The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 123

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 123>

[“All national warriors, come out!” Seong Ji-han’s public declaration!]

[Experts react to Seong Ji-han’s remarks,

“It’s not possible yet.”

It’s overwhelming… …

“Some can win.”

Minority opinion]

[National petition exceeds 500,000 after being broadcast?! A new petition calling for a forum for confrontation has also been created, exceeding 300,000]

[Anonymous national team warrior,

“It’s not worth answering.”

Shows a displeased expression]

[The national team looks down on even Gold Leaguer… … What is the direction for improvement?]

Seong Ji-han’s provocation was very successful.

The news section of the portal site, which was full of articles about the defeat in the match against Taiwan, was completely changed by the issue of Seong Ji-han.

-Wow, Gold is so c*cky. How can he beat the national team?

-That’s because Gukdae is such an asshole lol.

-You just need to cast Gold Charm Education. Why are you taking it out?

-That’s because I’m scared haha.

-Honestly, a few people come to mind who will lose?

-I think everyone will lose except Kim Dong-woo.

└ Kim Dong-woo Welcome back

-Kim Dong-woo also said he was not good at the Taiwanese game haha. Jihan gave him 1 second.


Kim Dong-woo, the national warrior leader, threw away his tablet PC while reading the article’s comments.

“You crazy bastards… … “Are you telling me I’m going to lose to Gold?”

Seong Ji-han.

I know he’s strong.

After watching the TOP 100 match, I was amazed and wondered how on earth people in the same warrior class could do something like that.

But, he is strong.

“You bastard… … Anyway, he will soon become a national team player. “Why do you treat your seniors like this?”

How can it come out like that!

Anyway, if you become a national team member, you will form a camp and eat together, so how can you openly insult your seniors like this?

‘This can’t go on.’

The way the national warrior team initially decided to respond to this issue was to ignore it, saying it was not worth responding to.

However, looking at how public opinion is turning, if things continue like this, even Gold will ridicule him as a national representative who has been intimidated.

Kim Dong-woo entered a chat room exclusively for national warriors.

-Kids… I can’t go on like this. If you just ignore it, you’ll end up with a lot of hate comments.

-Look. Even if we ignore it, only we will get criticized? That arrogant bastard needs to go to real education – if he continues like this, he will become an asshole. I need to quickly ask the management bureau to set up a position for me.

-Brother, but… we won’t have an earthquake, right? I heard that guy is strong.

– Haha Jaeho is crazy. Is the national team guy scared of Gold?

Then a video was uploaded to the chat room.

It was a highlight video of Seong Ji-han clearing a single bridge map.

-I was so mad, I looked at the channel to see how strong Geumma was… and I heard he was a little crazy.

“This idiot is scared by Gold after watching a video!”

Kim Dong-woo cursed in his voice, but played the video he sent.

Seong Ji-han defeats Hojo alone and defeats the monster while flying through the sky.

After watching the matchless scene of the warrior who single-handedly dominated the defense game.

Dongwoo Kim opened his mouth.

“uh… … .”

a little… … Is it strong?

In Seong Ji-han’s video, Kim Dong-woo was reminded of the sword king who has now left for Japan.

In the national team game, a sophisticated team game, sword king Yoon Se-jin blew up the game all by himself.

This guy, like the Sword King, was showing the potential to become a player outside the standard.

-It’s strong.

-Oh, that must have been a scam. Does it make sense for a warrior to do that? Ji is not the Sword King.

-Honestly, Seongjihan is strong. If you want to compete, it would be best to do so as early as possible. That guy’s level goes up really fast.

-Is it better to play George at level 70? Is that what the national university has to say?

-You idiot, do you want to apply it to Gold?

After watching Seong Ji-han’s highlight video, a debate broke out in the national team photo chat room.

Kim Dong-woo frowned and tapped.

-no. Let’s stick together quickly. If he gets bigger, I won’t be able to beat him.

Being pissed off means being pissed off, and judgment had to be made calmly.

Kim Dong-woo, who had risen to the leader of the company through his skills, got goosebumps when he saw Seong Ji-han’s power.

Even if I hit that one now, I honestly wasn’t sure if I could win.

But what if we waste time here and that guy’s level goes up?

Then you will lose.

-If Dongwoo says so…yes.

-I’ll call the administration. You guys are getting ready too.


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Kim Dong-woo, who regained his composure after watching the sacred highlights, immediately called the management office.

“This is Dongwoo Kim. There is something I would like to say regarding this video… … .”

It was a request to prepare a stage for a confrontation as soon as possible.

* * *

Tokyo, Shizuru Ito’s mansion.

“Something interesting happened in Korea?”

Ito Shizuru looked at the article with interesting eyes.

Gold’s Seong Ji-han’s wide-area provocation was not only an interesting topic in Korea, but was also attracting a lot of attention on Japanese portal sites.

-Is there something wrong with my sacred brain? Gold is provoking the national team?

-Did you not see the TOP 100? Seongjihan is strong.

-Because the level of the Joseon team is so miserable wwww

-Shizuru, what are you doing? wwww Please charm me quickly wwww

“joy. “I don’t know why articles like that are being posted in Japan.”

The Sword King who was lying on the bed with Shizuru had a dissatisfied face.

Seeing Shizuru looking interested in an article about her old brother-in-law made me feel sick.

“What do you think Ryuhei thinks? Will Seong Ji-han beat the national fighters?”

“I win.”

The Sword King answered those words immediately.

Having a stomachache sucks.

The power comparison is a cool-headed analysis.

“The Korean national team fighters are poor. A bunch of talentless, lazy trash. “Everyone will lose to that guy.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen you speak favorably of Seong Ji-han.”

“Regardless of personal feelings, this guy’s skills are outstanding. “It is understandable that you are greedy.”

“It’s good to know. So, if Seong Ji-han becomes a national team member and plays against our country, what about you…? … “You can subdue him, right?”

“under! “It sounds obvious.”

The Sword King frowned as if he felt bad about asking if he could subdue him.

“Cut off a limb in 10 seconds. “The thought of him getting your attention makes me want to do that right now.”

Originally, I didn’t think anything of Seong Ji-han, my former brother-in-law.

Ever since Shizuru, whom he loved, showed interest in him, Seong Ji-han became the person the Sword King hated the most.

“Hehe. “Of course.”

Clap clap-

As Shizuru clapped, a woman wearing a dark suit walked out of the bedroom door.

Although her body type was similar to Akari, who caused a stir in Korea in the past.

It was a ninja with a face similar to that of Shizuru, who had the appearance of a beautiful woman.

“Did you call me? main body.”

She was an ‘alter ego’ that Shizuru Ito created by remodeling Akari upon her return to Japan.

“Why did you call that?”

“League game against Korea… … Was it next month?”

“well. “Maybe so.”

“Then, please take my alter ego to the national team game. “Once you completely subdue her Holy Land, she will be properly charmed this time.”

“… … Do you still have feelings for him?”

“yes. “I want to make Japan first place in the world league, not first place in the Northeast Asia league.”

Shizuru smiled charmingly and turned on the TV to channel 0.

There, highlights of old TOP 100 games, narrated by American commentators, were playing.

“On that channel, I want to make sure that Japanese is spoken, not English. “I wish the GP currency exchange was displayed in yen, not dollars.”

“You are a patriot.”

“So this is not how I met you?”

“I just need you… … .”

“Hehe! Do not worry.”

To the Sword King who is reluctant to ask for a favor due to jealousy.

Shizuru suggested a solution.

“So that you don’t worry…” … “If you charm Seong Ji-han and bring him to Japan, I will turn him into a woman.”

“… … what? “As a woman?”

“is it so. You, Akari, weren’t jealous, right? “Let’s have s*x reassignment surgery.”

“… … .”

The Sword King was momentarily speechless at Shizuru’s idea of ​​changing Seong Ji-han’s s*x.

“Tsk tsk… … good.”

Soon, he smiled with satisfaction.

I liked the fact that Shizuru thought of herself as a way to change her s*x.

“Well then, I hope he becomes a member of the national team soon.”

“yes. So, we are also working to ignite public opinion in Korea.”

“okay… … “I really hope it happens.”

The Sword King sincerely hoped that his c*cky former brother-in-law would become a national representative.

* * *

[Seong Ji-han. Kim Dong-woo, the national team photo leader, suggested this. We will provide a venue to prove your skills, so are you willing to participate? … .]

“I’ll do it.”

Seong Ji-han, who received the call, accepted it even before Manager Park Yun-sik finished speaking.

[Then, we will conduct a test in the management bureau’s mock battlefield two days later. Oh, and Dongwoo Kim suggested broadcasting this test live. What do you think about this?]

“… … Live broadcast?”

Even if you win over there, it’s still the same.

If you lose, you’ll feel ashamed as Diamond losing to Gold, but you’re suggesting that we broadcast this live?

[They propose to broadcast it live through the management bureau channel and share the profits from this broadcast.]

“All right.”

Rather than making money, the intention is mostly to cause public embarrassment.

Seong Ji-han readily accepted the management bureau’s proposal.

“and. uncle… … Are you competing against the national team?”

“uh. “It happened faster than I thought.”

Perhaps because of the public opinion that the national team was avoiding competition because they were afraid of gold, the test date was set sooner than expected.

“… … Wouldn’t it be better to level up a bit more and stick with it? “Two days is too fast.”

“are you okay. “I still win.”

“still! “Isn’t level 70 too much?”

“no. I’m 72 now. and… … .”

Seong Ji-han smiled confidently.

“I got 100 brute force.”

“… … Did you hit 100 stats? already? “Is that possible?”

“I benefited somewhat from the title effect.”

A force of 100 created by combining several bonus factors such as title and guild bonuses.

‘Now we can integrate the three stages.’

99 to 100.

Although the difference in ability points was only one, the triple-digit stat does not remain merely symbolic.

Compared to the 99th day, you can definitely feel the stronger power.

‘this time… … .’

A fusion of three stages.

It is definitely possible to succeed.

“Sea. “I need to do some lung training in the training room.”

“ah… … Preparing for a test? okay!”

“no. They don’t really care. “It’s because of the stats.”

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han made a request to Yoon Se-ah.

“So don’t worry if you don’t come out of the training room.”


“Okay then, I’ll finish it right away.”

Just like that, Seong Ji-han entered the training room with a smile on his face.

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