front of a wild animal become frightened and freeze.

There is no way to be overwhelmed by the predator in front of you.

This was no different.

That’s right… … .

“… … .”

Before I knew it, the fear that could not be hidden was appearing on the faces of the masters standing over there.

‘I guess they realized that it was not their place to say whether they would take care of it or not.’

Of course, the period of silence itself is not very long.

Has it been about ten seconds at most?

But that was enough for them.

At best, they realize that they are just prey in front of a wild beast.


Still, I guess I have some sense of it thanks to following the rule of the jungle.

The enemies standing in front of me moved at high speed, leaving afterimages like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, each expert rushed at this side as if they were doing their best, reaching speeds close to subsonic speed.

There was not even a shout that is commonly heard in battle.

It’s just that their faces are filled with fearful murderous intent based on their instinctive desire for survival.

However, just for a moment.


“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is strongly activated.”

“Even if it is an attack that cannot be avoided, it is possible to avoid it.”

‘… … This is more useful than I thought.’

That was the moment when I swallowed a lot of food in one go without any change in my expression.

Astonishment appeared on the faces of the experts who drew different trajectories as if targeting an invisible square.

With mixed feelings of negativity, as if something like this couldn’t happen.

However, unlike them, I did not feel any particular inspiration.

‘… … ‘This is more disappointing than I thought.’

It was so far below expectations.

Although it may not be at the level of a top powerhouse like Heavenly Autumn Festival, I expected some level of good performance.

I thought that if I at least saw this side and left quietly, I would have the skills to make a fuss about pretending I didn’t see it this time.

If so, what is this?

I clicked my tongue at that.

‘What on earth is this?’

It was worth it.

At least, the speed itself in a momentary close range can be said to be outstanding… … .

Even taking that into account, aren’t the accuracy of the technology and the understanding of the technology itself at a pathetic level?

‘There’s nothing worth looking at other than the amount of horsepower… … .’

It’s not even just that.

Even from a pure martial arts perspective, it was disastrous, and even the utilization of basic physical abilities was reduced.

Most of those who rushed here had excessive tension in their bodies and were unable to properly apply force to their bodies and swords.

It was a clumsy result for a high-speed attack.

Should I say that it is like watching a wooden doll creaking its entire body and clumsily imitating human actions?

If we were to count each mistake, there would be no end to it.

‘That’s pathetic.’

In that case, there was no need to waste any time.

“Skill ‘Fresh Blood Seeker’ is strongly activated.”

Anyway, there is no longer a need to match the enemies and achieve an overwhelming victory with martial arts.


Next moment.


“Stick… … !”

“Kig, big haah ahhh!”

The blood-red mist that flowed from the entire body changed into a large thorn and pierced the bodies of the enemies.


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a number of experts, becoming 0.11% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of ‘Hwang Bo Woo-jung’ of Taishan Fist.”

“I absorbed the command of Haenam Ilgeom ‘Seo Jun-baek’… … .」

「I absorb the command of Mosan Hyeonseon ‘Baek Ok-hyeon’… … .」

「… … .」

And that was it.

When the blood was drained and absorbed from the masters who had been pierced by the thorns of fresh blood, only the dried out corpses remained.

Then, I recovered the blood that had left my body and turned my head to look at the old man in front of me.

as soon as… … .


It was Jinheojinin.

Could it be that they didn’t know that everyone would die like this in just a moment?

Before he knew it, Jin Heo-jin was repeatedly hitting his chin and making strange noises like a broken doll.


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“no… … . This… … . I am… … .”

Qin Heojin then broke out in a considerable amount of cold sweat and became increasingly earnest in his tone.

It wasn’t just pure psychological pressure that caused them to act like that.

Since the myth <Incarnation of the End> has been activated, they are doing this because they know that even the life force on the other side is being taken away in real time.

That was actually the case.

“Please save me… … !!”


“Boo, please… … ! I will give you everything you ask for. This elder is the representative of the leader of the tribe, so he can listen to all your requests! “This is not a lie at all!”

“… … .”

It was absurd.

“There are no lies?”

“I see… … !! “I can swear with my life as an elder…”

“No way.”

“… … ?”

I answered him with a smile on my face.

“You lied, right?”

“What is that… … .”

“He said there was no sin.”

“… … .”


“Really, is this elder guilty because he is weaker than you? … ?”

“okay. There’s more to it than that… … . Well, for now, that’s it.”

Jin Heo-jin, who heard those words, responded as if muttering, with ripples in his eyes.

“Well, even so, this elder is one of the Taesang elders of the Shaman faction… … . So, if this elder dies, the shaman faction will come forward… … . Don’t do that… … .”

At this point, it’s hard to even smile.

Why do most martial arts people, like Cheon Kang-un and Jin Heo-jin in front of me, talk about the power of the group when they realize that they are the weak?

There’s no way something like that would work.

Cheon Kang-woon realized that there was no way for him to survive and tried to run away, but the other side seemed to have no intention of doing so and just trembled and begged for his life.

“Well, even if you don’t do that, this elder can give you everything you want! Money, power, fame! Everything! Not only that, but they can also give you treasures like new recruits… … !!”

However, just for a moment.

“That’s right, it’s not up to you to decide.”

“ah… … ?”

“Because that’s the reward I deserve.”

“… … .”

I said that as if to tell him not to say nonsense that he didn’t understand.

“You’re a martial arts person who always talks about dueling trials, but you don’t even know that?”

That’s right… … .

“I mean, there was nothing they could offer me from the beginning.”

“I, I, I-! Bastard───! Well, I dared to play with this elder… … !!”


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against Go Soo, getting 0.08% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the shaman sage ‘Jin Heoja.’”

「… … .」

Isn’t that the law of martial arts?


It was right after the Murim Alliance was eliminated in an instant.

“The myth <Incarnate of the Apocalypse> is disabled.”

As it was, I stopped using the myth <Incarnate of the Apocalypse> and saw the barren land of the Murim Alliance.

Seeing as I couldn’t sense any signs of life nearby, I think they all died from dot damage in the meantime… … .

In any case, the amount of work to do was reduced, so I quickly gathered all the commands scattered around.

Only then will you be able to gain rewards through necromancy and grow even a little.

“… … .”


「Use all the commands you have to permanently increase your stats.」

“Strength has increased by 115.”

“Agility has increased by 113.”

“Stamina has increased by 122.”

“Magic power has increased by 134.”

“Durability has increased by 119.”

Next moment.

“Skill ‘Blue Dragon Qigong (B+)’ is created.”

「Skill ‘Seongcheongeomgyeol (C-)’ is created… … .」

「Skill ‘Presence Control (D)’ has been created… … .」

“That’s awesome.”

As I looked at the system messages that appeared before my eyes, I was satisfied that I had earned some nice extra income.

By continuously performing skill absorption judgments that are not normally activated, I gained quite a few skills.

In fact, as long as I had the Transcendent Myth <Spirit Attunement>, the skills I had were independent powers from the tower, so there was nothing bad about having more of them.

“The unique power ‘Skill Synthesis’ is activated.”

It’s not even just that.

“View the skill list.”

“Please select a synthesis material from the skills you currently have.”

Skill synthesis.

“The power ‘Hero’s Protection’ is strongly activated.”

“Your luck will increase temporarily and violently.”

Based on the unique powers gained while climbing the tower, I was able to create new abilities by recombining skills.

“Divine <Luck> satisfies the conditions and is automatically used.”

“Divine <Luck> adds luck to some situations and steers them in a beneficial direction.”

“Divine <Luck> greatly increases all luck-related abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

as soon as… … .

“Skill synthesis has been completed.”

“A new skill is created.”

like now.

『Skill – Best Breath (S-)』

『Proficiency – 0%』

『Basic effect – Users can breathe at their best in any condition.』

『Detailed effect – When breathing, the user can recover 1% of total magic power every 4 seconds.』

Best breathing.

It literally meant that this side’s magical power would never run out.

Just by breathing, you can recover 1% of your total magic power every 4 seconds?

In fact, I am limited to skills that use magic power, and the need to feel burdened by the cost of magic power has disappeared.

‘… … no. Do you want to do more than that? There will definitely be synergy between skills.’

At most, I could get this much reward after one group battle.

So what can we achieve next time?

Imagining about him has its own fun.

‘… … ‘That’s fun.’


“It is the perfect conquest of the martial arts… … .”

Only then did I shake off the blood on my sword and look up at the sky, my eyes shining.

A time when there is no sign of sunset.

There was still a lot of time to be spent here.

Then it was clear what to do.

“There’s a lot of time left.”

I guess… … .

“It’s worth a try.”

This one day will be a repetitive task that will allow you to obtain numerous rewards to suit your tastes.

“It might be annoying.”

It also has very high efficiency.


Time passed quickly.

Is it because they completely destroyed the Murim Alliance, which they felt was like a thorn in their eyes?

Now that I had nothing to worry about, I quickly eliminated the remaining old-style rooms and five-generation groups one by one.

“The achievement ‘Clan Extinction’ has been achieved.”

“I achieved the achievement ‘Peaceless Sword’… … .」

“Achievement ‘Eradication of Safa’ has been achieved… … .」

「… … .」

It wasn’t that difficult.

However, in terms of the game, should I say that it feels like repeated hunting in a hunting ground where leveling up is easy?

I knew that this was a very efficient growth route, so I was eliminating the places that I could see, such as the Murim clan and the Murim world, but I wasn’t particularly inspired.

Because it’s so easy.


“Hey! monster… … . The monster… … . A monster appeared… … ! Hahiah! ”

“Do, request support from allied factions! hurry-! “We have to stop that monster at all costs!”

Of course, this one was a tiresome and boring repetitive hunting game, while the other one seemed like a defense game with crazy difficulty… … .

“Skill ‘Steel Eating’ is activated.”

That didn’t last long either.

“Completely absorbed.”

“Strength increases by 15.”

“Stamina increases by 16.”

“Agility increases by 21.”

“Durability increases by 17.”

“Magic power increases by 18.”

As it was, I obtained all kinds of elixirs and treasures and swallowed them as easily as my multivitamins(?).

Alternatively, he used necromancy to lure the enemy’s spirits and obtain rewards such as increased skills and all abilities.

And how many times did that happen?

Now, even Murim, which had shown miracles like an inexhaustible spring, was coming to an end.

“The achievement ‘Conquering the Martial Forest’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 100.”

That means only one thing.

“Cleared the special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman>.”

“Rewards are calculated based on the contents of the special contract trial cleared… … .」

“I have confirmed that I have feelings beyond trust from Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙) of the special contract trial.”

“The reward for clearing the special contract trial will be set at the highest level, and additional rewards will also be paid.”

「… … However, settlement time will continue within the stage for a few days until the reputation of the Baek Clan becomes known to the martial arts world.”

“okay… … .”

It’s no different… … .

“Now, it’s time to return to the tower.”

… … Biwon’s ordeal was finally coming to its true end.

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