The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 172

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 172>

“Mom… … .”

Yoon Se-ah opened her eyes wide as if she was startled.

“Mom… … You passed away… … .”

Seong Ji-han also nodded next to him.

Sister’s death.

Didn’t the whole country watch it live?

“Yes, while blocking the dungeon break in the north, I ended up using the self-sacrifice spell… … .”

North Korea was the first country in the world to be destroyed by dungeons.

Instead of nurturing players who might threaten the regime, they are kept in check.

In the already difficult Northeast Asian League, they came in last place with an overwhelming score.

Besides North Korea, there were several dictatorships that did not want to develop players.

Because those countries did not have tight regional leagues like North Korea, they received fewer league points and did not finish last.

In North Korea, where dungeons began to appear in 2011, the entire country was soon engulfed in dungeons.

‘The Abyss was created.’

A high-level dungeon created by combining several dungeon portals.

‘Abyss’ has invaded North Korea.

Unlike the dungeon portal, incredibly powerful monsters emerged from the dark red cracks encroaching on the ground.

In particular, the ghost-type monsters that emerged from the Northern Abyss are not effective against modern firearms.

Even if North Korea mobilized its entire army, it could not stop the enemy.

About five years had passed since the fall of North Korea.

Near the 38th parallel, a group of North Korean survivors, all of whom were thought to be dead, moved south, sparking calls from human rights groups to rescue their fellow North Koreans.

‘Unlike the early days of, players have grown a lot, so the government has responded positively… … .’

The result was a crushing failure.

The monsters summoned to North Korea kept popping out of the dungeon portal no matter how many times I killed them.

Especially as you go further north, most of them are ghost monsters, so the military was unable to use much force.

When the response started to come that we had to retreat.

When a player accidentally stepped into the realm of the Abyss, a new message appeared on the system.

[The owner of the Abyss, ‘??’, is angry because his territory has been invaded.]

[Dungeon break is activated. Monsters belonging to the dungeon portal are moving out of the area.]

[Prevent the enemy invasion!]

With that message, North Korean monsters are moving south in large numbers.

Although it initially started with the good intention of rescuing North Korean residents.

The result was a terrible disaster.

A group of ghosts moved south in large numbers.

South Korea’s gold or higher players were drafted to block the 38th parallel.

The first invasion was still prevented with few casualties.

As the second and third invasions began, casualties began to occur.

And in the fourth lane, a huge darkness came straight south from the north.

Korean society fell into panic.

No matter how many players you gather, it is too large to stop.

Just when I thought the defense line would be breached like this.

-I am… … I will write a gift.

Seong Ji-ah used her gift, ‘sacrifice’, to the extreme.

Then her body lost its vitality and turned into a hard stone.

As the light exploded in all directions, the darkness that had been rolling in like a tsunami hesitated and stopped moving.

[If you are a saint… … It is not suitable as a sacrifice.]

With those last words, the darkness engulfed Seongjia and withdrew.

Seong Ji-ah’s sacrifice scene was watched live by the entire nation.

People called her a true saint and said they would never forget her sacrifice.

For the family left behind, this incident was nothing short of a complete disaster.

The Sword King, who had been dispatched to block other areas, started looking for alcohol after that day, saying that I should have been next to Jia at that time.

Seong Ji-han stayed at home and became even more addicted to gambling.

Considering the depressed atmosphere at home, Yoon Se-ah tried to act as cheerful as before, but her forced smile was noticeable.

Seong Ji-ah’s death was an event that completely changed the Yoon Se-jin family.


“How are you going to use this ring to find your dead sister?”

Seong Ji-han looked at Aegis and asked, and the Sword King slowly opened his mouth.

“I remembered what Shizuru said before modifying the ring. “She looked at the options for the ring and said she owned it.”

“Isn’t it because your sister was the owner of the ring?”

“no. It’s an item that chooses a new owner when the owner dies, which is interesting. I wonder if your wife is alive. “Still, he provoked me and asked if it would be okay if he lived with me.”

“Ho… … .”

Seong Ji-han’s eyes lit up.

Shizuru, who had already charmed the Sword King, would have no reason to lie.

So does that mean my sister is really alive?

Even though I was petrified and consumed by darkness… …

“Do you have any ideas? “You want to find your sister?”

“I tried to search the dungeon in the north.”


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“… … Is that the end?”

“hmm… … “If we keep track of Jia’s belongings and ring, won’t we find them someday?”

I asked for a ring and wondered if there was some innovative way to do it.

This is so inaction, isn’t it?

“Just blindly? “What if I step into the Abyss like last time and a dungeon break happens again?”

“that… … “Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid it somehow?”

“… … “Looking at you like this, you must be a real dad.”

Yoon Se-ah actually looked happy to see Yoon Se-jin leaving for North Korea without any plans.

On the outside, he maintains a dignified appearance as an unrivaled warrior player.

At home, you were just the same as before, with your mom always scolding you for not thinking about you.

“… … Please wait a moment. Ariel.”

Still, if we let it go like this, there could be a big division.

Seong Ji-han summoned Ariel from his arms.


“How does the Abyss cope in that world?”

“If it’s the Abyss… … “Are you talking about the dungeon portals coming together?”


“I really don’t know anything about your world. Well, I didn’t even know how to remove the dungeon portal… … .”

Ariel spread her shadow energy into the air and drew a circle.

There is a large circle in the center.

There were black dots scattered around it.

Ariel pointed to a black dot among them.

“The Abyss is strengthened by absorbing the magic of surrounding dungeon portals. “In order to eliminate this, it is urgent to first eliminate the surrounding dungeon portals.”

“Hmm, the solution was simple.”

“okay. In the first place, the Abyss does not form on other planets unless it is the end of the world. “Before that, I quickly erased the dungeon portal through exploration.”

“The Abyss only appeared in extreme situations where even the portal couldn’t be erased.”

“that’s right. So, the planet where the Abyss was created will soon see its end. To destruction.”

So was the darkness of the North that powerful?

In other worlds, the Abyss appears at the end of the game, but here it appears during the tutorial.

Yoon Se-jin, who heard Ariel’s simple strategy for conquering the Abyss, opened his mouth in an interesting voice.

“Hoo, this being… … It’s your summon. Then, we can move forward by eliminating all the dungeons around North Korea.”

“To destroy the dungeon portal, you need a player with the Exploration Gift.”

“Wouldn’t you be able to get it somehow if you just give me a lot of GP? It’s GP… … .”

The Sword King’s confident voice gradually became blurred.

“… … Well, I gave it all to Shizuru… … .”

“Don’t you have one?”

“I only received a dignity maintenance fee to use when spending money in a hurry. Looks like I only have 1 million GP left… … .”

Although 1 billion was a large amount in the eyes of the general public.

From the perspective of the Sword King, who had assets exceeding trillions, it was truly a situation where everything he had was taken away.

“Brother-in-law, I saved you and they told me to hand over the bundle, so I’m really embarrassed… … “Can you lend me some GP?”

Seong Ji-han sighed at the sad reality of the world’s number one warrior.

“I can lend you any amount of money. To remove the northern dungeon portal, you need to prepare properly. “It wouldn’t be possible to go alone with just the person with the ability to explore.”

“Uhm… … .”

Investigation of North Korean dungeon portal.

If Seong Ji-ah was really alive, this was something that had to be pursued.

However, the situation is too unstable to be left to the Sword King alone.

Seong Ji-han wondered if he should contact the association and form an investigation team.

‘Oh yeah… … ‘I could use them.’

His eyes lit up as if he had a good idea.

* * *

World Federation, located in New York.

There, a discussion was going on for a long time regarding the issue of the Sword King’s future.

“How would you like to handle the Sword King issue?”

“I can’t believe I’m notifying you of your non-participation in the Space League. It’s so embarrassing, but… … It is true that he is needed in the Space League.”

“that’s right. If the sacred limit is not reached, the loss will be severe. “There is no player who can replace them.”

Representatives from many countries rejected the Sword King’s demands, but agreed that they should somehow participate in the Space League.

“hmm… … “But it would be a very bad look for the association to give in to the player’s threats.”

“that’s right. So who will listen to the Association now? Rather than granting their demands, would you rather go without one?”

Association representatives in the Northeast Asian League maintained a tough stance.

‘Even if I can’t get the player’s qualifications permanently revoked… … .’

‘There has to be some level of discipline. Otherwise, Korea will definitely take first place.’

Representatives from other countries have never met Korea except during the Champions League anyway.

Because countries in the same regional league play on a different day.

The mentality of keeping the Seong Ji-han and Sword King duo in check was very severe.

“You can’t believe I’m leaving without you two. Is the Space League a joke?”

“What are you going to do if there are more dungeons? “There might be some kind of penalty!”

It was around this time that the debate related to the Sword King intensified.

“The Sword King proposed a new plan.”

The Korean representative came with a proposal from the Sword King.

“Even though I didn’t kill Shizuru Ito, I think broadcasting the murder on BattleTube was an inappropriate action… … As punishment for this, he said he would volunteer to explore dungeons for six months.”

“What, dungeon exploration…?” … .”

“The Sword King does that?”

Dungeon portal exploration.

After it was discovered by Seong Ji-han that the Exploration Gift can remove dungeon portals.

The World Alliance created a dungeon exploration team to test this.

And indeed, here, it turns out that you can completely eliminate the dungeon if you take a player with the ability to explore.

A serious problem arose during the demolition process.

“When removing the dungeon hack, there was a problem with boss monsters popping out randomly, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. So many of the Somali dungeon portal investigators died. It is said that after that, the number of player applications stopped.”

Due to the boss monster that appears when removing the dungeon core, the player standard required by the investigation team has been greatly increased to level 150 or higher.

It was very difficult to find a player of this caliber in the association.

From a player’s point of view, once you reach that level, the world of places will come your way.

There was no need to risk death to join the investigation team.

“Hmm… … That’s a good offer… … .”

“If the Sword King participates in the investigation team, there will be no worries in terms of military power.”

“No matter what boss monster appears, there won’t be any accidents like last time.”

Let the atmosphere in the audience flow in a positive direction.

The Korean representative.

“Instead, you said you would only explore North Korean dungeons.”

“North Korea… … “Isn’t that where Dungeon Break first occurred?”

“There is an Abyss, isn’t it dangerous?”

“They say they will monitor the situation by eliminating only the outermost dungeons one by one.”

“If Korea agrees, that would be great for us. “It’s easier for the investigation team to go there than in other countries.”

A dungeon that only appears in the bottom 10% of countries.

These countries originally had poor security, but with the creation of dungeons, social collapse accelerated and the situation became very bad.

It was much better for the federation to investigate North Korea in a stable country like South Korea rather than setting up the investigation team’s base camp in such a place.

“Six months. It seems too short… … !”

“Hehe, Japan, please refrain from making any more unreasonable demands.”

“you’re right. “Isn’t investigating dungeon portals the most important thing for humanity?”

“is it so. Also, is it true that Shizuru is really dead? The Japanese side also has poor grounds to overturn their claims.”

“Umm… … .”

The Northeast Asian representatives, who were working together to keep the Sword King in check, looked at each other.

‘I can’t go any further.’

‘We may face a backlash from public opinion.’

For someone as high as the King of Swords to join the investigation team is like setting out to become a member of the White Army.

It was too much power to demand further punishment here.

“… … All right.”

Let’s even accept the Sword King’s proposal like that from the Japanese representative.

The World Alliance handled the task smoothly.

The federation’s dungeon portal investigation team departs for Korea.

Several artificial satellites were also mobilized to determine the area of ​​the Abyss, which was colored purple.

Let the federation mobilize all its power to support him.

Sejin Yoon stuck out his tongue.

“Brother-in-law, you’re amazing… … “I never thought they would use the Federation like this!”

“Well, it’s a simple thing. “They also needed to investigate the dungeon portal.”

Seong Ji-han answered easily and asked Yoon Se-jin.

“If you find any traces of your sister, please contact me immediately. “I will join you immediately.”

“Yes, I will definitely find it.”

“dad. Don’t push yourself too hard, but come home often when you have time. “It’ll be as soon as I get on the sword, right?”

“… … Yes, count. I am always grateful and sorry.”

After giving Yoon Se-ah a hug, the Sword King joined the investigation team.

Seong Ji-han looked at the calendar.

Starting from Shizuru, it has already been 20 days since the series of processes were completed.

Once this amount of time had passed, there was no need to delay leveling up any longer.

‘You can start playing the game again.’

Seong Ji-han decided to turn on for the first time in a long time.

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