The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 414

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414. The Beginning (1)


Home to many of the higher deities and many ancient deities in this universe.

In fact, if it weren’t for the Tower of Trials, they would have been the most influential group in this universe.


It is not much different even if there is a Tower of Trials.

Even if it were the Tower of Trials that engraved a new law of causality into this universe, it would not have been able to openly disdain the ancient deity belonging to the pantheon.

Moreover, being humiliated by a challenger from the Tower of Trials does not just bring back feelings of humiliation that have been forgotten for thousands of years.


Is that why? Something strange was happening.

That is also an unusual occurrence.

That’s that that that ────.

Deep into the pantheon.

Unlike the normal appearance of a pantheon where numerous temples are placed all over the place, the deeper part has an infinitely strange structure.

In addition to the black background of the universe, or a pantheon filled with pitch-black colors close to it, there are countless gray fragments floating around.

What the heck.

Even if you were the main deity of the pantheon, you wouldn’t even be able to notice that there was a place like this in the pantheon in the first place, unless you went through some route. It was a secret place that only one person knew about.


“The eternal god remembers this infinitely abominable opponent and feels unprecedented, deep anger.”

[God of transcendence and death… … . ]


[ this-. ]

Following that, a new spatial distortion occurred in the depths of the pantheon, and a black-haired young man appeared.

“The eternal god feels his anger and shame-filled emotions boiling over to an unbearable level.”

[Vulgar, dirty, trash… … !! ]

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

In an instant, the light of divinity flickers violently.

The eternal god, who had entered the depths of the pantheon, gritted his teeth and let out rage.

I have been suppressing countless negative emotions while receiving disdain from the main gods of the pantheon.

[The impurities that were merely insignificant mortals-! ]

But there was no reason to do so now.

[ A bug that was nothing───!! ]

That’s right, since you’ve come to this secret place in the depths, there’s no need to worry about anyone’s gaze anymore.

[I can’t believe you made me go through that kind of humiliation… … ! ]


[ -Even more so, if you have been covered in such shame that there is no way to wash it away, do you think I can just sit back and endure it?! ]


It’s not even just that.

As his feelings of rage were expressed harshly, the light of divinity even created a huge wave of power.

It has the power to easily destroy a world.

However, because it was one of the secret places hidden in the pantheon, the divine light did not destroy anything and only extinguished leaving behind a roar.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo… … .

It was truly a power worthy of the concept of divinity that touched the providence of the universe.

[ … … haha-. ]

Even if he were a god of arrogance or a god of arrogance with an infinitely twisted nature, he would not carelessly underestimate this divine supernormal ability that he achieved on his own.


step… … .

━This is absurd.

God of transcendence and death.

━You’ve been saying that you’re unpleasant or something when you see me at the Tower of Trials, so I thought you had the power to make that statement.

It was so different.

━You guys.

In fact, wasn’t it treated as if none of the God of Arrogance, the God of Arrogance, and the God of Permanence were worth worrying about?

━What kind of confidence did you have to tell me such bullshit? It was worth it.


Because it was the only immortal natural enemy in this universe that could even destroy the immortality of the ancient godhead, which was achieved by transforming itself into the concept of divinity itself.

━You guys want to see each other again?

and… … .

━Next time-.

The moment I remembered what he said at the end.

━I will definitely tear you to death.

I felt anger, shame, and a slight sense of fear.

[ … … under! Are you telling me to endure this kind of humiliation? Why on earth do we, the lords of this universe, have to tolerate the evil behavior of this arrogant thing? It’s a foolish question. ]

Before we knew it, the God of Eternity began to shine with an even more twisted sense of inferiority, and then spoke as if persuading someone.

[ … … I can no longer allow polluted trash like that to be installed in this universe without even knowing its subject. ]


[ … … That’s my conclusion. Everyone would have come to the same conclusion as me. Perhaps that’s why everyone came here without any hesitation after seeing the suggestion I made. ]

The moment when the eternal god brushed his black hair, took a deep breath and spoke softly as if he had finally calmed down his anger.


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[ -God of arrogance, and god of pride. ]

In the blink of an eye, the other side of the space filled with black light twisted, and a handsome man with brilliant blonde hair and a man with white hair entered at the same time.

“The God of Arrogance responds with great shame, humiliation, and murderous intent.”

[ … … okay. I agree. To stop the lowly thing created by that tower of trials from climbing. That’s what everyone hopes for. ]

The God of Arrogance flashed his brilliant blonde hair and then clenched his hands tightly as if expressing unbearable hatred.

[ … … you. According to what I said to this body in advance, I would have said that I had something in mind. If it is a plan that can be realized, it is not unreasonable to join forces. ]

step… … .

“The God of Pride feels quite angry, annoyed, and displeased and is irritated.”

[ … … under. God of eternity. Don’t act like you’re friendly. I don’t hang out with you because I want to. Didn’t we just coincidentally have the same understanding? ]

Unlike him, the God of Pride let his gray hair fall and spoke with anger, irritation, and unexplained displeasure.

[ … … However, if I can somehow crush and kill that lowly thing, then as that god of arrogance said, there is nothing I can’t do to help. ]

Even so, the difference was of little significance.

This means that if our goals coincide, we will cooperate no matter what.

In fact, the God of Pride also showed his intention to accept the offer, which is ultimately no different from the God of Arrogance.

“The eternal god shows his satisfaction with the reactions of others.”

[ … … Pfft. is it so. Well, I guess it’s good. It means that everyone agreed with my thoughts no matter what. Excellent. ]

The eternal god, who saw this, smiled as he realized that none of those gathered in the secret area of ​​the pantheon had rejected the secret offer.

[I don’t think there’s any need to argue with each other, so let’s get to the point. ]

It was as if they were certain that there would be no more arguments over differences of opinion.

[ Roughly speaking, it is an extension of the story shared at the pantheon meeting. ]

The God of Eternity narrowed his eyes and continued speaking.

[ … … Just like you, I have no idea how the great gods of the pantheon protected such a hunting dog. ]


[ … … However, I am only certain that the impurity that was forged into a blade by the Tower of Trials has teeth that can bite and kill us. ]

However, just for a moment.

[ … … therefore-. ]

The moment when his eyes filled with vivid murderous intent flashed through his black hair.

[-Let’s seal it. ]

In the blink of an eye, the eternal god spoke with a twisted murderous intent that was extremely clear.

[God of transcendence and death. That impurity created by the Tower of Trials is the vessel that will become the Transcendent. It is a pollutant that will randomly contaminate the providence and regulations of this universe. It is correct to rule it out in advance. ]

Before he knew it, his eyes were filled with even greater anger, fear, and maddened contempt.

“The God of Pride responds, showing his irritated emotions.”

[ joy. So that the god of transcendence and death can no longer get closer to the transcendent. That’s what everyone here hopes for. It’s not something that only you want. ]

Nevertheless, the god of pride responded as if he had no interest in such matters.

[ … … It’s just that things like the Tower of Trials and causality interfere with it, so isn’t that a problem? Whatever it is, there has to be a solution to it. ]

however… … .

“The eternal god smiles, showing his confidence.”

[ -The solution already exists. ]

The God of Eternity, who heard this, smiled confidently and continued before the God of Pride could finish speaking.

[In fact, the reason we cannot touch the God of Transcendence and Death is more due to the newly created law of causality than to the Tower of Trials. We have already prepared a solution for that. ]

It seems like it’s within the expected range.

[It’s simple. ]

In a confident tone.

[The causality created by the Tower of Trials tends to be small or not applied at all to those who have benefited from the tower. Therefore, isn’t the god of transcendence and death also part of the axis that is quite free from causality? ]

and… … .

[That will be the new answer. ]

Next moment.

[ Even though he is not the same as before because he was exiled and abandoned by the Tower of Trials, we probably know someone who can twist the causality a little bit in the Tower of Trials. ]

In an instant, the face of the God of Arrogance and the God of Arrogance hardened.

[ ─God of despair, fall, and madness. ]

Because it was the most alien being among the ancient gods in this universe.

[He says he will give us a chance. ]

An infinitely twisted event occurred.


The number of floors changed in an instant.

━The limit on the trial difficulty [700%] increase multiplier due to the exclusive authority of the Tower of Trials #F-121 [Trial Difficulty Multiplier] has been removed.

Originally, they would not have been able to easily clear even one trial due to the numerous penalties imposed by the Tower of Trials.

But that wasn’t the case anymore.

However, simply because the numerous penalties imposed by the Tower of Trials had disappeared, I was able to enjoy a level of comfort that was completely different from before.

Hugely too.

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 29th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

“As a reward for breakthrough, ‘Wrath of Thunder (S-)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“You have received ‘1,100,000 points’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“You have obtained ‘75,000 SP’ as a breakthrough reward.”

「As an additional breakthrough reward, the ‘Grey Cloud Staff (C-)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

“Please move to the waiting room.”

29th floor. The ordeal on this floor given by the Tower of Ordeals was to end the end of the world caused by a natural disaster.

The end of the world came to an end simply by using the divine <Embrace> and the vast magical power it had accumulated.

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 30th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

“As a reward for breakthrough, ‘Remains of the Mechanical Angel (S-)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“You have received ‘1,150,000 points’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“You have obtained ‘76,000 SP’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“As an additional breakthrough reward, ‘No.1743 Alton Workshop Machine Armor (B-)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“Please move to the waiting room.”

30th floor.

The condition for clearing this ordeal given by the Tower of Trials was to end a large-scale war that occurred in a highly developed scientific civilization.

… … Well, it just so happened that I had skills close to elite(?) in this field, so I was able to clear the ordeal in less than a minute.

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 31st floor of the Tower of Trials.”

“As a reward for breakthrough, the ‘Emperor’s Sword (S+)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“You have received ‘1,250,000 points’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“You have obtained ‘78,000 SP’ as a breakthrough reward.”

“As an additional breakthrough reward, ‘Millennium Snowspin (S-)’ will be sent to your inventory.”

“Please move to the waiting room.”

31st floor.

This time, the condition for clearing the trials given by the Tower of Trials was to win a certain number of times in a month in a large martial arts competition that took place in a certain martial forest.

It seems that the intention of the trials provided by the Tower of Trials was not only to win, but also to experience the secrets of the martial arts world over the course of a month.

Although it is a guess.

“The achievement ‘Pure Slayer’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 15.”

… … Well, no.

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 32nd floor of the Tower of Trials.”

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 33rd floor of the Tower of Trials… … .」

“Congratulations, you have surpassed the 34th floor of the Tower of Trials… … .」

In the blink of an eye, I cleared each and every trial given by the Tower of Trials and received numerous rewards.

“The achievement ‘Speed ​​Run’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 20.”

However, since the level of trials given by the Tower of Trials is so low, the rewards obtained by clearing the trials are not that impressive.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased Compensation] is activated.”

“The level of compensation increases with exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased Compensation].”

Even if we were to upgrade the level of trial rewards based on our ability to increase rewards, we would not be able to obtain something of great value.

“You will enter the 35th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of the trial is ‘cooperative hunting.’”

“I hope that there will be a satisfactory result after the asceticism chosen by the challenger.”

Is that why?

“The 35th floor trial begins.”

「Remaining time – 7 days」

「Conditions for passing the trial – Among the challengers, you must kill 10 or more of those designated as ‘prey’ until the remaining time runs out, or if you become ‘prey,’ you must survive until the remaining time ends.」

「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Trial breakthrough reward – All abilities +100」「Trial failure penalty – death」

I was curious.

「… … .」

“Assignment complete.”

“The role assigned to you in this stage is [Prey].”

“Continue to run away from the [Hunter] until the time remaining within the stage runs out.”

Isn’t that right?


Well, if the trials that the Tower of Trials gives without numerous penalties are this easy, it would be natural to want to know what level of strength other challengers have.

“A pursuer, and a fugitive…?” … .”

I gradually got tired of following the rules.

“Is there any need to run away?”

therefore… … .

“Are you a hunter, are you a prey… … .”

Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity?

“I just think it would be okay to kill them all without having to measure this or that.”

Funnily enough.

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