The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 406

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406. Pantheon (3)

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Transfer proposal.

This side had already realized what it meant to become the new main deity of the Pantheon.

In fact, becoming one of the new main gods of the pantheon would be the same as not being able to climb the Tower of Trials anymore.

‘I think I get the idea.’

and… … .

‘To become the new main deity of the pantheon, not the Tower of Trials.’

That means only one thing.

‘That’s close to meaning that the ancient gods, such as the God of Darkness, the Demon God, or the Dragon God, want me to finish climbing the Tower of Trials.’

It’s no different─.

“… … .”

Before I knew it, I was faced with the moment where I had to decide my own destination by choosing either the Tower of Trials or the Pantheon.

‘Is this the new main deity of the pantheon?’

At that, I narrowed my eyes and fell into thought.

‘Just give up climbing the Tower of Trials and settle down as one of the new main gods in the pantheon and live comfortably.’

It was worth it.

The Tower of Trials is truly a place that gives challengers the opportunity to become stronger without limits.

Until now, the Tower of Trials has given out higher rewards the more risks it takes and the more trials it continues to face.

‘But if you accept the offer, you won’t be able to become stronger without limits by climbing the Tower of Trials like you are now.’

Even if he became an ancient god and gained countless powers, that one truth is like one that will never change.

‘There are growth abilities such as Myth <Possibility of Transcendence> and Necromancy, so it should be possible to become stronger without a tower, but I don’t think it will be easy.’

It’s not even just that.

Although it is said that it has its own means to become stronger without limits through the mythology <Possibility of Transcendence> and the supernormal abilities of necromancy, it is thanks to its ability to challenge the Tower of Trials.

For example, if you become part of the Pantheon and become one of the new main gods, will you be able to continue fighting and become stronger as this side wants?

‘You can deal with enemies of the same level as now without the Tower of Trials?’

Accordingly, there is only one answer.

‘No way.’

It was simple.

‘That’s nonsense.’

Even if you have numerous growth-related abilities, including Mythology <Possibility of Transcendence> and Necromancy, you cannot become stronger without the Tower of Trials.

‘Probably, once you enter the pantheon, you won’t be able to easily engage in life-threatening battles with gods.’

and… … .

“… … .”

As I was, I pondered over the conclusion I had come to after thinking about it, and then my eyes radiated calmly.

This was because it felt like a kind of penetrating question asked by ancient gods who had watched my process of becoming stronger, such as gods of darkness, demons, or dragon gods.

Now that he has become an ancient deity who has touched the providence of the universe, doesn’t it seem like a question of why he needs to become stronger?

‘That makes sense.’

It was worth it.

Even though I have become strong enough to not be easily looked down on by any of the ancient gods, why am I taking even greater risks to move forward?

Even if they were among the many ancient deities who showed a friendly attitude toward me, they would not have understood it more accurately than I do.

‘It can be said that there is little reason to become stronger in the eyes of others even though one has become an ancient god.’

I understood.

From the moment they became an ancient god and gained the immortality of conception, they already had the power to not need to become stronger.

I already knew that much.

We’ve come too far to say that we don’t know what it means to be an ancient deity in this universe.

‘Probably, at this moment when one of the ancient gods has been killed, he will see that there is no more justification for becoming stronger.’

It’s not even just that.

Didn’t we definitely kill the God of Birth, one of the ancient deities, at the request of the Tower of Trials and the Pantheon?

And that too perfectly.

As a result, the pantheon’s dark gods, demon gods, and dragon gods were confident that if I met a few conditions, they would not climb the Tower of Trials any further.

‘If you become the new main deity of the pantheon and receive protection from the strongest of the ancient gods, there will be no need to worry about the Tower of Trials or other enemies.’

I will no longer be threatened by any retribution from the Tower of Trials, or by monsters like the gods of despair, fall, and madness who covet the power I gained from the Tower of Trials.

‘At least I know that becoming one of the new main gods of the pantheon is one of the best options for me.’

Knowing that, some of the many ancient gods would be convinced to accept the Pantheon’s transfer offer.

“I knew exactly what the Pantheon wanted from me.”

however… … .

“I have also come to some conclusion about how to answer this.”

Nevertheless, it was difficult to immediately agree to Panshinjeon’s transfer proposal.

“However, I think we can only more accurately determine whether he will become the new main deity of the pantheon after facing and talking with the ancient gods.”

After I looked into Aria’s eyes and said that, she responded.

“The God of Amhyang respects the will of this great and noble being.”

[I understand, nobleman. ]

There is no question as to why I did not respond to Pantheon’s proposal, or any other questionable aspects.

[As Han Seong-yoon wishes, I will guide you to the ancient gods of the pantheon. ]

However, she simply bowed her head slightly, showing respect, and then walked away as if she was going to lead the way to the end of the pantheon.

If I had to be specific, I felt a feeling close to awe, or a slight reverence.

Unlike the enemy who encountered her in the Giant Tree Labyrinth, this one does not show respect because they worship the God of Darkness.

‘really… … .’


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On the contrary, it is closer to pure awe and respect that I show because I know the results I have achieved as an ancient god, regardless of the god of darkness.

‘A lot of things have really changed.’


“Many higher gods look upon you with awe, fear, and feeble respect.”

‘-I never thought the day would come when I would have such great reverence for the gods.’

… … It was not that much different from the numerous higher deities in the pantheon.


Before I knew it, numerous higher-ranking deities from all over the pantheon were looking at this place, revealing their true selves.

As they approached the center of the pantheon under Arya’s guidance, the numerous higher gods glowed with great awe and fear.

The feelings of awe and fear that are so intense that they are returned to the body as part of faith.

Only then did I see, one by one, the images of countless higher deities emitting such great emotion that they became religious.

“The God of Heaven feels the overwhelming power you possess and sheds tears of emotion.”

[ Ahhh… … . What a noble power… … . Be beautiful… … . ]

Some people, in front of the overwhelming power that I possess, shed tears of joy, shining with emotion.

“The God of Holy Spirit feels great fear when he senses the overwhelming death that you possess.”

[Is this the only absolute force of death in the universe that causes the death of the concept of divinity itself…? … . ]

Some people feel great fear and spit out in front of the divine <death> that brings about the death of the concept itself.

“The God of Isolation shows a feeble respect in front of your overwhelming divinity.”

[It’s enormous… … . How could it be that a mortal who had lived less than a hundred years had achieved the status of divinity like that? Indeed, it seems to be an entity outside the standard that can reach beyond the providence of this universe. ]

Some people seem to be greatly impressed by this person’s level of divinity, and on rare occasions, they show pure feelings of respect.

“… … .”

To be honest, it was interesting in its own way.

In fact, it was even more so because I thought that many higher gods would only express negative feelings toward me.

However, contrary to expectations, the awe, fear, and respect felt by the numerous higher deities belonging to the pantheon are reduced to a part of the body’s faith.

I guess I ended up getting an unexpected benefit.

‘That’s fun.’

and… … .

-her… … .

Dam Cheon-woo, who saw this, let out a laugh as if he was dumbfounded and let out a voice full of excitement.

―Well, I think I can see at a glance what level of divinity you have built up in this universe.

At this point, Dam Cheon-woo’s voice is overflowing with excitement.

-Pantheon. Even the Tower of Trials cannot be ignored; it is a place where most of the higher gods of the universe are gathered. If you were originally involved in the Tower of Trials, it would be a place that no one would acknowledge.

Is it because Dam Cheon-woo watched the process of becoming stronger from when he was just a mortal in the Tower of Trials as Ego Sword?

-But… … .

Suddenly, Dam Cheon-woo spoke in a tone of emotion and excitement, as if he couldn’t believe they had come this far.

-Nevertheless, you have become an object of reverence.

I answered him with a sheepish smile.

“Well, now I am also one of the ancient gods.”

From a mortal who was merely a challenger chosen for the Tower of Trials, he was reborn as a cosmic being who could become the new main god of the pantheon.

Even if I am a god who despises belonging to the Tower of Trials, I can no longer deny the power I have.

I was excited to find out what it meant.

“therefore… … .”


“Next time will be more fun than now.”

That was the moment when, following Aria’s polite guidance, I opened the stone door of a gigantic temple.


In the blink of an eye, the huge stone gate of the temple opened with a loud sound, and countless divine lights flowed out like an explosion beyond it.

“Now, as one of the ancient gods of this universe, I am also facing the ancient gods of the pantheon.”

It was simple.

「… … .」

“The God of Light is watching you.”

“The God of Darkness is watching you.”

“The demon is looking at you.”

“The Dragon God is looking at you.”

「… … .」

“The God of Arrogance is watching you.”

“The god of pride is watching you.”

“The eternal god is looking at you.”

ancient deity.

By imprinting the concept of divinity itself in this universe, he was reborn as an immortal being that no one can touch.

A release of power that would have originally caused ordinary humans, mortals, etc. to vomit blood and die miserably just by touching the light of each divinity.

However, despite this, I faced each and every overwhelming light of divinity with a relaxed smile at the center of the pantheon.

“Many ancient gods are looking at you.”

That means only one thing.


It was simple.

“The god of arrogance, the god of pride, the god of eternity-.”

No longer was I looking at the ancient deities in the pantheon, not as weaklings, but as one of the ancient deities of the universe.

“I was looking at this from the Tower of Trials and hearing the noise, so I wondered just how strong they were… … .”

It’s no different─.

“The god of transcendence and death is looking at multiple ancient deities.”

[ ─You guys are weak? ]

Like a strong man.

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