The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 453

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453. Muddy water (5)


From the moment I saw the three ancient gods in front of me, the overwhelming scent of death passed through my nose.

For some reason, I was reminded of my time as a mortal, when even climbing one floor of the Tower of Trials was a rush.


The days when every moment was a crisis because I couldn’t see even an inch ahead came back to life in a corner of my mind.

If I were to give up my life just once and not be able to be revived by any ability, I would tremble in fear even though I knew that I would always have to give up my flesh and bones and take a gamble with a slim chance of winning.

It was a feeling that had been forgotten after becoming an ancient deity and not only achieving immortality in the concept of reconciliation through the concept of divinity itself, but also gaining the powers related to revival.

“… … .”

Is that why?


Suddenly, I noticed that my whole body was shaking slightly, and I squeezed both hands tightly to suppress the shaking.

‘shit… … .’

In addition to the God of Darkness, who is said to be one of the three ancient gods, and the God of Light, who seems to be just below him even if he is not as good as him, isn’t he in a situation where he has to deal with the God of Time as well?

‘I never thought I’d suddenly be dealing with the God of Darkness, the God of Time, and the God of Light all at once like this… … .’


That wasn’t even the number of cases I could think of.

It was questionable whether something that could be called a fight could even be established.

‘This is the worst.’

It was natural.

After defeating the incarnation of the Dragon God, the level of divinity and level of soul have become considerably stronger, but it is not at a level that can stand up to them.

At this point, when our surprise attack on the God of Time was ineffective, we could no longer do anything.

‘If there was only the God of Light next to the God of Time, it might have been possible to endure, but with the God of Darkness also present, even that is impossible.’

Damn it.

‘Is victory close to impossible?’

No matter how much you think about it, the answer you arrive at at the end of your thoughts does not change.

In this hellish, desperate crisis situation, a realistic response would be to immediately leave the place and run away as far as possible, or to pretend to run away and target individual groups.

However, whichever one you choose, it will become meaningless at the point when the God of Time succeeds in replacing the sacred realm of confrontation with the sacred realm.

No matter what choice you made, it was only a matter of time and the moment to confront it head on would come.

‘… … However, whether you fight now or run away without giving up a fight, the fact that you will both end up fighting at a disadvantage does not change.’

In response, I barely suppressed the trembling of my body amidst fear and tension and forced a smile.

‘… … Then, let’s keep it simple.’

If so, wouldn’t the answer be fixed?


In response, I took a step forward without retreating even an inch and took a deep breath.

“The God of Darkness is watching your actions with great interest.”

[ … … It’s bizarre. Child, why are you so afraid of us but don’t run away? ]

Is that why?

“The God of Darkness is curious as to why you choose to fight instead of running away.”

[Please answer. ]

Unlike the god of light next to him, the god of darkness standing before the god of time asked a question, showing considerable interest.

“Anyway, even if I run away from here, if the God of Time changes the Divine Confrontation Realm into the Divine Realm, it will be in the palm of his hand.”

I guess I’m curious as to why this side seems to be trying to fight them instead of running away from them… … .

“Moreover, there is no other reason why I should run away from here.”

There is nothing to hide.

“… … “No matter how impossible it may be to win.”

I responded by completely drawing out the divine power accumulated within my body and wearing the divine armor.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

“The god of transcendence and death enters a battle stance, revealing his divine power without hiding it.”

[Whether I will win or lose is a question that has not yet been answered, right? ]

All or nothing. A gambler who is close to hitting a rock with an egg that has absolutely no chance of winning.

However, despite this, he does not back down because he knows that he cannot achieve victory or defeat unless he ultimately fights.

“The god of transcendence and death looks at his powerful enemies and smiles triumphantly.”

[ ─The match hasn’t even started properly in the first place. ]

Even if it seems impossible for it to come true, in the end, if you don’t throw the dice, there won’t be any results.

Clap, clap-.

But… … .

“The God of Darkness expresses his sincere surprise at your will.”

[That’s great. ]

Is that what they liked?

“The God of Darkness is looking at you and smiling.”

[Hehe! yes… … . Ultimately, the outcome cannot be determined until you fight in person… … . Child, you are absolutely right. ]

Unlike the God of Light, who seemed somewhat displeased, the God of Darkness spoke in a divine voice that exuded deep satisfaction.

“The God of Darkness looks upon all your actions as if he finds them endearing.”

[ iced coffee… … . I don’t know how long it’s been since I last saw such a great kid. Not only does he have the talent to become an ancient god, but he is also this pure. It’s a shame. ]

However, in her eyes shining beneath the black robe, there was something that could not be taken too kindly.

[If all of this were real and not fake, I would have quietly watched your story and expected where it would lead, but that can’t be possible. ]

Greed was flowing from her eyes, as if there was a screw missing somewhere.


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[ In the end, if all of this is just a dream that will disappear when you open your eyes, there is no need to endure it any longer… … . ]


Every time the God of Darkness uttered a divine voice, the darkness made up of divinity slowly spread as if engulfing the entire space.

“The God of Darkness looks at you and offers you a sign of love.”

[I guess I have no choice but to take measures so that you can stay with me from now on. ]

As soon as the God of Darkness stretched out his hand, darkness made of divinity poured out in all directions.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo… … !!

As if to prevent this side from retreating any longer, the darkness made up of divinity has completely blocked the escape route.

“The God of Darkness feels a strong possessive desire for you and spreads his divine power in all directions.”

[ iced coffee… … . Don’t worry. Child, when you open your eyes, a new world will unfold before you… … . Sleep peacefully. ]


“The God of Light reveals his intense wariness and hostility towards you and raises his divine power.”

[Winning… … . That’s amazing. To say something like that in front of three ancient gods. I would like to praise you for your bravery, but if you cannot distinguish between courage and brutality, you will end up in trouble someday. like now. ]

Accordingly, the God of Light, who was standing next to the God of Darkness, also said that as if he would not tolerate it any longer and took a step forward.

Couuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

Divine energy rose wildly here and there.

“The God of Time sneers at you, extends his hand forward, and activates his divine supernormal ability.”

[Tsk tsk… … ! Yes, yes. Victory, good! Now, Seed of Ascension, resist with all your might! Until the divine confrontation realm changes into the sacred realm, this too will be entertainment! ]

The God of Time used the two ancient gods as shields to hide himself, and stretched out his right hand as if to protect them, unleashing his divine supernormal ability.

Oh my way ───!

In the blink of an eye, along with the sound of tearing the air, a variety of divine energies are shot out, engulfing the space.


That means only one thing.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The match has begun.



The field of vision is densely colored with various energies composed of divinity.

Just by the three ancient gods lightly unleashing their divine abilities, the entire space itself was almost eroded.

In response, I gritted my teeth and ran forward, raising my skills, authority, and divine and mythic powers to the maximum.

Save only the trumpet paddle and unleash all the power you can use.

「… … .」

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is activated.”

“Even if it is an attack that cannot be avoided, it is possible to avoid it.”

He forcibly wrenches away an overwhelming storm of divinity that could destroy the world itself in an instant.


As this side managed to shed the divine energy pouring from the other side with its unique skill ‘Shedding’, the terrain changed.


At best, with a light blow to gauge each other’s strength, the terrain shatters like a cookie and the ground splits open.

Blah blah blah blah-!

step… … .


Instead of being surprised by the world-shattering force, I violently mixed up the divine starlight and the mortal flame to counteract and cancel out the forces.


clash of forces.

The divinity and divinity clashed with each other and entered a state of power struggle, but the Holy Light strengthened by the Soul Demon Sword and the unquenchable mortal flame were not defeated by even the most divinity in terms of pure attack power.

Even the divine energy that threatens to devour the world is difficult to withstand the attack power of the two power skills, Holy Light and Unquenchable Mortal Flame.


As a result of their divinity colliding with each other, they were shattered and scattered like snowflakes, and at the same time, the view was wide open.


But… … .


The result of the power struggle was very different from what was expected.

The God of Darkness stood still and did not take a single step back, but the two ancient gods standing next to and behind her did not seem to be able to win the battle of strength, unlike her.

The God of Time was squinting his eyes and touching his right hand as if it was slightly painful, and the God of Light was showing an emotion close to astonishment.

Doesn’t that mean only one thing?

‘Is it a draw?’

It was a whistle.

Well, the three ancient gods standing in front of me didn’t fight with all their might, but instead engaged in a battle of strength with the intention of engaging in light attack and defense, so it can’t be said that this one is stronger… … .

Nevertheless, the fact that I, rather than them, have the slightest advantage in the struggle of power in a situation where even the God of Darkness has come has significant implications.

“The God of Light is astonished by the amount of power you possess.”

[What is this? ]

The god of time continued speaking with a laugh.

“The God of Time laughs when he realizes that your power is beyond the expected range.”

[ Right. Is this really the seed of ascension? It seems like there is a difference in skill even in light attacks. I didn’t know that a power that wasn’t even a divine ability could make such a big splash… … . You are a monster after all. ]

The God of Darkness also uttered a divine voice as if he did not feel anything like the two ancient deities.

“The God of Darkness is proud of the power you have built up.”

[ Holy light… … . I don’t know how on earth he learned the Dragon God’s skill, but as expected, it’s a skill that doesn’t betray expectations. It seems like he went through a lot of hardships and didn’t neglect his efforts to become that strong. It’s a talent that I’m looking forward to in the future. ]

At best, the God of Time and the God of Light only recognized that they had been defeated by an unknown force in a power struggle, but unlike those two, she noticed many things.

[Moreover, your mysterious black flame does not seem to have much to do with divinity, but it contains a logic similar to some kind of device. ]

They discovered that the power skill ‘Undying Flame’, which was originally one of the skills obtained from the Tower of Trials, was dependent on a system, unlike the skills they knew.

[Ai, I would like to get to know you more in a gentle way as before, so that we can spend our time together in the future, but it’s too bad. ]

However, just for a moment.

“I feel sorry that the God of Darkness cannot spend more time with you.”

[─Ay, it’s a pity, but unlike those two, I have too much power to continue the fight. ]

Next moment.

「Activates the sacred <Darkness> and the darkness made of divinity engulfs the specified target.」

“By activating the sacred <Dawn>, the darkness made of divinity contains a critical effect… … .」

“By activating the sacred <dark night>, the darkness made of divinity seals the divinity and magical power… … .」

An overwhelming force that is completely different from the light attacks the God of Darkness has shown so far covers the entire space.

‘What… … .’

can not avoid.

One could only realize later that the divine supernormal abilities of the sacred <Darkness>, the sacred <Dark Night>, and the sacred <Dark Night> had been activated threefold.

Before he could do anything, the power of the sacred <Darkness> touched his body as if it were instantaneously transported by the special effect of the divine <Dawn>, and the sacred power in his body began to dissipate due to the sacred <Dark Night>.

‘The sacred power is scattered… … !!’

It’s not even just that.

I tried to eliminate the sacred <darkness> by using divine supernormal abilities such as divine <victory> or divine <protection>, but even that did not work.

In the sacred <Darkness> written by the God of Darkness, the divine <Dawn> and the divine <Dark Night> were mixed, and among them there was also the power to seal divinity and magical power.

‘What on earth is this…? … !!’

In fact, he had no choice but to be captured by the opponent without even being able to use sacred <victory> or divine <protection>.


It’s not even just that.

Even if we tried to use the ‘Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+)’ to activate the attack nullification effect, it didn’t work properly.

Presumably, among the divine abilities used by the God of Darkness, there is also the power to prevent the activation of exclusive effects of holy relics or items.

‘shit… … .’

From the beginning, it was impossible to continue the battle without using a revival ability such as the skill ‘Last Resistance’.

‘What on earth should I do with this?’

Moreover, even if one were to escape a crisis with a revival ability such as the skill ‘Last Resistance’, considering the power of the God of Darkness, wouldn’t even resistance be impossible?

‘As long as there is a combined attack of the sacred <Darkness>, the sacred <Dawn>, and the sacred <Dark Night>, there is nothing I can do even if I escape from here.’

I was able to clearly understand why in this universe, only the three ancient gods, the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, were treated as true rulers.

Those three ancient gods have great power that cannot even be compared to me or other ancient gods.

‘Does this mean that in front of the God of Darkness, anyone other than a strong person like the Dragon God or Demon God can fight any further…? … .’

As my consciousness faded, I became impatient.

‘Should I use that now?’

Even if you equalize the level of the divine and the level of the soul with the Transcendent Myth <Spirit Attunement> and show movements that reach the speed of light itself by overlapping the activation of the divine <Fighting Spirit>, you will not be able to last for several minutes, let alone win. Maybe?

‘I don’t know.’

It was unknown.

As long as there is not only the God of Darkness, but also the God of Time and the God of Light, even that will be nothing but a struggle.

I bit my lip tightly, feeling that my entire body was sealed in the sacred <darkness> as if all its divinity and magic had been completely lost.

‘How can I win… … .’

step… … .


That too was only for a moment.

“The God of Light looks at you and breathes a sigh of relief.”

[Yes, I tried it just in case, but the result didn’t change. ]

Before I knew it, the God of Light had come to where I was and extended his index finger to my forehead.


“The God of Light smiles, confident of victory.”

[ bye. Well, it might hurt a little… … . There is no such thing as death for an ancient god, so it will be okay. Probably, the next time I wake up, we will have a lot of time to talk about various things. Then, let’s look at it again. ]

I gritted my teeth, realizing that there was nothing more I could do.

After the skill ‘Last Resistance’ is activated, there is nothing we can do except use all the power we have.

Frowning at that fact, I tried to think about what to do after the skill ‘Last Resistance’ was activated, but it didn’t last long.

Dude… … !!

Suddenly, the entire space enveloped in sacred <darkness> shook, and at the same time, the laughter and voice of a familiar woman could be heard.


[ ─Death does not exist in the ancient godhead? ]

The voice of a god who seems very angry resonates somewhere.

[ … … you. I think it would be better to be more selective about what you say. Talking about something without knowing much doesn’t look good. ]

It was a tribal god representing a race itself, and the sign of a truly powerful person who had been reborn as the lord of the universe.

[ … … and-. ]

Next moment.

[Stop manipulating my successor anymore and get your hands off me. ]

… … When I realized who it was, I couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

“The Dragon God cannot control his anger and his eyes flash.”

[─Because you are on the verge of being killed by me. ]


“The sacred <Yong-Eon> is activated, consuming sacred power, and the Yong-Eon exerts the power to interfere with any object, phenomenon, or law within a certain range.”

《 ───. 》

Next moment.


In the blink of an eye, the body of the God of Light in front of him flew backwards, crashing down on the ground as if hit by something invisible.


[ … … I said I would come visit you as soon as I regain my strength, right? ]

And at the same time, a familiar, young-looking woman landed right in front of me and looked at me.

“The Dragon God is looking at you and smiling.”

[ Successor. ]


A person with absolute power that can rival even the God of Darkness, one of the three ancient gods.

In a muddy fight with no hope at all, the most hopeful figure has appeared again, this time as an ally rather than an enemy.

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