The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 423

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423. Chapter of Choice (5)

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Actually, I had thought about it to some extent subconsciously.

The result created by consuming the field of choice and the Remegeton could not be ordinary.

It was assumed that high-level information would be obtained in some way during the War of the Gods.

“… … .”

However, this was something beyond the scope of the assumption.

‘… … This is the god of creation?’

I managed to keep my embarrassment from leaking out and continued to make quick decisions.

━The residual thoughts of the divine <Harmony> contained within the Seominneungbeopgi (S+) begin to synchronize with the challenger Han Seong-yoon.

A lot of time has passed, but I haven’t forgotten it.

While clearing the ordeal, you may have unintentionally encountered an administrator named Gwanggeomje and obtained the sacred <Harmony> from a sacred relic called Seominneungbeopgi.

Well, since all the challenger-turned-managers who are chained to the Tower of Trials are nothing more than quasi-gods, even their divine supernormal abilities have now been reduced to nothing more than a curse and have been completely forgotten… … .

Still, I remember it clearly.

‘… … Long golden hair. Brown robe. Besides, even his physique and voice haven’t changed much from the last time I saw him.’

It is not just an illusion or coincidence.

‘… … At that time, I was certain that she was the woman standing next to the Tower of Trials who I saw as a residual thought while I was in the process of obtaining divine <Harmony> in the Semaninungyeokgi.’

God of creation.

In fact, one of the three ancient gods who forcibly led the war of the gods, an unprecedented bloodbath that could be said to be the largest scale in the universe.

Although this was originally a being that we should never have encountered in person, we had encountered it in the process of obtaining divine supernormal abilities.

Because I knew part of what it meant, I felt like I was getting lost in the flow of thoughts.

“The God of Creation looks at you and speaks to you as if he is annoyed.”

[ … … I wish you could answer who you are that brought you all the way here. ]

But there was no time to sink into the swamp of thoughts.

[ … … Phew. Hey, didn’t you hear what I just said? Could you please explain quickly? Otherwise─. ]

Did the other person also feel strange in the silence?

Suddenly, the God of Creation narrowed his eyes and spoke in a cold voice as if warning.

As befits a strong man called the Three Ancient Gods, he seems to have vaguely sensed something suspicious about this place.

Since wasting time lost in unnecessary thoughts would not lead to any particularly beneficial results, I quickly answered with a calm expression on my face.

“Otherwise, what are you going to do?”

[ … … what? ]

“There’s too much rudeness from the start.”

[ … … you-. ]

“Do whatever you want.”


Instead, he acted like he was angry.

Because it seemed more natural that way.

“Even though I am an uninvited guest, I have no intention of answering to someone who makes a bold threat the first time I meet him.”

The timing wasn’t bad either.

In fact, I had a lot of things to say ever since the other side showed a coercive attitude toward me and made one-sided demands.

I think they’re probably doing this because they don’t know that this is one of the ancient deities because they’ve hidden a lot of power, including divinity and magical power… … .

I didn’t like it.

“I don’t really want to answer such a coercive question.”

It was natural.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to me.”

In any situation and for any reason, it is not particularly pleasant to have someone look down on you as if looking down from above.

“However, please know that those responsible for their actions must pay a clear price.”

Moreover, since he had now been reborn as one of the ancient gods who were even called the lords of this universe, there was no reason to endure the humiliation.

“If you cross the line further than this in any way, there will be no turning back.”

At that, I smiled, bringing out some of the divinity accumulated in my body.

“The god of transcendence and death shows a cold smile, perfectly revealing his divine status.”

[Because I’m not the type of person to show belated mercy to losers. ]

Gugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg… … !!

In an instant, a flow of divinity rushed in all directions like a tidal wave.

Unlike the supernormal abilities of divinity or the effects of using myths, it was an expression of raw power that was purely divinity without any processing.

It would have been a method that could not be said to be appropriate at all, even with empty words, to be used to exercise force in the sacred territory, the opponent’s home ground.

Blah blah blah blah blah-!

… … If it were not for the power of the ancient godhead, who achieved immortality by transforming himself into divinity itself.


A phenomenon that can only be shown by an absolute powerhouse that has engraved its own divinity and concept into this universe.

The mere presence of overwhelming divine power and the status of divinity distorts the entire space.

It looked as if it was about to crush and crush the entire sacred realm itself.

I turned my gaze to him with the light of divinity covering my entire body, and the other person also reacted.

“The God of Creation mutters in a voice full of astonishment, as if he cannot believe it.”

[What on earth is this… … !! ]

The God of Creation pursed his lips when he saw that the space in the sacred realm was distorted and incontinent.

[With just the status of divinity, my divinity realm can be distorted to this point… … ? ]

Perhaps it’s hard to believe that this side has distorted the realm of divinity without using any power other than that of divinity… … .

[Power beyond common sense… … . ]


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That too is only a short period of time.

Don’t people often say that even if it’s rotten, it’s still good enough?

As befits a being called one of the masters of this universe, the God of Creation displayed excellent judgment.

[A performance that can never be shown at a level such as a high-ranking god or a formal god… … . ]

As soon as he realized that this was one of the ancient deities, he drew up divine power from his entire body and prepared for battle.

[ -An ancient deity…? … !! ]

Moreover, despite being on the home ground of the sacred realm, she seemed to have judged this side to be much stronger, revealing the tension and sense of crisis without hesitation.

“The god of transcendence and death answers with a grin.”

[That’s correct. ]

In essence, a smooth conversation can only be established when one side takes the lead in the conversation.

[ so… … . ]

and… … .

[What should we do? ]

[ … … . ]

Next moment.

[Shall we fight? or not- ]

I continued speaking with a shallow smile on my face.

[-Let’s try a little compromise. ]

[ … … Compromise? ]

[It’s a simple story. ]

That means only one thing.

[Just as that side has something to ask this side, this side also has something to ask that side. ]

It’s no different-.

[If you can answer a few questions as an apology and compensation, I will let this matter pass. ]

It was time to answer the questions I had been holding for a long time.


Time passed quickly.

The sacred area <Model Garden> created by the God of Creation, one of the three ancient deities, has already been completely restored.

Anyway, most of what I had to say had already been decided, so I quickly finished the basic explanation without any hesitation.

“The God of Creation sighs in bewilderment.”

[Whoa… … . ]

But… … .

[ therefore… … . ]


[ … … According to what you said, the reason you came here was to officially declare your affiliation to the Order faction, is that correct? ]

The God of Creation frowned and spoke bluntly as if he was displeased.

[ … … no. How on earth did you get into such a bad mood? If you had explained to me in advance that you had received a recruitment offer from the God of Proof in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened─]

“—well. “In the first place, if they hadn’t responded to me so rudely, I don’t think they would have used force like this.”

I guess they wanted to explain to the God of Creation that they had come with the intention of becoming allies in advance… … .

“is not it?”

[ … … . ]

In fact, they were asking questions in a coercive manner before I could say anything, so I couldn’t pass the buck.

[ … … It’s a story that has nothing to say. ]

In fact, the God of Creation did not deny that he made a mistake.

[ … … However, please understand that from my perspective, the appearance of a being like you in the sacred realm <Model Garden> was an issue that I had no choice but to be sensitive to. ]

I just asked her to understand that this appearance had no choice but to be taken sensitively.

[Well, whatever it is, I am relieved to hear that you came here purely because you were scouted by the God of Proof. ]

She relaxed her body as if relieved and continued speaking.

[Well, there is no way the God of Proof could turn into a traitor so suddenly, right? Despite his uncooperative attitude, that man is secretly sincere. ]

However, upon hearing those words, the God of Proof reacted closer to denial rather than affirmation.

“The God of Proof frowns and replies as if he is annoyed.”

[ … … under. Don’t be mistaken. I just chose the best way to escape from the cage called the War of the Gods. I am not sympathizing with the ideology of dreamers like you. An abomination. ]

The tone was extremely cold.

Originally, the god of proof must have used a soft and serious tone of voice in his own way.

However, despite this, only an emotion close to disgust flickered in his mirror-like eyes.

[I hope I can live the rest of my life soaked in such pleasant daydreams. ]

He looked at the God of Creation with cold eyes, then turned around and headed outside.

[Because from the beginning, all you could do was dream a dream that could never come true. ]

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

[In the end, you will sink in the mud without being able to prove anything, so enjoy yourself. ]

[ … … Yeah, I was wondering why they came to see me. Whatever you think, take care of it. Regardless, what we do will not change. ]

The God of Creation shrugged his shoulders and watched the God of Proof leisurely exit the sacred realm, then parted his lips again.

[Well, now that the God of Proof has gone, shall we continue with the rest of the story? ]


“The God of Creation looks upon you.”

[ Actually, even if it wasn’t, the orderly camp desperately needed a powerful ally. ]

Do you have any intention of covering it up?

[You can’t throw away a golden opportunity to recruit a being who is like an ancient god. ]

The God of Creation slowly removed his brown robe with both hands and revealed himself.


If I were to be honest, she had an ordinary beautiful appearance.

The appearance of two golden eyes that are so bright that one wonders if they were copied from gold.

People like the Iron Blood Lord, the White Crane Swordsman, or the God of Darkness or the Dragon God exude exceptional beauty, but it is not something to pay much attention to.

[You said you wanted to ask a few questions as an apology and compensation, right? ]

Then, I stared at the God of Creation and listened to what she said.

[Three things. No matter what questions you ask, I will sincerely answer everything I know. ]

It was simple.

“Whatever it is, you’re going to answer on the premise that you know it…?” … .”

In short, it meant that the God of Creation could resolve any question as long as it was known.

“That’s fun.”


“Then, let me ask you the most important thing first.”

Next moment.

“Beings called the three ancient gods.”

He spoke in an extremely calm tone.

“The God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles.”

Among the many questions I have, the one I want to know the most has already been decided.

“What is your relationship with the Tower of Trials?”

That too for sure.

The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 422The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 424
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