The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 134

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 134>

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At the entrance to the Center, reporters were already gathered like a cloud.

They constantly set off their flashlights every time the national team players arrived, and were constantly pressing the shutter button while quietly muttering their dissatisfaction.

“I really… … “It’s a waste of money this time too.”

“When on earth is he coming?”

This was because there was someone else waiting for the reporters.

“under… … “What is this nonsense?”

“Oh, no… … .”

No matter how small he spoke, his voice could be heard by any national team player.

National team players passed by and looked at the reporters’ complaints as if they were ridiculous.

The person who received the flash baptism was about to turn ten.

A large limousine belonging to the management bureau entered the center entrance and stopped.

And when Seong Ji-han came down inside, cries as if announcing the advance rang out among the reporters.

“It’s Seongjihan!”

Accordingly, the reporters’ eyes lit up and they quickly raised their cameras.

click! click! click! click!

There was a flash sound that was noticeably different from before.

“huh? “Everyone else gets off too!”

And Seong Ji-han was not the only one who got off the large limousine.

Seong Ji-han, Yoon Se-ah, Ariel, and Akari appeared one after another.

“Is that person Akari?”

“There are also summoned beasts.”

“I even brought Yoon Se-ah. “Is it because of what happened yesterday?”

Just then, reporters who had been waiting in advance rushed over and held out their microphones.

“Seong Ji-han! “Please tell us about your determination to face the war against Russia!”

“I heard there was an attack yesterday! after that… … .”

“The government announced that this incident cannot be tolerated. Comments on this… … !”

Seong Ji-han was surrounded by reporters so that it could be said to have been an instant.

As his expression frowned slightly, the reporters’ expressions also hardened.

‘I won’t harden my body today… … ?’

‘It’s the first day of the national team. ‘Wouldn’t you at least pay attention?’

The reporters knew that Seong Ji-han had used the power of the Force several times, but since every day was a different day, they thought Seong Ji-han would faithfully answer the interview today.


Seong Ji-han had nothing like that.

He said, gently raising his hand.

“ah. I’m sensitive to people flocking to me because of what happened yesterday. Excuse me.”

“What… … Eup?!”

The mouths and feet of the reporters who were flocking were tied together.


The bodies of several reporters who had been in close contact appeared and were pushed back.

A situation where intentional distancing has been completely realized.

Seong Ji-han’s path, which had been blocked by reporters, became clear.

“I will tell you more details later in the interview.”

I thought the series of commotions would end like that.

There was an unexpected ambush.

[Mr. Kato! Is everything you said yesterday true? Ito’s side is strongly protesting, saying that he is being blamed for the murder!]

[In addition, the home country has requested the Korean government to extradite a heinous criminal who murdered a parricide! What do you think about this?]

A reporter from a Japanese broadcasting station approached Akari, who was following Seong Ji-han, and asked her a question in Japanese.

The biggest topic in Japan at the moment was the revelation made by Akari, so from the Japanese reporters’ point of view, Akari was more of a scoop than Seongjihan.

At those words, Akari glared at the Japanese reporter.

[what? My parents… … Are you accusing me of killing him?]

[Ito’s lawyer protested, “Who would have killed him if not you?”

[Such rumors… … .]

“Wait a minute, don’t deal with me.”

Seong Ji-han stopped Akari, who was about to say something evil.

In the end, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and turn her back on the reporters.

* ? * ? *

The inside of Center boasted a splendid exterior that put even a high-end hotel to shame.

“Seong Ji-han! “I will take you this way.”

Manager Park Yun-sik, who had been waiting in advance, guided Seong Ji-han and his group to the top floor of the center.

“As you requested yesterday, we have reserved three adjoining rooms.”

“Do you have separate rooms? Shouldn’t I share the same room with my uncle? “You have to stick together.”

Yoon Se-ah must have been shocked by what happened yesterday, so she tried to follow through on her words that she would stick to Seong Ji-han like a magnet.

“It’s okay because I can figure it out as long as I’m in the next room.”

“okay? Yesterday it was the same place… … .”

“I can cover it as long as it’s not about the distance between the top floor and the basement like yesterday.”

Seong Ji-han, who had reassured Yoon Se-ah, this time looked at Ariel.


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“You will have to share a room with Akari for the time being.”

“With him? “Is it because of surveillance?”

“Because I can’t be completely reassured yet.”

“I get it.”

Ariel soon translated this, and Akari nodded as if she understood.

Park Yun-sik, who was watching their conversation, spoke carefully.

“The National Intelligence Service’s department has requested permission to speak with Akari.”

“From the National Intelligence Service?”

After North Korea collapsed into a dungeon, the National Intelligence Service changed its anti-aircraft work to Battlenet-related.

After the Sword King’s surprise departure to Japan, the National Intelligence Service, which was collecting information related to him, noticed a whistleblower named Akari and took notice of her.

“yes. “It is said that in order to wage war on public opinion with Japan, a process of cross-checking the information held by the National Intelligence Service is necessary.”

[…] … !]

Akari’s wide eyes flashed after hearing Ariel’s interpretation.

“Akari, will you cooperate?”

[I will. I will do anything as long as it can harm Shizuru.]

Perhaps because of the conversation with the Japanese reporter a little while ago, her resentment deepened even further.

[I will kill you… … .]

Stealing your own body.

The enemy who killed Akari’s parents by using her body to determine Akari’s resistance level.

Her voice was overflowing with life.

“You have so many things to do.”

“… … All right. “I will tell that to them.”

Is he really a diamond class assassin?

Living is no joke.

Park Yun-sik broke out in a cold sweat and quickly nodded.

* ? * ? *

Battlenet Center 2nd floor, National Strategy Conference Room.

There, 100 of the best players in Korea gathered together.

“The map we will be training on today is ‘Southgate’, which was decided to be used in the first and second games.”


A map where you fight desperately to protect the southern gate of the fortress.

Once a defense guarding a fortress.

It was a map where a total of two games were played, one with an invasion attacking a fortress.

The most basic game used in national team matches.

‘It’s a simple map suitable for a tutorial.’

This was the conclusion Seong Ji-han came to after hearing the explanation of director Noh Young-jun, who came up to the podium.

The door to the Southgate map has already been opened in the game.

The warriors formed a formation there to block it.

Archers and wizards keep the enemy in check on top of the fortress.

The supporter heals it from behind or applies a debuff to the enemy.

This was the basic game progression method of the Southgate map.

“… … As everyone knows, Warrior Jin is the most important part of this map. This is because the points vary greatly depending on how long you block the open south gate.”

A warrior camp that serves as the gate to the fortress.

How long they can hold out will determine the victory or defeat of the Southgate map.

The moment the warrior camp collapses and the enemy steps inside the door.

Because there was a huge loss of points that could not be recovered.

“Due to the characteristics of this map, there are many pessimistic predictions in the world that we will lose this national match as well.”

Korea’s national warrior team, classified as the overwhelmingly weakest team in Northeast Asia.

On the other hand, Russia is not as good as Japan, where the Sword King joined in the Northeast Asian League.

It had powerful warriors, similar to the next country, China.

There is such a difference in the level of warriors, and even in the maps of the first and second games, warriors were the most important map.

The public’s predictions, as well as the bets of gamblers, overwhelmingly favored Russia.

“However, I believe that this time our players will overcome this negative outlook. especially! “We have added a reliable player to our national team.”

Director Noh Young-jun then looked at Seong Ji-han and motioned for him to get up.

“This is Seong Ji-han. I hope to go along well.”

Seong Ji-han gets up from his seat, says hello briefly, and sits down again.

In front of senior national team members, his attitude was quite stiff, almost to the point of appearing arrogant.

Clap clap clap-!

The other national team players did not pay any attention to this and welcomed him with applause.

Hwii profit!

In particular, players in positions other than Warriors welcomed Seong Ji-han very, very passionately, even blowing whistles.

“It’s finally here!”

“nice… … “I will live now.”

This is because it was the weakest Warrior Jin, so much so that it was called an automatic door.

However, if Seong Ji-han, who is attracting public attention today, joins, there will be a clear change.

“Today, we will take time to focus on the teamwork of the Warriors.”


That’s how the practice started.

“A holy player!”

Kim Dong-woo, the leader of the entire team, approached Seong Ji-han with a smile on his face along with a player.

“I owed you a lot last time.”

“What’s your situation? Everyone exploded at once. “Hehe.”

“hey. Noisy. Do you want to bring up such dark history?”

“You said you owed it to your brother first.”

During the national team selection test, all warriors were defeated by Seong Ji-han with one punch.

Perhaps because they lost so overwhelmingly at that time, they treated Seong Ji-han, who came in after defeating them, more favorably than expected.

“Anyway, now that we’re part of the original team, let’s practice hard and work together.”

“yes. All right.”

“haha. Now that we’re on the same team, let’s get along comfortably. Are you old… … ?”

“I’m 27.”

“ah. I’m 30. “Can I speak comfortably?”

Seong Ji-han looked at Kim Dong-woo blankly.

He’s a very friendly person.

‘There is no need to pretend to live.’

Since we are part of the same national team, there will be a lot of activities for the Warriors to do together.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got along well with each other?

Seong Ji-han nodded calmly.


“oh. oh… … Really? Oh, is it really?”

“older brother! My name is Yungi Lee. “Please feel free to call me too!”

As Seong Ji-han, who seemed prickly, accepted this easily, Lee Yoon-ki, who was next to him, was already calling him a big brother and clinging to Seong Ji-han.

Director Noh Young-jun watched this from afar and inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Dongwoo is good at things like that, though. There won’t be any trouble.’

I was worried about what would happen if I showed an emotional breakdown with the warrior character who was broken by one punch.

Fortunately, it seemed like that would not happen as Kim Dong-woo welcomed him and Seong Ji-han also responded well.

‘All I need is a synergy effect in the warrior group.’

Coach Noh Young-jun thought so before entering the game.

Southgate map where you can select up to 30 warriors.

First, he replaced the lowest-ranked player in the existing elite with Seong Ji-han.

However, the game faced difficulties from the beginning.

“No shield?”

“yes. “I’ve never heard that while playing a game.”

“ah. A shield is essential to form a noble group… … .”

Kim Dong-woo scratched his cheek as if he was embarrassed.

The open south gate of South Gate.

In order to protect this place, the ideal would be for the warriors to come together and form a ‘Gwigapjin’, a special formation recognized in the game.

A picture of a warrior holding a shield and banding together to act as a barrier.

To form this, a shield was the basic of the basics.

“but… … “On my brother’s broadcasts, I only saw him using swords and spears.”

“hmm. First of all, do you want to use this shield? “Anyway, what the director wants to see is Gwi Gap-jin’s efficiency.”

Dongwoo Kim took out an unused shield from his inventory.

A large kite shield with Class A performance.

Seong Ji-han looked at this blankly.

‘If I want to fully demonstrate my abilities, I don’t want to be tied down to the defensive line.’

Among the warriors, those who were outstanding, like the King of Swords, were given free roles, unlike the warriors who now make up the noble class.

Seong Ji-han also showed off his best performance in American First in his free position in his last life.

Even now that I gained martial spirit, I still thought I deserved it.

“thank you.”

For now, the priority was to integrate into the team.

In free positions, your skills will be recognized and accepted more.

He willingly accepted the kite shield.

Even in my last life, I’ve used a shield quite a few times, so I’m not used to it.

“Can I stand here?”

“uh. uh. okay. Come here. Now, stop here… … .”

He formed a formation with 30 warriors.

Seong Ji-han, who held the shield for the first time, stood up awkwardly.

‘It might be better not to let Seong Ji-han play in the first and second games… … .’

Director Noh Young-jun thought so at first.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

Let’s actually activate the turtle shell.

“uh… … This… … .”

I opened my mouth wide and couldn’t hide my surprise.

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