The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 151

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 151>

“Wow, uncle! Earlier, I was itching to not be able to speak in the car… … “They also give you a 10% stake in the guild!”

Yoon Se-ah arrived at the penthouse and showed the messages she had exchanged with Sophia with an excited face.

“You’re giving me 10 percent?”

Seong Ji-han also opened his eyes wide at the unusual deal.

I had guessed that Robert Gates would make a very attractive offer in addition to appointing the guild master, but I never expected that he would give me a 10% stake.

“huh. This is… … Shouldn’t I go? American First is the best guild in the world. If this is the share value… … Wow, awesome.”

Yoon Se-ah looked up the current value of American First on the Internet and made a fuss.

How many trailing zeros are there?

“But I’m not going to America.”

However, Seong Ji-han was only briefly surprised by the fact that he was being given a stake, and still had no intention of going to the United States.

“Uncle, even though it’s 10 percent?”

“huh. I have to feed the World Tree leaves to the Sword King. “If you go to the U.S., you will almost never be matched with someone from Japan.”

The United States and Japan have different regional leagues.

For the two countries to meet, they had to meet in the World Champions League.

Rather, there will be more opportunities if you are in Korea and are in the same regional league.

“iced coffee… … I must be crazy! My uncle thinks the same way about my dad, but he’s too distracted by the stakes… … .”

“10 percent is a lot.”

“Thank you so much… … uncle. Giving that up because of my dad… … .”

Yoon Se-ah’s eyes were bright with emotion, but Seong Ji-han only smiled bitterly.

‘Well, originally it was because of the nationality bonus.’

In the first place, thanks to the nationality bonus that can be obtained only if you are in Korea, I tried to stay here.

However, after obtaining martial arts, there was no need to be too concerned about the nationality bonus.

This is because I was confident that if I just developed my star ability, Martial Spirit, properly, I would be able to become number one in the player world rankings without any nationality bonus.

However, there was something that caught me off guard.

‘Even if I go, I’m still a foreigner.’

Through his experience as an exile, Seong Ji-han felt first-hand that it was difficult for him as a foreigner to fully integrate into American society.

Now that we have a solid foundation in Korea, there was no need to go abroad.

‘The level of the national team is a problem… … Things will get better when Se-Ah grows up and the King of Swords returns.’

If only Ito Shizuru’s charm could be overcome.

There will be no need to worry about the national team level anymore.

So I decided that I would not go to the United States.

“Sea. But wouldn’t it be a shame to just pass up this offer?”

“why? “Do you have any good ideas?”

“Before that, Se-ah, you get stressed while looking at this house… … “Is it still there?”

In response to Seong Ji-han’s question, Yoon Se-ah looked around the house and slowly shook her head left and right.

There were still traces of my father who had abandoned me in the past, so I often felt depressed and depressed even when I was at home.

“no. doesn’t exist. Because my father knew that it was because of his fascination… … .”

“Then we can take the building back.”

“Get it back? “What did you donate?”

“okay. “Things have changed since then, right?”

At that time, when the King of Swords abandoned his family and left for Japan, and Yoon Se-ah was subjected to outrageous criticism and criticism.

Now Seong Ji-han is emerging as the only hope for the Korean national team.

In just a few months, the situation changed 180 degrees.

“What kind of donation? “We have to make them beg to take the building back.”

Seong Ji-han grinned.

Sword Palace.

It’s time to take it again.

* * *

“Are they trying to recruit another famous player from the United States?”

“yes. “They say he offered me the position of guild master.”

“her. American First’s guild master… … .” Management Director Oh Gyu-seung frowned.

Since being selected for the national team, Seong Ji-han’s performance has been remarkable.

Still, isn’t it going too far to give him the position of guild master?

“Isn’t the current American First Guild Master the world’s No. 1 Oliver? Will he meekly give up this position?”

“American First Guild is a guild with strong influence from the owner family, the Gates family, and the U.S. government. Even if he refuses, the guild master can be replaced at any time.”

“This is so… … ! Still, if Seong Ji-han wanted to go to the United States, wouldn’t he have gone before? Even during Silver, they asked for 300 billion, but you refused.”

If the United States decides to start a money fight, which country in the world will win?

However, since Seong Ji-han did not go to the United States during the silver season, Oh Gyu-seung secretly expressed such expectations.

“Then, should we just watch?”

“hmm… … okay. “That sacred friend in charge of players.”

“Are you talking about Manager Park Yun-sik?”

“that’s right. “Let’s ask that friend to find out the intention of a player who has made a holy sacrifice.”

“The manager is on vacation… … .”

“Is there anything more important than this right now? Go quickly and come back! “I’ll give it to you again after the break!”

Park Yun-sik, who had gone on vacation to the East Sea, had to return to Seoul alone that day and visit Seong Ji-han.

And the answer that came back was… … .


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“Seong Ji-han said he hasn’t heard their story in detail yet.”

“Well, America’s Sophia hasn’t arrived yet, right? “Were we too hasty?”

“yes. however… … “You suddenly asked me when I should leave the Sword Palace.”

“… … Why the Sword Palace?”

“yes. “They were wondering when the final date would be.”

Why are you suddenly bringing up the Sword Palace at this point?

“and… … “They were also curious as to whether the donation would actually be processed.”


Oh Gyu-seung, director of the management department, began to get a sense.

“Mmm! What do you think? “Do you think he wants the Sword Palace back?”

“In my personal opinion, it seems so.”

“okay? I want to return it right away because I feel like it, but… … “Because it’s not our responsibility.”

The Sword Palace is a building too large for the administration to return on its own.

This was an issue that had to be handled at the government level, not the management bureau.

“but… … What if? What if the government delays in getting things done and player Seong Ji-han goes to the United States? “Can I keep this position?”

“… … .”

Park Yun-sik remained silent in response to Oh Gyu-seung’s question.

Not being able to say no means saying yes.

It was clear that if Seong Ji-han immigrated according to the US proposal, there would be a national uproar, asking what the management bureau was doing and demanding that the director resign.

“To be honest, you can’t save a player like Seong Ji-han even if you give them 10 Sword Palaces. And the current level is gold, gold! When I become a diamond later… … “I think I can overcome even the strongest person in the world.”

“I think so too.”

“Would it be okay to let a player like that go to the United States?”

“then… … .”

“Let’s spread some rumors to sway public opinion.”

“We heard a rumor from our management… … “You mean?”

“okay. “It’s as if the information was leaked due to the employee’s carelessness.”

How did you get to the position of Director of Management?

Shouldn’t he keep his job for a long time?


‘This is absolutely necessary for the Republic of Korea.’

For the sake of the country, Seong Ji-han had to stay in Korea.

If you stay in the Sword Palace alone, it will be cheap.

“They say Seong Ji-han received a huge offer from America. “Korea is trying to take back the Sword Palace, but the United States has made a large offer that cannot be compared to that.”

“ah… … All right.”

The director of the management bureau, who understood Seong Ji-han’s intention, spread the rumor at the management bureau level.

‘Because Seong Ji-han is a hot topic in Changan these days. The rumor will spread quickly.’

The Director of Management estimated what the fallout from the rumor would be.

“what. what… … “Has the article already appeared?”

Less than 30 minutes after giving the order, I was astonished to see that the news section on the front page of the portal site was completely plastered with holy words.

[Seong Ji-han. Transfer to American First!? Receive an offer from the guild master!]

The article began to appear as breaking news all at once.

[World No. 1 Oliver,

“If Seong Ji-han comes as the guild master, I will gladly give up my position.”


[Robert Gates,

“The guild master is just the first step in this huge proposal.”


As comments from U.S. officials were added, an uproar quickly arose.

-What the f*ck? AF Guild Master?

-Ah ㅅㅂ Gates, I didn’t get any sponsorship messages these days, so I liked it, but then suddenly ㅅㅂㅅㅂㅅㅂㅅㅂ – He did so well in the China game… I was nervous because he was so petty ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ – American kids’ reactions were crazy. Even though they say he will be appointed instead of Oliver, they are all welcoming ㄷㄷㄷㄷ Please just come hahahaha – ㄹㅇㅋㅋ Even though they are Gold, they are like no other in the Diamonds. It’s crazy to be in that position – AF fans are now doing the SUNG marking challenge on their uniforms lol. The world’s only sports battlenet.

Because it is such a popular game, the match between Korea and China that took place yesterday became a hot topic not only in those two countries, but all over the world.

In particular, Seong Ji-han’s appearance as a wizard in game 4 received the most attention, and all experts were praising his strategic potential.

-No, it’s really not possible ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You saw the China match, if we go to the sacred place, we’ll be finished ㅠㅠㅠㅠ – The Americans are the world’s No. 1 country, but they eat the livers of fleas, really – But their livers are so f*cking big…

-Luda has a bigger liver than a flea, right? f*ck it lol

[The United States proposes a guild master, and Korea takes away the Sword Palace.]

[A waiting guild temporarily putting player recruitment on hold. Is the guild leaving for America?]

At the time, news related to Seong Ji-han’s transfer was all over the portal sites.

The waiting guild was welcoming a guest.

It was Sophia who sent the message that shook Korea.

“Hayeon. “Look into my eyes.”

Sophia, who went to see Lee Ha-yeon as soon as she arrived, had a stern expression that was completely different from her usual bright smile.

“Are you really dating Jihan?”


Sophia’s eyes sparkle with gold.

Lee Ha-yeon said as if it was absurd to see that serious look.

“no… … What are those eyes? “Did you use the skill?”

“Hehe. These are eyes that only uncover the truth. so! “What is the answer?”

“ah. “Of course we’ll date!”

Lee Ha-yeon looked at her like that and spoke as naturally as possible.

“We’re not dating either.”

Sophia’s expression brightened.

The gold color disappeared from the eyes, and they returned to their original blue eyes.

“Why did you equip the ‘Eye of Truth’?”


Step by step. Step by step.

When Seong Ji-han and Yoon Se-ah entered the guild master room, Sophia smiled brightly and approached Seong Ji-han.

“I thought you weren’t going to date either! “I can’t imagine Jihan dating someone other than me.”

“A person like that is even equipped with the Eyes of Truth?”

“It’s better to be certain about something.”

“What is the Eye of Truth?”

In response to Yoon Se-ah’s question, Sophia put her fingers to her eyes and took out a lens.

“It is an item that allows you to determine whether the other person’s words are true or false. “It’s a one-time thing, though.”

“I think that would be quite expensive…” … ?”

“About 5 million GP?”

“… … .”

Are you saying they spent 5 billion on a lie detector test?

Yoon Se-ah looked at Sophia with absurd eyes.

At this point, it was beyond amazing and even amazing.

“Jihan. “I saw an article while I was in Korea, and there were a lot of rumors, right?”

“Are you talking about the AF transfer rumor?”

“yes. Would you like to come to our guild master? AF will also give away a 10 percent stake.”

“no. “I won’t go.”

“Can I give you more shares?”


“That’s too bad… … .”

After hearing Seong Ji-han’s firm answer, Sophia gave up on further persuasion.

“You’re quick to give up.”

“For some reason, I didn’t think it would come. “If he was really going to come, he wouldn’t have started rumors like this and ended the negotiations behind the scenes.”

She, who had a certain understanding of Seong Ji-han’s personality, guessed the outcome of this incident to some extent when she saw that the rumor was spreading so loudly.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

Seong Ji-han grinned after hearing Sophia’s words.

“If you can help me. “Shall we make things bigger?”

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