The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 120

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 120>

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“Hey, what on earth are you?”

Bi-Jang looked at Seong Ji-Han with disbelief.

“I so easily captured a group of monsters that even I would have risked my life to face. And that too using the power of darkness.”

I was thinking for a moment about what to reply to Spleen, who was giving a tirade.

Seong Ji-han’s mouth opened of its own accord.

A forced event was triggered.

“I can’t tell you any details other than the fact that I belong to the dark department of the Imperial Monarchy.”

“Ambu… … is it. I thought I wouldn’t succeed, but I ended up raising an outstanding talent like you. Was Seung Sang’s experiment a success?”

“That’s right.”

Spleen nodded as if he was convinced, and immediately took out the large spear on his back.

“Then I guess I’ll have to do my job too.”

“What do you mean to do?”

“I will request support from the giants who are maintaining neutrality. If you tell me that Chozo has been resurrected, he will help you. Until then, please take charge of this for a while and protect the bridge.”


A white thunderbolt rose from the window, converged in the form of a sphere, and escaped.

“It is the essence of the cloud spear. “I’ll implant it in your window for a while.”


The essence of the clouds interlocked with the phoenix flag and was naturally absorbed into the phoenix flag, as if they had been one from the beginning.

“Tsk… … Cloud guy. “You leave without even looking back.”

Spleen glanced at the cloud thunder immediately absorbed by the phoenix plane with a sad look for a moment, then turned his back.

“Then please give me your leg.”

The giant, Spleen, leaves the bridge and begins to walk somewhere.

Seong Ji-han looks at his back for a moment.

System messages came rolling in.

[Defense map, ‘One Bridge’ has been completely cleared.]

[As a 1st place reward, the increase in experience and GP acquisition increases by 50%.]

[As a reward for complete clearing, you will receive twice as much experience and GP.]

[This is a player who dominates the league. In order to be placed in a league appropriate to your level, additional experience points are given.]

[Level has increased by 4.]

[Obtain 200,000 GP.]

[Epic quest cleared.]

[You will receive 50,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[You will obtain Cloud Spear Cloud Thunder as a reward.]

With this message, all players, including Seong Ji-han, began logging out.

“oh. oh my god.”

“Did it end like this?”

“The compensation is crazy… … “What is this, Ms. GP?”

Players who participated in the map looked at the reward message that appeared before logging out, and their mouths twitched.

This is because, thanks to riding the ‘holy bus’ they had only heard about, they also received incredible compensation.

When you become a gold player, you don’t have to level up just by playing one game well.

Even though they did very little in this battle, they rose to level 1 or level 2 for free.

‘This is the sacred bus I’ve only heard about.’

‘I hope we can be on the same team next time.’

While everyone is gloating and logging out.

Sophia also looked at Yoon Se-ah and smiled brightly.

“and… … The level is really rising. Right, Se-ah?”

The two Silver players had risen in level more than the other Gold players, and had risen to 4 levels, the same as Seong Ji-han.

“huh. I didn’t do anything… … .”

Yoon Se-ah flicked her bowstring and spoke regretfully.

Since it was a defense map, I wondered if I could try shooting an arrow, but my uncle finished it all by himself.

“Am I eating too much raw food?”

“Then what? Se-ah, you can play one more game~ You just have to work hard there.”

“Is Sophia okay?”

“me? I like it so much. I ranked second in contribution this time. “I gave Jihan a buff.”

Sophia grinned.

Since Seong Ji-han almost finished the game by himself, it was natural that Sophia, who contributed to clearing the game by giving him a buff, would be ranked second in contribution.

“As a supporter, Jihan is someone who is very rewarding in giving buffs.”

For some reason, Sophia’s eyes looking at Seong Ji-han seemed to have become more intense than before.

She already liked the Warrior class, but she seemed even more impressed by the one-man show he showed today.

* * *

After logging out, Seong Ji-han checked the main reward, Cloud Thunder.

[Cloud Spear]

-Grade: SS

-It is a shapeless spear created by the first emperor of the Cloud Empire by combining thunderbolts.

– Proper performance can be achieved when combined with other equipment.

-Greatly strengthens the fused equipment and provides additional lightning properties.

-To fuse with equipment, the grade of the target equipment must be at least SS grade or higher.


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-When you are fully recognized as the master of clouds, you will acquire the skill ‘Summon Thunderclouds’.

-Currently, it is fused with the Phoenix flag.

A cloud spear, a cloud of white lightning brought out by the spleen.

Rather than functioning alone, this equipment showed its true value when combined with other equipment.

‘As a weapon, the phoenix is ​​about SS level, but if combined with cloud thunder, it can be used at SSS level.’ Looking at the explanation there, it seemed like there was no need to limit the fusion target to windows.

“Ariel. Is it possible to combine it with clouds?”

[Clouds? You mean that lightning spear? Eclipse’s grade is still SS, so if you accept it, the effect will be halved.]

“Then, if I go to SSS level, will there be a synergy effect?”

[…] … hmm. Well, it’s to the point where we don’t get in each other’s way. There will be no positive effect.]

“Then I guess I’ll just keep putting it in the phoenix flag.”

After completing his appraisal of the cloud, Jihan Seong checked the next reward, harvesting achievement points.

‘There are 630,000.’

Last time I was promoted from TOP 100.

The number of achievement points gained by meeting the constellation of the dead star and striking him was a whopping 300,000.

Plus, the achievement points I earned today were significant.

Now it was time to start using it.

‘First, I need to upgrade the store.’

Seong Ji-han added constellation slots and gift slots and then upgraded the store.

Although 350,000 achievement points were lost in an instant, there was still a lot left, so it was not a big burden.

‘What will come out?’

Although 350,000 achievement points were lost in an instant, there was still a lot left, so it was not a big burden.

[The achievement store has been raised to LV.7.]

[‘Donation’ item is added.]

[When you donate achievement points to the system, unexpected luck may come your way!]

[Donate 10,000 points once a month!]

“… … what?”

Seong Ji-han, who was looking forward to additional items, laughed as if it was ridiculous when he saw the donation.


Are these a joke?

[The level cap for each item increases.]

[Achievement points are required to unlock the cap.]

Although the system message added below was noteworthy.

Seong Ji-han was in a depressed state because the only item he received after paying numerous achievement points was ‘donation’.

‘I will do it!’

What do people who absolutely rule like the system lack that they would receive donation of achievement points?

Seong Ji-han had promised himself that he would never donate until then.

[To upgrade the achievement store, all sub-upgrade items must be level 3 or higher.]

[To upgrade the achievement store, you must make donations more than 5 times.]

When 5 donations were included as a prerequisite for the next store upgrade, I frowned.

They said there were more of them, and it was just like this.

‘I guess I’ll have to press it thinking it’s a missing point.’

Seong Ji-han pressed the base with his trembling fingers.

[You donated 10,000 points to the system!]

[Vitality surrounds the body. Over the course of a month, less fatigue accumulates.]

Although my body felt lighter for a moment with that message.

Seong Ji-han’s body is always healthy.

Even with a little added vitality, nothing changed.


‘… … Was donation limited to once a month?’


I feel like I want to end my 5 donations all at once.

Even though the system said it would give it, it did not allow it.

It almost felt like this was a tactic to suppress the player’s growth.

‘I can’t help it.’

Seong Ji-han calmed down his boiling frustration and decided to invest the remaining achievement points in other items.

Anyway, in order to upgrade, growth in other items was also necessary.

Among the long list of items.

Instead of the class item, Seong Ji-han looked at the item that had changed to All for One.

[All for One LV.1]

[Would you like to unlock the cap at LV.2?]

[250,000 achievement points are required.]

All for One’s level upgrade seems more useful than the status window or inventory expansion.

Seong Ji-han decided to prioritize this and invested his achievement points.

[The upper limit of All for One has been raised to LV.2.]

‘Do I need another 250,000 to level up?’

When I had 630,000 achievement points, I thought I could buy anything.

610,000 were gone in an instant with just a few clicks, and all I got was a strange item called donation and eligibility for an All for One upgrade.

‘ah… … There it is again. Useless gift slots and constellation slots.’

Seong Ji-han looked at the only 20,000 achievement points left, and for a moment felt a sense of disappointment.

‘done. ‘Let’s not have regrets.’

Wasn’t it an achievement point that had no use in my last life?

I decided to think positively, wondering how I could possibly use something like this.

‘This month’s random box increases the probability of item appearance… … .’

Random box of the month that changes every month.

October’s item was [Item].

Seong Ji-han, who thought he would check that out later, closed the achievement store at this point.

‘More than that.’

Seong Ji-han opened the status window and checked the remaining points.

The level increased by 4 with this game.

There was a reason why rapid growth was possible even though it was gold.

‘There was an added system message.’

There was a reason why rapid growth was possible even though it was gold.

[This is a player who dominates the league. In order to reassign to a league appropriate to your level, additional experience points are given.]

Even if you give out more experience points, the system is considerate to move up quickly.

It seemed like an added bonus for destroying the game balance.

‘If you invest all the remaining points, your strength will be 97… … .’

To unify the three-tier battle, the force he thought was needed was 100.

Now, there isn’t much time left.

‘This time we will succeed.’

* * *


On the same day, October 1st, the Northeast Asia League match.

A match between Korea and Taiwan unfolded.

=Ah… … ! Korea National Team! We lose again… … !

=How long is the losing streak going now? … already. Especially if we lose to Chinese Taipei, we are almost guaranteed to be at the bottom of the league!

=Ah. When will I achieve my first win? … .

Korean commentators broadcast the national team’s defeat in voices filled with grief.

The Korean national team is still unable to fill the void left by the King of Swords.

In particular, they were brutally defeated by Taiwan, who were also treated as the weakest team.

“Did you lose again?”

“Wow, even Taiwan is crushing it… … .”

“We can’t even compete at the bottom?”

“It’s a really big deal… … .”

Citizens who were watching this now started to really worry about the future rather than cursing at the national team.

“I heard that if you come in last place like this, you will fall significantly in the world rankings?”

“uh. Even if you look at other leagues, it is difficult to find a country with 0 wins like our country. “The national team’s performance right now is almost self-inflicted.”

“Wow Mr. “If we continue like this, won’t we end up like North Korea?”

“I heard that even if a dungeon appears, you can find it with an exploration gift.”

“It’s still being tested. And if a dungeon is created, our economy will be ruined.”

“That’s right… … .”

It is said that gift search plays a role in finding dungeon hacks, but this has not yet been clearly identified.

And even if one were to explore a dungeon, its creation itself was fatal to the country.

It was natural to be worried.

“Seong Ji-han needs to come up quickly!”

“under… … I mean! “Can’t we just add him to the national team now that he is a saint?”

“Hey, it’s Golden, but what kind of national team are you putting it in? “The minimum requirement is a diamond.”

“But these days, there’s no one who can achieve results like him. “He brought up that topic a while ago and was criticized for being a First fanatic.”

The minimum requirement to join the national team is diamond.

However, the idea of ​​putting Seong Ji-han, who had just achieved gold, on the national team was nonsense.

“no. Did you watch the sacred game today? He beat Hojo. “Overwhelmingly, too.”

“kilter? ah… … Are you just saying this? Coming from one leg.”

“okay. Hehe. “Fighting with equipment.”

But let Seong Ji-han beat Hojo in today’s game.

People who were familiar with game information were shocked.

“hey… … “Diamonds will also avoid their opponents, right?”

“therefore! “It’s stronger than diamond!”

“Hey. no. When I saw that, it seemed like I knew Hojo’s weakness. “I was overpowered too easily.”

“That’s not it, Seong Ji-han is just so damn strong!”

“You bastard. Is it The First? I also watched the broadcast. Hojo was also embarrassed because he didn’t know why the damage worked so well.”

“okay. I joined the fan club! hey. There is no answer for the national team anyway. Why not just pull it out once? “How long are you going to be in last place?”

A new member of The First who talks at a drinking party about trying Seong Ji-han, who also defeated Hojo.

“It’s not something we choose. What… … .”

“you can do it. Let’s go to the national petition! “Already 100,000 people have gathered!”

“… … 100,000?”

“okay. Let’s do it now! “Send a message!”

“Ha, bastard. It won’t work anyway. “I’ll just do it.”

When a friend spoke passionately, people joined the petition as if they had no other choice.

This is the day when Korea was defeated by Taiwan.

Ironically, the number of public petitioners calling for Seong Ji-han to join the national team began to increase rapidly.

“… … what. this?”

That too.

So much so that even the administration was embarrassed.

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