The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 125

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 125>

“Why do you want to give up life? “Change your thoughts.”

Dongbangsak said with a look of incomprehension.

“Look over there. Numerous weapons placed in the sky. Those are all traces of the constellations that were defeated by the God of War. “The constellations that claimed to be the masters of the stars and were confident in their own strength were all suppressed by the God of War.”

“Oh, I see.”

“… … But no matter how much martial spirit you have, will you be able to defeat God of War? It’s impossible. “If you waste your martial power for no reason, you will end up just like them.”

Dongbangsak’s words were filled with sincerity.

A wandering martial god who hunts constellations.

How could a mere human defeat him?

“Are you so crazy about nothingness that you can gain martial soul even after risking all of this?”

“Not really.”


It was a coveted ability.

However, as Dongbangsak said, he had no intention of gaining anything by going against the unbeatable being, Musin.

Seong Ji-han’s goal was not the completion of nothingness, but to prevent the destruction of humanity by allowing Earth to survive in the Space League.

“So, are you a person who goes back to the difficult path even though there is an easy path?”

“That’s not it either. but… … .”

Seong Ji-han looked around.

“Contrary to what Dongbangsak said, the owner of this planet does not think so.”

“what… … ? What does that mean? I definitely heard that from the God of War… … .”

“Did you say this place was deserted?”

“I see.”

“Isn’t this a star created by the martial spirit with his martial soul?”

Dong Bang-suk looked at Seong Ji-han with a surprised face for a moment, then slowly nodded.

“… … “He is like that too.”

A star in the universe that did not originally exist, Tuseong.

The one who artificially created this was none other than the martial spirit of Martial God.

Considering that the range of Seong Ji-han’s martial spirit was only 20cm, I could see how powerful the martial spirit’s power was.

“How did you know that?”

“I just figured it out. “When the soulless realm overlapped, I got a feeling.”

Seeing Seong Ji-han answering so easily, Dong Bang-sak stroked his beard.

“It’s just…” … haha. As a warrior myself, I feel jealous of those words. It’s a feeling… … That kind of feeling is truly innate. “It’s something that’s innate and cannot be matched by effort.”

When did you first feel such a difference?

Dongbangsak’s voice was filled with genuine envy.

“And from the overlapping martial soul realm, the will of the martial spirit was heard.”

When Dongbangsak presented a choice.

At the same time, Seong Ji-han heard the will of Martial God through Martial Spirit.

[If you want to defeat me, I will be willing to wait.]

Contrary to what Dongbangsuk said, Musin actually wanted Seongjihan to have a martial spirit.

And if you give up martial spirit and choose the essence of the constellation… … .

[If you wish to live, you will be my servant forever.]

He said it would belong to him.

‘It is better to be in conflict than to be a servant of the God of War.’

Musin’s will was filled with sincerity.

He declared that even if he obtains martial spirit, he will wait until Seong Ji-han becomes strong according to his level.

Then the answer was obvious.

‘I will live my life even if I have to die later in defeat.’

Moreover, in order to move freely in the soon-to-be-opened Space League, it was especially impossible to be tied down by the god of war.

“He informed me that if I accepted your offer, I would become his servant forever. “Like you.”

At those words, Dongbangsak stopped stroking his beard for a moment.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssss… … .

I smoothed my beard again.

“It’s okay to live as a slave. “If the owner is a military god.”

“I don’t want to live like that, a life of eternal dependence.”

“‘Eternity’ is the important thing. Longevity is something that everyone who has life wishes for. “I think things that haven’t even been around for a long time will end up being unhappy if they don’t die.”

“… … .”

“Once you live, you will know. “How happy eternal life is.”

“Before you became a servant of the God of War, weren’t you immortal?”

Samcheongapja Dongbangsak.

I didn’t live as an immortal from the beginning.

By becoming a servant of the God of War, have you gained infinite life?

To Seong Ji-han’s question, Dong Bang-sak nodded.

“I see. “My martial arts level was originally high enough to suppress aging, but it wasn’t complete immortality.”

“But how did you meet Mushin?”

“you. “I think I have quite a few questions.”


Dongbangsak cut off one of his beards.

Then, smoke rose from the severed beard, and it immediately took the shape of a sword.


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“If you become my successor, then I will answer the question.”

“I don’t think that will happen.”

“No, I think you’d be a good successor. So we can’t just watch them die.”


A haze rises from Dongbangsak’s sword.

It soon created the Taegeuk symbol.

“that… … .”

“Mushin is a person who gives quite a lot of vacation time. “On my most recent vacation, I went to my hometown and had fun drawing patterns in the mountains behind the neighborhood.”

“Are you drawing a pattern?”

Taegeuk drawn by a sword.

A mysterious movement created by white and black interlocking with each other.

Dongbangsak was described as simply drawing patterns.

“That’s right. However, children who showed interest in this pattern kept asking to be accepted as students. “I played captain with them for a while.”

“It’s a game of captain… … .”

When Seong Ji-han saw Taegeuk’s movements, a name suddenly came to mind and he asked.

“By any chance was your name Jang Sam-bong back then?”

“oh. “How did you know?”

“The place where you played captain is Mt. Mudang?”

“That’s right. As expected, since our cultures overlap, conversation is easy. “I especially want to appoint you as my successor.”

Dongbangsak looked at Seong Jihan and his eyes sparkled.

“ruler. “It’s a small trick I did while resting.”

Taegeuk began to slowly turn.

“If you can’t overcome this, it’s pointless to challenge God of War.”

A circle that slowly turns.

At the same time, the pressure on Seong Ji-han intensified.

A sword that unfolds the Taegeuk of Dongbangsak.

This was so close to nothing that it could be called a small feat.




As the ground shook and the voice of the Absolute rang out, Taegeuk’s movement suddenly stopped.

Dongbangsuk put down his sword, knelt down, and bowed while looking at the sky.

“I will follow your orders. God of War.”

Where has the image of the absolute warrior who showed Taegeuk’s sword gone, and Dongbangsak who appears to worship like a bell?

“Seeing someone as high as Jang Sam-bong doing this makes me not want to become a servant even more.”

“Jang Sam-bong? What kind of algebra is that? “During our last vacation, we were called Cheonma.”

“… … .”

Seong Ji-han was speechless.

Doesn’t that mean that he has become the best expert of the political faction and the best expert of the demonic religion in the world of martial arts by himself?

“Anyway, it’s unfortunate.”

Dongbangsak said so and swung his left hand.

At the same time as Dopo was greatly shaken, Seong Jihan’s world was split apart.

And the pitch-black space that had originally sent him here was revealed.

“If you change your mind, feel free to tell me.”

“I’ll just accept the favor.”

Seong Ji-han gave a half-hearted answer to Dong Bang-sak, who was full of regret, and then walked away.

[Return to the original world.]

Soon, a system message appeared.

* * *

Yoon Se-ah paced outside the door of the training room with a nervous look on her face.

‘ah… … ‘What should I do?’

Seong Ji-han, who went in as if he would finish training soon, showed no sign of coming out even though two days had already passed and the test time was almost over.

The vehicle sent by the management bureau has already been waiting in the parking lot below the Sword Palace for an hour.

Additionally, there are only 30 minutes left until the test time with the national team warriors.

‘eww… … What should I do? They said it was important training, so I couldn’t go into the training room. Should I just give up on the test?’

The national representative test is not more important than training… … .

Seong Ji-han’s behavior over the past few days bothered Yoon Se-ah.

‘My uncle said he could win the national team with his momentum. I also agreed to a live broadcast… … .’

They suddenly say that they couldn’t come out that day with the excuse of training?

No matter how popular Seong Ji-han was, he could still be ridiculed and criticized by the public.

“Samchoon… … .”

Outside the training room, Yoon Se-ah called Seong Ji-han in a low voice.

Since he wasn’t inside in the first place, there was no way he could have heard.

Just stamping your feet and waiting anxiously.


Yoon Se-ah’s cell phone vibrated.

[Yoon Se-ah. Has Seong Ji-han not come out yet?]

“ah. I. that is… … .”

[that… … There are less than 15 minutes left… … If this happens, wouldn’t it be better to just cancel today’s game?]

Manager Park Yun-sik, waiting below, asked cautiously.

Rather than show that the broadcast was ruined because Seong Ji-han didn’t come in the middle of a live broadcast for no reason.

I just thought it would be better to cancel in advance.

[Even if you come out now and get in the car, it might be a little late… … You probably can’t even manage your condition. The game will be played on a different day… … .]

“ah. That’s it… … then… … .”

When Yoon Se-ah finally wonders if she should postpone it.


The door to the training room opened.

“Sea. “Can you change me?”

“Say, uncle!”

As soon as he returned to Earth, Seong Ji-han heard the phone call between Yoon Se-ah and Park Yun-sik.

‘If the Dongbangsak hadn’t been soggy, there would have been more room.’

Thinking back to Dongbangsak, who was anxious to have Seong Jihan as his successor, he looked bored.

If it wasn’t for Musin, I would have failed today’s test.

“If there is a lot of traffic, I will take care of it. Please drive slowly to the management office.”

[ah… … it’s okay! You can still make it just in time.]

“no. “Running is faster.”

Seong Ji-han then headed to the window.

“uncle?! Where?”

“I’m taking the closest route.”

“… … hey. “It’s not a game here, is it?”

Looking at Seong Ji-han with the window wide open, Yoon Se-ah said, “It couldn’t be possible.”

“Sea. “You can come in the manager’s car.”

Seong Ji-han waved his hand and jumped out the window.


Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Step method

Seomcheonroebo (閃天雷步)

It took a moment for Yoon Se-ah to rush out the window.

Seong Ji-han was already flying far away, leaving behind a white flash of lightning.

“Ugh… … really.”

Yoon Se-ah watched Seong Ji-han disappear into a dot as if she couldn’t stop him, and then twitched her eyebrows.


I think it’s a lot faster than the last time we played together.

Even though in reality, players are limited by their abilities.

How can I go faster than in-game?

‘… … Is it because I ran with all my might?’

* * *

As soon as Yoon Se-ah got into Park Yun-sik’s car, she operated the car’s panel and turned on the TV.

=Ah. Seong Ji-han, I think I’m going to be late… … .

=Now the other players came and were waiting an hour ago.

=He said he would be a little late because the training he had done two days ago was not completed.

=Still. No matter how important training is, shouldn’t people keep their time commitments? In particular, the national team players are much more senior than the players. Anyway, isn’t this rude? … .

In the broadcast that was being broadcast live in advance, one of the commentators was scolding Seong Ji-han for a long time.

Yoon Se-ah pouted.

“It wasn’t even the scheduled time, but it was already broadcasting.”

=Perhaps not, but… … It’s not because you feel burdened when you try to take the test, right?

=Ah, could that be possible?

=No matter how urgent the player’s training is. Isn’t it common for people to practice in closed halls, even though it’s not a martial arts school?

=Well, in that case… … Almost none, right?

Yoon Se-ah watched the broadcast and became angry.

One of the commentators was spitting and criticizing Seong Ji-han as if he were his enemy.

“It’s too much, really. “Have you lost your enemy?”

“He is a commentator who is famous for being close to Kim Dong-woo. “I guess that’s why.”

“ah… … is it so?”

Shouldn’t such a biased commentator be broadcast?

When Yoon Se-ah was thinking like that.

=Huh?! It is said that Seong Ji-han has now arrived!

=Is that so? I heard the car hasn’t started yet?

=… … They say it flew in?

The commentator’s bewildered voice rang out.

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