The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 676

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Chapter 676

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A lot has been gained and will be gained.

However, even if you win, there are things you have to lose.

That too would be unavoidable.

There were still many things I didn’t know.

What happened to Antirianus who absorbed the ghosts?

I don’t know how I was able to stay safe.

Ellen is gone.

He would have left me with his own reasons.

I can’t obsess over that anymore.

The end of everything reaches a new beginning.

There will be much more to do now.

Now you really have to start doing the karma of being the ruler of the whole world.

On such a subject, it cannot be destroyed by the disappearance of a single person. Such a person would not be qualified to be the ruler of the world.

Get out of bed and straighten your clothes.

I am not a superman.

However, you must go the path of a superman.

If so, you should at least imitate it as much as you can. Harriet was looking at me as if I were a completely different person.

I’m not too surprised or sad to hear that Ellen has left.

There is no such thing as time to be rude.

What is recovered is what is recovered.

What is lost is lost.

don’t relate

“It hurts.”

“… … huh.”

“Let’s go to Charlotte.”

From now on, I have to become a completely different person.

A completely different person to the point of forgetting even the existence of me later.

It will become the loser of the continent.

* * *

Charlotte was in charge of everything that happened around Diane, including compiling the damage situation and treating the wounded at the Allied Command instead of me.

That’s why the highest authorities of each army were coming and going around the headquarters barracks.

In a place where you can enter only by spying, you can now sit in the highest seat.

It’s a strange thing.

Calling Charlotte separately, I heard about the current situation of the allied forces.

“The scale of damage is quite large. And still a lot of confusion. Most soldiers don’t even know we’ve taken the Allied Headquarters. Knowing this will only increase the confusion. That’s why I’m cracking down on the mouth of each military leader.”

Even on the leadership side, whether this was right or not, what the hell happened to the empire, they couldn’t properly set the direction of hatred.

It is also ridiculous to say that the allied forces should know that it is because the devil has swallowed it.

Noise and confusion are unavoidable, but you don’t have to amplify them on purpose.

“I have to decide whether to go loudly or quietly.”

“If you look at it broadly, yes.”

Will you announce the rule of the demon king, or will you hide it like it’s not like that?

If you hide it, you are afraid of the aftermath, and if you reveal it, you are afraid of immediate confusion.

“More important than that is the return of the allied forces. The allied forces marched by gathering troops from all over the world. Considering the time and food required to safely return to the ecliptic, that is also a problem. And going back to the ecliptic is not the end, and in the process of sending the troops back to each place, a huge amount of money and time will be consumed.”


It took an enormous amount of resources just to reach this point with the total power of mankind.

The war is over, but in fact the war is not completely over until these troops return home safely.

We will have to send them all back home.

What to do with the move, and what to do with the dissolution.

It would take almost a year to send the allied forces back to the ecliptic, the primary return point. In the meantime, we have to feed the military.

The things that seem like my head would explode just by hearing one of them already take my breath away.

“excuse me… … .”

Charlotte and I were discussing a difficult problem with each other when Harriet cautiously interjected.

“that… … . I think I can do it.”

“… … uh?”

Come to think of it, Harriet had newly invented the warp gate system.

“But is it a Nexus or what… … . Didn’t you say you needed something like that?”

But you have to build a warp gate. It is not possible to create a warp gate from here to return directly to the ecliptic.

However, considering the amount of time it would take to restore the gate facility that had been completely destroyed so far, it wouldn’t be the same as taking a lot of time after all?

“no. All allied forces can be sent to anywhere in the world, not just the ecliptic, in an instant.”

he again

What kind of accident did you have?

* * *

During the Battle of Diane, I didn’t really know what was going on in each place.

He was using all his energy just to run away from the Immortal.

So I heard about a strange orb of magic appearing behind the battlefield.

Magic that draws mana from nature and implements it into magic.


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For example, it is a magic that draws mana from the air and activates magic.

Even though I heard the specific principle, I couldn’t understand it at all.

But I could tell that Harriet had actually done the bullshit I had done before.

The important thing is that through that magic, it is possible to make a space jump of such an enormous scale that the entire Allied Forces can be returned to the ecliptic directly from this place.

Harriet wiggles her fingers with a bewildered expression and continues.

“I don’t know what to name it… … . I can use that kind of magic.”

“You, you really… … .”

“ah… … .”

As if she knew what was about to happen, Harriet, her face white, backed away.

“This is my best prank!”

– Wow!

“I knew it would be like this!”

When I hugged her tightly, Harriet, as always, hated it.

This magical genius reduced armaments on an astronomical scale with just one spell.

Charlotte looked at me with a warm expression as I hugged Harriet and didn’t know what to do.

“really… … I’m glad. Sending this army back was suffocating. Then what?”

Great, noble, noble, even beautiful and cute, the best Paktong in the universe blew away all the problems at once.

rough way? covert way?

don’t need all

“All Allied forces withdraw. Tear it all up.”

All troops return home at once.

After all, whoever becomes the king of the world, whoever sits on the top of the head.

After all, what the soldiers want is to return alive.

Can’t we just hate us for opening the way for us to return alive?

* * *

Allied forces withdraw.

And I head somewhere, walking through the allied camp, which is busy resolving the post-war situation.

There are things you need to check with your own eyes.

I arrived at the Temple Royal class encampment.

As I entered, I couldn’t help but feel the sudden change in the atmosphere as well as the facial expressions of the people who recognized me.

The Royal Class side must already know that the Demon King has taken control of the Allied Forces leadership.

But actually facing me is a very different thing.

In the frozen atmosphere, I met fearful glances at me.

But among them, there were bound to be guys who fit me without fear.

“Are you here?”

Kono Lint.

He comes up to me and holds out his hand.

Just as he approached me without hesitation, I firmly held his hand.


If it wasn’t for that guy and Scarlett, the allied forces might have already been annihilated.

To put it bluntly, it was Scarlett and Kono Lint who did more important work than me.

There are casualties in the Royal class too, but none of the guys I know have died.

Adriana, Scarlett, Erhido, Cliffman too.

Everyone else is fine too.

Literally, it was miraculous.

But it is also natural.

Although the situation has changed a lot since then, there are much more troops than at the time of the original work and it is stronger.

So the absolute number of casualties is extremely, extremely small compared to the original.

“What about the others?”

“Everyone what… … . I am blank.”

However, Kono Lint’s expression was not good.

“What about Kaier?”

“… … I still can’t wake up.”

“… … okay.”

While everyone is safe, only one person.

I was told that Kaier Bioden was in a coma.

* * *

When I opened the tent and entered, there was a familiar face.

“Ahhh… … .”

“long time no see.”

Rudina, who could no longer be called a kid, saw me and jumped up from her seat.

He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Even if they don’t oppose me, everyone will be afraid of me.

There are very few guys who can approach me first like Kono Lint.

“I just came to see you.”

“… … .”

At my words, Rudina bowed her head.

Kaier was lying on the cot in front of the chair Rdina was sitting on.

It’s fortunate that everyone is safe, but someone is bound to get hurt.

Kaier was not a guy who fought directly.

Rdina explained slowly while gritting her teeth.

Since the Immortals took over their role, Rdina had promised Kaier that she would only use the Arc Crystal in a limited way in the final battle.

“Since the immortals disappeared… … . I had no choice but to use the Arc Crystal.”

However, the Immortal suddenly disappeared.

That’s why Kaier, who was waiting, had no choice but to charge the Arc Crystal right away.

The Arc Crystal, which had been used to its limit, was charged and fought in real time, and Kaier charged the Arc Crystal beyond his limit.

So even before the battle was over, Kaier had already fallen into a coma.

Harriet wouldn’t have been able to use the necessary magic in every place on the battlefield.

Huge magic power, and Ludina who uses that magic power.

That alone would have made many people safe because of these two.

In return, Kaier was in a coma, not knowing when he would return to consciousness.

Rudina starts to cry.

“You must… … . Promise me.”

“… … .”

“It will make a world where everyone is happy… … . Promise.”

A world where everyone is happy.

what a childish word

The reason it’s childish is that even children know that it’s impossible.

Even the kids know, Rudina, who is no longer a kid, cries and asks.

There is no world where everyone is happy.

I can’t promise anything like that.

In front of Rudina who was crying with a messed up face.

“Surely, like that… … . I will.”

I couldn’t bear to say that.

* * *

“It’s over.”


Adriana’s expression, saying that, felt more like a sense of helplessness than emotion.

It was the moment when I ran with only the goal of ending the gate crisis.

That was the absolute goal and the absolute good.

Such an absolute good has been achieved.

Adriana and I, who had been trying to survive together, were able to meet again intact like this.

There is no absolute to follow now. From now on, the time of choice and decision will begin. In it, we may make wrong choices and wrong decisions and bring about irreversible things again.

There could be some of us we’ll never see again.

someone actually died

Adriana and I survived.

“Are you going to become the continental emperor now?”

Adriana looked at me and gave me a strange smile.

Continental Emperor.

yes, it should be like that


“Hmm… … .”

“… … why?”

At my answer, Adriana looked at me with a warm expression and slapped me on the shoulder.


“Why, why are you hitting me?”

“If I use ambiguous words like Amado on the subject of something grandiose like that, will I and other people feel trustworthy? Could you please speak a little more confidently?”

Adriana’s expression as she forced her eyes open was quite fierce and cute.

is it.

Am I not allowed to say vague words anymore?

No, on the contrary, it seems that people in such a position only say vague things?

Of course, you don’t have to follow that.

“Yes, it will definitely happen.”

“Yeah, that’s how it should be.”

Adriana smiled as if she finally liked it.

* * *

As I wandered around the Royal Class Garrison, I met a few familiar faces. Those who knew about me only watched from afar with fearful eyes.

Until I called Scarlett and Kono Lint, only Cliff was there to hold on.

I heard that you miraculously reached the master class and played a crucial role in protecting Lianna and Harriet.

A talent called combat.

Cliffman seemed uninterested in it.

He seemed to be grateful for the fact that he was able to protect Liana and Harriet.

“Good job.”

“you also.”

Even though it was a reunion after a long time, that was the only conversation between Cliffman and I.

But it was always like that with this guy.

There wasn’t much conversation.

It always felt like this was enough.

The fact that it was still there was quite surprising.

I met people while walking around the camp like that.

And, I realized something.

“Reinhardt… … . Ludwig, maybe… … . Didn’t you see?”

Ludwig was nowhere to be found.

“no… … . I didn’t see it.”

“okay… … .”

Scarlett hung her head with a desperate expression.

Immortal runaway means that it is very likely that Christina is dead.

And Ludwig was moving with Christina.

But I saw Ludwig in the deepest part of the battlefield.

It was confirmed that it moved in a direction different from that of the Immortal.

Cristina must be dead.

Anna and Louie don’t know what happened.

Ludwig may have joined them after the battle.

But most likely dead.

Since we fought in the most dangerous place, I wondered if it would be right to predict the possibility of death.

How could Ludwig die in vain?

I couldn’t be certain about that.

After that, no matter how much time passed, there was no report of finding or sighting Ludwig.

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