The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 112

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 112>

The meal was almost over and dessert was served.

Seong Ji-han seriously considered gift ‘search’.

‘There is currently no way to make Christoph mine.’

Lee Ha-yeon, who had a good personality, still had a point of contact, and was able to persuade him by using Zero’s characteristics and telling him about a bet that would make him an unconditional profit.

Christoph, who is currently a top commentator in the United States, had no carrot to offer.

‘That said, I don’t need to secure Kristoff.’

This was the conclusion Seong Ji-han came to as he contemplated persuading Kristoff.

Lee Ha-yeon’s training is a necessary skill for the rapid growth of ‘individual’ Seong Ji-han.

Isn’t Kristoff’s quest a gift needed on a ‘national’ basis, used to destroy dungeons?

‘Of course, there would be benefits if I monopolized the information and made him my person… … It is more valuable to spread this information widely.’

Therefore, Seong Ji-han decided to release the information about the search all at once.

If you provide information to another country and receive compensation, you could easily face backlash.

Recently, there has been a lot of income here and there, so there is no longer any financial shortage.

Here is the most important reason.

It is more important to end the dungeon phenomenon that has put the world in crisis and raise the level of players across the planet.

‘And as a means to convey this information, Ariel will be needed.’

Ariel, a shadow elf, was the perfect person to explain that exploration has the ability to find dungeon cores.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

Just as Yoon Se-ah was about to leave, Seong Ji-han summoned Ariel.

“Go with Ariel.”

“uh… … why?”

“It can be dangerous.”

“No, what’s dangerous about restrooms in restaurants?”

“okay. master. “You’re being treated too much.”

“Just leave and come back. “Ariel also tells interesting stories.”

“… … what? I? “What are you talking about?”

Seong Ji-han forced Ariel, who did not know what was going on, to be sent away.

‘Until October, I will definitely go into overprotective mode.’

At that sight, Sophia, who was watching from the side, looked behind Yoon Se-ah as if she was envious and said.

“I’m really jealous of Se-Ah.”


“You’re getting Jihan’s full attention.”

“Because he’s my nephew.”

“I also have a nephew at my eldest brother’s house, and he is cute, but not that much.”

“If you were the only family left, you would think differently.”

Preparing for the worst situation produces the best results.

‘Because there is such a thing as chance.’

Therefore, Seong Ji-han had to be even more thorough.

“That’s it! “I want to receive that kind of attention from Jihan!”

“I’m quite concerned about this, but… … .”

“It’s not enough?!”

Sophia seemed not satisfied at all with Seong Ji-han’s explanation.

“Jihan. “What if I officially join the waiting guild?”

“it’s okay. “You’re paying rent as part of AF.”

“Why, why! Don’t you need any supporters? “I’m quite capable!”

Of course, Seong Ji-han knew better than anyone else that Sophia was a talented person.

Because of the simple yet powerful effect of the 3x buff efficiency, he was a talent who beat all supporters and took the position of the best supporter in the world in his last life.

If it were a normal guild, he would have been someone you would have bowed down to and taken in.

“Because it’s a training-type guild, there aren’t really any supporters… … “I have no intention of growing a guild.”

Seong Ji-han was annoyed.

The answer that there is no intention to grow a guild is for external reasons.

In fact, there is no way the United States will let it go.

The country that is most sensitive to players is the United States.

I don’t know if Seong Ji-han’s standby guild moves to the United States, but before that, I will never let Sophia go to Korea.

“What were you talking about?”

At that time, Yoon Se-ah returned to her seat.

“Sea… … “I was rejected by Jihan for joining the guild.”

“Eh? uncle! Why are you rejecting Sophia?”

“There are adult circumstances.”

“I’m an adult too, right? “It’s past your birthday.”

When Yoon Se-ah sat down with a sullen expression on her face, Ariel, who was following her, spoke as if she was bored.

“There was nothing wrong.”

“Yes, uncle. “I wonder if there’s something wrong here.”

“master. So what is this interesting story I have to tell?”

Seong Ji-han gave a light answer to the question of the person who had to tell an interesting story.

“The navigation gift.”

“quest? “Why is that?”


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“I’m going to publish that on Battle Tube.”

“Why are you even making it public?”

Ariel tilted her head, but Sophia, who had been listening to their conversation next to her, shouted in surprise.

“Ji, Jihan! Are you going to let me know that my brother has an exploration gift?”

“no. “Of course we must keep that secret.”

“Uh, sure… … ? “Is there anything special about navigation gifts?”

When Sophia made a puzzled expression, Seong Ji-han stared at her blankly.

If Sofia also appeared, it would be more aggro.

“If you’re curious, would you like to take a picture together? Battle Tube.”

* * *

Somewhere in the waiting guild office.

Seong Ji-han conducted a live broadcast in a stew with broadcast settings including lights and cameras.

“hello everyone. “For today’s broadcast, we are going to host a guest.”

Seong Ji-han’s channel had already grown into a huge channel with 3 million subscribers.

In addition, perhaps due to the recent TOP 100 matches that attracted a lot of attention, viewers flocked to the sudden broadcast.

-What is the number of viewers even though it is a surprise labang?

-Jihan’s channel has really grown. Is this the old Hakko channel? – How long has it been since I was Hakko? Can’t you see the rapid growth in just two months?

-Plus, my form has gotten even crazier these days haha. It’s going up day by day. -But why is there a guest all of a sudden?

In response to viewers’ questions, Seong Ji-han gestured toward one side.



-omg. Sophia?

-You really came hahaha

-Wow… Goddess Advent ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-I heard there are a lot of pretty girls on this popular channel.

-ㅇㅇ Shizuru was the best

-She should be excluded. You used charm;

-Then, let’s do a popularity vote later, excluding Shizuru!

“What kind of vote is this? “I don’t do that.”

Seong Ji-han immediately dismissed the viewers’ suggestions and had a light conversation with Sophia.

“Sophia. “What brought you to Korea?”

“Of course I came to see Jihan! Korean food was delicious!”

“I’m glad it suits your taste.”

“But I couldn’t taste the dessert. “It was a car!”

-Hehe, you kicked Sofia…

-No, you came today, confessed today, and got dumped today? Hahaha, why is it so fast?

-I’m glad it was a car hahahaha

“What do you wear? “You’re slandering people.”

“You told me not to join the guild. “Then it’s cold.”

“Wouldn’t viewers misunderstand if I said I kicked that?”

“Well, then can I just say straight up that I like you?”

After saying that, Sophia suddenly put her face towards Seong Ji-han.

How can I be more reckless than my last life?

“… … no. are you okay.”

“Look at it!”

When Seong Ji-han flatly refused, Sophia looked at the camera and complained as if it was unfair.

-Ha… I’ve never liked’s real-time translation system this much…

-Bamboo spear… Bamboo spear is coming!!!!!!!

-Did you turn on the broadcast to get salted?

-Christoph. watching?

– I’m watching. Sophie is also an adult, so she should take care of her own life. I don’t know why she does that on TV…:-(-?? Is she really Christophen??

-Wow, it looks like a real stoff.

‘If I talk more about this with Sophia, Faith will stop me.’

Seong Ji-han decided to get to the point before the broadcast deteriorated.

“now. This isn’t important. What we’re going to talk about today is… … “You know my summons, right?”

When Seong Ji-han gestured, Ariel, who had been waiting in advance, approached him.

“He said the ban on tutorials has been lifted a little and told an interesting story.”

“Was the navigation gift such an interesting story?”

“It becomes fun if we can eliminate the dungeon phenomenon.”

“yes? “Exploration can eliminate dungeons?”

Sophia, who did not know about the true power of the navigation gift until the broadcast, was shocked.

-quest? Are there any gifts like that?

-What does that have to do with dungeons?

-How do I get rid of the dungeon? Wasn’t it okay once it happened?

Viewers were also confused when Seong Ji-han suddenly exploded a bomb.

Ariel calmly explained further.

“Players can find the dungeon core within the dungeon through the support gift ‘Exploration’. Although the level of exploration required varies depending on the dungeon’s difficulty… … okay. “If it’s a low-difficulty dungeon, you can find the dungeon core if you’re at level C or higher in exploration.”

“If you do that, will the dungeon really disappear?”

“okay. “If the league ranking is low, it will happen again, but it will take some time.”

“no. Is it really gone? By navigation? “A dungeon?”

-and. Was the dungeon something that could be eliminated? Even if you annihilate all the monsters inside, the portal won’t disappear.

-If there had been a method like this, North Korea would not have fallen…

-Then is it possible to unify North Korea now?

-I don’t think it will work because there are too many dungeon portals there. I really need to verify this, right? But have you ever seen someone with a navigation gift?

-I have a friend who got a search gift and is now a private investigator. I should tell you. I heard he’s in the C level.

When Ariel told me that I could find the dungeon through exploration, the chat window quickly turned into chaos.

Dungeon portals that appear in the bottom 10% of countries.

There were quite a few countries that collapsed because of that.

North Korea was nearby, and many places on the African continent had become uninhabitable due to dungeon portals.

Right now, I’m in the bottom 10%, so that’s it.

I couldn’t predict what the world would be like if this increased to 20 or 30 percent later.

-If this is true, isn’t it great information?

-The kids who received the search gift won the lottery.

-I think this information could have been sold separately…

-Why are you just solving this? You have to sell it expensively!

“It is not clearly cross-verified information. When it comes to dungeons, it is a problem that humanity must jointly respond to. “I had no intention of requesting compensation for the information.”

Seong Ji-han added with a worldly smile.

“So, I would like the World Alliance to verify this information. “Is there any other good information like this, Ariel?”

“Umm… … .”

Ariel pretended to think deeply.

“Then how about this? ———.”

I said something, but all I heard was a beep.

Then Seong Ji-han said as if he felt sorry.

“ah… … “I guess I’ve been banned again.”

“uh. is it so? it’s a shame!”

Is it because Ariel’s voice filtering is so exquisite?

Everyone thought this was a limitation of the system, but they didn’t think it was Shadow Elf’s trick.

‘Let’s just solve this for now.’

There was no need to unravel too much knowledge yet.

We need to properly control information while making excuses for the system.

After that, Seong Ji-han talked with Sophia for some time and then ended the broadcast.

“no way. Is it over already?”

“It’s not good if it lasts too long. ruler. I’ll take you there. “I told you that I decided to stay at that hotel earlier, right?”

“yes. Let’s play tomorrow too!”

“I think it will be difficult because tomorrow is the commendation ceremony.”

“Tch… … .”

Seong Ji-han, who lightly dismissed Sophia’s suggestion, spoke to Yoon Se-ah.

“Sea. “Let’s go pick him up together.”

“huh. uncle.”

On the way, the group dropped Sophia off at a hotel right next to the Sword Palace.

[master. I didn’t mention it earlier because I wasn’t sure. The woman I saw in the restaurant bathroom a little while ago… … .]

Ariel was back in Seong Ji-han’s arms.

[They are secretly following us from afar.]

I told him that he was being followed.

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