The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 447

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447. God of Time (4)

「Ancient Book of Sacred Cloning」

「Grade: EX」

“An old book containing a very small amount of ‘re-presentation’, one of the powers possessed by the Tower of Trials.”

“It is possible to arbitrarily reproduce and acquire one of the divinity that challenger Han Seong-yoon desires.”

「※However, once you acquire one of the divinity by duplicating it, the item itself disappears.」

Even though I was looking at the ‘Divine Cloning Ancient Book (EX)’ that appeared in front of me, it somehow didn’t feel real.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

A product of a miracle that may be the only one in this universe that can obtain not only the three ancient deities but also the concept of divinity possessed by the Tower of Trials.

It was so powerful that I even thought that I might never be able to get it again even if I climbed the Tower of Trials to the final floor.

‘I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it until I became a transcendent, but I never thought I could get it again like this.’

Even though it is a reward for risking one’s life in the war of the gods, isn’t it incredibly unconventional?

‘No matter where you look, there is no way to say that it is different from the original or that it is a fake.’

Moreover, there was no sign of any trick, perhaps because this side had signed a contract with the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles through a ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’.

‘It’s real.’

Before I knew it, I felt my heart pounding hard as I looked at the ‘Divine Replica Ancient Book (EX)’ held in my right hand.

‘Then the unique abilities will also be the same.’

Isn’t that right?

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

As stated in the system description window, the ‘Ancient Book of Divinity Replication (EX)’ is based on the power of ‘re-presentation’ possessed by the Tower of Trials, allowing you to arbitrarily designate and acquire the concept of divinity.

Whether it was the Tower of Trials or the three ancient godheads of the universe, anyone’s concept of divinity could be clearly obtained.

If so, it’s like a hidden card.

‘I obtained the divinity <Creation> of the Tower of Trials last time, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to obtain the divinity <Law> or divinity <Miracle> of the God of Law or the God of Miracles in front of me.’

I looked at the ‘Divine Replica Ancient Book (EX)’ in my right hand for a moment and then stared at the two ancient gods standing behind the God of Creation.

‘Considering that when the Tower of Trials created the creation law called causality, it used both divine <Creation> and divine <law>, it would be right to obtain the divine <law>… … .’

I was worried.

‘At that time, it felt as if the Tower of Trials not only used the divine <Creation> and the divine <Law> together to create the creation law causality, but also used an additional concept, divine, for some reason.’

How on earth can I use ‘The Ancient Book of Sacred Cloning (EX)’ to become stronger most efficiently and effectively?

‘It would be obvious if the Tower of Trials had difficulty in creating the creation law called causality, even though it used the divine <Creation> and the divine <Laws>.’

step… … .

‘… … There is a high possibility that not only divine <creation> and divine <laws> but also divine <miracles> have their own uses.’

Even though it was a chance to obtain two of the concept divinity of the Tower of Trials, I felt that it was not the right time yet.

‘… … Even if you find out about it, you will only get one of the sacred <laws> and sacred <miracles> of the Tower of Trials, so it is meaningless.’

It was difficult.

Is it right to exert effort to obtain the sacred <Creation>, sacred <laws>, and sacred <miracles> of the Tower of Trials?

Or, instead, would it be better to explore and obtain the most useful concept of one of the three ancient deities?

‘If you hastily narrow down your options here, it won’t lead to any benefit.’

There was no need to rush.

Because the war of the gods has not ended.

Not only were ancient gods that had never been seen before running rampant, but the group led by the God of Creation had also secretly forged a dagger.

‘The better way is to expand your horizons and think more about what to choose until the war of the gods ends.’

I don’t know how the war of gods will change in the future, but wouldn’t it be a waste to write ‘The Ancient Book of Divine Cloning (EX)’ here?

‘Well, actually, it might be better to ask them to make another ‘Divine Cloning Ancient Book (EX)’ without worrying about this in the first place… … .’

Although I had made a contract with the God of Creation in advance to create not only the ‘Divine Tome of Replication (EX)’ but also another victory reward, it seemed impossible to ask him to create the same item again.


It’s no different… … .

‘Isn’t that unreasonable?’

The God of Creation standing in front of me had been silent and trembling, bleeding from all seven holes.

“The God of Creation frowns at the terrible pain that cannot even be described.”

[ … … Ugh. ]

In essence, divinity <Creation> is a power that is activated using the caster’s divinity, faith, and lore as the cost of use.

In fact, all ancient deities have become immortal by becoming one with the concept of divinity itself, so their physical condition is also greatly influenced by divinity, faith, and lore.

The God of Creation paid such a serious price to create the ‘Divine Cloning Ancient Book (EX)’ that the hierarchy of divinity was shaken, and his physical condition was on the verge of death.

‘… … Most likely, if I try to make the ‘Divine Clone Tome (EX)’ with Holy <Creation> one more time, rather than Holy <Creation> being activated properly, the God of Creation will definitely die.’

Did they notice that too?

[ … … What on earth is that sacred relic used for? ]

The God of Creation spoke with difficulty, with a pale expression on his face.

[ … … Even though I have consumed more than half of the fragments of lost ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ that I had accumulated so far in the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>, all I have to do is create that one holy relic. ]

She continued speaking as if she could not believe it, with an expression of astonishment in her eyes.

[ Strange. Among the relics possessed by not only the God of Time, but also the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, there is no way it would be this difficult to create the highest level relic… … . Somewhere, it was twisted. ]

It’s as if the ‘Divine Cloning Ancient Book (EX)’ that we have is something that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

[It makes no sense that something like that could exist in this universe, doesn’t it…? … ? ]

however… … .


That too was only for a moment.

“That’s none of my business.”

I casually replied that we should move on to the next step.


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“Rather, if I used more than half of the ‘divine’ and ‘soul’ fragments collected so far in the sacred realm <model garden> to create this with sacred <Creation>, then I can no longer create something?”

[ … … no. Not really. don’t worry. I won’t break the contract. It’s just that I’m a little tired and I can’t make another relic of the same level as before. ]

“In short, this means that there will be no problem in carrying out the contract, right?”

[ okay. ]

“That’s it then.”

If they can fulfill the contract they signed with me without any problems, then there are no obstacles at all.

“There is one more advance payment left that they agreed to give me, so let’s continue to fulfill the contract.”

But… … .

“The God of Law speaks as if he is tired of your merciless personality.”

[ … … Come on, let’s stop there. Why is there a need to push the God of Creation like that? Wouldn’t it be okay to wait a few days to fulfill the contract? Leave it at that. ]


“The God of Miracles also agrees with what the God of Law said.”

[God of transcendence and death. Even though it was only for a short period of time, weren’t we in a cooperative relationship? It’s not like the God of Creation can’t wait a few days for him to regain his strength. ]

The two ancient deities standing behind the God of Creation did not seem to think so.

Perhaps the God of Creation seems to be having too much trouble and is wondering if he can wait for me for a while… … .

What reason is there for that?

The moment I tried to respond coldly to him.

“The God of Creation looks at the two ancient gods and shakes his head.”

[ … … No, that’s enough. Both, get there. Whether it’s later or now, it’s something that has to be done at some point. I don’t plan on putting it off any longer. ]

The God of Creation said this as if he were admonishing the two ancient deities, and stretched out his hand toward me again with a face full of determination.

[God of transcendence and death. ]

“… … .”

[You know this is the last time, right? ]


Malice was shining along with determination in her eyes.

[Like you said to me earlier, you too will have to make a choice without regrets. ]


[ … … After time passes, you never know what consequences your choices and decisions will have. ]

In the hands that hold each other, more power than necessary is exchanged.

[ We won’t be together with you then, so I hope you think this is your last time cooperating with me. ]

Is it a threat or a warning?

Otherwise, it may be a simple notice.

However, despite this, I answered calmly with a blank expression.


As if it doesn’t matter at all.

“Do whatever you feel like.”

In reality, there was no difference.

Anyway, all they did was prepare in advance for the unfortunate event of their ego and consciousness being manipulated by the divine <Creation>.

And there’s nothing much to say about it if they hold a grudge and come to seek revenge even before the war of gods ends.

“I wouldn’t have joined in the first place if it weren’t for the victory reward you promised me, so it doesn’t matter if this is the last time I cooperate with you.”

But that wasn’t the end of it.


That’s right, I’m not the type of person to sit still even after hearing someone declare war.

“If they plan on tricking me, they had better be prepared for what kind of price they will pay.”

We simply conveyed what we were thinking concisely.

“Come back whenever you think you can get what you want and kill me in the war of gods.”

and… … .

“The god of transcendence and death quietly looks at the god of creation, the god of law, and the god of miracles.”

[─At that time, no matter when, I will kill you all, one by one, without leaving a trace. ]

Next moment.


In an instant, the pure white light of the divine <Creation> illuminated the sacred realm brilliantly, and the final card was in hand.


How much time has passed?

Kugugugugugugugung… … .

The huge doors of the temple slowly close.

Before I knew it, I had left the temple where splendor and majesty were mixed, and I looked at the bright red jewel I was holding in my hand.

The second miracle created by the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles at the cost of the fragments of ‘Divinity’ and ‘Soul’ collected during the War of the Gods was reflected in the pupil.

“… … .”

Battlefield of the Gods.

In the past, in the testing ground created by the Tower of Trials, before fighting the God of Victory, I created a certain relic.

It was a not-so-great relic that allowed one to activate the supernormal abilities of a divine being, but it was never forgotten in my memory.

‘At that time, the victorious god who was nearing the end of the upper divinity and was on the verge of ascending to the divinity hierarchy of the ancient divinity, lost without being able to do anything because of this one thing.’

Memories came to mind again.

「A jewel with deep fighting spirit」

「Grade: SSS+」

“Only challenger Han Seong-yoon can use it.”

“A gem that allowed an ancient deity to preserve his own divinity.”

「When injecting divine power, the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’ can be activated.」

「When activating the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’, sacred <Fighting Spirit> is activated.」

「※Limited to once only, the user can overlap the Holy Spirit <Fighting Spirit> with an external Holy Spirit.」

The strongest cards were all gathered in hand.

“Really… … .”


I couldn’t think about that anymore.

Now, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be defeated or defeated by someone.

“It’s perfect.”


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