The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 155

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 155>

[Reach the God Throne and have an audience with the Thunder God.]

[The game ends when 5 players survive or when a player reaches the New Throne.]


As a bright yellow light fell from the sky, the spotlights that were shining on the players began to converge toward the center.


The golden throne slowly appeared.


The gigantic chair of the God King that completely overwhelms the majesty of the dragons and giants we saw a moment ago.

Blue sparks were blooming here and there on the chair.

‘I think I know why the Constellation’s clone is running away.’

When viewed from afar, it only appears to be blue sparks swirling around the throne.

If you actually get closer, you will realize that the spark is actually a lightning bolt much larger than the size of an adult.

The power contained within was so powerful that it seemed as though quite a few people would be wiped out just by being grazed by that lightning bolt.

“It’s the head. It won’t work. “The Thunder God is so strong.”

[You are given the last chance to choose… … .]

[Thunderer… … It’s still the same.]

[I can’t do it. I’m giving up.]

As the Raijin’s throne was revealed, some of the fifteen or so remaining players gave up the game one by one.

Perhaps because they thought it was impossible to avoid that powerful current, there were many large entity players among those who gave up.

“what. “There are 10 people left?”

And like that, there are only 10 players.

The atmosphere changed strangely.

“Hi-Hi. Should I just do it? “I think there are five people who will fall behind before me.”

Calaine looked around and said that.

Without even thinking about the conditions for reaching the New Throne, he was only aiming to be in the top five.

“good. It’s the head. “If you stay, I will stay too!”

“Just go.”

“No no! “I have to protect you!”

Calaine then pointed to her own face covered in darkness.

“If you feel like you’re going to die, come here anytime! “Let’s unite!”

Even if I don’t think I can survive, it would be better to just get struck by lightning and die.

Seong Ji-han looked around, ignoring Calaine who was making a fuss.

The first thing you notice is an elf holding a wooden sword.

It looked the same as the elf I saw in the last experiment area, but the hair color was slightly different.

She has blonde hair with only one strand of her bangs turned green.

He was looking at Seong Ji-han closely.

[Green hair… … High elves of the World Tree Alliance.]

‘High elf?’

[okay. He is a powerful warrior who directly reports to the World Tree. The darker the green hair, the stronger the individual. An entity with a completely green head possesses almost the power of a constellation.]

‘Wasn’t the World Tree at the level of a constellation?’

[no… … The World Tree is too powerful to be grouped into a constellation.]

Those words reminded Seong Ji-han of something that happened in the experimental area.

A ‘green administrator’ who seemed to be quite involved in

The World Tree goes beyond a constellation and is at the level of an administrator for this game.

‘They’re a pain in the ass.’

Why am I in the same league as them? … .

Jihan Seong clicked his tongue and looked at the wooden sword held by the high elf.

A wooden sword made from the branches of the World Tree.

If I could steal it from here, it would be good to use it on the Sword King… … .

‘First of all, survival comes first.’

I decided not to overdo it right now.

At that time, the lips of the high elf who was looking closely at Seong Ji-han opened.

-I sensed the energy of life. You have succeeded in your project. I will support you.

Perhaps because it was a conversation between players in the game, the High Elf language was automatically translated.

‘… … what?’

When Seong Ji-han heard that, at first he wondered what this meant.

When it comes to the energy of life, one thing came to mind.

‘Is it related to the seed of life that the green manager gave me last time?’

Grade SSS Item Seed of Life.

The item, which gave +10 remaining ability points, tried to take control of Seong Ji-han by infusing strange energy into his body.

Of course, due to Seong Ji-han’s martial spirit, the attempt failed, and more than 90 percent was released and the rest was sealed in one side of the body for research purposes.

The high elf had some kind of misunderstanding, thinking that Seongjihan was completely under control.

‘It’s good that you helped me.’

If he comes out, I’ll have to take the timing and steal the wooden sword.

Jihan Seong nodded slightly towards the high elf.


She stood at attention and saluted Seong Ji-han vigorously.


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“Why is he like that?”

“There is such a thing.”

“Head! No world tree! They are worse than me! “If you get caught by them, your whole body will be dissected and used as experiment material forever!”

“You know that you are evil.”

“lol. But I’m with you forever! “Let’s go cut off the heads of kings together!”

Seong Ji-han frowned as he looked at Kaline who was soggy.

How long will this guy be here?

at that time.

Flash! Flash!

As intense light bursts from the God Throne.

On the dark floor, a white electric current rose.

“ah. It’s started. Head, remember! If you feel like you’re going to die, call my name! “I’ll go anytime!”

Seeing that, Calaine waved at Seong Ji-han and quickly disappeared.

And at the same time.


In front of the remaining 10 players, a huge path of lightning appeared.

[Follow the path, reach the God Throne.]

TOP 25 promotion map New Throne.

The goal of the game was simple.

All I had to do was follow the path and reach the God Throne.


[From the player’s world, the concept of ‘Rain God’ is extracted.]

[Grade evaluation… … Above.]

[NO. 4212, To ‘humanity’, lightning was a powerful natural phenomenon that could not be resisted. They feared and worshiped lightning, thinking it was the wrath of God. Naturally, the Thunder God was established as a god-king in many myths.]

[Invoking the representative concept of Raijin… … Zeus, Thor, and Indra are selected primarily.]

‘what?’ Zeus, Thor, Indra.

They all deal with lightning, and they are all gods who made a splash in their respective myths.

Why are those kids being singled out here and now?

Seong Ji-han was watching the message with an uneasy feeling.

[Zeus, the god king of Olympus, is chosen as the gatekeeper.]

[Zeus blocks the way.]

As a being blocking the way.

Something absurd came out.

* * *

Space League TOP 25 promotion match broadcast.

This was an issue that caught the attention of all mankind.

It was the day when the Space League, which had been hidden behind a veil, finally revealed itself for the first time.

=Christoph. I heard you came back from Hawaii in a hurry!

=Yes. I did the same thing last month, but thanks to the last name, I get to give up my vacation every time!

= Wow, the number of viewers is huge. That’s even higher than the Champions League finals! Will we ever see numbers like this again?

= From a common sense point of view, it seems impossible. I don’t know either. The castle might break its own record!

=Hahaha. It’s truly an honor to be a caster for a game like this!

=I will also greet you as a caster today! Because I don’t know anything!

This promotion match where the commentator cannot play the role of commentary because he does not know any information.

Kristoff smiled brightly and said that he would also be faithful to his role as a caster.

It was such a friendly atmosphere at first.

=Uh… … Thunder God penalty… … Death?

=No. In what game do you actually kill people?

= Castle! There is no need to play games like this! It has to come out quickly!

When the Thunder God penalty was shared on the screen, the broadcasting staff was surprised.

No, in what game do you kill people?

-Wow, aren’t you crazy? thief

-What kind of penalty is such a big deal??

-Unlike in the tutorial, if you go up to the Space League, can something like that really happen?

The reaction of viewers who watched this was also fierce.

What kind of game penalty can be ‘death’?

Most people saw this and started chatting to get out of the game.

Let Calaine tell you about the promotion reward.

-Wow, there is such a reward?

-Do you believe that crazy guy? lol

-Is it the alter ego of a constellation?

-But what is a constellation??

-Talking about things that only those who don’t know;

Viewers were skeptical and watched the situation for a while.

And when the game started, the system reward officially appeared on the broadcast screen.

[Completed Star Piece]

-Grade: EX

-A piece of a star that passed ‘all tests’.

-Lower the difficulty of games on the entire home planet by one level.

-Players with gifts appear more frequently on the home planet.

-When acquiring an item, it is applied immediately.

=de, grade EX… … !

=They lower the difficulty of! This is a ridiculous item that applies to the entire planet!

EX-level item.

The ‘completed star fragment’ had an effect that applied to the entire Earth.

Difficulty lowered and gift appearance probability increased.

It was an item that all earthlings could not help but covet.

=But, there is no merit to the individual! Isn’t lowering the difficulty level honestly unnecessary for him?

=That’s right… … Is it necessary to risk death and play the game to get that? Holy land! It seems wise to just come out… … .

-Oh brother, please come out of thereㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s the end if you die!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ-ㄹㅇ What does difficulty have to do with Seong Ji-han? By destroying everything by myself!

-That’s right! Gift ㅅㅂ It doesn’t matter whether it sticks out more or not, Seong Ji-han is important – I applaud Seong Ji-han’s heroic decision. It is a decision for the world.

-Ji Han-sang, please play the game and survive wwww I also need to wake up www -Oh, those foreigners are so f*cking obnoxious. They’re not from this country, right? ㅡㅡ-As long as the castle doesn’t die, right? Korean, why can’t you trust my last name?

From Korea’s perspective, where only Seong Ji-han was trusted, his safety was the most important.

Perhaps because the rewards were so good, the foreigners were secretly hoping that Seong Ji-han would play the game.


=Ah. The game continues as is!

=Huh… … Now that it’s like this. You must remain in the top 5! But extracting the concept of Raijin… … I’m nervous about receiving the rating award!

=Ah, Zeus. Thor. Indra… … Why do they come out!

=Out of the three, which one is the weakest?

=Well? Oh my, it takes Zeus!

Jijijijijik… … !

On the road of thunder that leads to Seong Ji-han.

The current surged and formed a single shape.

A giant about 4 to 5 meters tall.

He has a white beard and a lion’s head.

The entire body below the face was made of electricity.

Zeus, king of Olympus.

He, who was appointed as the gatekeeper due to concept extraction, looked down at Seong Ji-han with bored eyes.

“Hmm… … .”


He placed his hand on his beard and slowly opened his mouth.

“It’s not a woman.”


Is that what you say as soon as you come out?


Zeus slightly lowered his head and looked at Seong Ji-han’s face here and there.

Then he frowned.

“Not even a pretty boy.”

“… … so?”

“Someone who is neither a woman nor a handsome boy is calling me. That’s unpleasant. “I will kill her once and for all.”

Zeus was faithful to his instincts.

He clearly showed his displeasure and raised both hands to the sky.

Flash! Flash!

As intense light twinkled from the clouds above.

‘There’s no need to wait for that.’

Before Seong Ji-han was attacked, he took out the phoenix flag and went out first.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Thunder bee fire

Red thunder gun

It seemed like a red electric current was blooming at the tip of the spear, and then a red thunderbolt shot towards Zeus at the speed of light.

Compared to when it was suppressed at Baekpalnahanjin, the enemy attack became much more intense.

“her. Lightning strikes me?”

Zeus snorted when he saw the lightning strike and didn’t even think about stopping it.

A huge red lightning pierces through the body.

A fire rose inside it.

“What… … !? This guy… … What the hell is this… … !”

Zeus looked at the red lightning that pierced his stomach with a visibly embarrassed face.

Lightning that I, the God of Thunder, cannot control!

The cracks that had formed in the ship were quickly spreading to the surrounding area, sparking flames.

No matter how hard I tried to extinguish the fire from the red flash, it couldn’t be put out, and it quickly reached my chest.



Zeus hastily cut off his own chest horizontally with his hands.

Then, only the upper body fell. The god of thunder rising above the sky.

“You guy. “I won’t leave a single bone behind!”

Was it more humiliating to have been struck by a thunderbolt rather than anything else?

He stretched out his hands in the sky with an angry face.


Zeus calls out for Astrapae.

A circular hole opens in the black sky.

Inside, a space filled with pure white light was revealed.

At the same time, Seong Ji-han’s eyes widened.

This series of scenes.

Because it was something that was very familiar to him.

‘This… … ‘Cosmic judgment?’

Heavenly Judgment, one of the ascending martial arts of Heavenly Thunder God.

It was very similar to the sight seen now.

‘Then what happens next… … !’


From a crack in the sky, a huge spear of light appeared and struck Seong Jihan straight down.

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