The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 413

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413. Upper Tier (5)

In fact, it wasn’t unexpected at all.

Originally, the Tower of Trials would have selected and treated those who possessed divinity or had the potential to possess divinity among numerous challengers.

Moreover, hasn’t the Tower of Trials shown a different interest than the other candidates ever since its power grew significantly?


‘I knew that the Tower of Trials had some restrictions or tricks on me… … .’

I already knew that much.

In addition, the Tower of Trials endlessly evaluated my value and the risks against it, and even attempted forced intervention several times.

So, I had already figured out that the Tower of Trials would have placed some restrictions on this side.

‘Wasn’t that all… … .’

However, despite this, I could not hide my bewilderment as I saw the feast of system messages filling my field of vision.

「… … .」

“The Tower of Trials releases exclusive permission #F-114 [Allow divine intervention].”

「The Tower of Trials has lifted exclusive authority #F-224 [blocking layer intrusion]… … .」

“The Tower of Trials has exclusive authority #F-337 [Trials Topic Limited]… … .」

It was truly an unexpected situation.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

Even if it was expected that the Tower of Trials would have placed some restrictions on this area, it was only at a general level.

I never even imagined that I would have been suffering from dozens or even more penalties.

“What… … .”

That’s why I was shocked.

“This is ridiculous… … .”

It’s not even just that.

Each of those numerous penalties would be fatal to the challenger.

At this point, it can be seen as if the Tower of Trials had openly planned for this side to die.

And, accordingly, I remembered one of the system messages I first saw and laughed.

━The limit on the trial difficulty [700%] increase multiplier due to the exclusive authority of the Tower of Trials #F-121 [Trial Difficulty Multiplier] has been removed.

‘… … Yes, somehow I thought that every time I climbed the Tower of Trials, the difficulty of the trials increased exponentially, so maybe that was it.’

Doesn’t that mean that each time we climb the Tower of Trials, we have built up a hellish level of difficulty that is different from others?

‘… … It’s just that the Tower of Trials was trying to kill me by making it so that I could no longer clear the trials.’

And very steadily.

‘No way, I didn’t know they had given me so many penalties… … .’

Before I knew it, I felt mildly dizzy and sighed.

“What on earth have you done to me?” … .”

It was the worst.

The trial difficulty increase multiplier, divine intervention allowed, class intrusion blocked, trial topic limited… … .

Even if this team had died due to those numerous penalties, it wouldn’t have been that big of a surprise.

‘… … Well, I think I know what the Tower of Trials was thinking in putting so many restrictions on me.’


‘… … There is a high possibility that the numerous penalties imposed by the Tower of Trials were a ploy to prepare for some kind of accident so that they could exclude me at any time.’

That was it.

‘They would have decided to see if they could replace me with something like Battlefield of the Gods or Emperor Pacheon, and then throw it away if it was no longer needed.’


Originally, the Tower of Trials must have been thinking of scrapping this place based on the numerous penalties.

If I were to be honest, it is highly likely that the Tower of Trials was designed to waste time by making it difficult for me to go up to higher floors.

“… … “There’s no need to worry.”

But not anymore.

“But anyway, it’s a thing of the past now.”

However, since it is just a hurdle from the past that has already been overcome, I just prioritize what I need to do on my own.

“Right now, only one fact matters.”

and… … .

“Forcible intervention by the Tower of Trials will no longer be so significant.”

“I was a bit curious.”

in other words… … .

“The numerous penalties imposed by the Tower of Trials to prevent people from ascending to higher floors have been lifted.”

Isn’t it important that the forced multiplier setting for the increase in difficulty of the Tower of Trials was reset in the first place?

“There was a need to experience for myself what kind of change this brought about in climbing the Tower of Trials.

“therefore… … .”


“Let’s take a look.”

The moment I enter the next ordeal, hoping to climb the tower of ordeals again.

“I wonder what the next trial will be like if the numerous penalties imposed by the Tower of Trials are not applied.”

In an instant, the space beyond my vision changed.

「… … .」

“You will enter the 28th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of the ordeal is ‘Indigenous Godhead.’”


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“I hope that there will be a satisfactory result after the asceticism chosen by the challenger.”

It was cold.

Would you say it is an environment close to a snowy mountain or an ice field?

Heavy snow is blowing incessantly, making it impossible for ordinary people to see even an inch in front of them.

And then I realized that I was standing in a snow-covered field in front of a large snowy mountain.


It’s not even just that.

Before I knew it, I could feel the waves of an incredibly strange divinity coming from the snowy mountain beyond where I was standing.

After seeing that, I couldn’t help but frown as if I couldn’t understand the wavelength of a certain divinity.

“The 28th floor trial begins.”

「Remaining time – one month」

「Condition for passing the ordeal – Kill the native deity ‘Guardian of the Snow Mountain’ before he destroys the world.」

「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Ordeal Breakthrough Reward – White Mana Essence (S+)」

「Trial failure penalty – death」

“… … .”

It was natural.

“It’s an indigenous deity…” … .”

The system message that appeared before our eyes, and the remnants of power flowing from the divine wave, were telling us what level of enemy we had to deal with.

“Is that the condition for clearing the ordeal…? … .”

It was a purely annoying enemy.


That’s right… … .

“I feel disappointed that the god of transcendence and death has to deal with an insignificant enemy.”

[ ─That kind of thing? ]

Indeed, it is a weak prey that is not even worth coveting.


Native deity.

I’ve already seen this side once while climbing the Tower of Trials.

Probably, they were people who exercised divine abilities while spreading their roots in a certain world itself.

They were extremely weak and not even worthy of comparison with formal deities or higher deities.


therefore… … .

“It’s annoying.”

There is no need to waste time.

Anyway, such a native deity would be prey that is not even worth coveting.

Even if they were enemies of a high-ranking god or a formal god, wouldn’t they be an opponent that wouldn’t be particularly good if we faced them now?

“The god of transcendence and death calmly announces death to a small creature visible beyond the snowy mountain.”

[ you. ]


“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《Hurry up, don’t waste time and die. 》

Next moment.


In an instant, black divine light poured out.

Before we knew it, this side had sentenced them to death based on the sacred <Spirit> and the sacred <Death>.

In the blink of an eye, the divine abilities mixed together and crushed the entire snow mountain beyond into nothingness.

That too, very neatly.


That was it.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo.

In fact, this is the indigenous deity ‘Guardian of the Snow Mountain’, so the enemy’s presence disappeared without even a chance to be seen.

“Well, I’m glad I was able to finish it without wasting time.”

That means only one thing.

“It’s neat.”

It was simple.

「… … .」

“I have absorbed the spirit of the native deity ‘Guardian of the Snow Mountain’.”

“Absorbed the spirit fragment ‘■■■[1/3]’.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a native deity, becoming 0.003% closer to [transcendence].”

Before we knew it, the native deity ‘Guardian of the Snowy Mountains’ had died due to the supernatural power of the divine <Word Spirit> and the divine <Death> written by this side.

「… … .」

「The mastery of the unique characteristic ‘Necromancy’ increases by 0.01%.」

System messages appeared before my eyes, but they were not of much value.

By simply killing one of the native deities, it is impossible to acquire a new divinity, develop the Mythic <Possibility of Transcendence>, or significantly develop the supernormal abilities of Necromancy.

I just see the ordeal clear messages one by one in the snowy field where the snow is slowly fading away as if I don’t care anymore.

「… … .」

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 28th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

“As a reward for breakthrough, ‘White Mana Essence (S+)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“You have received ‘1,000,000 points’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“You have obtained ‘70,000 SP’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“As an additional breakthrough reward, ‘Baton of the Frozen Wind (A-)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“Please move to the waiting room.”

“It’s just so-so.”

It was ambiguous.

Originally, the Tower of Trials would have given rewards proportional to the difficulty level of the trials.

It must have been a pretty good reward for defeating a mere native god, but it can’t be said to be at a particularly satisfying level.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased Compensation] is activated.”

“The level of compensation increases with exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased Compensation].”

“The 28th floor breakthrough reward ‘White Mana Essence (S+)’ will be strengthened to ‘Snowflake Mana Essence (SS+)’.”

「The 28th floor additional breakthrough reward, ‘Baton of the Frozen Wind (A-)’, will be strengthened to ‘Baton of the Frozen Storm (S-)’.”

However, just for a moment.

“Roughly speaking, if the Tower of Trials doesn’t resort to trickery, then the level of trial difficulty suitable for me on this floor is only about this level.”


At this point, I got a sense of what level of trials we would have faced if the Tower of Trials had not excluded us based on numerous penalties.

Even if they were indigenous gods or highly valuable enemies, they would only have encountered enemies that were extremely weak and at the level of formal gods.

“It’s not particularly pleasant.”

There is no time to waste time.

Well, won’t it be long before we encounter the three ancient gods of the pantheon and the gods of despair, fall, and madness that exist somewhere in this universe?

In order to get what I wanted, I didn’t think there would be any answer even if I had to clear this level of trials a few times.

“but… … .”


“I did have some income.”

That was it.

“I can now clear the trials given by the Tower of Trials without wasting any more time.”

In fact, as the level of the tower goes up, the difficulty of the trials also increases exponentially.

“Well then, it would be simple.”

in other words-.

“It’s almost time to go.”

All you have to do is reach a high level where you can get the level of reward you want.

“-The Tower of Trials, the upper tier.”

And very quickly.

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