The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 389

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389. Dimensional Competition (5)

In an instant, Emperor Pacheon’s expression was distorted and ruined.

[ you… … . ]

Before I knew it, Emperor Pacheon was glaring in this direction, showing his anger without hesitation.

[What did you just say? ]

As if I had heard nonsense that I could not possibly listen to.

“I was just stating a simple fact.”

At that, I stood on the huge broken rock and laughed.

“You’re so foolish that you’re not even worth dealing with.”

It was worth it.

Divinity, and the status given accordingly, is like life to the Godhead.

Giving one’s divinity or rank to mere physical ability means giving up everything as a god… … .

Isn’t that a foolish choice?

“Why do you think so many gods do not renounce it like you, even though they know that the divinity of concepts pollutes the mind?”

Before I knew it, I had completely removed the damage accumulated throughout my body with fresh gray blood and continued.

“That is because the divinity of the concept proves the very trajectory of the life of the Godhead that has surpassed mortality.”

Just like that, I continued speaking with a mocking expression on my lips.

“And you threw it away.”

[ … … . ]

“You don’t know. What divinity means and how arduous the process of obtaining it is. “It means that you are foolish and have not built anything up on your own.”

[You───! ]

“why? Isn’t that true? At best, you give everything, including your physical abilities… … . “It’s stupid.”

[I will not look at you any longer and I will personally tear that trashy mouth apart! ]

With those words, Emperor Pacheon rushed in this direction, kicking the floating rocks like stepping stones.

I think I can’t listen to this side’s provocations anymore… … .

To put it bluntly, isn’t the final battle with Emperor Pacheon a battle that I can’t lose even if I try to lose?

Then there was no need to feel anxious.

‘On the contrary, this is an opportunity.’

That means only one thing.

‘It’s a golden opportunity to extract faith.’

It’s no different… … .

“The myth <The Natural Enemy of Everything> is activated.”

“From now on, the <Natural Enemy> effect will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“When <Natural Enemy> is activated, your divine power greatly interferes with the power of all beings.”

“※Beings without will cannot resist your divine power.”

“From now on, the effect of <Chaos> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s sacred use.”

“When <Chaos> is activated, the enemy’s negative emotions are extracted into faith.”

「※As the enemy’s negative emotions grow, the efficiency of faith extraction also increases.」

‘Well, it’s really fun.’

Before we knew it, the moment had come to lay the foundation for creating a new myth.


Emperor Pacheon (破天皇).

It literally refers to a warrior who can be considered an emperor who destroys the sky.

It was only natural that with just a light movement, a force resounded that seemed as if the sky could be shattered.

[You son of a bitch───! ]

and… … .

A force so powerful that it could shatter the sky of Emperor Pacheon was exploding.

In the blink of an eye, Emperor Pacheon rushed forward, using floating rocks as stepping stones, and unleashed numerous attacks.


“The sacred <Heavenly Light> is activated, and pure purifying starlight is emitted.”

The ray of purifying light made of divinity raced along a difficult trajectory just as it was torn into several branches.

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with divine <death>.”

Of course it has no meaning.

Twajijijijijijijik… … !!

As it was, the bright starlight of the nova <Heavenly Light> was swallowed up by the black starlight like a snake swallowing its prey with its mouth wide open.

When Emperor Pacheon saw this, he was upset and ground his teeth, but then he did not stop and almost launched another attack.

As if he wasn’t going to give me any more time to catch my breath.

“With the special power ‘Samadhi Evolution’, the breath of destruction boils within the body.”

[How long do you think you can rely on such trivial technology? ]

Samadhi evolution.

As soon as the flames bubbled and boiled around the corner of Emperor Pacheon’s mouth, a powerful stream of fire shot out.

It had a destructive power comparable to that of a dragon’s breath, and was imbued with such powerful magic that any flame seemed to fade in front of it.

“The special power ‘Dragonization’ is activated.”

“For 10 minutes, the total amount of magical power is doubled.”

“For 10 minutes, we will recreate some of the characteristics of the Dragon Clan.”

“For 10 minutes, all interference and operating abilities related to magical power increase.”

however… … .

Isn’t that a statement that can be made assuming that there is no real dragon in front of you?


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The moment when horns resembling those of a dragon grew on Han Seong-yoon’s head.

A destructive flame, no different from the breath of a real dragon, was shot out as a single breath.

“The power skill ‘Unquenchable Mortal Flame’ is activated.”

And that too, with the worst sparks mixed in.


Emperor Pacheon, who saw the scene, noticed something and gritted his teeth.

[ … … dare-! Are you trying to deal with me using only techniques similar to mine? Even arrogance has its limits! ]

It was natural.

Because the opponent of the Emperor Fa in front of us has never once revealed his full power.

And as soon as he noticed this, Emperor Pacheon spat out words violently, as if his pride had been seriously scratched.

[You bastard! I am the embodiment of martial arts and the best martial artist of my time! Your struggles will all fade in front of me! Everything—! ]

Next moment.


In the blink of an eye, Emperor Pacheon’s great sword swelled in size, creating the appearance of a mountain range.

It was as if the huge sword had been miniaturized and hidden.

In reality, there was no difference.

However, just for a moment.

[─! ]

Emperor Pacheon tried to strike with his mountain-like sword, but he failed.

“The effect ‘Blood Spirit Protection’ exclusive to Vampire Lord’s Robes (SS+) is strongly activated.”

「It creates a top-class protective shield with blood inside the body to defend against external attacks.」


Vampire Lord’s Robes (SS+).

Originally, the exclusive effect of the most special item among the rewards obtained by breaking through the numerous stages within the dimensional cradle was activated.

In an instant, a red protective shield completely blocks the landing point of the great sword, canceling out all impact and dispersing it.

A truly overwhelming aftershock swept over the floating island.

But it didn’t end there.

“The Vampire Lord’s Robe (SS+) exclusive effect ‘Shape Transformation’ is strongly activated.”

“By assisting the user’s will, the self-consciousness inherent in the item assists the owner.”


Suddenly, the ‘Vampire Lord’s Robe (SS+)’ that Han Seong-yoon was wearing became mushy and resembled thin armor, and even the remnants of its power were erased.

It’s as if every item is a perfect counter… … .

And at the end, the great sword that Emperor Pacheon swung made him tremble, and his face became even more disorganized.

Just like that, Emperor Pacheon let go of the broken handle of the great sword and leaped again with his fists clenched.

[What a bug—! ]

however… … .

“The unique skill ‘Sword Domain’ is strongly activated.”

「Seals most abilities other than the sword of opponents within a fixed radius.」

“However, the user must only use the sword and the ability has a cooldown of 7 days.”

That too is just a moment.

[What. ]

The moment you finish activating the unique skill ‘Sword Realm’.

[What is this! ]

Emperor Pacheon let out a voice mixed with shock and embarrassment and hurriedly swung the sword tied to his waist to defend himself.

Kaga River-!

At least it wasn’t bad.

It can be said to be an excellent response considering that he has never experienced mandatory dueling restrictions such as the unique skill ‘Sword Domain’.

However, Emperor Pacheon gritted his teeth as if he could not admit it, and shouted loudly, gradually expressing his negative feelings.

[ … … under! What a foolish thing! Didn’t you say that I am the embodiment of martial arts? At best, weapon restrictions are nothing! ]

and… … .


Next moment.

“That’s a good thing.”

As it was, Han Seong-yoon raised his dual swords and responded with a smile.

“Even so, it wouldn’t mean anything.”

That was the end of the conversation.

In an instant, their sword blades collide with each other.

And in the process, the sword’s starlight tried to collapse each other, creating a loud roar.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Emperor Pacheon was confident of victory.

Basically, based on his unique characteristics, the Pacheon Emperor can change all of his divine power and skills into abilities related to his body.

That means only one thing.

In this situation where there are extreme duel restrictions where they must use only each other’s swords, Pacheonwang has the advantage.

That was actually the case.

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is activated.”

“Even if it is an attack that cannot be avoided, it is possible to avoid it.”

Han Seong-yoon is just using his unique skill ‘Spill’ to scatter numerous attacks.

[ Hahaha-! Meaningless? Bullshit! What can you do with such poor physical abilities? How foolish! ]

Emperor Pacheon roared and swung his long sword heavily.

[ ruler-! Look! This is the price of relying on external methods such as divinity and skills! The only thing you can do is defeat me! ]


[Something as small as four is no match for the main throne—! ]

However, just for a moment.

The moment when Emperor Pacheon lowered his sword with an eerie smile full of joy.

As it was, Han Seong-yoon’s sword shot in a straight line and counterattacked as if countering the opponent’s blow.

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is activated.”

「Uses 30% of the body’s sacred power to completely disperse the opponent’s attacks.」

as soon as… … .


The winner has been decided.

“Time conditions met.”

“I battled for 44 minutes while specifying an enemy in the Shinigami list.”

“The challenger ‘Pacheon Emperor’ is eroded by the divine <death> according to the list of evil spirits.”

[ Ugh… … !! ]

And that’s not all.

Before I knew it, the sacred <Death> was eroding Emperor Pacheon’s body thanks to the Myeongbu, a power exclusive to godhood.

Only then did Emperor Pacheon cough up blood from the corner of his mouth and realized that something was clearly wrong, but it made no sense.

[This is… … . ]

“I guess you’ve noticed now.”

Han Seong-yoon, who saw this, casually landed on one of the rocks on the floating island and said as if it was obvious.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

[ … … . ]

“That’s right, it’s difficult for a high-level divinity to withstand my divinity’s <death>.”

[ Well, what the hell… … . ]

Emperor Pacheon fell to the bottom of one of the rocks on the floating island, coughing and bleeding.

It was as if he no longer had the strength to stand or speak at all.

However, Emperor Pacheon just looked up at Han Seong-yoon with numerous negative emotions such as surprise, fear, and shame in his eyes.

[Keueuu-! No way… … !! The main seat! There is no way this throne can be defeated! Cough!! ]

Does that not work out well?

[ Ugh… … !! ]

Emperor Pacheon could no longer speak and only poured out blood, as if to indicate that he was steadily dying, eroded by the divine <death>.

“Well, it’s at a level that should be considered stupid all the time.”

Their gazes clearly diverge, dividing the winner from the loser.

“I think it would have been worth the fight if the sacred battle had been based on the sacred <Void>… … .”



In fact, the winner was decided from the beginning.

“But the result wouldn’t have been different.”

even… … .

“The god of transcendence and death looks with greedy eyes at a foolish higher god.”

[Anyway, what unique skills will you be able to obtain? ]

That too for sure.


It was bland.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon became 3.1% closer to [transcendence] by winning against a high-ranking god.”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the challenger ‘Emperor Pap’.”

「… … .」

‘Still, I thought it would be worth fighting if he became Emperor Pacheon.’

I absorbed the evil spirit that flowed from the body of Emperor Pacheon and clicked my tongue.

“If you’re not an ancient god, you’re no longer at a level to deal with.”

It was bitter.

Among the challengers, Pacheonwang, who barely differs in ranking, is this weak… … .

My disappointment grew even more because I thought I would have at least something that would give me a glimpse into the state of ancient godhood.

‘I guess I didn’t really benefit much from the myth <Possibility of Transcendence> because I devoted all my divinity to my physical abilities.’

It was worth it.

In fact, wouldn’t this side only be able to get more rewards if it faces a stronger opponent?

At least, it is fortunate that much of the faith necessary to create the myth was ripped off based on the myth <The Natural Enemy of Everything>.

Even if he was only a challenger, it is inevitable that Pacheonwang, a ranker in his own right, was this weak.

‘I can’t help it.’

However, just for a moment.

「Using the command of the challenger ‘Bacheon Emperor’, the ability level is permanently increased.」

“Strength has increased by 301.”

“Agility has increased by 303.”

“Stamina has increased by 306.”

“Magic power has increased by 101.”

“Durability has increased by 307.”

“Concept has increased by 30.”

“… … “That’s awesome.”

Just like that, I used the Emperor Pacheon’s command and smiled broadly.

Now that I think about it, is it because Emperor Fa has added the divinity of concept to his physical ability?

For some reason, the increase in all abilities obtained through Emperor Pacheon’s command was unusual.

“Conditions satisfied.”

“The conversion and acquisition of unique characteristics has been determined by random probability.”

“Absorbs the unique characteristics possessed by the challenger ‘Bacheon Emperor’.”

however… … .

「Acquire the unique skill ‘Secret Art of Selection and Concentration (S).」

That’s not the end.

「Special conditions have been met by absorbing the spirit of the Void God, ‘Emperor Pacheon’.」

「You can acquire one of the divinity possessed by the ghost of the god of the void, ‘Emperor Pacheon’.”

“The potential divinity that can currently be acquired is <Void>, <Heavenly Light>, <Dark Heaven>, and <Paradise>.”

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

Before we knew it, the time had come for this side to gain a new divinity.

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