The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 690

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Chapter 690

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The banquet was not interrupted. Stopping the banquet doesn’t make the situation better or solve it.

And nothing is certain yet.

I just quietly gathered people to talk to.

Spring Palace meeting room.

With Scarlet standing in front to prevent anyone from entering and leaving.

The five empresses and emperors gathered together.

The emperor waited patiently until everyone checked the contents of the notebook.

Everyone’s expressions and reactions were not very different from the emperor’s.

Some of the monsters breed.

In fact, we don’t know how much or where any species reproduces.

The recovery rate of the entire continent is less than 30% of the previous era.

So eradicating the monsters across the continent was impossible at this stage. It was a thing when I had more energy, so I was putting it off until later.

But if this is true, the era of monsters will never come.

Even if it is not as desperate as it was during the Gate incident, there will be a permanent fight against the monsters.

There might come a day when the seed of the monsters will be dried up someday, but that has been postponed to the very distant future.

Dark clouds hung over the faces of those who realized that fact.

“I can’t see it being late. In the first place, it was impossible to hunt all over the continent and kill the monsters.”

Charlotte is right.

This was just another disaster that occurred after a disaster, and there was no way to prepare for it.

It was because the new empire, which was difficult to stand up for, could not fly.

I prayed that this would not happen, but in the end it just happened.

It’s something that everyone knows, even if Charlotte doesn’t say it.

I did my best, but there was just something that was beyond my best.

“It must mean that monsters are beginning to establish themselves in the continental ecosystem as a species and animal. There’s no telling how the changes it will affect all of us. Rather than simply monsters attacking people, we should be more afraid of the unpredictable things that will happen as the ecosystem changes.”

A change that occurs as other species begin to appear in a stable ecosystem.

With the arrival of the monsters, great devastation has already taken place.

There were many places that could not be restored because they had become barren.

“The way the adventurers guild operates needs to be changed. Something like a bigger reward for those who find a bunch of monsters breeding this way.”

Everyone nodded at Charlotte’s words.

It was very important information regardless of whether it could be dealt with immediately or not. Just knowing that monsters reproduce will prevent future crises and disasters.

Destroying the nests of breeding monsters will eliminate thousands of monsters that will later appear.

It was necessary to increase the funds invested in the adventurers’ guild and the rewards for the adventurers.

Even if things are going well, the troops to maintain public order are absolutely insufficient.

The emperor smiled bitterly.

A government that entrusts adventurers with security.

It was because it reminded me of one day when I laughed at the government saying, “If there is such a thing, why the hell does that government exist?”

Seonghu, who had been silent, quietly flipped through his notebook.

“Of course, this is an important issue, a big one, but… … .”

Olivia looked at the source, Empress Louise, holding the notebook.

“Empress Louise said that this is data from the adventurer’s guild, right?”

“yes. That’s right.”

“Where is that adventurer now? To compensate for this, the Empire Pillar must be removed. Do you want to wait patiently… … ?”

“After handing over these materials to the Velodosia branch in northeast Kernstadt, they say they disappeared.”

Olivia also brought up the question.

other empresses too.

And the emperor too.

I already knew that such an answer would come.

It’s just that no one brought it up first.

“The place names written in the notebook here are all areas we could not recover… … .”

“It’s all a record of no-man’s-land.”

“And given the sheer volume, it’s not something that can be documented in a few months.”

“The handwriting is the same, so it was all written by one person.”

“It is clear that the data was recorded over the course of a year… … .”

“I heard that there are cases where adventurers go to dangerous areas to hunt monsters, but this can only be recorded by people who lived in those dangerous areas, right?”

“If an adventurer of this level is a registered person in the adventurer’s guild, there’s no way we don’t know his name… … .”

“However, I just gave this amount of data, and the reward disappeared without waiting… … .”

“It must be that he is a person who cannot receive compensation.”

“A savage enough to do this for several years in a no-man’s-land in such a state… … .”

“A normal person would not be able to do such a thing, and there would be no reason to do it.”

“The person who was doing what no one had reason to do but someone had to do, even though no one told them to… … .”

An adventurer living in uninhabited, dangerous areas.

An adventurer who disappeared after receiving a huge reward and handing over the right materials.

Strong enough to survive in the land of monsters for such a long time and collect and record such data.

However, even after collecting such data, the person who disappeared after throwing it away.

Rather, it would be because the human land is also a dangerous place for the adventurer.

That’s why it didn’t disappear, it must have run away.

Everyone already knows the moment they see the notebook.


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Olivia only rushed out.

Seonghu’s eyes narrow.

“As expected, it must be Ellen, right?”

Everyone knew that the author of this notebook was Ellen Artorius.

* * *

“You can do a handwriting comparison.”

Archmage looked at the emperor and cautiously opened his mouth.

In the temple, materials such as test papers as well as things Ellen used during the temple days remain intact.

So if you check the handwriting, you can tell if it was really written by Ellen.

“Yeah, it’s good to be sure, so we should try handwriting comparison.”

However, the Archmage who brought up the story, as well as the emperor who approved it, knew without hearing the results.

I don’t even remember the handwriting, but it’s because I know that it’s hard not to have Ellen’s neat handwriting and concise yet precise drawings.

His usual calm personality is also reflected in his handwriting and paintings.

He couldn’t have known that Ellen Artorius would also be identified.

It would have been judged that it would be better to inform the urgent matter than that.

The results of the handwriting comparison will be forthcoming.

And first of all, you have to think about what you have to do assuming that the person who wrote this is Ellen.

The emperor speaks quietly.

“He must be running away.”

I would never be optimistic that my identity would go undetected.

And as long as she is the highest wanted person in the first place even if her identity is not revealed, Ellen must get out of the human land as quickly as possible.

“When, where, and how did you come up?”

The emperor looked at Empress Louise and asked.

“Last Saturday these materials arrived in Velodosia, a hub city northeast of Kernstadt. After reviewing the contents of the notebook at the guild and determining its importance, the materials arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters in Köllen, the capital of Kernstadt, on Sunday morning. Originally, this data should go to the general headquarters of the Adventurers Guild of the Ecliptic, but it seems that the Master of the Adventurers Guild of Koilen, who confirmed the urgency of the matter, directly reported it to the Kernstadt royal family.”

The data that arrived on Saturday passed through Sunday and reached the imperial palace on Monday night.

Originally, it was not common for the adventurer’s guild’s data to reach the imperial palace, so the adventurer’s guild made a quick judgment of importance.

In order to report to the emperor as quickly as possible, he even ignored the chain of command to some extent. Even in the official reporting system, the report that should have been sent to Heinrich, King of Kernstadt, came to the regent first.

It was not reported to Louise, Regent of Kernstadt, but to Louise, the empress.

That is why Louise von Schwartz was the first to obtain the information.

Since the decision was urgent, the route that could be reported to the emperor as quickly as possible was chosen.

It can’t be said that the Kernstadt Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters’ handling was so late, and they responded flexibly depending on the situation.

But in the end, there was a two-day time difference.

“Two days and you wouldn’t have been out of Kernstadt yet.”

At Louise’s words, Charlotte nodded.

“Velodosia is the most important base city for the reconstruction of the northeastern part of Kernstadt. There are not only small and medium-sized cities around it, but also many bases including advance bases.”

“If the materials were incorrectly handed over to the small local adventurer’s guild, they could be discarded or lost, so Ellen must have had no choice but to come to the base city.”

Harriet agreed, as if it were certain that Ellen had to risk her way into the depths of man’s land.

If this was discarded as being unreliable by the office clerk’s judgment at the adventurer’s guild in a local city, or the data might have been lost while being transferred.

Of course, he would have wanted to eliminate that risk.

“Two days is too short a time to escape in either direction. Ellen Atrolius will still be within the borders of Kernstadt, Your Majesty.”

“… … I guess so.”

The emperor nodded quietly.

After the gate incident, the whereabouts were unknown, and there were countless eyewitness accounts of misunderstandings or misunderstandings here and there.

For the first time in such a situation, Ellen’s location is almost certain to be revealed.

If you miss it now, you won’t know where it went.

Even so, I had to convey very important information on my own, so even a very small trace remained.

The world is too wide.

This should be regarded as the first and last chance.

“Will anyone but us know that these materials were written by Ellen?”

But the emperor asks a very strange question.

“These notebooks have passed through many hands on their way to this point. The odds that other people will think the same as we came up with are quite high.”

This is a material that has already been reviewed by numerous people. It is possible to come up to the emperor because it has been verified by a considerable number of people.

From local low-level adventurers’ guild officials to high-ranking officials at headquarters, from guild masters to high-ranking officials in Kernstadt.

I was able to come because I was approved for the reasonableness of the information.

Everyone knows that an ordinary person could never collect data of this magnitude.

Then, in the end, it is not difficult to deduce that it was Ellen, the missing hero, who uploaded this material.

It’s just impossible to be certain like the people here. Any guess can be made.

The emperor seemed to be hearing hallucinations already.

It seemed that he could hear the voices of numerous ministers shouting that the hero should be subdued.

Even if you don’t want to do it, there are things you have to do because you have to.

Rather, I did more of the things I didn’t want to do.

There were things I had to do even though I didn’t want to.

There were things I wanted to do but couldn’t.

This too will eventually be forced.

find a warrior

kill the warrior

The hallucinations that filled my head were already announcing the future.

“for a moment… … . wait a minute… … . I need to think.”

The emperor rose from his seat.

* * *

On the upper floor of the Palace of Spring, in the dim hallway where banquet attendees did not come, only faint music could be heard from afar.

The emperor was quietly looking down at the people passing by in the courtyard.

Of course, that side was also crowded with people enjoying the banquet.

On a moonlit night, the Emperor remains silent as he gazes at them.

The emperor was touching something in his arms.

stuff that hasn’t been thrown away yet.

Roll it quietly in the palm of your hand.

Soon, someone approached from behind the frozen emperor, accompanied by a human presence.

“Reinhardt… … .”

“… … uh.”

Archmage, Empress Heriot stood quietly beside him.

“let’s do it.”

“… … .”

To that simple statement, the emperor remained silent and made no reply.

“I wish I could.”

The emperor made no reply to the empress’ words.

No, it must be said that he cannot answer.

“If not now, you never know when this will happen again. We have prepared a lot for this time.”

The multiplication of monsters is a hopeless truth, but the current situation is also an opportunity that will never come again.

If you miss it, there may be no next one.

The emperor quietly opens his mouth.


“… … what? suddenly?”

Seeing the emperor suddenly apologizing, Harriet tilted her head.

the empress is still

You don’t even know why you should apologize.

In the end, the emperor cautiously hugs the bewildered empress.

“I’m sorry I made you say that.”

“ah… … .”

“I didn’t mean to take the time to think about it.”

In the arms of the emperor who tightly hugs her, Harriet smiles quietly.

“I didn’t mean to hear you say sorry.”

“… … Don’t make me more sorry.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

The grumbling empress also hugs the emperor tightly.

There is no time to hesitate.

There is not much time to think.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

However, everyone knew that this moment would come one day.

So, always prepared.

* * *

The emperor soon returned to the meeting room.

The worry is over.

decision was made.

It is also ready.

The warrior is one of the last troubles of the empire.

“I left it loose too long.”

It was an existence that could cause a chain explosion if touched carelessly.

But now, quite a bit of gunpowder was taken out of the powder keg.

Even if it explodes now, it just glows.

Even if you kill the hero, nothing special happens.

In the early days of the empire, when there were many supporters of the hero, if the hero was killed carelessly, the forces full of rage could rise at once.

It might even make the establishment of an empire impossible.

That’s why the empire couldn’t play with the hero’s name.

Rather, the empire believed in the hope of the anti-demon king forces who believed in the missing hero.

One day, the warrior will appear and save us.

That belief, in fact, means that they do nothing until the hero appears.

In that situation, if a hero died recklessly or rumors spread, they could have exploded in anger rather than despair.

In this way, while those who believed in the hero as their savior spent their time waiting for the hero who did not come, the demon king steadily built an empire.

In the meantime, there were several human resistances against evil, and all were thoroughly crushed.

And now.

Still trapped in the fence of the Dominion, the anti-demon king forces still believe in hope and wait for the hero who does not come.

The hero’s death would bring complete despair to the Dominion.

Even if they get angry, it’s just a candle that will go out if you blow on it.

The despairing Dominion will, at the end, be completely submissive.

It’s been a long time.

A long time has passed in numerous political situations and circumstances, and several wars.

Those who believe in the brave are now candles in front of the wind.

Even if it grows, it can no longer burn to a size larger than that of a candle.

So now.

“As of now, the border northeast of Kernstadt is to be completely closed.”

A hero may die.

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