The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 149

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 149>

[The 5th game map is an invasion map, ‘Battle for the Flag.’]

[75 players will participate.]


“It’s a team event!!”

The Chinese national team erupted in cheers.

“Ugh… … “It’s a flag map.”

“Is it difficult to win two individual competitions in a row? … .”

There was a gloomy atmosphere in the Korean national team, which was expected to be difficult even in the 5th game since they suffered crushing defeats in all team competitions except for 1 game.

“The size of the map… … “75 people is small, right?”

“yes. That’s right.”

“It’s ruined.”

Director Noh Young-jun sighed.

Battle for the flag.

This game is literally a competition to see who can secure the most flags that are randomly generated at key points on the map.

The winner or loser of the game is generally decided after 30 minutes, based on the number of flags stored at each faction’s base.

This map had several different victory conditions.

Either annihilate the players on the opposing side.

Or destroy the enemy’s base.

The reason Coach Noh Young-jun’s expression darkened was because of this victory condition.

“… … “China has a 100 percent win rate on small maps.”

“therefore! It’s so small that it hangs! “If it was a 100-person map, we would have had a chance to win!”

Although it is only a small map, the size of the map in Battle for the Flag was considerable, the problem was that the range of the magic of the Chinese great wizard Zhuge Heon was also considerable.

That’s to the point where he uses anti-magic at his own base and against the enemy’s base.

“yes… … In the small game, even if Zhuge Heon draws the wrong hexagram, the meteorite falling magic reaches him thanks to the yellow dragon’s buff.”

“How long did China’s game take?”

“On average, it took about 20 to 30 minutes. “If Zhuge Heon selected the hexagrams well, it could be completed in 15 minutes.”

“haha… … What the… … !”

Unlike the original game method of capturing the flag, when China played the map, it unilaterally bombed the enemy’s base and the game ended.

No matter how many flags the opposing country secured, they could not win because the space to store the flags was running out.

“Even if you try to interfere with the magic… … .”

“It’s hard because of that damn yellow dragon. “Only the most skilled player can hit properly.”

“It’s difficult because of the Baekpalna Hanjin.”

Noh Youngjun sighed.


A team that was already strong, became even stronger with the arrival of the Hundred Eight Nahanjin.

Of course, the Baekpal Arhat itself had many weaknesses, so the defeated side was able to gain an overwhelming numerical superiority.

‘Even if it’s 74 to 57, will we be able to win? … It’s so overwhelming.’

The only thing missing from the team was Seong Ji-han, and coach Noh Young-jun could not picture a win.

That’s because the Chinese wizard and supporter were producing overwhelming synergy.

Perhaps this atmosphere of the coaching staff was also contagious to the national team players, and their faces darkened.

Just one person.

Except for Seong Ji-han.

“Director. “I think I can destroy the Hundred Eight Arhats this time.”

Games 1, 2, and 3.

I am a hundred and eight-year-old who has suffered three times.

In games 2 and 3, he was suppressed by Jin, who became even more powerful.

Seong Ji-han now had some confidence.

Certainly, I was confident that I would break it.

“that. Is that so?”

“yes. So please hold on for 20 minutes.”

“20 minutes… … .”


No way, I can last for about 20 minutes.

Director Noh Young-jun nodded with a glimmer of hope.

* * *

Battle for the Flag map, China base.

Seong Ji-han walked there alone.

Seeing him approaching alone without even forming a triangle.

“under. Those breads… … “You’re so arrogant.”

“Can’t we just kill him instead of using the Hundred Eight Arhats?”

“What kind of confidence is this?”

The Chinese players complained, perhaps because they thought they had been insulted.

“Shut up and write! Gotta win the game! “Please get that bastard out of the game!”

Zhuge Heon, who was generally robbed by Seong Ji-han during the 4th game, gritted his teeth and urged him to quickly cast Baekpalna Hanjin.

When the person with the strongest voice in the Chinese national team began to criticize him, Lee Ryong reluctantly stepped forward.

“The Hundred and Eight Arhat Jinn will test Seong Jihan.”

This is already the fourth time I am casting the Baekpal Nahanjin.


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No matter how far away Seong Jihan was, as long as he was within the sight of Divine Monk Lee Long, the suppressing power of the Hundred Eight Arhats was applied.

I didn’t get sucked in like that.

“Because the devil cannot overcome nature. Shaolin has always been at the forefront under the banner of Cheokma.”


Let Lee Ryong stick the baton into the floor.

A system message appeared in front of Seong Ji-han.

[The Hundred Eight Nahanjin form a jin that specializes in magic attacks.]

[The power of magic-type martial arts is limited.]

After the team was destroyed by Eclipse in the first game.

Lee Ryong continued to expand his camp specializing in magic attacks.

Then, the dark magic of the dark sword Eclipse that Seong Ji-han was holding slipped away.

[Pfft, it’s still annoying… … !]

‘Take a rest.’

[If you break up the group, be sure to use it for me too. I really want to punch those bald guys.]

‘okay. ‘It’s in.’ Seong Ji-han, standing with only a phoenix flag in his hand.

The monks holding batons rushed towards him all at once.

Like the first game, there were no players in sight and everyone seemed to be monks belonging to Shaolin.

Seong Ji-han slashed Garo with his spear.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army


Shaolin monks split in half by the trajectory of their spears.

But not everyone was cut.

About half of them raised energy from their batons and blocked Seong Ji-han’s blows.

Originally, that would have been cut off entirely.

‘The power of martial arts is only 20% of the usual power.’

Baekpalna Hanjin’s restraining power, which he displayed even while shaving his head, was considerable.

About half of that powerful martial spirit was suppressed.

Even when performing martial arts in this state, the power was greatly limited.

Not only is it impossible to use martial arts belonging to the Destruction Order, such as the Iron Blood Cross, but it is also difficult to use the remaining martial arts belonging to the Divine Order.

Phew! Phew!

In addition, dead monks are quickly brought in as new ones.

The monk who survived swings the baton strongly.


Seong Ji-han’s spear moved brilliantly, blocking all the attacks and overwhelming the surroundings.

Nevertheless, the monk’s humane tactics were endless.

=Ah. Holy player… … There are a lot of monks with their heads shaved all around, putting pressure on them!

=No matter how much the Shaolin monks cut and cut, they keep coming. Isn’t this worse than a zombie?

=Hehe, I heard it’s a hundred and eight years old… … How many people are popping out?

A monk who attacks so endlessly that the commentators get sick of it.

If the person standing there was not Seong Ji-han but another warrior player, he would have been hit by the baton they were holding a long time ago and would not have been able to withstand it.

However, even though Seong Ji-han’s strength was suppressed, he was able to block all the monks’ attacks and counterattack.

A smile appeared on Seong Ji-han’s lips.

‘This kind of battle is also delicious. ‘There are some good things about being limited in power.’

After gaining the star power, martial spirit, Seong Ji-han was not able to handle this power 100%.

Rather than pushing the limits of one’s abilities, it feels like just using a force that is more powerful than before.

However, once my power was limited, I was able to feel with my body, not my head, how limitless the limitations of martial spirit were.

‘My strength… … We can get more out of this.’


Let’s unleash the Hoengsocheon army once again.


The monks all split up.

It was a horizontal slash that was much more powerful than before.

Although every monk’s baton was filled with strong energy.

This time, he was unable to block Seong Ji-han’s blow.

“this guy… … “You are so persistent!”

Lee Ryong looked bored.

That guy seems to be getting stronger as time goes by.

Although he couldn’t use powerful martial arts like he did in the first game, his basic skills with a spear were so perfect that it made him feel jealous and in awe at the same time.

The author was not simply a warrior who was selected as a player and became stronger by raising his abilities, but rather like a warrior whose skills themselves had already been completed.

“Stop dying… … ! “Great power, great power, great power!”

Lee Ryong’s hands glowed golden.


A golden, flashing sword, on a completely different level from the first game, flew at Seong Ji-han.

As if he didn’t care about the monks around him, the powerful wave soon drew the shape of a huge golden hand.

The level of nothingness contained within it could never be considered sophisticated, but its power was second to none, perhaps due to the assistance of the Hundred Eight Arhats.

‘I won’t be able to block it with a basic ball.’

So in the second and third games, I avoided attacks and looked for opportunities.

At that time, I thought there would still be enough time.

But I realized it after losing two matches.

‘There is no room for the national team.’

The national team can easily fall apart like a sand castle if they are alone.

I couldn’t spend too long here.

Seong Ji-han thought of a martial arts technique to deal with this.

Although the three divine powers could not be used now that their power was limited.

Only one type of martial arts was possible.

‘Heavenly thunder and lightning.’

My own martial art that combines the Thunder God and Phoenix Flame.

This martial art, which was modified from Heaven’s Thunder Shingyeol for the growth of martial spirit, was usually a martial art with a low success rate.

This is because the power of the thunderbolt was much stronger, and the phoenix’s flames could only be contained.

‘However, since the power is limited, it can actually be fused properly.’

The power that was excessively working while trapped in the Hundred Eight Arhats is suppressed.

The path to the first herbivorous meal was visible.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Thunder bee fire

Red thunder gun

A red light of electricity flashed at the tip of the spear, and a single bolt of lightning shot out.

The force emitted by the red thunderbolt seemed so small and weak that it could not be compared to the thunderbolt martial arts that Seong Jihan had used so far… … .

“What… … ?!”


In an instant, the great power diamond was torn apart like a piece of paper.

The strong energy that had come together burned bright red.

A single ray of lightning did not stop moving.


Before Divine Monk Lee Ryong could do anything, a red thunderbolt pierced his body.

Before I knew it, there was a huge hole in Lee Ryong’s chest.

Through that crack, a flame rises.

A body that looks like it will burn in an instant.

‘But this isn’t one hundred and eight hundred and eight hundred thousand living quarters!’

Lee Ryong, the Shaolin leader at Baekpal Nahanjin, was immortal.

No matter how much destructive power that red lightning had beyond common sense, this pierced body would quickly regenerate.

I should have… … .

‘why. Why are you like this… … ?’

Rather, the cracks are getting bigger.

The fire that bloomed in my chest did not die out.

The regenerative power of Shaolin Bangjang was too much to stop this fire.

Lee Ryong could no longer stand due to the feeling of exhaustion throughout his body.


He gets down on his knees, not long after.

The red lightning that pierced my chest extended even further.

Even the temple that says Shaolin Temple.

Fighting… … !

Before the temple touched down, a thick shield blocked the enemy’s path.

The red lightning tore through the teeth and penetrated the building.


Flames rise from all directions, and the building burns.

The signboard with the Shaolin Temple’s three characters turned into powder in an instant and disappeared.

The Shaolin monks who were surrounding Seong Ji-han stopped moving and slowly turned transparent.

Then, a system message appeared.

[The center of the Hundred Eight Nahan Jin has collapsed.]

[The Hundred Eight Nahan Jin is disbanded.]

‘The Shaolin Temple was truly the center of Jin.’ Originally, I had planned to tear up the great power diamond with the red thunder cannon and only inflict moderate damage to Lee Ryong.

‘The power of thunderbolt fire… … It’s much better than my prediction.’


Seong Ji-han looked at the collapsing Jin and smiled slightly.

One hundred and eight years old.

Although I was upset throughout this game.

Thanks to this, it served as a starting point for further strengthening my martial arts skills.

Was that why?

[I modified some of the martial arts skills to suit myself.]

[Musul increases by 5.]

Martial Spirit, which had not increased even after taking stat points, went up by 5 at once.


[The ‘Cloud Spear Cloud Thunder’ fused with the Phoenix Period fully recognizes the player as its owner.]

[Acquire the skill ‘Summon Thunderclouds’.]

The cloud spear that had been combined with the Phoenix flag must have realized the power of the red thunder cannon, and even recognized itself as its owner.

‘Now all I have to do is catch this game.’

I asked for 20 minutes, but I felt like I finished it in 15 minutes.

Now, if you return to the game map and sweep through the enemy lines, you will be able to win.

Seong Ji-han, who thought so, came out of the Baekpalna Hanjin.

[The main base is destroyed.]

[You lose the game.]

What appeared before his eyes was not the enemy camp, but a system message notifying him that the game had been lost.

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