The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 31

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I was so busy with managing to pass through the entrance ceremony and classes that I didn’t even have time to think about how to earn achievement points, but without even realizing it I suddenly managed to beat a challenge.

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Come to think of it, they did tell me that the list of challenges would be updated periodically and one of them must have had something to do with this confrontation.

It must have been a challenge for me to beat someone up or something. It seemed to be a good thing. While everyone was staying quiet I decided to check the list of challenges after a long time.

The one at the top seemed to be the one that would give me the highest score among the challenges.

[Get First place in the Integrated Physical Examination – 4000 Points]

The Emperor slapping challenge disappeared and in its place something else appeared.

This would be impossible if I didn’t somehow destroyed the legs of everyone who had better stamina than me. However, if I were able to destroy the legs of Ludwig and Ellen Artorius I wouldn’t even need those 4000 points to begin with.

[Be within the top 10 of the midterm exam – 3000 Points]

This wasn’t just a midterm exam held for us 22 students, but a common subject exam taken by about 10000 people. The grades for each lecture are given separately, but common education subjects were tested to achieve an integrated score. Even though it was just a high school exam, it was just absurd to get into the top 10 without cheating. There were so many super geniuses among the students here after all.

[Receive a love confession from one of your classmates – 1000 Points]

That was 1000 points just because you thought it would never happen, right? What are you gonna do if it actually happened, Huh?!

[Write a Love letter to a Classmate – 200 Points ]

[Skip Classes (All Day) – 100 Points]

[Get punished by your teacher – 100 Points]

[Leave some graffiti on Temple’s Main Street after curfew – 100 Points]

Why were the only things that seemed possible to do, things that a juvenile delinquent might do? Most of these were impossible or were bizarre.

And of all these bizarre options…

[Fight – 100 Points] (Clear)

I accidentally managed to clear one of them.

I felt somewhat bad because I didn’t do that to clear the challenge.

P.E. was, in fact, the last of the common classes, because it was only natural for everyone to be exhausted after the class was over. That’s why the teacher told everyone to go back after the fight broke out.

So, shortly after Cayer came back, Mr. Epinhauser returned for the closing ceremony.

Although Cayer was frustrated for being scolded, he sure wouldn’t want to pick a fight with me anymore. I wanted you to realize that my mouth could hurt you more than my fists, kid.

“Everyone, please submit your course application forms. Those who are still undecided, stay.”

The students who filled out their application forms handed them to the teacher. I submitted mine as is, as I already had it prepared for me in advance. It seemed that there were still plenty of guys who hadn’t decided yet.

“Those who have submitted their forms should go back to the dormitory. Of course, you can also walk around Temple, but you shouldn’t stay out too late, especially when you walk around outside. Please keep in mind that you can’t go outside unless you get permission from me or the headmaster.”

Mr. Epinhauser left with these words and half of the students got up to leave as well.

How each person spent their personal time was widely varied. Some of them were dedicated to self-improvement.

“Hey, let’s go to Main Street.”

“I’m tired…. I want to go rest….”

“Oh, I know a nice place there! I’m sure you’ll like it there, so want to come with?”

Some put there best effort into playing, like for example 8 Kono Lint. Class B’s lessons also ended.

“Do you know any fun places to go to?”

Ludwig was asking his classmates if they knew any fun places to visit as this was his first time at Temple. Of course, everyone was completely exhausted from the P.E. lesson they had not too long ago today.

“Woah, look at these accursed eyes.….”

Then, I suddenly heard some quiet swears coming from somewhere beside me.

I knew what they were talking about.

They were talking about a girl that just left the classroom of Class B.

“Whenever I see her, I immediately feel my luck slipping away from me.”

“She’s so creepy.”

Erich de Lafaeri said loudly as if he intended her to hear everything. She must have heard it, but Scarlett just continued walking ahead pretending to not hear a thing.

She had red hair and red eyes. They made it hard for her not to stand out.

B-3 Scarlett.

“Such an ominous thing can’t possibly be born naturally.”

Erich gritted his teeth while staring at Scarlett’s back.

“I can’t believe such a thing made it to the Royal Class. What bad luck.”

What do you know, you bastard? You don’t even know that you’re standing right beside a Demon Prince? Idiot.

Erich calmly walked over to Scarlett and bumped into the girl as he passed by.

Scarlett began to pick up the items she dropped without saying a word, as if she was already used to that situation. Ludwig tilted his head as he looked at Erich’s leaving figure.

“What, he bumped into you and didn’t even apologize. Is that okay?”


“I’ll help you.”

“It’s fine.”

As if trying to refuse his help, Scarlett quickly picked up her dropped items, turned away from Ludwig and walked away.

Erich wasn’t the only one.

Most of the Class A and B students were also secretly avoiding Scarlett. There were those who just avoided her and those who didn’t care at all about her. Erich only directly bullied her, but with the exception of Ludwig, everyone treated her the same.


It didn’t feel all that good seeing the bullying I set up happening right in front of my eyes.

Red was an ominous color.

Born with red hair and red eyes, Scarlett was abandoned by her parents at birth. Her setting was that she got picked up by a beggar who took pity on her. My fabricated origin was something similar, but she really was from the streets.

She was dragged to the guards a few times for stealing some bread, but one day her talent was discovered by a wizard that happened to pass by coincidentally and was sent to Temple. She had a great talent, so becoming a scholarship student was a given.

However, she got bullied by the students in Temple all the time, getting called ominous.

Scarlett had no other place to go once she left Temple though, so she just clenched her teeth, endured this humiliation and just went on with her life. Therefore, although she was physically very adept and talented at that, she was still stuck with those children bullying her. If she caused trouble and got expelled, that would be the end.

So she got a scholarship and ended up in Royal Class. However, Erich, who had been tormenting Scarlett countless times even in middle school, also entered Royal Class.

It obviously was that kind of setting.

Anyway, the bloody eyed Scarlett had been famous among her classmates for a long time now. In a negative way.

However, I realized how irresponsible I was when I set her as a target for bullying just because she stood out a bit.

I didn’t think there was anyone else who would look so good in her red hair and eyes. She stood out even from a distance because she was such a pretty girl.


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Red = Negative, so she got bullied for it?

Flammable trash, that’s what that was. She should have been Temple’s idol, but she got bullied anyway. Actually, Erich should have fallen in love with Scarlett and just teased her, like little boys would harrass the girls they liked.

But looking at all the things Erich would do to her, it would definitely not be to the point of simply teasing the girl he liked.

“If I become an inquisitor, I will grab you first and tear you apart”, obviously wasn’t something one would say to a girl one liked. Ah.

How could he say such things to such a cute and kind kid?

But wasn’t it actually me who wrote this?

Aren’t I the piece of trash then?

Yes, I am.

How could I make characters say such harsh things to a child like that?

Yes, I absolutely deserved to die from high blood pressure caused by malicious comments.


When I saw Scarlett walking to the dormitory area from a distance, I sighed, feeling guilty about making this strange setting with my own two hands.

If I left it as is, Erich’s bullying would intensify, leading Ludwig to become angry and asked Erich for a duel for the sake of Scarlett. So, a fight broke out and after many turns, Scarlett was freed from her bullying and they became friends.

However, I had to watch this shit until Ludwig decided to come out….

The rest of the kids also thought that the color red was ominous, so even those kids with a sense of justice would just remain silent.


Those who returned to the dormitory would spend their time on their own until evening. Class B seemed to have gone to Temple’s Main Street with Ludwig.

Dinner time started at 6 pm. Since each dormitory had their own separate cafeteria in their dormitories, I would just eat at the dormitory cafeteria of Class A Year 1. Sometimes the whole student body would eat at the banquet hall, but that was rather unusual.

Anyway, there was still time until evening. Class A was rather quiet compared to the noisy Class B.

It felt more like complete silence actually.

Well, there was no need to worry anymore since I had 1000 achievement points saved up. So I tried to decide which talent I should choose.

[Self-suggestion – 1000 Points]


I acquired that talent without thinking about this any further. This was the most fraudulent supernatural power I could think of.

As for how much of a cheat it was. I once wanted to give this power to one of the characters, but after thinking about it a bit more, I removed it entirely for how scammy that power was.

So in other words, I had never used that setting. It seemed like data that I originally discarded got recycled. It was similar to the situation of the capital, which I imagined to have the same layout as Seoul, although I never wrote it anywhere, however, it actually turned out to have the same layout. Although, there were some abilities that definitely didn’t appear.

It was also great that it had the same point requirement as low level talents, as it was an ability that would evolve over time.

I checked my status.


Age: 17

Current stats: [Strength 3.5(F)] [Agility 4.4(F+)] [Dexterity 5.2(D-)] [Magic 9.9(C-)][Stamina 5.9(D-)]

Race: Arcdemon

Talent: Supernatural – Self-suggestion (Locked)


[Demon Domination D](Unique to Arcdemons) (Cannot be used in current state.)


Comprehensive Ability Assessment – Lowest Level Demon

Combat Level Assessment – F

There was a subtle rise in strength, agility and stamina. That wasn’t just because of the p.e. class today, but also because of my hard work up until now….


Wasn’t there something strange?

What does that (Locked) written behind the talent mean?

I was just lying in bed and I discovered a weird twist. I had that strong permonition that I had been f*cked.

Yeah, I had a cheat, but it was certainly an uncooperative cheat. I should have looked into that more when I was buying an ability. Supernatural powers could certainly be used with just a single talent, so there must have been a good reason as to why it was sold so cheaply.

I had a vague feeling of what was going on.

It was wide spread common knowledge that supernatural powers couldn’t be awakened though sheer effort.

However, reality was a bit different. All those who have been found to have a talent for supernatural powers had “awakened” their powers. One could say, they were able to raise the level of their ability to such an extent in which it became apparent no matter if one could control it or not.

However, there were actually a few people who had latent supernatural abilities. They just hadn’t manifested yet.

Such latent supernatural powers might awaken after being traumatized or being under immense psychological pressure. Even the one’s with these abilities around me awakened after a traumatic experience.


It’s a common development.

Awakening one’s powers after exploding into anger.

It’s like those chuuni fantasies….




I knew. I kind of expected it, but I still hoped it would be a little different in my case.

I got it from my cheat, so I thought I could just use it right away. But I couldn’t.

I didn’t buy an activated supernatural power. I bought a latent one.

Yeah, I now knew why it was so cheap.

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