The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 448

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448. God of Time (5)

「A jewel with deep fighting spirit」

「Grade: SSS+」

“Only challenger Han Seong-yoon can use it.”

“A gem that allowed an ancient deity to preserve his own divinity.”

「When injecting divine power, the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’ can be activated.」

「When activating the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’, sacred is activated.」

「※Limited to once only, the user can overlap the Holy Spirit with an external Holy Spirit.」

The strongest hand.

A holy relic that can become 10,000 times stronger by activating sacred by stacking has been brought into your possession.

Well, the things that can become 10,000 times stronger with divine are various abilities, including physical abilities… … .

Wouldn’t that be enough?


While holding the relic ‘Jewel with Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’ in my right hand, I calmed my shaking heart.

‘Whether it’s the Three Ancient Gods or the God of Time, I can definitely control their physical abilities.’

The physical ability to move at the speed of light itself is of equal or greater value to the concept of divinity.

‘Even beings who have become ancient gods like the gods of epiphytes cannot completely ignore the physical ability to move at the speed of light.’

If I were to be harsh, it is at a level that can be compared to the divine or the divine in terms of physical ability alone, with a bit of pretentiousness.

‘If I can activate it by stacking the Holy , I am confident that I will overwhelmingly push against whoever it is.’

Of course, compared to the divinity , which not only allows you to have numerous power skills, but also allows you to obtain the transcendence myth, and the divinity , which can even annihilate the ancient concept of divinity, it is not lacking… … .

‘Then the odds of winning are good.’

Isn’t this because the divine and the divine grow together every time this side becomes stronger?

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

Divine can be compared to Divine and Divine from a short-term perspective rather than a long-term perspective.

‘God of time. No matter what strength that unknown ancient god possesses, he will not lose his life easily. Then there is no need to hesitate.’

Then that’s it.

When the God of Time realized that the War of the Gods was fake and not real, it was impossible to leave him alone.

I don’t know how long the war between the gods will last, but it didn’t seem like there was that much time left.

‘If we can’t kill the God of Time quickly or exclude him in some way, we’ll just be in trouble in many ways.’

It was a certainty, not a guess.

The War of the Gods has already changed significantly from its original history, and the balance of power has also been shattered.

Since the so-called three ancient gods, as well as the God of Time and the God of Light, are all running amok, a resolution could have occurred within a few weeks or months.

‘I can’t let the God of Time live, even if it’s for me to survive.’

step… … .

When the God of Time spreads information about the Tower of Trials or this side, within a few days most of the ancient gods will target me.

I didn’t want that to happen because this was one of the worst scenarios I could think of right now.

‘Let’s hurry.’

and… … .


The moment I step outside to kill the God of Time.

[ … … You came out. ]

Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard from ahead.

In the War of the Gods, there are only a handful of people I can recognize based on their voices.

Thanks to this, as soon as I heard the divine voice, I was able to immediately recognize whose voice it was.

It’s no different… … .

“The God of Proof is looking at you blankly.”

[How did you end the story with those foolish things? I thought they were going to fight and fight because they were so annoying. It seems you were kinder than I thought. ]

He was the god of proof.

“… … yes. Well, it had to be that way. I also had a good deal with them. “There was no armed conflict.”

[ is it? If so, you’re lucky. Although you are also an ancient god, I didn’t know what trick they would pull together, so I was waiting in front… … . It was unfortunate. ]

“You waited?”

[You don’t know, right? What tricks will those foolish dreamers have to persecute you? At that time, even though I was weak, I was determined to lend a hand and help them escape. Well, that didn’t happen in the end. ]

“… … .”

It was sharp.

If this side had been a little weaker than them, an armed conflict could have occurred, as the God of Proof had said.

And at such a time, if a being with power that was unrivaled among the higher deities, such as the God of Proof, had added strength, he would have been able to leave his position with certainty.

“… … “I don’t understand.”


“… … “Why did you try to do that to me?”

It’s just a story that focuses on helping me escape from a crisis situation.

If the God of Proof helps me like that, there is a high possibility that I will be killed by the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles, even if I don’t know about this side.

In fact, in this world of the distant past where even the Tower of Trials does not exist, there is no reason to show such kindness to me.

‘Why are you showing me this much one-sided favor?’

It’s not even just that.

When I first encountered the God of Proof in the War of the Gods, he seemed to be worried about me, but he did not show any excessive level of good will.

If you act like that now, it means that something has happened that is enough to change your state of mind.

And, for some reason, it felt so ominous that I couldn’t shake off the anxiety that was welling up in my body and asked the question.

“Would you please answer? Why did you try to give me strength by sacrificing your life so much? “I don’t think there is any reason for the God of Proof to do that to me.”


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[ reason? well. I’m not sure. Actually, from the first time I saw you, I felt an inexplicable sense of discomfort. Should I say, it’s like you know me but I don’t know you? That’s it. ]

“I don’t really know what that means… … .”

[Do you really not know? ]

“… … .”

The ominous premonition was not wrong.

[ no. Maybe the answer to that question is… … . On the contrary, you may know better than anyone else. ]

I was sure.

[ … … So, let me ask you. ]

It’s no different─.

“The God of Proof looks at you and reveals intense doubt.”

[─What kind of relationship do you have with me? ]

… … This god of proof standing before his eyes was in the process of becoming aware of what the ‘War of the Gods’ was.


Divine Realm.

By establishing a hierarchy of divinity, it means a barrier or subspace of one’s own that any being with conceptual divinity, even if it is more than formal godhood or falls short of it, can create it as divinity.

Creating a user’s concept of divinity into a special barrier or sub-space is a basic skill for those with formal divinity or higher, but at the same time, it is close to an advanced application technique with a lot of room for improvement.

Tap, tap, tap-.

It was worth it.

Although the domain of divinity itself may seem easy, it has different values ​​depending on how it is used, as it is a task that fully captures one’s own concept of divinity.

As the understanding of divinity and its concepts deepens, the divinity area also becomes more complete, so depending on the user’s own capabilities, the divinity area could be compared to a world.


Like this.


The darkness stirs like waves and spreads everywhere.

A space so mysterious that it is not made of divinity, but rather looks like a universe without light, only because it is filled with chaos-like darkness.

An old man who came in walked forward, holding out his cane in the empty air as if he was touching the ground.


It’s no different… … .

“The God of Time is speaking to someone watching him.”

[It was the same when I saw it thousands of years ago, but is it still the case that I am not treated with the minimum respect if I am not someone I care about? ]

He was the god of time.

[Lord of the universe. I personally came to your sacred realm despite all the trouble. Then, as a host, isn’t it basic courtesy for you to show your face to your guests? ]

The God of Time uttered his divine voice into the darkness-filled space, but it did not resonate very deeply.

… … .It was obvious.

In an instant, the feeble divine power contained in the words spoken by the God of Time was swallowed up by darkness, and even the sound of the words disappeared.

What kind of divinity and soul level does the user have to have in order to achieve this level of perfection in one divinity area?

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo.

The answer was not far away.

[It’s been a while. ]

A woman covered in black robes appeared out of thin air, burying herself in the darkness, and conveyed her message with a divine voice.

“The God of Darkness smiles as he looks at the cheeky brat.”

[God of time. ]

God of darkness.

She, one of the three ancient deities and the lord of the universe, appeared with a strange smile.

She looked down at the God of Time as if looking down on her and continued speaking with a giggling smile on her face.

[A thousand years ago, many insignificant children who could not even read their own future have grown up. ]


The God of Time is an ancient deity who rules over ‘time’ itself, one of the high-ranking concepts, so it was not surprising if it sounded unpleasant.

However, despite this, the God of Time knew very well that the being buried in that darkness deserved it.

[ At that time, I was hoping that there would be a child born with a special soul capable of blooming the divine

Isn’t she the owner of the concept of darkness that exists in this universe and one of the lords of the universe, also known as the god of the beginning?

[It’s been a long time since I lost interest in worthless beings like you. ]

The God of Time stood below her and continued to listen with a frozen face.

[God of time. You’re such an arrogant brat. Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t bother me anymore and just walked away? The courage to come here is incredible… … . If my mood worsens, it may become difficult to show mercy to a brat like you anymore. ]

However, just for a moment.


In the blink of an eye, the darkness that filled the sacred realm trembled as if alive, pressing down on the God of Time as if it would kill him at any moment.

“The god of time smiles.”

[God of darkness. Lord of the universe, I may be nothing more than an insignificant thing in your eyes, but I did not come here without any thought. I have prepared a contingency plan for such an unexpected moment. ]

At that moment, the vast sea-like swamp of darkness centered around the place where the God of Time stood was neutralized by being colored with brilliant light.

Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa am am am am was was how

And out of the brilliant cluster of light, a human figure made of light walked out.

“The God of Light expresses that he does not wish for further armed conflict to occur.”

[God of darkness. Get there. No matter how ugly the God of Time may be in your opinion, it is not right to try to subdue him by force. Please show mercy. ]

Nevertheless, the God of Darkness who saw this was still buried in the darkness and did not move even a single step and only continued to laugh.

[Hehehe… … . Are you the god of light? God of Time, I think he sneaked into my divine realm through that cheeky brat… … . It can’t be anything other than heartbreaking. Ah, how on earth did something so unfortunate happen? ]


[The sadness in my heart is truly great. ]

Accordingly, the moment the God of Darkness spoke softly.

[ … … Well, it has to be that way, right? ]

In an instant, even the sacred power emitted by the God of Light was swallowed up by the darkness within the sacred realm, forming a one-sided advantage as before.

[─Today, two children with conceptual divinity, one of the rarest among the ancient deities existing in this universe, will meet death by my hands. ]

Gugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg… … !!

“The God of Light is astonished by the divine abilities pouring out from all over the sacred realm.”

[This is… … !! ]

The God of Light could barely hold on as if the power of darkness pouring in from all directions was beyond his imagination, and he let out a divine voice filled with pain.

[ … … Pfft. God of darkness, are you serious? Why won’t you even listen to why the God of Time and I came here together? There is no benefit to you if you act like that. ]

The God of Darkness also did not remain still until he finished speaking.

[ ―No, of course. I feel bad because of worthless trash like you guys. If it makes me feel better by getting rid of disqualifiers like you, it’s worth it. ]

She spoke in a cold voice, her eyes filled with disdain as if she were looking at trash strewn on the roadside.

[ iced coffee. It’s also pathetic. Living in a state of complacency day after day without any desire to move forward and not being able to create any possibilities. How is it that this universe is filled with only boring and worthless trash like you guys? That’s sad. ]

Crunchy… … !!

Every time the God of Darkness continued speaking in a cold voice, darkness wriggled from all directions as if alive and applied stronger pressure.

[God of time. In order to stop this meaningless war played out in the name of the war of the gods, I would have given up my power to the will of a scum like you… … . Why does the war between the gods never end? I’m curious. ]

There was anger in her cold voice.

[At that time, you said that if you lent your power to me, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, you would help put an end to the war between the gods. In that case, the promise to end the war between the gods was not kept. Please tell me what kind of confidence you had to show me that disgusting face. ]

It was worth it.

Not long ago, wasn’t it the God of Time who asked to borrow the power of the three ancient gods because there was a way to definitely end the war between the gods?

The God of Darkness found his words annoying but not lies and gave him strength, but contrary to his promise, the war between the gods was not over.

“The God of Time answers with a smile.”

[ War of the Gods. I was right when I said I would end that meaningless fighting game. However, apart from that, the war of gods does not necessarily end when the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles are killed. ]

however… … .

[If we eliminate the essential reason why the War of the Gods exists in the first place, wouldn’t the War of the Gods also naturally come to an end? ]

The God of Time continued speaking calmly with only a kind smile on his lips.

[God of darkness. Lord of the universe, I recently told you, the Demon God, and the Dragon God that the timeline here was distorted. I didn’t know at the time why it happened… … . Not anymore. Recently, I became convinced thanks to meeting people other than myself who can predict the future. ]

The God of Darkness did not take what he said gently.

[God of Time, isn’t it meaningless to talk about this timeline only you know? Please explain. What the heck is that? If it’s something I already know or if it’s just nonsense that isn’t very credible, I’ll make sure you meet a terrible end. ]

A story that is nothing short of a threat.

[It doesn’t matter. ]

Even after hearing that, the God of Time nodded and answered as if nothing had happened.

[ In fact, the war of the gods ended a long time ago and this is not real, but just a fake created by someone. It is not a difficult story. Maybe, not only you, the demon god, and the dragon god, but even me may be nothing more than a fake and not the real thing. ]

[ oh. Are you planning on saying such ridiculous things and asking for his mercy? Probably not? Well, if that’s the case, I don’t think I have anything more to share with you… … . God of Time, is it true that he thought he could take responsibility for his words and spoke out? ]

[ responsibility? I wonder if something like that is necessary. If what I say doesn’t sound trustworthy, you can kill me or seal me as you please. That is also meaningful. After all, if everything is just a fake that looks real, what’s so scary about it? It’s all just a dream. ]

[ dream? ]

[That’s right. ]

The God of Time said with a wry smile.

[ In the end, everything is just a story in a daydream. Only the Seed of Ascension will gain the possibility to become a transcendent after swallowing everything. Since this story was created for just one person, nothing will change. The timeline is distorted and everything ends up being fake and scattered into a handful of sand. ]

It was complicated.

A story like a Zen question.

At first glance, it just sounds like nonsense that has no use whatsoever.

However, despite this, the God of Darkness understood what the God of Time meant and answered.

[ … … In other words, according to what you say, you, me, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, as well as you and the God of Light next to you, are just characters in someone’s dream? That’s interesting. Okay, so let’s say that’s correct. Do you know what we, who support the story of a mere dream, can do? ]


[In the War of the Gods, I was only once forced to go beyond the limit and read the future. In fact, rather than reading the future using divine

The moment when it was revealed that the God of Time used the divine supernormal ability, a concept close to guessing the future rather than predicting the future.

[ When I saw that, a thought occurred to me. ]

The God of Time continued speaking with a cold smile.

[If this world where the war of gods takes place is itself a ‘fake world’, then where is the ‘real world’ and how do we get there? ]

In a similar way, he looks like he’s lost his mind somewhere.

[I was worried. I couldn’t read the future at all except for the ending where the Seed of Ascension devours everything. The war of the gods exists for that one purpose, and isn’t even ancient gods like you and me just a sidekick? The answer was there too. ]

The God of Time said with a maniacal laugh.

[Isn’t it a simple story? ]

It was becoming clear what the God of Time wanted.

[ In the War of the Gods, the passage to the ‘real world’ rather than the ‘fake world’ is because this world itself was created in the first place by someone just for the Seed of Ascension… … . Wouldn’t it be there? It’s been a long time since I found the answer. ]

He was longing for a way to ascend to the ‘real world’ rather than the ‘fake world’ until the end of the ‘War of the Gods’, which was no different from a reproduction of past records created by someone.

[I don’t suggest it. ]

[ … … . ]

The dark god said nothing more.

[ … … Anyway, even if we stay here like this, once the Seed of Ascension has finished its work, won’t ‘something’ close to the transcendental destroy us all along with the world? In that case, let’s go up to the ‘real world’ up there, regardless of whether there is a real ‘me’ as the original. ]

The God of Time spread his fierce energy and presented a detailed plan with Gwangso.

[If the body possessed by the Seed of Ascension is taken away, it would not be impossible to go to the ‘real world’ rather than the ‘fake world’ in this dream… … . ]

That means only one thing.

[─Wouldn’t the three ancient gods, and the God of Light, including me, join forces and use whatever means we can to ascend together to the ‘real world’ rather than the ‘fake world’? ]

… … The flapping of a butterfly’s wings began to cause an unprecedented disaster.

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