The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 174

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 174>

The 500 players were left confused as flames suddenly rained down from the sky.


“Stop it quickly! Barrier!”

“Warrior, what are you doing!”

Perhaps because it was a unit that was hastily constructed through matching, it didn’t add up at all.

It seemed like the players would be swept up in the flames before they could even take up a defensive stance.

‘That won’t work.’

Seong Ji-han quickly planted the phoenix flag on the ground, gave the team the ‘Blessing of the Phoenix’ buff, and then jumped up with the dark sword Eclipse.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.


Dark soul vortex. Dark soul vortex.

Eclipse turns into a huge black whirlwind, sucking in the flames.

A look of relief appeared on the players’ faces.

As expected, it is sacred.

When he is on the same side, he is a more reliable player than anyone else.


“Woah, something is coming from next to me!”

Phew! Phew!

With the sound of the wind cutting, huge creatures descend from the sky one by one.

“Well, that… … .”

“Dragon… … is it?”

“Isn’t it a bit small for that?”

A total of ten creatures in the form of winged lizards and dragons.

Surrounded on all sides, everyone opened their mouths at once.

Then, fire breath poured out from there again.

Unlike a moment ago, it poured in exquisitely from all angles, making it difficult for Seong Ji-han to block.


“Put the barrier this way… … !”

“I did it, but it broke!”

Under the breath attack of 10 monsters, the player’s unit collapsed from the outskirts in an instant.

‘Ha, I can’t stop it at all.’

Breath attack.

Although it was powerful, it had overwhelming power when it first fell from the sky.

The 10 guns fired from all directions were weak compared to the first attack that Seong Ji-han blocked.

However, the players who did not get along were confused and were half wiped out.

‘I guess I’ll have to save the remaining people.’

Seong Ji-han reduced the absorption capacity of the Dark Spirit Vortex and instead expanded its size even more widely.

Then, the flames burned all the players on the outside and poured into the center.

Everyone was sucked into the black vortex.

[That one is quite annoying.]

[One, the rest are at the level of insects.]

[But we are still hatchlings, so there is no need to take risks. Let’s leave.]

[i get it.]

The strong voices coming from all directions were automatically translated into each person’s language and pierced my ears.


Phew! Phew!

There were 10 young dragons and hatchlings that shot out their breath in all directions.

In an instant, it flew up into the sky and disappeared.

The Balaur eliminated more than half of the human troops in an instant and slowly disappeared.

It was a hit and run that took full advantage of the characteristics of the flying race.


‘Where are these guys going to get rid of?’

Seong Ji-han did not just let them go.

Let’s pull the Phoenix flag from the ground and throw the spear into the sky.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.

Heavenly Thunder God’s explanation.

Heavenly Judgment.

A huge hole opened in the sky.

A huge spear of light filled with red lightning descended towards the fleeing group of hatchlings.

[Absolute Barrier!]

[Spread out!]


The 10 hatchlings hastily used powerful defensive magic.

Unable to completely prevent the judgment of the universe, the two were locked in the window and melted.

-oh… … .

-As expected, I do it all by myself.

-At this point, aren’t the remaining Earthlings a burden?


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-ㄹㅇ If he had just left him alone and chased after the group of hatchlings, he would have caught them all haha. Viewers were impressed by his one shot, one kill, saying it was Seong Ji-han.

‘There are only two… … .’

Seong Ji-han swallowed his regret, saying that he was only able to kill two people.

The reason the Absolute Barrier was not completely useless was because it blocked the electric current emitted around the window.

Damage was minimized to two.

‘The dragon race is strong as expected.’

A dragon planet that was ranked high in the Space League.

Although the specs of the race itself were far superior to those of the elves.

Strangely, their record with the World Tree Alliance was not good, and they always took 6th place.

Of course, it was overwhelming in battles with planets other than the World Tree Alliance.

‘Earth has never won.’

Humanity was miserably swept away by the breath.

This time, the results will be different from before.

Seong Ji-han promised that.


I opened the scoreboard.

1st ? NO.259 Blue-backed dragon ? Kill Point 9243

2nd place? NO.796 ?? – Kill Points 4451

… … .

9th place? NO.4121 ?? – Kill Points 1130

10th place? NO.4212 Humanity? Kill Points 100

Races that were not met are marked with ?.

A scoreboard with no rankings below 10th.

In the end, it was said that humanity was last.

“Why do we have 100 points… … .”

“Ah, didn’t the two dragons Seong Ji-han killed earlier count as 50 each?”

“Well, it doesn’t make sense to exchange points with them on a 1:1 basis.”

“Wow, but what is 9,000 kills…?” … Do they live here?”

The surviving players followed Seong Ji-han, opened the scoreboard, and talked to each other in groups.

“There were ten dragons in total. The points are 50 per animal. Then wouldn’t it be okay to assume that the number of people summoned for each race is 500 points?”

“I see. But then the total from 1st to 10th place is 5,000 points… … “How can the dragon clan have more than 10,000 kill points?”

As people were analyzing the new map, a change occurred on the scoreboard.

“uh! NO.4121 above us has disappeared.”

“And right below, a new planet’s team has been added.”

“Ah, it keeps getting replaced like this… … .”

A chaotic battlefield where teams that are eliminated are immediately replaced by new teams.

When people understand how the map works.

[Commemorating entry into rehearsal, special mission.]

[Conquer the battlefield of chaos!]

[When you achieve 10,000 kill points, a 5-year growth bonus is given to the entire race.]

[When reaching 10000 points, +7 stat points will be added to players who participated in the rehearsal, and the tribal MVP will receive a special personal reward.]

[Clear the mission before the end of the tutorial!]

A special mission has appeared for all players.

* * *

“Oh, they also give you a mission… … .”

“Growth bonus and stat points… … .”

“The reward is huge?”

Players who are sensitive to stat points 1 and 2.

But they say they will all be given a remaining point of +7.

People’s eyes couldn’t help but turn away.

“But how do I get 10,000 points… … .”

“Those dragons earlier also had 9,000 points.”

However, the conditions were very strict.

10,000 points.

Earlier, it was possible to catch 200 hatchlings.

“How many of us lived here?”

“I think there are about 150 people… … .”

In a single collision, more than half of humanity died and disappeared.

10,000 points was a number that one could not dare to be greedy for.

Still, maybe it was because the additional stat +7 was disappointing.

“But we still have Seong Ji-han… … .”

“Even if Seong Ji-han survives alone, wouldn’t it be worth 10,000 points?”

“Iknow, right. “This is a place where only Platinum is summoned anyway.”

Among the survivors, stories began to flow that they could just trust Seong Ji-han.

-Wow, you should think about helping. 500 people are trying to get on the bus as a group. LOL – Even at the sacred national university, I suffered as a bus driver, and even when I came here ㅠㅠAt first, viewers were dumbfounded after hearing the players’ stories.

-But will it be helpful if they are there? … .

-ㄹㅇ Rather, I think the score would be better if 499 people were wiped out and Seong Ji-han played alone.

Talk began to flow about whether they were realistically needed.

‘Honestly, I’m more comfortable without myself.’

Matching players that were made hastily and don’t add up at all.

Rather than fighting in a chaotic battlefield with this ragtag group of people, it would be much more comfortable physically and mentally to just die and play solo.

In fact, the score may be better if you fight like this.


‘The chaotic battlefield I know was a system where if the number of survivors fell below 10%, you were kicked out.’

The unique characteristics of the chaotic battlefield map made solo play like this impossible.

When I played this map in my last life, no matter how many times I used the dragon alone to survive.

If the number of survivors of a race fell below 10 percent, the race itself was simply forced out.

I don’t know how the rehearsal will differ from the official map.

It seemed like the penalty would not be there at all.

“For now, let’s do our best together. “Don’t rely too much on me.”

“Oh, I understand!”

“is it so! “We should help too!”

The survivors, calmed by Seong Ji-han’s words, prepare for battle again.

“Supporters, raise your hands!”

“Warrior, come here!”

“Archer is here!”

They formed their own formations and tried to somehow survive for a long time in this chaotic battlefield.

“Summon a thundercloud.”

While the players were preparing, Seong Ji-han climbed into the sky on a thundercloud and scouted the surroundings.

A black land that stretches straight with nothing.

One, by the time humanity had formed a certain formation.

Kurrrrrr… … !

One side of the eastern land shook and collapsed.

“Krrrrr… … !”

A chimera, a fusion of various animal bodies, emerged from within.

‘A normal monster that appears on the battlefield of chaos.’

The most formidable and easy to earn points on the chaotic battlefield.

Seong Ji-han informed the people of the enemy’s invasion.

“Chimeras are coming from the east. “We respond.”


Then, the player’s unit headed towards the eastern formation with a fairly skillful movement.

Maybe it’s because once you reach platinum, you’ve entered the professional realm.

Everyone quickly got over the initial confusion and was moving in perfect order.

‘It’s pretty good.’

At this rate, they won’t be wiped out easily.

“I will fall in the middle of the enemy first, so you guys only deal with the enemies that come out.”

“All right!”

“i look forward to!”


Seong Ji-han falls to the ground like a meteor, along with thunderclouds.

Kwazizig… … !

As the electric current spread across the earth in an instant.

“Keeeeee… … !”

All the chimeras were on fire.

Now, almost semi-officially, he is considered the second best warrior in the world.

In the battlefield where Platinum participated, he was taking on a matchless match as usual.

Let Eclipse draw a line.


All at once, the bodies of the chimeras were cut in half.

When the phoenix flag was pierced into the ground, a red electric current enveloped the earth.

Seong Ji-han is showing off the skills of a one-man army without hesitation.

-As expected, the game is a massacre fun haha.

-It’s cool~ It’s cool.

-If you watch it while having a glass of beer, your stress will go away haha.

-Chimera barely leaks. How many dozen went?

– ㅇㅇ I guess I can stop that much.

Viewers feel catharsis from seeing Seong Ji-han’s power after a long time.

I didn’t pay much attention to the monster that had leaked out a little.

A chimera that is so easily slaughtered by Seong Ji-han.

Even if a mob like that escaped, wouldn’t the Platinum kids be able to stop it?


“W-what… … !”

“The barrier is broken!”

“Why are you so strong?”

A miscellaneous mob was a miscellaneous mob, both to Seong Ji-han and others.

“Gagging… … !”

A warrior is thrown away with his shield by a punch from a chimera.

Although the supporter’s defense buff was overlapping, it could not cope with the Chimera’s strike at all.

“Not even an arrow got stuck… … !”

“Aim for the eyes!”

“I shot it in the eye and the arrow bounced!”

“What kind of crazy monsters are there?!”

Seong Ji-han slaughtered them so easily that the chimera seemed easy.

When I actually opened the lid, I realized it was no joke.

Warriors whose attacks do not work and who are blown away or bloodied by a single punch.

The formation that Platinum had created was collapsing in an instant.

“no… … .”

Seong Ji-han looked back and was speechless.


These guys are a bunch of idiots.

In the past, in the Space League, whenever we met a chimera, everyone was happy because it was an opportunity to earn points.

Seong Ji-han watched the human unit collapse with dumbfounded eyes, and was able to realize what the problem was.

‘… … There are too many low level players.’

Platinum level range is from 100 to 200.

Perhaps because it was a party gathered through matching, the levels were wildly different.

On the other hand, you need to be at least level 180 to deal with Chimera.

At low level, Chimera was not a minor mob but a boss monster.

Before Seong Ji-han could help, there were less than 50 members of the human team left.

[The team’s survivors have fallen below 10%.]

[After 15 minutes, you will be kicked off the map.]

A final sentence of expulsion was handed down to them.

Still, maybe it’s because it’s a rehearsal map.

Instead of being kicked out right away, they were given 15 minutes.

‘… … I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with the 15 minutes I checked today.’

There is no need to take care of the team anymore.

Seong Ji-han raised his weapon and advanced forward.

Since it was like this, my intention was to catch as many monsters as possible.

“Key, keyee… … !”

“Kiik, kiik!”

He moved forward, sweeping away the chimeras like fallen leaves in an autumn wind.

We were able to reach the crack in the ground where the monster came out.

‘There’s still light in the crack.’

A crack in the ground that glows purple and pours out monsters.

Seong Ji-han thought he would settle down here, catch some monsters, and then finish the game.

[The Chaos Crack has been discovered.]

[Epic quest is unlocked.]

When I saw the message that suddenly appeared, my eyes widened.

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