The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 164

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 164>

It’s black.

The sword energy contained in the white sword spreads everywhere, creating a sea of ​​swords.

From a third party’s perspective, it boasted overwhelming power.

‘The Sword King is crazy. I got stronger… … !’

Kim Dong-woo, who was watching this from the Korean camp behind Seong Ji-han, trembled involuntarily.

Even so, they are the same diamond level warrior, so is it possible for there to be this much difference?

‘This is why I don’t have the will to put in effort.’

Kim Dong-woo justified his laziness and watched Seong Ji-han rushing into Geomhae.

“… … “Do you want to die going in there?”

“Iknow, right. Are you thinking of entering that sword? As soon as I go in, I feel like my body will be torn apart… … .”

Among the Korean national team fighters, Kim Dong-woo and Lee Yoon-ki are among the strongest.

The two saw the Sword King’s swordplay as a perfect skill that would overwhelm the world.

The overwhelming black energy flows like waves.

It felt like my body would be torn to pieces if I even touched that place.

However, that is just a view from their perspective.

‘It’s definitely weak here.’

Seong Ji-han, who possessed a martial spirit, was able to quickly find a gap in the dark sea.

Even though it was just a gap, to others it was a sea of ​​swords filled with dark energy.

‘The power of the white sword is not uniform.’

Is there a lack of skill?

The sword power of the white sword that seemed to overwhelm the world on the outside was in reality jagged.

Even the Sword King doesn’t know about this, the outer part of the Geomhae.

The white swords located in the outermost area were all equipped with the most complete swords, giving off strong momentum.

‘The inside where the Sword King is is rather weak.’

External lumen.

The current state of Geomhae was exactly like that.

Jijijijik… … !

Seong Ji-han’s body is struck like a thunderbolt.

As they penetrated the outskirts of the Sword Sea, the Sword King initially snorted.

“Good. “You are coming in to kill yourself.”

Even if the breakthrough was made by surprise at first.

How can you resist if you are quickly buried in a sea of ​​sword energy?

However, contrary to his expectations, Seong Ji-han.

“no… … .”

He was pushing out sword energy while maintaining his territory.

The power to dominate the realm, the martial spirit that has been further strengthened by combining force with force.

The martial spirit was even controlling the sword energy emitted by the Sword King.

‘Clearly the Sword King cannot perfectly control this power.’

If you can’t control it properly, why did you call it a sword in such a grandiose way?

Seong Ji-han chuckled and quickly narrowed the distance between him and the Sword King.

The world full of black energy was no longer a distraction to him.

“This guy… … !”

The Sword King widened his eyes.

To think that one’s sword energy could fall into the hands of an opponent and be controlled.

What kind of shame is this?


Chii Iik… … !

Rather, the sword energy controlled by Seong Ji-han becomes the vanguard that overcomes the sword sea.

The Sword King’s face distorted.

‘With the sword… … ‘You can’t stop that guy.’

I used Geomhae, which covers a wide area, to prevent Seong Ji-han from escaping.

In this way, the power becomes dispersed and the opponent cannot be kept in check.

‘It only works if it’s about the size of a white sword.’

Shoooooo… … .

Geomhae shrinks in an instant.

The sword energy that had spread gathered again to form a sword, and all flew towards Seong Jihan.

The King of Swords, who knew that swordsmanship would not work, changed his stance in an instant.

However, the conversion to a white sword took time.

“Yoon Se-jin, one hit, right?”

He allowed Seong Ji-han access.

“How dare you say my name…” … !”

“You’re not my brother-in-law or anything anymore, right?”

Let the dark sword Eclipse extend towards the Sword King.


The blue sword soy sauce, which disappeared after disintegrating into the white sword, reappeared.

Unlike usual, the translucent shape of the sword did not seem to be perfect as the sword energy had not yet been gathered, but it was enough to block Eclipse’s attack.

“okay. “You’re not my brother-in-law either, you’re just an enemy that needs to be torn apart!”


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And from next to the soy chief, Makya, a red sword, stabs Seong Ji-han in an instant.

Kang! Kang!

Cheonghong’s twin swords and Seong Jihan’s Eclipse collided dozens of times in an instant.

‘As expected, he’s strong.’

They say it was easy to break through with a sword.

The Sword King’s true strength was different.

Since my Bronze days, I have been selected for the SSS level gift ‘Dual Swordsmanship’ and have been practicing dual swordsmanship ever since.

The dazzlingly moving twin swords have subdued all enemies who face him one-on-one.

No matter how much Seong Ji-han retains the memories of his last life and has no soul this time.

As of now, due to the difference in power, I was unable to overwhelm the Sword King with my sword skills.

‘If we wait any longer, a white sword will come flying out.’

Translucent soy sauce and makya.

What this means is simple.

The Sword King’s white sword meant that a part of it was still maintained.

The attack from the twin swords is now barely able to be repelled.

If even the White Sword targets your back, you will be defeated.

[master. It’s hard to hold on any longer. The power of this damn World Tree is weakening me. You never know when the twin swords’ offensive will break.]

‘okay. ‘That won’t work.’ Let’s say he complains that even Ariel is having a hard time.

Seong Ji-han made a decision.

The purpose of this battle is.

Somehow, by implementing a wooden sword, it only takes one hit.

‘Now, pour it all out.’

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.


Black spirit ascension.


Seong Ji-han’s dark sword swells in an instant and explodes forward.

The overwhelming shadow sword energy soaring to the sky, Black Spirit Ascension.

However, this time, his appearance was different from usual.

[Ahh… … really… … !]

Is it because Seong Ji-han poured out his life energy so generously?

The inside of the swollen Eclipse was filled with green solid lines.

The energy of life that seems to weaken the integrated power of the Black Spirit Ascension.

“This… … !”

Coo thump!

The Sword King hurriedly crossed his twin swords to block the Ascension of the Black Spirit.

Inside the swollen Eclipse, the green cracks became more severe.

At the same time, the shadow energy is noticeably weakening.

The Sword King twitched the corner of his mouth.

“It sucks. “That’s what the sword looks like once you block it!”


“okay. “It’s going to explode soon!”

Puff poop!

As the Sword King said, the swollen Eclipse was unable to overcome the cracks inside and completely burst.

Within it, the energy of shadow and life spread out in all directions.

Seong Ji-han used great skill, but his sword exploded.

On the contrary.

Sigh! Sigh!

Geomhae was disbanded, and some of the White Swords that were targeting Seong Ji-han.

It had already reached this point and had penetrated his body.

“also… … If you fooled around… … !”

Three sacks in the chest.

Two white swords embedded in the stomach and one in each arm.

Anyone can see that this is a victory for the Sword King.

It was Seong Ji-han’s defeat.

The Sword King raised the corners of his mouth and tried to laugh at Seong Ji-han.

“uh… … .”

He suddenly stopped smiling.

Around him, along with the shadow power that had already exploded, the energy of life was disintegrated and floating.

“uh… … .”


The Sword King slowly dropped his twin swords with blank eyes.

“for a moment… … This place… … .”

* * *

=Ah, ah… … !

=The Geomhae broke through, but still. The Sword King with dual swords is strong!

=Sungjihan player! We are competing closely with the #1 Warrior… … White swords are gradually forming behind you. It is dangerous to wait any longer… … !

=Is that why! We used great technology… … !

=Ah! The sword cannot extend any further and explodes!

=At the same time, the sword plunges into the sacred body! A total of 7 bags!

When the Korean commentators gave a pitiful shout.

-Is it too much to beat first place in the end?

-Still, it did well. yep

-When I entered Geomhae, I thought something was really going to happen hahaha – Pla did everything he could by just destroying Geomhae haha ​​Viewers watching the game were disappointed, but half of them responded that they had expected this result.

That’s because the Sword King’s status was unrivaled even within the warrior class.

To this extent, it was propaganda.

“Ugh, uncle, it must hurt…” … .”

Yoon Se-ah, who was watching the game, looked sad as she saw Seong Ji-han stuck in the sword.

Even though I always nagged him to use the BattleNet connector that has a pain reduction function, he said it was okay since he wouldn’t get hit anyway.

I’m going to feel a lot of pain today.

‘From next time, I have to make sure to use the connector.’

Yun Se-ah thought so.

Seong Ji-han did not feel any regrets about not being able to eat the leaves of the World Tree today.

In the first place, I didn’t expect that my uncle would already win against my father.

So, she never thought that the explosion of the Black Spirit Ascension was part of Seong Ji-han’s intentions.

[Now, wait a minute… … Jihan… … you… … uh. Why is my sword… … .]

The Sword King looked blank.

Until I started to call Seong Ji-han’s name as Ji-han-ah in a friendly manner.

=… … Is the Sword King in a strange condition?

=Uh, the white sword stuck in the body of the athlete turns into smoke and disappears!

=Sword King. Seongji calls out a player’s name and grabs his head… … .

=What on earth is happening?

“… … dad?”

Neither the commentator nor the viewers who were watching knew the English text.

‘That’s it.’

Seong Ji-han watched the Sword King’s changes with a calm expression.

Although it was impossible to implement a wooden sword in Eclipse to deliver a direct hit.

‘If it’s impossible to hit it directly, just explode it in the middle.’

Seong Ji-han twisted the implementation of the wooden sword in another way.

A method of injecting life energy into the Black Spirit Ascension and causing it to explode, indirectly influencing the Sword King.

This was possible because I understood the principles of wooden swords to some extent.

‘He may have been a gambler, but he seems to have succeeded.’

Seong Ji-han slowly opened his mouth as he watched the white sword stuck in his body disappear.

“Brother-in-law, aren’t you going to kill me?”

“I… … “Why are you killing me?”

“It’s the enemy. “My brother-in-law is representing Japan and I am representing Korea.”

“I’m representing Japan? “What nonsense is that!”

The Sword King got angry at Seong Ji-han’s words.

Then, he grabbed his head again.

“Uh, wait… … Ito? What is Ito? Shizuru… … .”

Sword King Yoon Se-jin is in confusion.

Perhaps because it indirectly exploded the energy of life, the fascination did not seem to have completely dissipated.

In cases like this, another means of purification must be mobilized.


Step by step. Step by step.

Seong Ji-han opened his inventory and took out a leaf from the World Tree.

Slowly regenerating my body, I walked towards Yoon Se-jin.

Just feed it this and you’re done.

Even this damn brother-in-law will come to his senses.

‘Well, I guess I’ll get to Korea on my own by flying the sword. Shizuru Ito’s neck… … For now, I’ll have to tell you not to bring it.’

If you tell me to kill you for no reason and then get charmed again, it will be a pain in the ass.

“Brother-in-law, eat this.”

“… … “What is this?”

“It won’t give you a headache.”

“Ugh… … Shizuru… … Don’t go… … .”

“Se-ah, dad is waiting.”

The Sword King was holding his head in confusion.

When Seong Ji-han mentioned Se-ah’s name, he bit his lip.

The Sword King was bleeding from the corner of his mouth because he had bitten it so hard.

“… … Yes, brother-in-law. You have taken care of Se-Ah all these years. thanks.”

“I do take care of it. “He grew up well.”

“Hehe… … good. If you eat this, you can… … .”

I tried to receive the leaves of the World Tree that Seong Ji-han gave me.

Just before the Sword King’s hand touches the leaf.


The Sword King’s body became light and disappeared.

This phenomenon occurred when logging out.

“uh… … .”

Seong Ji-han blinked.

It’s done.

90% of the work was accomplished.

I lost it right in front of my eyes.

* * *

Japan Center underground parking lot.

-An error occurred in the Sword King’s Battlenet connector. The Sword King has logged out. and… … The connector won’t open!

“Leave it alone!”

Shizuru Ito hurriedly stopped the car and shouted unlike usual.

Again. Again.

She runs to the Center wearing heels.

“… … “Sung Ji-han!!”

Grinding his teeth, he shouted Seong Ji-han’s name.

Just in case, insurance was provided on the Sword King’s Battlenet Connector.

I never dreamed that it would be triggered because of Seong Ji-han.

“I will definitely kill you.”

Shizuru Ito has now decided to eliminate Seongjihan rather than being greedy.

“Shit, Shizuru-sama!”

“Here we go!”

Guided by the Japanese staff, she approached the Sword King’s Battlenet connector.

thud! thud!

Inside the connector isolated from the outside, a huge vibration was sounding.

It looks like the Sword King is about to jump out at any moment.

Shizuru Ito gritted his teeth as he watched that scene.

“Everyone please leave. “I will handle it.”

“Oh, I see… … !”


=Oh, no… … .

=I can’t see the Sword King… … .

In the second game, the Sword King did not participate.

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