The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 144

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 144>


The origin is the strongest battle method practiced by 108 Shaolin monks, and in the game, only the divine monk Lee Ryong, who possesses the Shaolin Bangjang gift, was able to implement it.

Until now, only the reduced Arhat Jinn, the Eighteen Arhat Jinn, could be used.

When Lee Ryong reached level 250, he became able to use this ultimate method.

“I tried to bring it out as a hidden card against the Sword King… … .”

“It’s humiliating to only have to spend it on a gold player… … !”

The people gathered in the operation room swallowed their silence.

The favorite of Shaolin Jinbeop, Baekpalna Hanjin.

Should I use this secret strategy I had prepared to subdue the sword king of Japan against someone like Gold?

“If we lose to Korea this time, we will be at the top of the league this season. “You have to do your best.”

“It actually worked out well. Before using it on the Sword King, wouldn’t it be okay to use Seong Ji-han as a test using the Hundred Eight Arhats?”

“Hmm. is it… … good. Let’s use Hundred Eight Arhats on him!”

The Chinese operations department selected Seong Ji-han as the first target of the completed Luo Han Jin.

“All right. and… … “In order to amplify the effect of this Hundred Eight Arhats, there is something the Ministry of National Security needs to know.”

China’s intelligence organization, head of the Battlenet operation department at the request of the Ministry of State Security.

“What can I investigate?”

“I would like you to do even a small investigation into Seong Ji-han’s martial arts origins.”

The head of the operations department said with a proud face.

“Martial arts is fundamentally about neutralization. “If you look at the origin of his talent, it is probably connected to his home country.”

“All right. We will begin the investigation immediately. “The intelligence organizations that have infiltrated Korea are also mobilized.”

Seong Ji-han’s martial arts ultimately traces back to China.

If you research it, you will soon find out which region, which clan, and which person it belongs to.

“Please figure out anything that could be his weakness.”

“All right.”

In this way, China’s operational department concluded its meeting on countermeasures against Seong Ji-han.

Except for him, he didn’t seem particularly worried about the other Korean national team players.

* ? * ? *

After the Russian War.

On Seong Ji-han’s Battle Tube, donations began to appear occasionally.

There were also fans who threw 10 million won as a message of pure support.

[‘I Korean’ sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Player Seong Ji-han. What happens to the recluse?]


Suddenly, there were a lot of people asking strange questions.

“There is no such thing. “What kind of prayer is this on”

Seong Ji-han, who was lightly wiping out the undead on the ‘One Bridge’ map, leisurely answered these absurd questions at first.


[‘Martial Arts Expert’ sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[If you know the origin of martial arts, you can become more powerful. If you tell me the name of the martial artist, I will look it up.]

These messages of support began to outnumber messages cheering for Seong Ji-han.

-what? Suddenly ㅡㅡ

-Why do you keep telling me about martial arts?

So many sponsorship messages asking people to know about martial arts appeared that even viewers were puzzled.

‘ah. This can’t be… … .’

Seong Ji-han remembered memories from his last life.

As a member of the U.S. national team, he advanced to the World Champions League and faced China in the semifinals.

Even back then, there were a lot of people suddenly sending me donations and asking about my martial arts skills.

“Are you Chinese?”

Seong Ji-han asked directly.

[‘大少林寺’ sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[It’s bread that goes beyond the limits of sacred territory. When I asked him about martial arts, he responded that he was Chinese. If you are honest, reveal your secret.]

-We blocked Daesominji Temple where the manager made a disparaging comment.

It is now a sacred channel where care is taken from the guild.

The chat manager selected by Lee Ha-yeon took action immediately.


– Seong Ji-han is very timid.

-If you’re honest, there’s no reason why you can’t reveal the secret?

-If you use our country’s martial arts, you have to be shameless.

Comments began pouring in criticizing Seong Ji-han and asking him to reveal his military merits.

As people with Chinese flags in front filled the chat window, Korean viewers only then realized what was going on.

-what. When did so many Chinese kids watch our channel? LOL – I thought it was strange that they kept telling me to reveal my martial arts skills. ㄷㄷ – This was completely organized? In the past, I wasn’t curious about martial arts, but as soon as the Russian war ended, I was like this haha ​​- I come from the Sword King family, and they were like this even during Sword King. They tried to find out the name of the skill while trying to reveal the origin of the dual sword technique and telling people not to imitate Chinese martial arts.

The manager was busy blocking remarks that crossed the line.

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han.


Rather, I used this as an opportunity.

Even though the minimum sponsorship limit is 10,000 GP these days, sponsorships have been coming in too often, and there is a justification to use this as an excuse to raise the limit.

“This isn’t going to work. “We will raise the limit for sponsorship messages to 100,000 GP.”


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-100,000 GP ㅜㅜ It’s the most expensive in the world…

-What is this because of the Chinese kids?

“We are very grateful to those who have supported us so far. From now on, I will only accept your heart.”

The minimum sponsorship amount quickly increased tenfold.

As if they had not expected such an increase, the sponsorship message asking them to reveal their martial arts skills no longer appeared.

Although the fight between Korean and Chinese viewers in the chat window became even more chaotic.

‘It’s comfortable.’

Of course, this was not visible to those playing the game.

Seong Ji-han forgot what happened a moment ago and was only focused on leveling up.

However, China’s intelligence organization did not give up this task easily.


“… … Hoo. “Something like that happened in the Triad?”

As I was collecting all the information related to Seong Ji-han, I came across some information that caught my eye.

It was the case of Jin Yu-hwa who suddenly died of a heart attack during Seong Ji-han’s commendation ceremony.

Although it seemed like an accidental death.

The condition of her gift, which was chronic, was a bit unusual.

“Was there such a condition on the real gift? “To upgrade the great castle, one of them has to die?”


“Do you have any evidence?”

“that… … There is none. “Her daughter died of a heart attack.”

“Did you take any pictures of the gift?”

“yes… … .”

The Ministry of National Security met with a high-ranking Triad official, Jin Yu-hwa’s father, and gathered information.

“He went to kill Yoon Se-ah, but instead died of a heart attack… … .”

“yes. But my father also thought it was just a coincidence. “While Seong Ji-han was receiving the award, she died of a heart attack in the bathroom.”

The Director of the Ministry of National Security nodded.

No matter how good Seong Ji-han is, how can he kill someone who was in a completely different place?

“But it doesn’t matter. Let’s tie this up with Seong Ji-han. must.”

“It doesn’t seem to have much to do with him, but… … “There is nothing to call it evidence.”

“Just tie it together. “It’s meant to cause scratches anyway.”

“All right.”

* ? * ? *

“and. uncle. oh my god.”


“I went to the basement mart today, and as soon as I got off the elevator, there were all these flyers stuck on the wall.”

– Seong Ji-han, reveal about martial arts!

A leaflet written in large, bright red letters.

Seeing that, Seong Ji-han frowned.

“It’s not something that one individual does. “They are systematically trying to figure out martial arts somehow.”

“huh. It was strange ever since I donated 10 million won each. There… … And there was also information like this.”

Yoon Se-ah carefully took out the second leaflet.

-What is the truth about Jin Yu-hwa’s death?

-A woman with a long life meets death in Korea!

Like the first one, this is not about recklessly telling people to reveal their martial arts skills.

A leaflet links Jin Yu-hwa and Yoon Se-ah, both of whom have long-term chronic diseases, and says that her death is mysterious.


“Jin Yu-hwa’s bereaved family members are protesting outside holding picket signs.”

Yoon Se-ah turns on the TV and goes to the news channel.

At that time, there was a news story showing them being filmed at the scene.

-Reveal the truth behind Jin Yu-hwa’s death!

The people who were gathered together as the bereaved family were all very bulky and intimidating.

“Have you gathered the Triad kids?”

“I guess so.”

It had only been three days since the end of the war in Russia, but seeing them act so quickly made it seem like the government had intervened.

“Most people’s reaction is that they are dumbfounded, asking why a person who had a heart attack is associated with his uncle… … .”

Yoon Se-ah frowned while looking at her smartphone.

“There are people who keep trying to spread this news by flooding the comments.”


“huh. “They’re trying to hook her up with her uncle somehow.”

“Leave it alone.”

Seong Ji-han burst out laughing.

Their intentions were clearly visible.

“They will systematically spread the news of Jin Yu-hwa’s death, and later make a deal that they will not make it public if they reveal the truth about his military exploits.”

“uncle. “You’re not going to accept that, are you?”

“of course. “If they give in, they will get more excited and go on the offensive.”

“But why are you asking me to reveal my martial arts skills like that? “What difference does knowing make?”

“hmm. well… … “You’re persistent.”

Seong Ji-han responded on the outside, pretending not to know the meaning, but deep down, he had something in mind.

‘Are the hundred and eighty-one Hanjin ready?’

One hundred and eight years old.

China’s secret weapon that completely traps a player.

In order to maximize the effect of Na Han-jin, it was necessary to understand the characteristics of the target in detail, so I suspected that it was acting recklessly like that.

‘In my last life, I couldn’t escape from the Hundred and Eight Arcades… … .’

Not long after Seong Ji-han joined the U.S. national team.

The Chinese team he met in the World Champions League used Baekpalna Hanjin on him.

At that time, our military force was not fully developed, so rather than destroying the camp, we were focused on surviving within it.

Later, after I had grown more, I wanted to challenge Baekpalnahanjin again.

‘At that time, Shinseung had already died in the Space League, so he never came out again.’

Therefore, it remained a regret for Seong Ji-han that he could not defeat Na Han-jin.

‘I guess I’ll have to try again this time.’

If you want to give China a blow for being so annoying.

It would be best to destroy the Hundred Eight Arhats, which they trust the most.

On the TV screen, the protesters, now lying down naked, were shown confronting the police.

“Sea. I don’t know if they’ll bother you too. Accompany Akari and never deal with her. Understand?”

“okay. uncle. Even on my battle tube, strange people kept coming and flooding the chat window.”

“You just raise the sponsorship limit to 100,000 GP. “You don’t need support, right?”

“It’s not necessary… … “But I guess I’ll have to do this temporarily until this situation calms down.”

For the next few days, the Internet was very noisy about Seong Ji-han’s martial arts and Jin Yu-hwa’s death.

-These bastards are the same as when they were King of Swords.

-Last time, the Sword King bothered me so much that I got angry and showed him the name of the dual sword technique skill. What kind of martial arts is this?

-That’s their purpose. Things shouldn’t proceed the same way as last time.

-We must defend ㅇㅇ

Only Korean and Chinese netizens are at war.

Seong Ji-han’s side consistently ignored it.

Just like that, time passes.

The match between the Korean and Chinese national teams was approaching.

The mansion of Shinseung Lee Ryong.

A burly man with a shaved head woke up in a large bed that looked like three king-sized beds had been put together.

“ah. Lee Ryong… … “Are you awake?”

“Get up early too.”

“Even though you worked so hard yesterday… … .”

The two women rubbing their eyes under the blanket smiled at him.

“uh. You guys grow up more. “A guest has arrived.”

Shinseung Lee Ryong.

Because of the gift called ‘Shaolin Bangjang’, he had the appearance of a monk with a shaved head.

He was a man who liked alcohol and women more than anyone else and preferred to eat meat.

Before my awakening, I was an ordinary person with absolutely nothing to do with Buddhism.

He had to shave his head for the gift, but inside he was not a religious person, but just a greedy man.

“sorry. Lee Ryong. I have not been able to find out about Seong Ji-han’s martial arts origins. “He doesn’t respond at all.”

“it’s okay. What’s wrong with the gold babbler… … “I think it would be enough to just unfold the eighteen Arra Hanjin.”

When the civil servant belonging to the Ministry of National Security bowed his head, Lee Ryong smiled and put his hands together in a clumsy pose.

“I will spread the teachings of Buddha to him.”

Lee Ryong talks while smelling like alcohol.

The official glanced behind him.

I saw two female Chinese celebrities coming out wearing only gowns.

This is where the Buddha’s teachings come into play.

“ah. yes… … .”

The civil servant nodded with a puzzled look on his face.

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