The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 105

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 105>

* * *

thud. thud.

The advancing alien undead army had a different color from the regular undead.

Kill the King, whose entire corps is dyed dark blue.

There, in the orbital area of ​​the skull, there were red lights in place of eyeballs that were no longer there.

An enemy that is different from regular undead troops in many ways.

-May you die. Die and gather under our banner.

-Become equal!

They all opened their mouths at the same time.

Skeletons and zombies.

Everyone kissed and talked about equality.

‘That sound…’ … ‘I’m sick of it.’

All things are equal before death, so Kill the King wants us to come together in death.

Even when Korea was destroyed in my last life, I constantly heard that sound.

‘But maybe because it’s a silver promotion match, there aren’t any ghost units yet.’

Seong Ji-han looked at the advancing Kill the King unit.

The basic composition of the enemy army was skeletons and zombies, the weakest entities among the undead.

Of course, those dark blue undead were much more powerful than ordinary undead.

Still, compared to the Ghost, it was much easier to deal with.

“Sophia. “Buff.”


Seong Ji-han received all kinds of buffs from Sophia, who had Trinity, and took out Phoenix Poetry.

Although it was a Phoenix City that was clearly inferior in performance compared to the Shadow Sword Eclipse, there was still nothing like it that could contain the power of Thunder, which was extremely effective against the undead.

“Ariel. “Fend off the enemy on the castle walls.”

And Eclipse, unable to contain Thunderbolt, summoned Ariel instead.

“Are they Kill the King? “I’ve only heard the name, but this is my first time seeing it in person.”

The summoned Ariel looked down the castle wall with her arms crossed.

A slight discomfort appeared on her face as she watched the undead.

“It’s horrifyingly promiscuous dark magic… … Yet, there is a strange unity hidden within it.”


“master. I can’t absorb that dark magic. “If you eat it, the power of the Shadow Sword will become tangled.”

“Then just deal with me.”

“i get it.”

Seong Ji-han, who left Ariel on the castle wall, jumped down while holding onto the phoenix.


Toward him who landed lightly on the ground.

-Become equal!

A part of the undead army has advanced.

Unlike the hordes of zombies that rushed in only by relying on their instincts like in the 10 Towers, the enemies systematically pressured by aligning themselves with each other.

They moved as one body, but they were quite disciplined.

‘Yes, he is still undead.’

Seong Ji-han, who brought out the energy of thunder, lightly swung the phoenix.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army



All of the approaching undead were cut in half at once.

And from the crack, a white flame appeared.

-iced coffee… … !

In an instant, over hundreds of undead were reduced to powder and destroyed.



All undead legions stopped moving at once.

In order to deal with Seong Ji-han, only a part of the skeleton came separately.

Even the enemy’s main force ignored him and tried to climb over the castle wall.

Everyone stopped moving and stared at Seong Ji-han, their red eyes flashing.


They all opened their mouths and uttered one word.


As soon as I saw Seong Ji-han’s strike.

They called him king.

-He who will become king!

At the same time, the movements of the undead army changed.

The orderly military discipline that was like that of an elite soldier has disappeared.

-Kill the King!

Everyone shouted to kill the king and started rushing towards Seong Ji-han like crazy.


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The undead begin to arrive like a tidal wave.

It seemed like they were running at random and in a disorderly manner, but there were no gaps.

During the 10 Towers, when zombies came, they often tangled with each other and trampled on each other.

They couldn’t see anything like that.


‘He is not my opponent.’


When Seong Ji-han cast Heng Socheongun again, hundreds of undead burned at once.

The attack that Seong Ji-han showed seemed so easy.

From the perspective of the broadcaster, it is just a horizontal cut, a very simple attack.

First, let’s lightly trace the window a few times.

-Kill the King!

The calls to kill the king are getting louder.


The battlefield began to burn with white flames.

It was very overwhelming considering that it was assigned 3rd place in odds.

And his one-man show.

It was being broadcast live around the world through Channel 0.

* * *

=Christoph… … What on earth is that attack? It looks like I just swung the spear lightly, but the undead army is being slaughtered in droves?

=Hahaha! This is a commonly used attack. That’s right, wiping out those undead at once. It’s a horizontal cut, just!

If only I was a fan a month ago.

Kristoff now watches Seong Ji-han’s broadcasts and has become a big fan.

He gave a casual commentary as if he was surprised by the caster’s fuss.

=However, that undead army is actually not weak at all. It looks like players in the south are having a hard time with the undead… … .

Just in time, the broadcast screen illuminated the southern wall.

South with 90 players assigned.

Unlike the peaceful atmosphere of the north, a fierce battle was taking place there.

“Lightning Storm!”

Kurrrrrr… … !

When Barron stretched out his hand to the sky, the sky instantly became filled with dark clouds.

It was Lightning Storm, a wide area magic that Barron had newly learned for this promotion match.

When he lowered his finger, powerful thunderbolts continued to rain down on the earth.

A power too powerful to be said to have been used by Silver.



Unlike when he was cut by Seong Ji-han.

They did not fall down even from lightning.

The dark blue undead’s bones and skin only burned black.

-Become equal!

The corps marched forward, calling for equality with one voice.

“Why aren’t you dying?”

Barron complained.

The lowest level undead monsters, skeletons and zombies.

It was almost perplexing as to why these guys were so tough, just different in color but the same shape.

“Fire Wave!”

Several magics were used in succession based on powerful magical power, and only then did some of the enemies disappear.

Still, it was impossible to suppress all the undead troops charging towards the castle wall at once.

=… … The situation is quite different from the north. The undead army has overcome the magic and is approaching the castle walls!

=This is normal. You might be mistaken if you only look at castle games, but defense maps are essentially team games! You can’t defeat the Legion alone!

=I understand why the castle received a balance patch.

=That’s right. But it looks like the patch is far from enough! There’s still more balance to be done!

As the undead army climbed up the castle wall, overcoming the magic bombardment, a fierce battle unfolded.

The most notable one among them is, of course, China’s Wang Lin.

“Heavenly Demon God!”

As red energy rose from the hand and flew away, the strong skeleton’s head crumbled.

As expected from the player who was rated the highest in terms of odds, he was moving through the undead army, suppressing the enemies one by one.

=Wanglin is also quite powerful!

=That’s right. While other players are having a hard time against the undead army, he, who has the gift of Heavenly Demon Retard, is dealing with his enemies quite comfortably!

=If it weren’t for Baron and Wang Lin, I think the southern wall would have already fallen.

=Yes. That’s true, but… … .

-Become equal!


The local soldiers and ‘guards’ who were helping the player were destroyed.

“Ugh. Why are these guys so strong… … !”


Players also begin to die one by one.

An undead army that cries out for equality like a fanatic and systematically pushes its opponents.

No matter how powerful Baron or Wanglin were, they were not enough to change the course of the battlefield alone, so the southern wall was controlled by Kill the King from the outskirts.

“ah… … Oh, that doesn’t make sense… … .”

Lee Ha-yeon, who was watching TV, was trembling and biting her nails.


‘Why are you doing this again…? … .’

The system took action.

The system did the balance patch themselves.

But why does the result come out like this?

“Wanglin… … ! Why is the Heavenly Demon so weak?”

Speaking of the Heavenly Demon, wasn’t it the most powerful being in the martial arts world?

Even though he possesses the SSS level gift, Heavenly Demon, he can blow a little wind like that!

“What is that! The wind from the fan must be stronger than that! If I had the strength of a Heavenly Demon, I would have to wipe them all out in one blow! “It’s a waste of a name!”

“miss. At that level, it is very powerful. I have a hard time dealing with other warrior players. “I’ve already caught 50 Wanglin.”

Behind her, Lim Ga-young, a fellow warrior, corrected her words.

Cheonma Wangrin.

He was performing amazingly.

While other warriors are easily pressured by one or two undead and die.

Because Wang Rin clearly struck and destroyed each enemy one by one with the Heavenly Demon God.

He was definitely a player who did not qualify as Silver.


“Ugh… … Owner, owner… … “I’ve caught over a thousand guns by myself!”

“ah. That should be left out of the discussion. “I’m alone in the divine realm.”

Because the other comparison groups were performing so well, the light of the Heavenly Demon was fading.

-He who will become king!

-Kill the King!

A cry not heard on the southern battlefield.

The dark blue undead surrounded Seongjihan and shouted, “Kill the King.”

Baron and Wangrin were undead who did not think of themselves as kings at all.

As long as it was sacred, they were anxious to kill it in any way possible.

However, no matter how hard they attacked, the undead could not even graze Seong Ji-han’s collar.

‘The end is in sight.’

Let Seong Ji-han spin the phoenix poem.


The undead army was torn apart and burned all at once.

In a one-on-many fight, an overwhelming dance that does not allow even an inch of distance.

-Why is that person the only one playing Jin

– That’s how it was originally lol. Only the Holy Land is a massacre every day.

-You knew I was going to do this, so I gave Seong Ji-han all my money!

-Despicable Korean bastards! Only they knew about this sweet dividend!

-Don’t worry… We too dare to doubt and punish…

-I’m an idiot for believing in

-Honestly, was trustworthy huh?

-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where the balance patch went?

In BattleTube’s official broadcast video, reactions poured in from viewers who saw this.

The majority of the stake during chats are people who bet only on the system and end up losing money.

– Are you kidding me about balance control??!! If you’re going to make adjustments like this, why don’t you put out a notice!!

Lee Ha-yeon was also included here.

“miss. Still, you are the standby guild master, so chatting like that is a bit… … .”

“I’m not speaking as a guild master, but as Lee Ha-yeon, an individual! Are you kidding me on “If this is going to happen, why not put out such a large-scale notice!”

“ah. yes.”

Looking at Lee Ha-yeon, who was pouring out curses like a rapid-fire gun from the morning, Lim Ga-young gave up trying to stop her.

Instead, he smiled slightly as he remembered his bet.

‘Betting against the lady… … ‘I should have done it a long time ago.’

I can’t believe there was such an easy way to copy money in the world.

It was a pity that I had not known until now that the goose with the golden egg was by my side.

When the game is about to end like that.

-ugh… … Kkkkkkk… … This can’t go on.

The undead who were shouting for equality laughed strangely and suddenly stopped moving.

They soon fell to the floor, like marionettes whose strings had been cut, and were instantly absorbed into the ground and disappeared.

Unlike the south, where fierce battles are taking place, the enemy is now completely gone in the north.

=Oh! Is this how the battle in the north ended? Player last name. Will we secure first place again this time?!

=Well… … That being said, the atmosphere is not unusual.

No sooner had the broadcaster’s commentary ended.


The center of the wall behind Seongjihan collapsed.

=Oh, no!

=What is happening all of a sudden? … !

The broadcast camera focused on the quickly collapsed castle wall.


The central castle wall, crushed by the giant handprint and completely collapsed, was clearly revealed.

“oh. oh… … What, what! Could it be a balance patch!?”

And in the eyes of Lee Ha-yeon, who was in despair, a ray of hope appeared.

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