The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 445

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445. God of Time (2)

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The God of Creation parted his lips with a mischievous smile on his face.

[ how is it? ]

Unlike before, the light of greed that did not hide her true feelings was flowing from her eyes.

[What would it be like to join me and become an unprecedented god-slayer who destroyed even the notional immortality of an ancient godhead in exchange for creating the utopia everyone desires? ]

Is that why?


At this point, it’s impossible not to know.

No matter how much this side doubts or wants to deny, what the God of Creation said is not a lie but the truth.

From the beginning until now, I knew that the War of the Gods was close to a kind of self-made drama created to collect ‘divinity’ and ‘souls’.

‘How on earth did this happen…? … ?’

step… … .

Since it only means that I barely understood what the other side said, it is not an easy thing to accept from the perspective of understanding rather than understanding.

In fact, without glossing over what the God of Creation said, wouldn’t it be that ‘the war of the gods is nothing more than a preliminary preparation to achieve their true, hidden purpose?’

‘From the beginning, the war between the gods, and the confrontation world made up of divinity, existed only to attract divinity and souls to the sacred realm <Model Garden>… … .’

So it was difficult to understand.


Isn’t that right?

‘Is there a reason to collect so many divinity and souls lost due to the war between the gods in the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>?’

Aren’t the three ancient gods standing in front of you all the ones who have achieved the power closest to the top of the hierarchy of divinity?

‘It’s not like there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to bring about a war between the gods and collect so many fragments of divinity and souls in the sacred realm <Model Garden>.’


“… … .”

I couldn’t hide my embarrassment and thought about it again and again, and only then was I able to come to enlightenment.

‘… … Yes, there isn’t much that needs to be done to scrape together the fragments of divinity and soul while creating a useless battleground called the War of the Gods.’

In fact, it is a realization that what those three ancient gods want may not be very different from what we want.

‘I guess there’s one of two things that should be done to collect the fragments of lost divinity and souls in the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>.’

It was simple.

‘Kill or seal strong people outside the standard, such as the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, or… … .’

It’s no different─.

‘Transcendent, perhaps.’

Ancient deity.

A person who becomes the divinity and concept itself and can kill even beings who have been reborn as immortals.

What does it mean if it is not a transcendental being who has surpassed even the universe of ancient deities?

“… … under.”

In that case, the proposal they made is also clear.

“… … “You said you didn’t want to become an unprecedented god-slayer who destroyed even the conceptual immortality of the ancient godhead, right?”

Purely, it was unpleasant.

“That’s fun.”

Next moment.

“that… … .”

In response, I spoke with murderous intent and disbelief in my eyes, and even spoke to the level of divinity and soul.

“The god of transcendence and death smiles wryly at the tricks of the three ancient gods.”

[─In other words, you are asking me to become a transcendental person who is no different from a puppet who can do whatever you want, right? ]

And very roughly.


Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!!

In an instant, a storm of divinity and soul raged around the place where I was standing.

Nevertheless, there is not even a scratch on the ‘tower’ where the fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ are accumulated, built within the sacred realm <Model Garden>… … .

In the eyes of the three ancient deities, it was not enough to be a threatening enough means of expressing their opinions, but rather, it was more than enough.

“The God of Creation laughs at your anger.”

[ … … hmm. As expected, that’s what I thought the last time I saw it. You are so strong that even in our eyes, we are ignorant. ]

“The God of Law is astonished by your divinity and the power of your soul.”

[ this! What on earth… … !! This is possible with just the status of divinity and spiritual power… … !? If we look only at the status of divinity and the status of the soul, isn’t it the same as those… … !! ]

“The God of Miracles weeps over the fragments of your hidden power.”

[ hmm. Saints. I think there must have been some mistake in what the God of Creation said. Please, give me your strength. ]

The God of Creation’s mischievous smile faded, although not as much as before, the God of Law was horrified and astonished, and the God of Miracles fell silent and tried to have a conversation rather than a fight.

“The god of transcendence and death looks at the three ancient gods, his eyes dyed with murderous intent.”

[ ─Mistake? I think you think I’m doing this because I want to listen to that nonsense… … . This is ridiculous. ]

however… … .


That too was only for a moment.

[Don’t be mistaken. ]

Just like that, I looked at the place where the three ancient deities were standing and acted as if they were going to unleash their divine abilities all at once.

[Shinsalja? That sounds interesting. To be honest, if it weren’t for me, anyone would have listened to what was said. ]

There was a reason why this side suddenly acted as if they were going to fight them at any time.

[You don’t know that you are nothing more than a puppet being manipulated according to your wishes, and that you are not even a transcendent person. ]

In fact, I had already guessed what the God of Creation meant when he said that he would give the power of a ‘god slayer’.


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[You said you would give me the power to destroy even the divinity of the ancient godhead and the immortality made up of concepts by consuming the fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ collected in the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>, right? ]

[ … … okay. Yes, I see in your power the potential to shatter even the ancient concept of divinity. That’s why─. ]

[ ─You must have used the divine <Creation> to give me the power of a god-slayer who secretly erodes the ego and consciousness with ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’, which is no different from a poisoned chalice. ]

[ … … . ]

The guess was not wrong.

This side had already obtained the sacred <Creation> from the Tower of Trials and had never properly used it in actual combat, but they knew the ‘how to use it’ itself.

Instead of giving me the power to destroy even the concept of divinity by using divinity <Creation>, they will also give me content like malware that can control me at will.

‘… … I can’t help but notice that their intention is to use the divine <Creation> to turn me into a weapon they can use as they please.’

When I saw that the God of Creation was silent, I withdrew His divine voice and spoke, as if I knew that would happen.

“It’s obvious.”

[ … … . ]

“Godslayer? There’s no way you would just give something like that to me without any conditions, right? Not only that, he said he would give me ‘reward’ in advance that I would receive only later in the war of the gods.”

[Yes, I was also considerate of you in my own way─. ]

“dog sound. From the beginning, it didn’t matter whether the Gods’ War was won or lost. “From the beginning, all you wanted were the fragments of lost ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ that came from the war of the gods.”

[ … … . ]

If the war of the gods was purely a preliminary work of gathering fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ for ‘other purposes’, stories of victory or defeat would not be applicable.

“So, without much hesitation, you offered a reward to numerous higher-ranking gods and formal gods to make their wishes come true?”

In reality, they had no intention of giving me anything like a ‘victory reward’, let alone the numerous higher-ranking deities and formal deities.

“You’ve been using annoying tricks like that, but now that the war between the gods is about to end faster than expected, you’re probably getting nervous? “Seeing as how you made that offer to me.”

It was certain.

Those who belonged to the orderly side in the War of the Gods would not have been able to receive anything like ‘victory reward’ from the beginning.

And it must have been the same for me too, so there was no way I could just get over it and pretend it was nothing without getting angry.

“Perhaps, you lack the fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ that must be gathered from the war of gods, which are necessary to achieve whatever goal you desire.”

Anyway, if they had collected as many fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ as they wanted from the sacred realm <Miniature Garden> during the War of the Gods, they wouldn’t have asked me for help like this.


Is that why?

[ … … That’s correct. ]

The God of Creation pretended nothing was wrong and instead of making excuses, he answered in a cold tone.

[ … … okay. I won’t make excuses to you anymore. Actually, just like you said, you fooled everyone. But wasn’t that the same for you? ]


[Isn’t that right? If there was a strong person like you in this universe who didn’t meet the standards, there’s no way everyone wouldn’t know about it… … . No one even knew that the immortal God of Transcendence and Death existed until you showed up here. Isn’t it strange? That’s also huge. ]

“… … .”

Before I could reply, the God of Creation continued speaking without stopping.

[ that’s right. Just like you said, I fooled everyone and got here. But it’s no different for you either. It’s no different from me. ]

She took off the hood of her brown robe and spoke with a sinister aura.

[Perhaps, I think the culprit of all the events occurring in this war of gods may be right in front of me. Maybe? God of transcendence and death. Answer me. ]

Perhaps they have a vague understanding that this side is the main culprit that ruined the war of the gods… … .


[ … … what? ]

“What does that have to do with you guys trying to trick me?”

[ … … no. The war of the gods has become so distorted because of you alone. Then, of course, it has to be related. ]

“To begin with, if you ask me the exact same thing, aren’t you essentially the culprits behind everything, having imprisoned so many gods here under the name of ‘War of the Gods’?”

Isn’t that true?

“So, I propose.”

[ … … A suggestion? ]

“okay. As you wish, I may not go so far as to kill the God of Time, but I will put him in a near-death state. However, I am not interested in the questionable power you are giving me, just give me the ‘victory reward’ you promised me in the war of the gods right now.”

[ … … That’s it? It wouldn’t matter if that was all… ]

“Could that be all? There’s one more thing. I have to give you one more ‘victory reward’ promised in the War of the Gods. Of course, give it to me right now, not later. “If that’s the case, it’s worth moving even considering the trick you guys have taken.”

[ … … Hey, are you crazy? What I decided to give you during the War of the Gods was that I would use the divine <Creation> to create anything you wanted. It doesn’t make sense to ask for one more thing like that when it’s practically granting a person’s wish. ]

“If you reject my offer, you will immediately rush to the Northern Front, Southern Front, or Eastern Front, so you should know that.”

Then I continued talking casually.

“God of darkness. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to rush to the northern front where he is and let him know what you guys are planning. Even if that’s not the case, I think it would be okay to openly stick to the Demon God who came up on the Eastern Front, the God of Time who went down to the Southern Front, or the God of Light who has been protesting against you since last time.”

In fact, this is no longer a negotiation between me and them.

“Do you have any idea what it means?”

[ you… … . ]

“If you reject my offer, you will immediately go to one side or the other and get stuck as soon as you reject it.”

[ … … . ]

“Behave well.”

It’s not different-.

“Shouldn’t we both choose a choice that we won’t regret?”

… … It was a threat.

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