The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 419

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419. Chapter of Choice (1)

A place of choice.

It was a benefit of being able to choose the ‘trial theme’ that the Tower of Trials gave to challengers who reached the upper levels, and was even called a new turning point.

Originally, powers such as exclusive authority ‘#D-0007[increased reward]’ and exclusive authority ‘A-0107[transcendence skill]’ would have had irreplaceable value.

in other words-.

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] presents three options based on challenger Han Seong-yoon’s ‘unique keyword’.”

「When you choose one of the three options through exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice], you can confirm the ‘Ordeal Theme’.”

Not only can you choose a trial theme every time you enter a new trial, but there is also a high possibility that it will have some special impact on the challenger as a new turning point.

“Choose one of three options.”

“One. ■■■.”

“2. Chaotic ■$」

「3. “Innate talent”


“Selection completed.”

“A voluntary selection of the ordeal theme was made.”

“According to the unique keyword ‘■■■’, the ordeal theme has been confirmed as ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

In fact, isn’t each of the three choices made up of that system message a manifestation of the Tower of Trials’ unique keyword that implicitly captures an individual’s life, inclination, and aptitude?

‘… … At that time, I don’t know why, but the Tower of Trials made it impossible to check most of my unique keywords.’

From what I previously found out, the Tower of Trials would go so far as to develop a person’s unique characteristics by looking at their life, inclinations, and aptitude.

‘… … Probably, if the tower couldn’t find out what unique keyword I had, there would have been a reason for that.’

It could also be interpreted to mean that the Tower of Trials saw some possibility in me that could enable me to develop the supernormal abilities of necromancy.

‘… … No matter how much I try to hide the information about my unique keyword from over there, it will only be a matter of time before they eventually find out the answer.’

It’s not even just that.

‘If that’s the case, I’ll find out.’

Although it is a story from his lifetime, Dam Cheon-woo, who climbed close to the top floor of the Tower of Trials, also proved that the information about this was true.

‘Because that’s my way.’

Whenever you go through a new trial, you will reach the answer by looking at the trial theme according to each unique keyword several times as a place of choice.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] begins the formation of the trial theme ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] brings in the elements necessary to form the trial theme ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

But… … .

“An error occurred.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] cannot load some of the elements needed to form the trial theme ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] retrieves some of the elements needed to form the trial theme ‘The Beginning of Time’ from challenger Han Seong-yoon’s inventory.”


As people often say, things in the world do not go as easily as expected.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] has retrieved ‘Remegeton’ from challenger Han Seong-yoon’s inventory.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] has loaded ‘Remegeton’ from challenger Han Seong-yoon’s inventory, so additional corrections are made to the reward calculation.”

「Exclusive Authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] has met all conditions necessary for the formation of the trial theme ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

“… … .”

There was something strange from the beginning.

‘no… … .’

It was absurd.

‘What is this again…’ … ?’

It was my first time.

Making the challenger pay for one of the elements needed to form a new trial?

Although I have encountered countless unexpected situations while climbing the Tower of Trials, I have never seen anything like this.


Moreover, since the Remegeton they had was a piece that could look at past records received from the Demon God, I didn’t like it being used up like that.

‘There is no way I can accept this-‘

However, just for a moment.

「Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] forms the trial theme ‘The Age of the Beginning’ with ‘Remegeton’ as the center.”


Suddenly, I had a change of heart when I saw the statement that the Tower of Trials was creating a new trial with Remegeton as the main axis.


Well, forming a trial theme based on Remegeton is essentially the same as implementing Remegeton as a trial.

“… … .”


“You will enter the 36th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of the ordeal is ‘the era of the beginning.’”

“I hope that there will be a satisfactory result after the asceticism chosen by the challenger.”

That means only one thing.

“The 36th floor trial begins.”

「Remaining time – 1 year」

「Condition for passing the ordeal – surviving until the end of the war of the gods」


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「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Ordeal Breakthrough Reward – ■」

「Trial failure penalty – death」

The era of the beginning.

A time when it was thought that there was no way to find out except for Lemegeton.

Suddenly, the story of a distant time period when the Tower of Trials did not exist in this universe unfolded as a new trial.



In an instant, a new stage of trial was completely revealed.

Rather than the jet-black, inorganic waiting space provided by the tower, the view is of a lakeside where a cool wind blows quite strongly.

Originally, as a new ordeal began, the priority would have been to find out where this place was.

However, despite this, I looked away from the shore of an unnamed lake and fell into deep thought as I looked again at the system messages remaining in the corner of my vision.

“… … .”


It was a grimoire similar to a demonic relic, and an item with numerous records of the universe engraved on it.

In fact, when we went to the demon world, the demon god also handed us the Remegeton and said that.

─Yes, to call it by its official name, this is Lemegeton.

─It is a kind of authority that allows you to read the records of all demonic beings, and it is a book that allows you to directly see the memories you have.

─From the beginning of the tower to the origins beyond, you can experience it all for yourself.

Just like the trials of the tower.

This is a book that gives you the authority to view the secret history of the universe vividly, if there are any traces of a demon or any demonic being.

─Lemegeton can be said to be the record of everything in this universe.

─In addition to the origin of the tower, there are also records of ancient deities such as the God of Darkness or the God of Dragons.

At least you will know everything the devil is involved in.

─But with you now… … , you won’t be able to read them all.

For now, you will only be able to read records that are permitted for your level.

Even if it is said to be the origin of the Tower of Trials, it would be possible to find out if one is qualified to use the Lemegeton.

“… … “I never thought I would use the Remegeton I received from the Demon God at such an unexpected time.”

At that, I narrowed my eyes and was lost in thought.

‘… … ‘Whether using Lemegeton to create a new trial will be a benefit or a loss is not something to worry about.’

I didn’t really regret consuming Remegeton to create a new ordeal.

‘In reality, the Tower’s trials are not at the level of being able to vividly observe a record of the past, but are tantamount to repeating a record of the past once more.’

In fact, if the Tower of Trials formed a new trial centered on Lemegeton, then this was an opportunity to repeat and experience a record of the past that I had to find out.

And, let’s say that Lemegeton has the advantage of being able to vividly experience the records of the universe.

It is nothing compared to the trials of the tower. Of course, in the tower of trials, even though it is a repetition of a certain past record, it is possible to activate the supernormal abilities of necromancy and the mythical <Possibility of Transcendence>. .

‘Rather, what is more important is why Remegeton was used in the formation of new trials.’

step… … .

‘Why did I choose one of my unique keywords as a choice, leading to the ordeal theme of the beginning of time?’

Even after thinking about it countless times, I couldn’t understand that the result of choosing one of the choices and unique keywords was the ordeal theme ‘The Beginning of Time’.

Isn’t that right?

Originally, the three options that can be chosen as a field of choice would be composed of unique keywords that encapsulate a person’s life, inclination, and aptitude.

So what does this mean?

“… … “Is this something you have often seen when climbing the Tower of Trials?”

I touched the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and spoke to him, but there was no positive answer.

―… … her. Could that be possible? When climbing the Tower of Trials, I have never seen anything as strange as you.

“Is that so?”

―… … okay.

However, if we only look at the results of this choice, it means that in the Tower’s opinion, this is the most suitable trial for your unique keyword.

It’s probably-.

“-To put it simply, in the Tower of Trials’ view, doesn’t it mean that I am essentially related to the gods?”

At this point, it feels rather interesting.

━0. ■■■.

If the unknown unique keyword hidden in this black box was related to the gods in the Tower of Trials’ view, it was worth finding out.

‘You can find out why the Tower of Trials judged my unique keyword that way as you clear new trials.’

Thinking beyond this is unlikely to yield a more meaningful answer, so it’s time to focus on clearing the new trial.

‘The condition for clearing the ordeal was to survive until the end of the war of the gods.’

I could roughly guess the background of the new trial stage.

‘in other words-.’

It was worth it.

‘That means that a war is taking place between the gods in a place not far from here.’

Before I knew it, I could clearly see the great system surrounding the planet with novae unfolding beyond the sky.

‘Has the divine realm been created so that one cannot escape the world itself through the use of divine supernormal abilities and some kind of power?’

Perhaps, the gods are fighting to the death while establishing a planet-level sacred realm.

‘That’s amazing.’

The barrier made of that divinity had a sophistication that even ancient gods of darkness or demons could not easily escape.

‘Originally, it would be correct to think that there is at least one ancient deity somewhere who can use that level of divine realm, but I guess that is unlikely.’

Of course, gods of darkness or demons would be able to escape before being trapped in the barrier made of divinity, so it would not be a very meaningful assumption.

‘No matter how transcendent the Tower of Trials is, it is nearly impossible to recreate beings who have reached a level higher than formal godhood.’

Moreover, since there was no way the Tower of Trials could reproduce beings such as formal deities or higher deities, there was a high possibility that all of those here would have flaws in their level of divinity.

‘Well, it would be best to quietly watch what happens on this battlefield of gods and kill a lot of quasi-gods.’


‘In that case, let’s start with a light exploration first… … .’

The moment you step away, hiding the divine and magical energies so that no one can feel them anymore.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

[-That’s strange. ]

It was then.

[It is impossible to determine whether it is a living creature, let alone a divinity or mana. ]

When I suddenly saw the owner of a voice behind me, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes and be astonished.

[ … … He is truly a suspicious person. ]

It was worth it.

[ … … We will have to explain one by one why they came here, what camp they belong to, and even what concept they are in control of. ]

It’s no different-.

“The God of Proof looks at an unknown being and issues a wary warning.”

[Otherwise, we will regard you as a deity belonging to the hostile camp and kill you. ]

God of proof.

Originally, he was the first deity I became involved with while climbing the Tower of Trials, and he was a higher deity close to the ancient deity who helped me countless times… … .

At this moment, it was looking at me, scattering a dazzling divine light that could not be considered a fake recreated clumsily by the Tower of Trials.

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