The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 432

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432. Butterfly effect (4)

It was an unintended benefit.

To be able to use hundreds of high-ranking gods and formal gods with ease like this… … .

In fact, if I hadn’t discovered this sacred realm <Forest of Shadows>, I wouldn’t have been able to manipulate them.

‘Well, fortunately, I found a place among the sacred realms that was well-versed in hiding divinity and magic.’

That’s right, in this war of gods, isn’t there a lot of ancient gods who can easily detect the presence of divinity and mana on a planetary level, and are no different from real monsters?

‘Each time I send out my divinity and magical power as is in the battle of the gods, suspicion may increase.’

If you frequently expose your divinity and mana, you will receive that much attention from those around you.

‘There is no need to leave room for the ancient gods to detect divinity and mana in this war of gods.’

Once you get the attention of a dark god, a demon god, or a dragon god, there is a high possibility that you will end up in a very difficult and unexpected situation.

‘On the Western Front, the situation seemed more serious than expected, so I had no choice but to reveal some of my divinity and mana… … .’

If we wanted to make a contribution that could be said to have greatly contributed to the orderly camp’s victory on the Western Front without revealing too much of our divinity and mana power, there was a simple way.

‘Well, from now on, I guess I won’t have to use divinity and mana directly, whether on the Western Front or any other front.’

It’s no different… … .

‘I happened to get my hands on efficient workers who were more useful than I expected.’

Road murder.

‘If I can handle hundreds of high-ranking gods and formal gods under my command, I won’t have to take action directly anymore.’

As long as it’s not the divinity and mana I have, wouldn’t it be okay to use the divinity and mana of another being who is no different from a stranger?


like now.

[ hot! Good good! Unlike before, the number of high-ranking gods on the chaos side has definitely decreased! Don’t hesitate and move forward! The ruler of the universe is also protecting us… … !! ]

[ Pfft!! Oh, don’t back down! If you step back from here, everything will be lost! Whether it’s a divine ability or a special power, don’t hold back and use it all! That’s how you can live!! ]

[Ugh—! Damn it!! Do you think I’m going to die in a place like this? … !! Come on, I’ll use my divinity and magic power to the best of my ability to survive!! ]

Western Front.

It was one of the five most important fronts in the War of the Gods and was almost entirely occupied by the Chaos faction.

However, despite this, unlike before, the western front was infested with high-ranking gods and formal gods belonging to the order camp rather than the chaos camp.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

It’s not even just that.

Originally, on this western front, the chaos faction would have almost overwhelmed the higher-ranking gods and formal gods belonging to the lawful camp.

But that wasn’t the case anymore.

Hundreds of high-ranking gods and formal gods belonging to the orderly camp were continuously pouring out divinity and mana to recover the metallurgical territory.

‘It’s going smoothly.’

I watched the series of great battles from the outskirts of the Western Front, close to the rear, and then smiled.

‘Well, since we killed so many gods in the chaos camp, as well as the chosen devil king who was said to have been sent by the devil, does our team have no choice but to have the advantage?’

Well, from the beginning, it had to be like this when this side defeated a demon male who claimed to be the chosen demon lord, who was no different from the chaos camp’s hidden card on the Western Front.

‘There are fewer people than you think who want to run away from the Western Front or take them out without fighting properly.’

However, it was surprising that there were fewer subversive elements willing to fight on the Western Front or to leave the Western Front than we had predicted.

‘Could it be because of the new skills I gained as an achievement reward this time?’

Of course, I could guess why.

『Skill – Public Execution (A+)』

『Proficiency – 1.7%』

『Basic effect – When publicly executed in front of many living creatures, ‘hell’s energy’ is scattered around, and regardless of divinity or magical power, it becomes easy to give ‘state of fear’ and ‘state of control’ to living things. 』

『Detailed effect – When an overwhelmingly strong person is publicly executed in front of many living creatures, the number of ‘public executions’ accumulates, and every time ’10’ is achieved, one of all abilities is randomly increased by +2.』

Perhaps the skill ‘Public Execution (A+)’ obtained as a reward for completing this achievement gave courage(?) to the gods on the Western Front… … .

‘It seems like I’ve gained a new skill worth using after a long time.’

It was fun.

Just by openly killing someone in front of many living creatures, you can exert a power close to mental contamination based on the debuff called ‘Hell’s energy’… … .

Considering that it was also used by those who had achieved a high level of divine hierarchy, such as upper deities or formal deities, it was a power of tremendous value.

‘Not only does it make it easier to handle high-ranking deities and formal deities, but the additional ability increase is also significant.’

However, I also liked the fact that, even though all you had to do was kill people who were high-ranking gods or full-fledged gods in front of a crowd, one of all stats was randomly increased by +2.

「… … .」

“Skill ‘Public Execution’ is strongly activated.”

“The skill ‘Public Execution’ spreads ‘hell energy’ within a 10 km radius, making it easier to create a ‘negative emotional state’.”

But… … .

“The myth <The Natural Enemy of Everything> is activated.”

“From now on, the <Natural Enemy> effect will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“When <Natural Enemy> is activated, your divine power greatly interferes with the power of all beings.”

“※Beings without will cannot resist your divine power.”

“From now on, the effect of <Chaos> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s sacred use.”

“When <Chaos> is activated, the enemy’s negative emotions are extracted into faith.”

「※As the enemy’s negative emotions grow, the efficiency of faith extraction also increases.」

That’s not all.

[ Kwaaaaa!! ]

[ Damn it… … ! Those losers who would have run away without even looking back just a moment ago… … ! How is it possible to fight back this far in such a short period of time? … !! ]

[ Retreat, retreat! The main camp also informed them that they would not be able to recruit high-ranking gods to the western front, and they cut off their tails!! If I stay here any longer, I’ll probably end up dead… … !! ]

In an instant, the enemies retreated without even attempting a proper interception of the high-ranking gods and regular gods they had brought to the Western Front.


And, accordingly, additional benefits were obtained from the numerous high-ranking deities and formal deities retreating from the western front.


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Before I knew it, the skill ‘Public Execution’ was activated on the Western Front, spreading the ‘energy of hell’, and at the same time gaining a large amount of faith in the myth <The Natural Enemy of Everything>.

‘In the war of the gods, no matter what you do, almost nothing is wasted as useless.’

Because it was a faith extracted from nearly hundreds of higher deities and formal deities, it had a value that was completely different from the faith transmitted by mortals.

‘Aren’t the gods participating in the War of the Gods giving rewards and benefits as generously as the martial people in the martial world?’


‘If I can gain divinity and faith like now in the war of gods, not just this time but also in the future, I might be able to get one more soon.’

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if it’s okay to kill two birds with one stone, rather than killing two birds with one stone.

“I’m curious.”

Perhaps, assuming I was lucky, if some time passed during the War of the Gods, I would be able to gain new power this time.

“If so many tales and beliefs have accumulated within the body, what can we achieve?”

It’s no different… … .

“It would be nice if the new transcendence myth we obtain would be a more interesting power.”

That’s also huge.


In an instant, the remnants of the Chaos faction remaining on the Western Front were defeated and the area occupied increased.

Anyway, this side killed many gods belonging to the chaos camp, so it wasn’t that difficult.

Moreover, there was no resistance on the other side either, as if they had judged that there was no benefit in deploying a large number of high-ranking gods or official gods on the Western Front.


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a high-ranking god, becoming 0.59% closer to [transcendence].”

「The mastery of the unique characteristic ‘Necromancy’ increases by 0.002%.」

“I have absorbed the spirit of ‘Deculad’, the god of waves.”

「… … .」


After killing one of the high-ranking gods with my bare hands, I shook off the blood from my hands and expressed a short sentiment.

“Is it no longer possible to see high-ranking gods on the Western Front?”

Before I knew it, there were about 15 high-ranking gods of the Chaos faction on this western front.



“That’s strange.”

At this point, it is not easy to guess why the Chaos faction does not deploy more high-level gods and formal gods to the Western Front.

‘I think I heard that in the War of the Gods, the Western Front was called one of the five fronts and was of great value as an occupied area… … .’


‘─Even if they realized that it would be a loss to consume more high-ranking gods and formal gods, isn’t there a strange lack of resistance?’

It was unusual.

Somehow, the senses trained by climbing the Tower of Trials and crossing the crossroads between life and death expressed a sense of disconnection, as if some kind of survival instinct was being exercised.

As I frowned and made a strangely concerned expression, I heard the voice of a nearly dead god coming from not far away.

“The god of clouds is laughing at you.”

[K, keuhuh… … . Ugh, that seems foolish… … . Even though my life has ended here, you will experience hell from now on… … . ]

A high-ranking godhead uttered a curse-like story as he lay bleeding to death on the ground on the Western Front.

[Hypocrites of the disgusting law camp… … . You, none of you, will be able to survive here… … . Let me assure you that that fact will never change. ]

However, just for a moment.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”


[ … … Wow!! ]

Without any hesitation, I threw a punch at the god of Uncheol, who was tearing the thread apart without any luck, and responded coldly.

“Even if you say something like cursing like that, unless you are using divine abilities or special powers, at best it will only irritate you.”

Well, in my opinion, the words that the Uncheol God said were just random words meant to scare people.

“As long as one of the ancient gods does not appear on the Western Front, no one can survive without dying.”

But… … .

[ Heh, heh haha! Hehehehe! What did you say? An ancient god? Oh, how you speak such clever words! ]

Suddenly, the God of Uncheol burst into laughter as if he had heard a very interesting story and spat out words full of laughter.

[ ha ha ha! Just try to live up to those proud words! Hypocrite! It won’t be long until we meet again after death! I will tell you so… … . ]

Of course, there is no need to listen to those useless curses until the end.


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a high-ranking god, becoming 0.59% closer to [transcendence].”

「The mastery of the unique characteristic ‘Necromancy’ increases by 0.002%.」

“I have absorbed the spirit of Hater, the god of clouds.”

「… … .」

“This is absurd.”

Isn’t that right?

“An ancient deity… … .”

At that, I sneered with a smile on my face.

“There’s no way something like an ancient god would suddenly appear on the Western Front, right?”

The ancient gods who are said to be the lords of this universe are all engaged in a war of nerves, so they do not show themselves easily.

“Moreover, even if an ancient god appears, it doesn’t matter unless they are beings outside the standard, such as a dark god, a demon god, or a dragon god.”

Contrary to what they said, realistically, there seemed to be little chance of an ancient god appearing on the Western Front.


Is that all?

“It’s actually a good thing.”

Even if it wasn’t, it wasn’t particularly bad.

“If you defeat one of the ancient deities in the War of the Gods, you will be able to take away not only the concept of divinity but also its divine power as a reward for clearing the trial.”

In the first place, wasn’t this group already successful in climbing the Tower of Trials and killing the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities?

“If I have to be honest, I’m lucky, right?”

In fact, most ancient gods could easily win and kill in a 1:1 matchup if they were to fight properly.

“Well, there’s no way an ancient god would appear on the Western Front, so it’s just a meaningless thought… … .”

however… … .

“… … .”


It was then.

In the blink of an eye, I stopped kissing my lips, stood there with my eyes wide open, and turned my head roughly.

No sign of divinity or mana was detected, but something more fundamental than that was felt beyond that, stimulating the entire body’s survival instinct.

‘What the heck…’ … .’

and… … .


Next moment.

“… … .”

Finally, I saw it.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

A miracle that twists providence.

The sight of a brilliant ray of divine light falling from the sky over the Western Front to the ground.

An overwhelming divinity, the depth of which cannot even be guessed, seems to contain the universe itself, and even descends as if crushing the entire space.

“… … “This is a joke, right?”

I knew who the being who appeared there was.

And that’s why I felt great fear.

It’s no different─.

“… … “I’m going to be thrilled.”

Because the master who controls this overwhelming divine light and status beyond is a being like the Absolute.

“The Dragon God activates the special divine power ‘Incarnation’ and appears on the Western Front.”

… … It was one of the most powerful beings in this universe, and an absolute power that even I could not defeat.

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