The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 425

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425. War of the Gods (2)

Tome of Holy Cloning (EX).

It was a highest-grade item that I had never seen before, even though I had obtained numerous rewards while climbing the Tower of Trials.

We were confident because we had already experienced what we could achieve with the ‘Ancient Book of Divine Cloning (EX)’.

“… … .”

It was truly a genius opportunity.

The higher the contribution accumulated by the law side by winning the war of the gods, the wider the options for victory compensation that can be requested from the God of Creation.

What’s more, doesn’t it say that the God of Creation can create any number of sacred relics or items that even she herself doesn’t know about?

‘I’m going to be amazed.’

That means only one thing.

‘How could it be that I had the opportunity to obtain a top-quality item that I thought I would never see again… … .’

It’s no different─.

‘It’s amazing, isn’t it?’

In short, depending on what we do, it may be possible to obtain the ‘Ancient Book of Holy Cloning (EX)’ once again.

‘Actually, I thought that even if I climbed all the way up the Tower of Trials, I would no longer be able to obtain top-level items such as the Holy Replica Tome.’

I was excited.

Even if it is a high-level divinity possessed by the Tower of Trials or an ancient deity, it can be acquired without any conditions if you use the ‘Old Book of Divinity Cloning (EX)’.

Even if the divine supernormal abilities that exist in this universe are made up of some high-level concept, you can easily acquire them just by knowing about the divine supernormal abilities.

In fact, it is nothing short of a miracle.

‘At this point, the course of action will change considerably.’

At that, I could barely control my excitement and my eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Originally, the only condition for clearing the ordeal given by the Tower of Trials would have been to endure until the end of the War of the Gods.

No matter how the War of the Gods goes, I planned to remain close to an observer until this ordeal on the 36th floor was over… … .

If this were to happen, I had no choice but to change my mind.

“If you participate in helping the law side win the war of the gods, you can get whatever you want, but only one thing.”


“If that is true, let us take responsibility and work hard to ensure that the lawful side wins in this war of gods.”


“But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to trust only oral contracts.”

[ … … Well, I understand. You want to get me into a binding agreement. Anyway, to prevent any unpleasant situations from occurring. ]

“okay. Even if they participate in winning the war of the gods, they may betray me. “I don’t really want that.”

[I’m sad. Even if you don’t do that, something like betrayal won’t happen. From now on, you and I will be working as colleagues, right? It’s okay to trust each other a little more… … . ]

“—Like you?”

Next moment.

“Are you kidding me?”

[What on earth is that… … . ]

“Don’t be mistaken.”

[ … … . ]

I said that with a sneer on my lips.

“Participating in the orderly side’s victory in the War of the Gods is not for reasons such as wanting to be their comrades.”

The God of Creation in front of us is not someone we can particularly trust.

“It’s just that it’s more profitable for me that way. “I never thought you could be trusted.”

It was worth it.

In fact, if we were to look at the culprits that started the war of gods, aren’t they beings called the three ancient gods?

Over there, they explained that the war of gods was a fight for supremacy to be reborn as the ruler of this universe… … .

I had guessed that the War of the Gods broke out not to fight for supremacy between ancient gods, but to achieve a separate purpose.

“He said he would be reborn as the ruler of the universe through the war of gods, but that was only a superficial reason.”

There was no way she could be trusted because the gods of creation were among the beings called the three ancient gods.

“Even if the goal is to win the war of the gods and be reborn as the ruler of the universe, it is questionable how this can be achieved based on common sense.”


“Isn’t there a way to trust each other more? Wherever you look, there are only stories full of doubts and hidden stories.”

It’s not even just that.

━God is just obsessed with coveting faith. They don’t have a care in the world. I won’t hesitate to do anything if I can gain faith.

This person remembered her words and actions one by one, which he viewed as residual thoughts while learning the sacred <Harmony>.

I don’t know why, but he always showed a tone full of distrust toward the gods and a cynical attitude.

It was too suspicious to be trusted.

“Moreover, once trust is broken, you have to pay a corresponding price.”

[ … … . ]

I looked at the God of Creation blankly and said expressionlessly.

“I have no intention of lightly paying the price for unilaterally betraying my trust.”


“therefore… … .”

Next moment.

“Stop playing around like that anymore and make a formal agreement, not a verbal contract.”

Before I knew it, I had seen the God of Creation fall silent and finished his first and last warning in an even colder tone.

“The god of transcendence and death clearly reveals his murderous intent.”

[ -That way, the unfortunate incident of being torn to death as a reward for betraying me won’t happen. ]

Infinitely brutal.


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At this point, has the other side started to notice as well?

The God of Creation stopped telling me nonsense about trust and companionship.

Somehow, it seems like they have realized that trust between each other cannot be established in reality.

“The God of Creation looks at you with frowning eyes.”

[ … … One thing, I now know something about you. ]

Unlike before, she spoke with shining eyes full of coldness.

[I don’t know if my mind was polluted by the concept of divinity itself, or if I was that crazy to begin with, but I’m out of my mind. ]


[If you were an ancient god, you would know that there are no winners or losers due to your conceptual immortality, but you would be the only one to be so arrogant. ]

“… … .”

I think he probably thinks that because he’s been behaving like he’s going to fight if he’s sued since a while ago, his mental contamination has become serious… … .

“… … well. To me, it seems even more insane to think that you would turn away a talent like an ancient deity by establishing a verbal contract with words like trust or friendship.”

It was absurd.

In fact, the God of Creation hasn’t been very kind to me since a while ago.

On the contrary, didn’t they continue to do things that were so annoying that it made them act like they were going to fight at any time?

I had no idea that the other side would say something like that, so I felt a slight sense of absurdity, but that only lasted for a moment.

“I wish you would at least make a formal agreement like I said while you are talking about such things.”

[ … … don’t worry. Even if it doesn’t, I think so. I’m preparing without much prompting. ]

When I urged her as if I didn’t like it, I got the answer I wanted.

[If I want to work with someone like you, I also feel uneasy about a verbal contract. ]


Before we knew it, the God of Creation was gathering white divine power in his right hand and unleashing divine abilities.

“The sacred <Creation> is activated, creating something new at the cost of divinity, faith, and lore.”

When I saw that, my eyes widened and I felt once again that my guess was correct.

‘… … It is a divine supernormal ability that is completely the same as the divine <Creation> possessed by the Tower of Trials.’

The method of creating creations using one’s own divinity, faith, and lore as the price cannot be considered a coincidence.

‘… … Then, it is certain that the Tower of Trials is related in some way to the beings called the three ancient gods.’

Originally, the divine abilities of the Tower of Trials would have dealt with the high-level concepts of creation, law, and miracles.

‘And so is that gray pillar.’

Just like that, I looked one more time at the gray pillar visible beyond the sacred realm <model garden>.

“… … .”

What kind of cause and effect was that gray pillar that seems to imitate the Tower of Trials created?

The key to the answer to the many questions that have arisen while climbing the Tower of Trials so far may lie there.

Therefore, instead of doing anything that would make the God of Creation suspicious, he decided to slowly look for an opportunity to obtain information.

If I stayed close to the God of Creation as much as possible and collected information about it, I would find out what the right answer was.

‘If you help win the war of the gods, you will find out what happened.’

It was time for me to look at the God of Creation and organize my thoughts about the war of the gods.


In the blink of an eye, the white divine light that flowed from the God of Creation then changed into a form close to an object.

“No way, that… … .”

When I saw that, I parted my lips and spoke as if I was interested.

“Is it a holy relic?”

It’s no different… … .

“Contract imbued with divinity”

「Grade: S-」

“A contract imbued with divinity created by the God of Creation with his divinity, power, and spirit.”

“When a contract is established through mutual agreement by designating the other party, compulsory performance of the contract takes effect.”

「※The effect of compulsory contract performance is carried out regardless of the will of the parties only in contracts made under mutual agreement.」

In fact, what the God of Creation created was no different from a high-quality holy relic.

“The God of Creation nods his head and answers.”

[That’s correct. ]

She continued speaking by immediately using the ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’, a sacred relic created through divine <Creation>.

“Due to the exclusive effect of the Sacred Contract (S-), the contract is made upon mutual agreement with the designated target.”

[If a compulsory contract is made with sacred relics based on mutual agreement, betrayal cannot occur. ]

After seeing the system message informing me that the sacred relic ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’ had been activated, I accepted it.

「… … .」


“The contract was concluded through mutual agreement with the designated target through the exclusive effect of the Sacred Contract (S-).”

Accordingly, the moment the activation of the sacred relic ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’ was completed.


Without any hesitation, the God of Creation tore up the sacred relic ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’ and spoke.

[Now that we have concluded the agreement to pay compensation as you wish, we must take care of the most urgent matter first. ]

In a similar way, now that they have been forced to fulfill the contract as they wish, it looks like they will use it without wasting time.

[ In the War of the Gods, you are now on the side of the lawful camp, so you should be sent to the front line as a god belonging to the lawful camp right now. ]


[Western Front. A place where many high-ranking gods and demons presumed to be members of the demon god gather. I want you to go from there right away. ]

“It’s the Western Front.”

[It’s possible, right? ]

“of course.”

At that, I let out a sigh of relief and then responded lightly.

“Even if they weren’t so upset, I would have gone to fight them myself.”

Originally, the ancient gods, higher gods, or formal gods in this war of gods would have the same power as real beings, not illusions.

“Even if it’s not like that, I have work to do.”

If so, you can’t help but be curious.

“Sounds like fun.”

I wonder if even fakes that are infinitely close to the real thing can obtain a commandment through necromancy.

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