The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 376

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376. Dimensional Cradle (2)

In an instant, the sight that came into view changed completely.

“Compensation calculation complete.”

「Compensation is paid according to the emotional state of Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙).」

“As a reward for breaking through the special contract trial, ‘Call of Deep Divinity (EX)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

「As an additional reward for passing the special contract trial, a ‘Bracelet of Divine Absorption (SSS-)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

The world is dyed in darkness.

It’s as if this place isn’t even worthy of continuing to exist.

The moment when the world created by the tower disappeared like a mirage.

Only then was I able to accept that the ordeal I received from Baekhakgeomseon had come to a perfect end.

“… … .”

If I had to be honest, I should have been happy about this.

The fact that it is a secret prize given by the administrator is in itself an ordeal of such high difficulty that a typical challenger cannot even dare. Clearing it itself is an indicator of how far I have come, isn’t it?

When I was a challenger who had to climb the 10th floor of the tower at most, I was even warned by the Lord of Iron Blood and the White Crane Swordsman not to challenge like a moth because I was blinded by the reward that would come at the end of my secret ordeal.

But that wasn’t the case anymore.

‘It wasn’t that difficult.’


Should we say the opposite?

Now, the tower side is keeping this team in check from clearing Secret Garden’s trials too easily and is imposing numerous penalties.

In fact, I cleared it easily.


But in a way, it was natural.

Even if the tower adds numerous penalties, isn’t this an ancient god?

At best, it was simple to build the best martial arts force in the fake world recreated by the tower.

Considering that it struggled even against ordinary challengers from other worlds without even a single divinity, it can be said to be a tremendous improvement.

Originally, I thought that I would be extremely proud after overcoming all the hardships of this secret garden, which I thought would be a struggle since I was just a challenger for the top.

Because a lot has changed from the past.

‘but… … .’

But… … .

‘It’s meaningless.’

Not really.

Of course, this wasn’t completely without the joy of realizing growth.

However, rather than the pure joy that it had reached this point, my feelings were complicated by the bitter taste in my mouth.

‘Is this a wish that leaves nothing behind? … .’

It was worth it.

In any case, Baekhakgeomseon’s wish during his lifetime cannot come true.

Even if the secret ordeal is achieved within a stage built at the discretion of the tower, there is nothing left except the reward that this side receives.

‘It was like this last time too.’

It was the same as when I cleared the secret ordeal from the Lord of Iron Blood.

The world that has faced her destruction cannot be returned by breaking the ordeal of the secret wish given by the tower.

All the Iron Blood Lord can do is cling to the illusion of hope that cannot come true.

And it was no different with Baekhakgeomseon.

‘In the original history, the Baek clan would have become extinct.’

Originally, her family would have become extinct and disappeared without leaving a trace anywhere.

Perhaps she was the only one who escaped from the Baek clan, which had reached its end, and continued to wander, eventually entering the pagoda… … .

Even that didn’t seem particularly hopeful.

In any case, if Baekhakgeomseon had been able to revive the Baek clan again, this would not have remained her secret wish.

As a result, I felt a stronger bitter taste in my mouth.

‘Is it because I’ve gotten used to it in my own way?’

However, just for a moment.

‘Still, it’s less confusing than last time.’

Before I knew it, I shook my head and shook off any remaining thoughts.

Well, even if you think about it further, it’s not like you can come up with a better answer.

Of course, in the end, when I think about what Baek Seol-hwa said about wanting to treat me as a teacher, the bitterness deepens… … .

Even if you cling to a delusion that has passed anyway, in the end it will only become an irreversible illusion.

‘Rather than doing things that I can’t touch, I should start with things that I can do myself.’

therefore… … .

“I have entered the forest.”

Now it’s time to get back to where we belong.

“… … .”

When I closed my eyes and opened them, the interior of a familiar mansion came into view.

There, as always, Baekhakgeomseon was sitting with his body upright.

However, her face looked different than usual.


Should I say he looks like a slightly angry person?

“Are you here?”

It’s not even just that.

Suddenly, I could feel the subtle anger in her voice.


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Of course, at first glance, Baekhakgeomseon doesn’t just have a simple smile on his face, it seems like he’s being friendly… … .

I don’t know why, but there was a sharp edge to her voice.

“Seongyoon… … . ah! No. Now that you have accepted me as a priest, should I call you something different? Hehehe.”



Only then did I notice the reason why Baekhakgeomseon was giving such a subtle look.

“I’m asking this because, as a disciple of this Buddha candle, I really don’t understand it in a pure sense… … .”

It’s no different… … .

“How does it feel to accept your teacher as your first disciple?”

By accepting Baek Seol-hwa as his disciple at the end of his ordeal in secret, he appealed to the fact that Baek Hak-geomseon in front of him was completely upset.

“yes? Master. Please answer me.”

“… … .”

And it has a cool tone that I’ve never even heard of.


“… … “It’s a misunderstanding.”

A feeling as if there were cold sweat that couldn’t possibly flow.

Have you often made excuses like this when you recognize a mistake, saying it was a misunderstanding?

I suddenly felt like this was the case, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

… … Before I knew it, Geomseon the Baekhak was looking at me with his arms crossed and his cheeks puffed out like a squirrel.

“… … It was just by chance that I accepted Master as a disciple. “I had no intention of doing so.”

And only then did Baekhakgeomseon narrow his eyes and answer.

“… … Really? “You didn’t mean to do that, Master?”

“yes. … … And you don’t have to use the word master.”

“Whew. Originally, it was a crime of destroying knights. Since you are my benefactor, Master, I can’t help it. Master, this Buddhist disciple made a mistake.”

“… … .”

However, just for a moment.

‘… … uh?’

Then, as I looked at Baekhakgeomseon’s face as if observing him, I was able to realize a certain truth.

‘… … ‘What is this again?’

It’s no different… … .

‘… … ‘Is this really making fun of me?’

That this is something the other side is making fun of me for.

It was because I suddenly saw the corners of her mouth trembling and barely suppressing laughter.

Only then did I quietly laugh as if I was dumbfounded and then shamelessly walked out.

“Then that changes the priestly relationship.”

“… … ?”

“Master. no. There is some truth to what the disciple said. Well, if you want me to be your teacher, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

“… … yes?”

Unlike Baekhakgeomseon, I continued speaking without any change in expression.

“Now that I think about it, I think I can handle martial arts better, so shouldn’t I be teaching them here?”

“Well, it’s teaching… … ?”

“yes. Still, I was treated as a teacher in my own right, so I couldn’t not teach, right? I will teach Lady Seolhwa my martial arts skills… … .”

“No, no, it was a joke… … !!”


“… … Ki, Gi, I had no intention of questioning Seongyoon about the crime of destroying the knight! Oh, really! “I don’t want Seongyoon to become my real teacher.”

“Of course I know.”

“… … ?”

“I was joking too.”

Hearing those words, Baekhakgeomseon blinked a few times, tilted his head, and then lowered his face as if he were embarrassed and said.

“I… … . Could it be that I just got tricked…? … ? To Seongyoon… … ?”

“It’s just that Master made fun of me, so I returned the favor.”

“Hey, this is a sin of knight annihilation! I really can’t let you see this time… … !”

And Baekhakgeomseon spoke angrily at that, but then he was shocked and continued speaking in a voice like an ant.

“… … Hmm, hmm. Oh no. I’ll take a look at it this time. Well, as a teacher, you have to have that level of mercy.”

I think it’s probably because I was thinking about this person saying he would act as a teacher again… … .

“That sounds lucky.”

Really… … .

Isn’t that a funny reaction?

It seems like this will often be made fun of.

I smiled at him, nodded, and continued.

“Anyway, it looks like you don’t have any regrets.”

“What a regret… … ?”

“Unlike the Iron-Blooded Lord and Canary, I don’t think his emotions are particularly shaken even though the secret ordeal is over.”


And Baekhakgeomseon, who heard those words, responded with a bitter smile.

“Iknow, right… … . Actually, considering I spent so many years hanging in a secret garden, I don’t feel very inspired. “It’s just a little disappointing.”

She spoke in a subdued voice.

“I think it would have been good to have a helper like Seongyoon by my side.”

“Is that so… … .”

“But that doesn’t mean I regret it that much.”

“… … .”

Before I knew it, Baekhakgeomseon was fiddling with the white hair that fell over his shoulders and continued speaking.

“… … “Unlike the original, if my family had not disappeared, I would not have been able to meet Seongyun and make him my disciple.”

“… … ?”

“greatness! That means that a disciple named Seongyoon is very important. As a teacher. Oh, okay? “What does this mean?”

“… … yes.”

She eventually cleared her throat and pursed her lips.

“And more than anything, most of the people I have to take revenge on are dead due to their longevity.”


“It’s just that the reason I clung to Biwon’s ordeal was because I saw them die miserably and thought about what it would have been like if the Baek clan had survived.”

“Are you saying it’s gone now?”

“It’s thanks to Seongyoon’s wish.”

As I looked at Baekhakgeomseon, she spoke again.

“Actually, that’s not the only reason I have nothing left to regret.”

“… … ?”

“… … Come to think of it, I said it about once. It’s not that secret ordeals can’t affect reality at all. “You can change the past.”

“I remember.”

And I immediately responded to those words based on the memories that remained in my mind.

“You said that only if you can climb to the final floor of the tower can you turn even the administrator’s wish into reality.”

Baekhakgeomseon immediately nodded and agreed.

“… … Hehehe. that’s right. So I have no regrets. “If the ordeal I dreamed of could become a reality, it would be a truly exhilarating revenge.”

When I heard those words, I narrowed my eyes and parted my lips.

“However, you said that this can only be achieved if I reach the final floor of the tower… … .”

but… … .

“does not matter.”

She answered right away as if she knew even that.

“Seongyoon is definitely the person who can climb to the top of that tower.”


“I was sure. Seongyoon will be able to stand at the top of this tower that no one has been able to invade. That means I have no regrets.”

“… … .”

Before I knew it, Baekhakgeomseon’s eyes were sparkling with confidence.

“All I want now is for Seongyoon to get to the top.”

“… … .”

“And if Seongyoon remains by my side even when I get to the end of the tower, that’s enough for me.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad too.”

I smiled at him.

Well, anyway, if that side doesn’t have any regrets, there’s no need to worry about this side either.

After making a relieved expression as if I had finished my business, Baekhakgeomseon said with a gentle smile.

“Seongyoon, are you going to go back to the waiting room now?”

“yes. … … There’s a lot of work to do. fairly.”

“In that case, I will be here watching Seongyoon. All the way. Still, if you want to see Master, please come anytime.”

“All right.”

And then I looked at the Baekhakgeomseon, said goodbye lightly, and left.

To the place I had to go back to.

as soon as… … .

It was a tower.


“I entered the waiting room on the 27th floor.”

In the blink of an eye, everything you see changes.

Suddenly, I realized that I had returned to a very familiar stone room and immediately opened my inventory.

Even if you do not activate the Transcendent Myth <Absolutely Unchangeable>, all penalties received from the tower have now been canceled.

Therefore, most of the equipment was re-wearable.

I called out the equipment one by one from the inventory.

‘First, we can re-equip all the equipment we have and then check the rewards… … .’

However, just for a moment.



As soon as I suddenly felt an unusual vibration coming from the tower, I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

“… … .”

It’s no different… … .

“The number of people who have broken through the 25th floor at the district level has exceeded 1,000.”

“What is this again?”

Before I knew it, an unfamiliar system message appeared before my eyes.

“Conditions satisfied.”

“All official climbing levels have exceeded 1,000 people who have reached the 25th floor.”

“The Tower of Trials is holding a joint event for all official climbing levels.”

“‘Dimension Cradle’ appears in all official climbing dimensions.”

At this point, I got a feel for it.


“Dimension Cradle is a required optional event and is also related to the destruction or survival of the Earth.”

“If we lose the competition that takes place inside the dimensional cradle, the protective barrier on the Earth level may disappear.”

“What… … .”

Dimension Cradle.

Even if I didn’t know everything about it, I was sure to notice one thing.

… … That this is a tower event that could lead to the destruction of the Earth.

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