The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 117

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 117>

Defense map, 1st wave of ‘One Bridge’.

The main force of the monsters crossing the bridge was composed of Death Knights, the same as before.

This Death Knight was one of the most powerful monsters among the undead, enough to capture not only the Platinum Leaguer but also the Direger.

Seokgeuk- Chii Iik-!

Now, Seong Ji-han’s phoenix flag had become a soldier who was swept away like a fallen leaf every time he moved.

-Am I right? If Jihan does something, he will be swept away, right?

-Ah… I hate this situation that I can’t refute… ㅜㅜ

-What about Death Knight, what about Cheonmang Concussion, there’s no need for anything like that lol. He just wipes everything out by himself -ㄹㅇ He’s a player who doesn’t need analysis.

Since the spleen of the Seven Thunders and Clouds is missing, I won’t be able to defeat Musou on my own like last time!

This was an analysis that anyone who had seen could do.

But what about the sight we see now?

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army


As the Phoenix flag cuts horizontally, the group of Death Knights in front are all covered in white flame and set on fire.

A completely different appearance from the majesty shown thanks to Cheonmang Concussion’s buff.

This is because, unlike in Silver, his abilities increased ridiculously when he reached the Gold League.

Additionally, the level of attack was completely different from Silver.

‘The power of the brain’s stats is impressive.’

Additional abilities gained in promotion battles, Brainy.

This power, which strengthens the power of thunderbolt, was not only applied when using thunderbolt divine power, but was also applied when simply swinging a weapon.

Since the power of Thunder, which is extremely powerful for undead, is added, no matter how powerful the Death Knight is, he cannot block even a single attack from Seong Ji-han.

‘It’s easy.’

Cut down monsters on the ground with ease, and when time permits, even eliminate ghost troops in the air.

I was unable to cover all of the air as I was concentrating my efforts on blocking the ground.

It’s so scary!

Spleen, who was watching from behind with his arms crossed, was at least taking care of the ghost coming over the cliff.

“Hmm… … ! “He’s not as good as Jo Woong, but he’s got some talent!”

Spleen grumbled with a dissatisfied face.

I was expecting a picture of that guy pleading for help after a vicious struggle.

Even when he fights, he fights very well.

“As expected, he is the owner of the divine beast recognized by the imperial family…? … .”

Spleen muttered that to himself and looked across the bridge.

Before we knew it, the Death Knight army was almost annihilated by Seong Ji-han, and the first invasion was coming to an end.


Doo doo doo doo!

With the sound of horses’ hooves in the distance.

There was a dense array of horsemen wearing black armor.

A flag with a black bird with wings spread wide flutters over the cliff.

The black lancers approached the bridge with terrifying force.

It was the advance of the Black Lancer Phoenix Corps, signaling the beginning of the second wave.

“It looks like Hojo has arrived… … you! “Get out of the way!”

Spleen stood up.

No matter how strong the guest from the imperial family was, it was impossible to ask them to fight against Hojo, the Great Lord of the Phoenix.


“it’s okay. Gatekeeper.”

“What do you mean it’s okay? “The opponent is doing well!”

“How can you use a cow-killing knife to kill a chicken?”

“W-what… … ?!”

“It’s about Hojo, I’ll deal with him.”

Spleen heard those words and shrugged his shoulders without realizing it.

Is this because I am a sword for killing cows?

Hojo is a chicken.

“Hmm. Still. Hojo is not such an easy opponent.”

When I heard that one word, my voice became softer.

“He is one of the five great generals of the Wind Empire. Even if you are recognized by the imperial family as the master of the Divine Beast, it will not be easy.”

Seong Ji-han nodded slightly at those words.

‘That’s not wrong.’

Hojo, the Great Lord of Bonghwangdae.

A giant like Spleen, he was a very powerful mid-boss.

Even though he is a giant, his skill in using a large sword like a quick sword is excellent, so even when playing games at the diamond level, he would leave all dealings with Hojo to his spleen.

There were many cases where they rushed in thinking that they would fight him, but more than half of the party members were wiped out by Hojo’s sword, and the game ended just like that.

‘But at this rate, I don’t think I will lose.’

In Silver’s time, I wouldn’t have dared to fight Hojo.

After reaching gold, I could feel how much I had become stronger.

Even if I couldn’t subdue Hojo, I was confident I could survive his sword.


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‘It’s worth giving it a try to get the approval of your secret treasure.’

Seong Ji-han decided to try many things in order to complete the epic quest.

“Isn’t there a case where the commander-in-chief steps forward first on the battlefield? “Please leave it to me.”

“Hmm… … “How can a guest of the imperial family be treated as a subordinate?”

“The gatekeeper is a person who can do that.”

“That’s right! “Heung!”

Spleen rubbed the tip of his nose with his finger.

I can’t believe a royal guest would recognize me like this.

I felt like the sadness I had felt was fading away a little.

“Well, still. It won’t be easy. good… … “Get this!”


The large spear with its spleen stuck in its back flew into the air and blinked white.

Jijijijik… … !

A thunderbolt fell in front of Seong Ji-han.

Then, a window flashing with lightning appeared in front of him.

“This… … .”

“I sent some of the power of the clouds. Absorb it into your spear and use it.”

This is part of it?

Seong Ji-han looked at the lightning spear flashing before his eyes.

In terms of the weapon’s performance alone, it contained a power similar to that of the SS-class Phoenix.

‘If this is only a part of it, the main body of the cloud spear is definitely SSS level.’

I must get it at all costs.

Seong Ji-han thought so and brought the phoenix flag to Noejeon’s spear.



The lightning spear of the phoenix was wound as it was, and electricity surged out of the pure white spear.

This was a phenomenon that occurred because the power of the white flame and cloud thunder contained in the phoenix flag was not completely fused.

But when the electric current touched Seong Ji-han’s right hand.

[The cloud spear reacts with the thunderman.]

The surge of electricity began to subside in an instant.

The cloud resonated with the crown-shaped thunder seal engraved on Seong Ji-han’s right hand.

[The power of the thunderbolt is amplified, and the thunderbolt recognizes the player as its owner.]

[The brain power increases by 2.]

‘oh. Raising your stats… … !’

The cloud thunder was quietly captured in the phoenix flag, raising the thunderman stat by 2.

“The cloud thunder dwells calmly, so you are worthy of becoming the master of the divine beast!”

As Seong Ji-han lightly controlled the cloud, Spleen opened his mouth and expressed admiration.

At the same time.

[Received approval from the treasurer.]

A notification popped up that I had completed the first condition of the epic quest.

* * *

Jihan Seong looked at the message window and slightly widened his eyes.

Are you already getting recognition?

It’s so different from last time, isn’t it?

‘Thanks to the Phoenix flag, I benefit a lot.’

Is it because of the phoenix shape of the phoenix flag?

Spleen had mistaken Seong Ji-han as an imperial guest, but now he recognized him on his own.

‘Now all I have to do is save him.’

Since Spleen discriminates against people based on their appearance so much, I thought it would be more difficult to gain recognition than to save their lives.

At this level, it was as if I had crossed the curved ridge to clear the epic quest.


The situation did not unfold so easily.

“What the hell is this… … !”

thud! thud! thud!

Beyond the skybridge.

A giant comes running in haste.

Hojo, the great lord of the Phoenix Dynasty, wearing black armor.

He looked so excited that his distorted face became even more distorted.

“Bong, phoenix! “The phoenix is ​​here!”

I guess it’s because he’s the head of Bonghwangdae.

Hojo was extremely excited when he saw the phoenix.

“Who is the owner of the phoenix! ah! Is it you?!”

On the bridge, Hojo looked everywhere to find the owner of the phoenix.

His eyes widened as he saw Seong Ji-han blocking his path.

“Oh, no. It’s not you. you! “What is your name?”

His eyes widened as he saw Seong Ji-han blocking his path.

“Why do you want to know that?”

“Come to the Wind Empire! If you bring back that phoenix, I will hand over my position as the great lord of the phoenix! “I will become the commander of the unit and serve you!”

Hojo sees the blessing of a phoenix floating in the sky and shouts while spitting out his mouth.

He was anxious to secure the phoenix somehow.

-This is my first time seeing Hojo do something like that. Why are you so excited?

-ㄹㅇ Wasn’t he quite a calm and cool person haha?

-What happens now??

-I don’t know hahaha It’s been a long time since I got derailed from the original defense game;

Because the game took a completely different route than the usual ‘One Bridge’ game, even worn-out viewers could not predict what would happen next.

It was the same for Seong Ji-han.

‘This is the first time I’ve been advised to defect.’

With just one phoenix flag, it was hard to imagine how far the butterfly effect would spread.

Although I was curious about how the game would change if I received that offer.

‘But it’s best to complete the epic quest first.’

Seong Ji-han decided to take the cloud spear first and take a look.

“What if you don’t like it?”

“then… … Be subdued calmly!”


Hojo must have expected that answer, so he quickly took out his sword and slashed at Seong Ji-han.

A blow worthy of a standard mid-boss boss that even makes Diamond struggle.

My body was so stressed that I couldn’t move due to the wind pressure that was weighing down the atmosphere.


As someone who was actually attacked, I was embarrassed.


Compared to what he had experienced before, Hojo’s movements were much slower.

‘Do you have room in your hands?’

It may be that he is controlling his strength because he needs to be subdued rather than killed.

In that case, it would be natural to take this opportunity to give him a blow.


Seong Ji-han easily dodged the attack and put his strength into the Phoenix flag.

The power of the cloud thunder and the phoenix flag combined, and a spear blade filled with white flames and thunderbolts rained down on Hojo.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Heavenly Thunder God’s description

Thunderbolt thunderstorm


Perhaps because of the increased power of the cloud thunder, the thunderbolt is cast faster than usual.

Hojo, unlike a giant, tried to avoid this with agile movements.


“K-keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !”

It was impossible to beat the speed of lightning.

Hojo was unable to completely avoid the attack and was hit by a lightning bolt on his left arm.

His arm burned in an instant, then turned into powder and disappeared.

There was astonishment in Hojo’s eyes.

“Hmm, how can I have this kind of power…?” … .”

“You. “Why are you so weak?”

Seong Ji-han tilted his head as if he wanted to ask a question.

This is because Hojo was not such a weak character.

Aren’t they the giants who fought on equal footing with that treasure?

He never imagined that his arm would be pulverized by a single lightning bolt.

‘I didn’t have mercy in my hands.’

Seong Ji-han, who prided himself on having a certain level of vision while living as a ranker, had a rough idea of ​​the difference between his current strength and that of Hojo based on his past experiences.

So, I decided that I could hold out against Hojo and went into battle.

I never thought my arm would be blown off in one blow like this.

The viewers watching this scene went into an uproar.

In particular, viewers belonging to Seong Ji-han’s fan club The First were in high spirits.

-Get the first new recruit! From now on, I will support Seong Ji-han completely!

-Ignorance ㄴㄴ This is the most intelligent

-How on earth did you do this…? I think I received a buff from the spleen this time too… I wonder what the number is…

-Don’t you know the limitations? Haha, stop analyzing and just trust and follow – So haha, I’m moving to Gangnam as a result of trusting and following Jihan ^^

“You… … !”

Meanwhile, Hojo’s face turned red at Seong Ji-han’s words.

What a shame it is to be evaluated as weak against such a small human race.

The left arm that had been reduced to dust regenerated in an instant.

“I won’t watch it!”

Hojo roared wildly and lunged at Seong Ji-han.

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