The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 426

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426. War of the Gods (3)

The cornerstone has clearly been laid.

Currently, it is already clear that the three ancient gods and the Tower of Trials are deeply related in some way.

The answer will come naturally over time.

It’s just that I couldn’t rule out the possibility that I would end up in trouble if I asked more questions than this, so I just postponed getting the answer until later.

‘Now that we know for sure that the three ancient gods are deeply intertwined with the Tower of Trials, we just need to take our time and slowly find out what happened.’

Of course, I felt some regret.

It is not common to encounter someone like this who can erase all the questions you have accumulated while climbing the Tower of Trials.

To be honest, I felt like I wanted to do everything I could to hear the story I wanted from the God of Creation, no matter where I was.

But that wasn’t possible.

‘If I just ask people out loud and without thinking about the things I want to know, they may notice something about me on the other side.’

Isn’t this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out what’s inside the Tower of Trials?

If you act hastily and impatiently, it may eventually lead to a mistake and cause some trouble.

Since we have confirmed that there is a high possibility that the so-called three ancient gods have not had direct contact with the Tower of Trials, the minimum goal has been achieved.

‘For now, it would be best to hide what I want and wait and see the situation in the battle of the gods.’

Even the condition for clearing this 36th floor trial set by the Tower of Trials was ‘surviving until the end of the war of the gods’, so there was no particular reason to be anxious.

‘I still have a lot of time left.’

It was even more so because I had already vaguely heard from the God of Proof how far the war of gods had progressed.

Of course, I heard very little in-depth information, such as how the war of gods is going or where the ancient gods are… … .

At first glance, there are no signs that this war of gods will end sooner than expected, so there will not be a huge lack of time.

‘They won’t ask me anything anymore.’

What’s more, even the God of Creation seemed to be willing to overlook a bit of suspiciousness or strangeness as he desperately wanted me to help the orderly camp.

‘Let’s aim for the next opportunity while participating in the war of the gods.’

Then there is no reason to continue this boring conversation.

“There is no need to waste time.”

In response, I prepared to go to the battlefield with a cool smile on my face.

“Western Front. A place where not only high-ranking gods but also the descendants of demon gods gather. “Just tell me where it is and I’ll go right away.”

After hearing those words, the God of Creation nodded his head lightly and replied that he was very pleased.

“I feel that the God of Creation is satisfied with your cooperation.”

[ … … Ok, fine. I like your proactiveness. It’s convenient because you don’t have to wear shoes. I’ll assign one of the high-ranking deities on the Western Front to act as your guide. ]

It’s almost as if he didn’t expect that this person would do as he wanted without any complaints.

[When leaving the Sacred Territory, we have taken steps to ensure that we can leave fairly close to the Western Front. After that, you can follow the guidance of the higher godhead and go to the Western Front. ]

However, just for a moment.

Tsutsutsu… … !!

In an instant, a huge stone gate connecting space appeared in the center of the sacred realm <Model Garden>.

[Well, I sincerely answered your questions and promised a proper reward by using my divine abilities, so I hope that you will be as active as I am. ]

Perhaps if you go out through that huge stone gate, you will be able to enter the nearby area of ​​the Western Front.

“I was planning on doing that even if you didn’t say so in the first place.”

I responded bluntly, opening the huge stone gate in the center of the sacred realm <Mockup Garden>.

“Depending on what you accomplish, you have the opportunity to receive rewards beyond your imagination. There’s no reason not to work hard, right?”

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo-.

“It’s just enough for you to stay here and hide as well as you have been doing.”


“Then let’s see later…” … .”

The moment when I was about to climb over the huge stone gate and go outside, as if I was feeling frustrated.

-To God, life is nothing more than an insect.

… … Suddenly, I remembered what I had said to someone who did not know who the God of Creation was.

─God is just obsessed with his greed for faith. They don’t have a care in the world. I won’t hesitate to do anything if I can gain faith.

I don’t know why, but thinking about her words that burned so much hostility toward the gods made me feel like grains of sand were rolling around in my mouth.

“I just happened to think of one more thing… … .”

Was that why?

“What do you think about gods and mortals?”

Before participating in the war of the gods in earnest, I asked a question without having too many expectations.

[ … … Hmm. What should I do? I don’t need to answer you anymore. Well, you should have asked me something earlier when you had the chance. ]

“okay? Then there is no need to answer. Well, I was just a little curious about what they thought of gods and mortals. “Then let’s go now.”

I guess he just asked that question because there was no need to worry too much about whatever answer the God of Creation gave.

[I don’t have any special thoughts. ]

But… … .

[It’s just that the gods are the ones who stand in the way of what I want at every turn, and I don’t think mortals are people worth paying much attention to, except for those who can gain faith. ]

Somehow, even though I asked the question without thinking, she surprisingly gave the right answer.

[Don’t all gods generally think that way? ]uh

A twist emanates from somewhere.

[The gods just fight over which planet to rule over, and they almost ignore the opinions of mortals who have already lived on the planet for a long time, as if it is okay. ]

Her answer was an indelible mixture of disgust, contempt, and hatred.

[That’s it. ]

Is that why?

“… … .”

When I heard that, I didn’t reply and took a step back as if I had just heard something trivial, but my intentions were different.


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Jump and jump -.

It was ominous.

─So, we need a being who can kill all gods.

… … Somehow, beyond the largest scale of slaughter called the War of the Gods, there seemed to be a hidden purpose, contrary to external justification and practicality.

─And an omnipotent transcendental person with power that surpasses all gods.

It’s also very twisted.



In the blink of an eye, I landed in an unknown forest in the sacred realm <Model Garden>.

“Is it here?”

As quickly as possible, I calmed down the thoughts rising deep within my heart and looked around while suppressing my sacred spirit.

‘I would have said that I would send a high-level godhead to guide me to the Western Front… … .’

According to what the original God of Creation explained, there had to be a higher godhead here to guide us.

‘There is absolutely no sense of presence anywhere that can rightfully be called a higher deity.’

Even if the detection ability was weakened because the divinity and mana of this side were hidden to avoid being discovered by the enemy, isn’t it definitely strange that no life reaction can be detected at all with the senses of the body?

“… … .”


‘They said the Western Front would be not far from here.’

That means only one thing.

‘Then, it becomes simple.’

It’s no different… … .

‘It is highly likely that some kind of anomaly occurred that prevented even a high-ranking god from being sent here from the Western Front itself.’

In fact, it can be seen as meaning that an emergency has occurred on the Western Front in the War of the Gods.


In response, I immediately heightened my physical senses and quickly expanded my detection area beyond.

‘I can feel it.’

Suddenly, the pure sense that extended beyond this nameless, unidentified forest grasped the reactions of countless living creatures and the waves of divine power.

‘Divine power. Mana and even magic energy. Where does it lead from where does it lead? Every single thing is clear.’

Currently, the high-ranking gods belonging to the chaos camp and those presumed to be descendants of the demon god are constantly pushing the high-ranking gods who appear to be from the lawful camp.

‘Is the Western Front itself on the verge of being completely swallowed up by the chaos camp?… … .’

From this perspective, I thought it would be safe to say that the orderly camp’s defeat on the western front was already predicted.

“Well, I never thought I would see so many enemies spread out as soon as I arrived at the Western Front.”

But for this one, it wasn’t that bad.

“At this point, it’s not an appropriate level for a basic warm-up or test, but it’s at a high level.”


“It was said that it was the beginning of time… … .”

If I had to be honest, should I say that as soon as you travel abroad and land at a tourist destination, it seems like all kinds of restaurants and tourist attractions are spread out on the streets?

“It’s an era like the heyday of the gods, with no place like the Tower of Trials.”

Even with the original power of the Tower of Trials, there are many powerful entities such as ancient deities and higher deities that would have been impossible to imitate.

“I can’t wait to fight them all, one by one.”

Although they are merely imitations created by the Tower of Trials, they have powers that are infinitely closer to the real thing thanks to the Remegeton given by the Demon God.

“How much is it worth hunting for?”

Even if the Demon God meant that the Necromancy ability and the mythical <Possibility of Transcendence> would not be able to be activated with Remegeton, the story would not be different if he had added his ability to create a replica of the Tower of Trials. It’s the law.

“That too is something to look forward to.”

It will not be long before we find out whether the supernormal ability of necromancy, or the mythical <Possibility of Transcendence>, can be used against the fake gods created by the Tower of Trials.


【Folding vortex】

“—Shall we go?”

This time, I have no intention of delaying knowing the answer.


War of the Gods.

In an unprecedented battle of slaughter waged by the three ancient deities, the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles, the advances and retreats of both sides were repeated in various places.

The two factions, now called the Law and Chaos factions respectively, were busy opening the roads to their respective bases.

[ ha ha ha… … !! What a bunch of bastards!! How did you not realize earlier that you were so helpless in front of the God King? ]

[ Everyone, don’t hesitate! Didn’t the great demon god even help his family members in punishing those hypocrites? Victory is ours! ]

[ I-! He is the rightful ruler and god of Creatian! The planet ruled by this great God of Water and Sea will not be taken away by anyone… … !! ]

step… … .


In any fight, the dividing line between the winner and the loser is clearly determined.


[ Tsk-! ]

[ Oh, why did it become like this! The Demon God must have maintained neutrality, not exerting his power on either order or chaos!! It can’t be like this… … . ]

[ Damn it! Who would have thought that the devil would even break his declaration of neutrality and send the devil to the Western Front… … !! Come on, let’s fight together until the light of divinity sinks to the other side of the abyss!! ]

In the War of the Gods, both sides often reached a stalemate on several fronts, but the status quo could not be maintained forever.

【 Lerajie’s Polluted Storm 】

Babababababababababa… … !!

Western Front.

In the blink of an eye, a black magic that only the chosen strongmen of the Demon World could handle was cast across the sky of the Western Front, and green raindrops almost swept the ground.

In a short period of time, only about ten seconds, a green storm made of demonic energy pours down like a barrage of arrows.

“under-! under-! under-!”

Accordingly, a demon male went crazy after seeing the higher-ranking gods being pushed unilaterally without any counterattack.

“okay! So frivolously and frivolously, just crawl away! “Isn’t that the only struggle you can make in front of Master Zebram?”

Zebram, who originally reigned as the demon king of one world, burst into maniacal laughter and spread demonic energy in all directions.

“Don’t you know that these bastards have been treated unfairly for too long just because they don’t know anything about their subjects and are only called higher deities?”

Coo coo coo coo coo coo… … !!

“I can feel it… … !!”

Zebram spat out the words in a self-absorbed tone, scattering pitch-black demonic energy from his entire body.

“There is no way the Great Demon God would give this much power unless he wants to elevate this Zebram to the 72 Demons… … !!”

It was as if it had been confirmed that the demon god, one of the lords of the universe, would select him and promote him to an official apostle.

“Hahaha! at las-! The day has come when this Lord Zebram will ascend to that lofty throne! “It’s a hierarchy that can’t even compete with an ancient god other than the Great Demon God!!”

However, despite this, the black magic and demonic energy that Zebram possesses is close to a level that can be talked about.

“Now, die in front of the power of this demon king chosen by Zebram—!”

step… … .

“Let’s get along and get along well-”

This was only possible because there was no one on the Western Front who could stand against the Demon King who received power from the Demon God.

【Folding vortex】

Chijijijijijijijik… … !!

“It’s the power of the chosen demon king… … ?”

It was that moment.

In the blink of an eye, black magic energy overflowed in the center of the Western Front, and a gap in space widened.

And, beyond that, a young-looking man walked out with his eyebrows furrowed, as if he strangely did not understand what he had just heard.

“… … no way-.”

It’s no different─.

“─That much?”

“… … … … .”

It was Han Seong-yoon.

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