The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 100

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 100>

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* * *

[The blessing of void is given to the entire demon camp.]

The Blessing of the Void, which is the main reason for Platinum users to defeat Count Nasheed in the Canyon map, has been given to everyone.

‘This isn’t important.’

Anyway, the opponent’s base is currently almost completely devastated.

All you had to do was go and destroy the main camp, so the blessing of the void was meaningless.

[The blessing of Count Nasheed, who has swallowed the divine object, is strengthened.]

[The Blessing of the Void far exceeds the player’s level, increasing the limits of their abilities.]

[All stats increase by 1.]


All stats +1?

Seong Ji-han opened his eyes wide.

They give you stat points as a reward?

Such enormous compensation was truly rare.

In the system, stat points were stingy.

[Even if you receive the blessing of void again in the future, the stat increase effect will not appear.]

In the end, even if I caught Count Nasheed again, a message appeared saying that there was no stat increase.

But where did you get it?

“and… … !”

“Yes, uncle. They say it will raise your stats… … !”

And Seong Ji-han wasn’t the only one who received compensation; Sophia, Yoon Se-ah, and Masid, who were far away, also looked surprised.

[‘Linked Quest – Traces of an Apostle (2)’ has been cleared.]

[‘Void Veil’ is obtained as a reward.]

[You will receive 50,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[The next linked quest, ‘Gaze of Destruction’, will be available in the Gold League.]

Seong Ji-han looked at the additional compensation provided.

Achievement points aside, I was curious about what the Void Veil was used for.

‘It’s right in the inventory.’

It wouldn’t be appropriate to check items during a broadcast.

After the game was over, I decided to take a look at the Void Veil.

‘Is the next linked quest the Watch of Destruction?’

Even though it is a linked quest, it does not appear immediately after entering the Gold League.

This Count Nasheed incident happened to happen while passing near a river.

‘If I get promoted to gold, I’ll have to search the map carefully.’

Seong Ji-han tried to finish arranging compensation like that.


There was still some reward left.

[Sword stat increases by 3.]

Seong Ji-han tilted his head.

I ate everything I could from Count Nasheed, so why did it suddenly go up?

‘How much has your sword skills improved in just one day?’

It was a good thing I didn’t invest stat points into sword fighting.

As expected, investing is unique rather than rare.

Seong Ji-han, who had firmly pledged not to invest any stats into sword fighting, looked at the shadow sword, which had become significantly more powerful.

The black sword 黑劍, whose flabby shape has changed to become more solid.

Ariel inside Hana was more agitated than usual.

[What is this power… … !]

“… … why?”

[Technology developed now! What is your name?!]

Ariel, who was inside the sword, asked in a very excited voice.

His attitude was 180 degrees different from his usual calm demeanor.

“It is called the Black Spirit Ascension.”

[Dark Spirit Ascension… … Is this the end of your martial arts skills?]

Seong Ji-han chuckled and shook his head.

“no. “There’s something more.”

[What’s more… … There is? More than this?]


[Nonsense… … .]


[It is not appropriate to talk here. First of all, finish this game… … .]

Is it because it’s on air?

Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders.


I’ve already almost finished the game anyway.

Since the Blessing of the Void was added, it was easy to finish it even without Barron.

“Everyone, let’s go.”



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“i get it!!”

“good. good. uncle. “Let’s finish it quickly!”

Is it because all stats +1 was added?

The party members were immersed in excitement.

Of course, there were people who could not participate in this festival.

[Nonsense! All stats +1?? I was not blessed!]

It was Barron who was spewing out his anger in the party chat window.

Because he was a warrior, he did not receive the blessing of the void and did not receive any additional stat effects.

-All stats increased?

-what. Is there such a reward?

-If Silver captures Count Nasheed, will he be given stats?

When it was revealed that all sacred parties received +1 to all stats, viewers were shocked.

Catch a monster and give it stats?

This is because I have never seen anything like this while watching

-Wow… … Isn’t the Count Nasheed raid a must-go course for Silver?

-LOL But who else but Seong Ji-han can catch Count Nasheed?

-Did you see Barron behind him? He’s also ranked 2nd in silver lol.

-ㄹㅇ Before Seong Ji-han appeared, he was an overwhelming story-telling character… It quickly became a bean line.

Seong Ji-han kindly taught me on the broadcast how to get all stats.

Except for him, there was no Silver who could do this.

[Cheonma Wangrin sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Jihan!! Please, can you wear it for me one more time at the next party? You don’t have to do anything like rubbing. Because you don’t have to… … !]

[Mikhail sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[me too!! please!! Ugh, I should have done well in drawing today!!]

When the two people leaving the party screamed, Seong Ji-han felt a little sorry.

I thought hunting Count Nasheed would be difficult, so I added Baron, the strongest of the four Silvers.

Instead of being helpful, that bastard just trolled.

If I had known this would happen, I would have chosen one of the two.

“is it so. “If you get the chance, let’s have a party.”

[Cheonma Wangrin sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[A big girl!! thank you! thank you!]

[Mikhail sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Ugh!! The best!! I love you, take me woo ♡♥♡♥]

‘Mikhail, I didn’t look at you like that… … People are strange.’ Seong Ji-han narrowed his eyes and continued speaking.

“But to summon Count Nasheed, I need fragments of the Archangel’s Sword and the Reaper’s Scythe. “There’s nothing I can do if I don’t get this.”

[Cheonma Wangrin sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Sure! Thank you for giving me the opportunity!!]

[Mikhail sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[I will save you! All we have to do is destroy everything in that base, right?!]

“yes. Please give it a try.”

Unless you are Seongjihan, it would be almost impossible to obtain at Silver level.

Still, he encouraged his two sponsors to have some hope.

[That… last name. I made a bit of a mistake earlier…]

How great was the effect of All Stats +1?

Suddenly, Barron also apologized in the party chat window.

[Perhaps there will be a next chance…? G, I also pay GP!]

“Ugh. So why did you do that?”

Sophia sighed after seeing Barron’s chat.

If a person stays still, he gets halfway there, but if he fusses for no reason, what harm is this?

“Ignore him. “You have wit.”

“Sure. Jihan!”

Sophia responded with a refreshing smile.

‘As expected, Jihan is the best warrior.’

Nowadays, Japan’s Ryuhei Ito is said to be the strongest warrior.

She was sure.

Seong Ji-han is the one who will bring down the Sword King from the warrior throne.

‘I heard you really like it.’

Sophia’s eyes never left Seong Ji-han.

At first, she simply became a fan of Seong Ji-han because she liked the warrior class.

The closer I looked, the more I became greedy for him.

‘Is there no way to get closer?’

Even until the main base of the angel camp was destroyed.

Sophia’s eyes followed Seongjihanman.

* * *

After the game is over.

Ariel jumped out of Seong Ji-han’s arms with an unusually serious expression on her face.

“Let’s finish the story from before.”

“About the Black Spirit Ascension?”


Ariel placed her palm on Seong Ji-han’s arm.


A little of the shadow energy came out, and Eclipse appeared.

“The dark power you use is very similar to that of the Shadow Queen.”

“okay. “I heard it last time.”

Unlike other constellations that are tied to the stars, he is a wandering warrior who created his own star, a clouded star.

The wandering martial god stuffed the constellations in a castle called the tomb of the constellations, took away their powers, and made them unable to live or die.

‘So, I guessed that the shadow queen’s power was actually the power of the Shadow Queen.’

It was a few years later that Seong Ji-han originally obtained the unknown divine skill.

It is believed that in those few years, the Shadow Queen was suppressed by the God of War and her power was taken away, creating the Shadow God.

“The martial arts you used a little while ago… … It is very similar to the Shadow Queen’s final power. Of course, the total amount of dark magic cannot be compared to that of the constellations… … “The way they use their power is eerily similar.”

“Didn’t we say something similar during the Dark Soul Vortex?”

“okay. It must have been a predestined fact that the Wandering Martial God would absorb the power of the Shadow Queen. “She hasn’t even absorbed it yet, so I wonder how you know about that power.”

“well. “I don’t know either.”

“Of course, I didn’t think you would tell me. The only thing I’m curious about is… … .”

Ariel’s eyes shone brightly.

“I am a martial artist who said that you are stronger than the Black Spirit Ascension.”

“I can’t unfold that now. “I could barely use Black Spirit Ascension thanks to the buff.”

“okay… … I guess so. “Then, can you at least tell me your name?”

“name? “Are you curious about the martial artist’s name?”


Ariel looked at Seong Ji-han with an earnest expression that was not usually seen.

I can’t believe you’re so curious about the martial artist’s name.

Are you looking for clues in that name to develop the Shadow Queen’s powers?


‘If that’s your intention… … ‘I was completely wrong.’

The most powerful martial art in the Shadow Goddess.

The name of the strongest herbivore was very simple.

You won’t get any hints from that.

“Do you want me to tell you with my bare mouth?”

“Of course not. “I will tell you information about elves.”

“An elf?”

“okay. Last time I heard it, people on Earth were very complacent about elves. “I heard that elves are kind?”

Did you remember that Yoon Se-ah said that elves are good?

Ariel smiled meaningfully and spoke as if she were telling a great secret.

‘I already know that too.’

Of course, Seong Ji-han, the regressor, already knew this information.

‘Still, the more information about elves the better.’

When you complete the tutorial and enter the Space League, the race that will become humanity’s biggest enemy are the elves.

If it were Ariel, she might be able to hear information that even Seong Ji-han didn’t know.

“good. “Then tell me first.”

“I thought it would come out like that.”

Ariel smiled slightly and began speaking.

“I’ll show you the elf first.”

When Ariel opened her right palm, a figure appeared in the air.

Pure white skin and long blonde hair. A woman with long ears and a face so beautiful that it resembles Shizuru Ito, who was called a goddess.

“The image of the elves we know is the same.”

“okay? “Then do you know this too?”


Let Ariel spread her left palm as well.

The shapes of the elves from before began to increase one by one.

Everyone has the same appearance and body type.

He was looking at Seong Ji-han with an expressionless face.

“All elves look like this.”

“… … “All elves?”

Seong Ji-han frowned.

Is this different from what I knew?

“okay. “Elves that do not look like this are discarded.”

Ariel then pointed a finger at herself.

“Just like us shadow elves.”

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