The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 176

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 176>

A rehearsal game broadcast live on the sacred channel.

The ripple effect it caused grew bigger and bigger.

Experiencing the Space League game, which had been shrouded in mystery, also attracted the public’s attention.

What caught more attention than that was the reward received when reaching 10,000 kill points.

Give +7 stat points to all participants.

An incredible reward that gives Earth players a growth bonus for 5 years.

-Growth bonus… … What the heck?

-Isn’t +7 stat points more valuable right now?

-In the long run, a 5-year growth bonus would be better.

-We need to form a proper team right away and somehow achieve 10,000 points!

-Because there is Seong Ji-han, honestly, all that humanity has to do is survive, right?

-Let’s take the bus properly. Seat belts are a bit tight.

A reward equivalent to a planet-wide bonus.

Viewers from all over the world agreed that they should work together to create a dream team.

And this atmosphere of public opinion.

Naturally, I was able to read about the World Federation as well.

“When it comes to this game, the federation needs to be proactive.”

At the World Alliance, an emergency meeting regarding the rehearsal map was in full swing.

“The rewards on the rehearsal map are enormous. “For the sake of humanity, we must obtain 10,000 points.”

“Since Seong Ji-han is so powerful, the remaining 500 team members just need to stay alive. “Wouldn’t we get good results if we selected warriors and support players and decided to hold on unconditionally?”

“We need to form a team in our federation and have them work with famous players.”

“Selection should be entirely done by the federation.”

The main thrust of the meeting was that player selection should be done by the Federation.

“Hmm, I’m a little uncomfortable with Seong Ji-han because of what happened with the Sword King last time… … .”

“Didn’t we give in on that matter? “There was a good agreement, right?”

“is it so! “How lenient is it to end the sword king’s punishment with an exploration of a North Korean dungeon?”

There were some attendees at the meeting who were worried about the relationship with Seong Ji-han.

Rather, the Alliance made a lenient decision, and the prevailing opinion was that there was nothing to worry about.

In particular, the countries of Northeast Asia who tried to suspend the Sword King at any cost.

Representatives from China, Japan, and Russia argued that the federation must take the lead in selecting players.

“If you leave it to individual players, you can discriminate against people based on their nationality.”

“that’s right. “The federation must have the authority to select players!”

In order to obtain the authority to select rehearsal map players from the World Federation.

A representative of the federation was dispatched to Korea.

And three days passed.

The waiting guild office in the Sword Palace.

“nice to see you. “This is Nicholas Joseph, Deputy Director of External Affairs, World Federation.”

The Federation representative arrived.

* * *

Nicholas Joseph.

A middle-aged black man wearing glasses shook Seong Ji-han’s hand in fluent Korean.

Nicholas boasts a considerable size.

The position of bodyguard seemed more appropriate than the position of deputy director.

“The federation is showing great interest in this rehearsal game. Before I came to Korea, you already played the game three times… … “You didn’t achieve much success.”

“You saw the game.”

“Is there a person on Earth who doesn’t watch Seong Ji-han’s games these days?”

Nicholas grinned, showing his white teeth.

As he said.

It took three days for the standby guild to receive a call from the World Battlenet Federation and for Nicholas to arrive from New York.

Seong Ji-han once attempted to gather Platinum elites in his own way at the standby guild level.


‘It wasn’t easy.’

There are two ways to gather party members to participate in the rehearsal game.

Either it was random matching, or Seong Ji-han opened a team to participate in a rehearsal game and selected players.

I tried the latter for 3 days.

[Even though my level is only 170… … I can work hard! Please pick it just once!]

[and!! It’s Holy Land!! I have to take a picture hehehe!]

[Please sign my name!]

There was no chaos like this.

It took quite some time to mercilessly kick out these people and start the game only with players who have reached level 200.

There it is.

[No, don’t you put up a shield?]

[No, a warrior can’t even withstand that?]

[This is something the team doesn’t work well with… … .]

Even though I only took the kids who were close to max platinum level, there wasn’t much difference in the timing of team annihilation.

At least the chimeras coming out of the Chaos Rift were worth dealing with.

[Ta, the ground turns over… … !]


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In the midst of a confrontation with the opponent.

When an earthquake occurred and cracks appeared in all directions, the formation was broken and the chimeras slaughtered them again.

A situation that Seong Ji-han alone cannot prevent unfolds for three days in a row.

-Wow, is this the limit of humanity?

-10000 point reward There was a good reason. It’s impossible to break? LOL – No, people like the dragon race earn points based on their race, and lower races are discriminated against here as wellㅠㅠ – Life in the universe is the same. Shit lol – Hey, sir, if we keep doing this, aren’t we going to become chimeras like that?

The expectation of 10,000 points gradually disappeared.

Nicholas, who came to the waiting guild after observing the entire process, was able to speak with confidence.

“It won’t be easy to get 10,000 points using the current method.”


“Our alliance will actively help Seong Ji-han. “We will recruit the best platinum players and ensure that they strengthen their teamwork before participating in the game.”

“Hmm… … .”

“There are a significant number of players who have given up on the promotion battle this November and expressed their intention to participate. The players we’ve brought so far are certainly of a high level, but as you know,… … There is a big difference between strengthening teamwork and not strengthening it. “The federation will form a team that can clear the rehearsal map for the sake of humanity, in line with the purpose of its establishment.”

The World Federation requested that the team selection authority be left to them.

‘It’s easier to leave it to me.’

From the perspective of Seong Ji-han, who personally recruited people over the past three days.

In fact, it was a hundred times easier to leave it to me.

Of course, things might be easier if the waiting guild itself takes charge of the selection.

‘The guild is still busy with work, so it’s difficult to add this… … .’

In addition, they had too much power to be too pretentious with the Federation.

Since it is an association recognized as an official organization by, it was best to pursue coexistence.


“Is this the end?”


Also, there was no need to co-exist by catering to them all.

You should receive everything you get and deal on an equal footing.

“I asked for the authority to select the team, so I should be given something.”

When I spoke openly, Nicholas smiled slightly.

As expected, they say he is sincere and straightforward.

He had no hesitation in bargaining, even with himself as a representative of the federation.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you that. The Federation has decided to completely withdraw the punishment given to the Sword King last time. “Please research the North Korean dungeon until December, so that you can return to the national team at any time after that.”

The reason I had a falling out with Seong Ji-han was because of the Sword King issue.

The Alliance thought that if they rolled back this, relations would improve again.

They offered Seong Ji-han as if they were giving him something great.

‘I don’t need that.’

In the first place, it was Baekuijonggun.

In fact, the Federation was providing the northern exploration infrastructure that the Sword King wanted.

If this was rolled back, it would be a loss.

Of course, if the King of Swords joins the national team early, he may be able to take first place starting in March.

‘One place in March and one place later. Going to the Champions League is the same.’

Rather than that, Seong Ji-han decided to take what he wanted from the alliance.

“That’s okay.”

“ah… … Are you okay?”

“yes. My brother-in-law also said he wanted to do more dungeon exploration. Instead, please have the Federation designate our standby guild as ‘World Guild of the Year’.”

“uh… … that… … .”

Nicholas adjusted his glasses.

World Guild of the Year.

Selecting a total of 100 guilds from around the world had the effect of increasing the selected guild’s option level by +2.

Compared to Sheng Zhihan’s phoenix technique, it was only half as effective.

Guilds lobbying to get this too were lining up at the World Battlenet Federation.

“That has already been decided… … .”

“It’s one spot out of 100. Except one from the Northeast Asian countries. Then we will also accept players from Northeast Asia.”

“Umm… … “You mean in Northeast Asia?”

“Then you really just wanted to come in? Doing that shit?”

Nicholas was unable to answer Seong Ji-han’s question.

Japan, China, Russia, and even Taiwan.

I wonder how much effort all Northeast Asian countries put into working together to disqualify even the King of Swords and Seong Ji-han as national team players.

It was already a known fact.

“All right… … “We will include the waiting guild in this year’s world guild.”

Has he been delegated quite a bit of authority by the federation?

Nicholas confirmed this in his own words.

‘It seems like the right to select players is so coveted.’

A stat point of 7 is worth looking at.

He could have taken more to tackle the Northeast Asian countries, but Seong Ji-han decided to skip this level for now.

‘If we try to completely exclude Northeast Asian countries with this issue, we may face backlash from public opinion. ‘The most important thing is to get the world’s public on my side.’

Seong Ji-han thought so and requested a few more things from the federation representative.

“Oh, and we will also select about 20 people from our guild.”

“Yes, I understand.”


“And… … ?”

As Seong Ji-han continued to make demands, Nicholas asked back with an anxious face.

“Before the opening of the Space League, please put me in the lineup.”

Seong Ji-han’s last request was actually what the federation wanted.

Who wouldn’t pick him as a fighter competing for first or second place in the world?

“That is something we would like to ask you to do.”

“I said, ‘Unconditionally.’”

“All right!”

I thought this was the easiest request of all to meet.

Nicholas answered confidently.

* * *

[The World Federation announces that it will form a dream team for rehearsals!]

[Platinum player at level 200, gave up the promotion battle on the 25th and attempted to participate in rehearsals one after another.]

[Do not attack! Just hold on! The classes selected by the Federation are mainly Warriors and Supporters.]

[World Federation announces that it will additionally include ‘Standby Guild’ in ‘World Guild of the Year’.]

-In the end, the federation selects the players.

-That’s better. Seong Ji-han tried to pick me, but what kind of market was he in? There were so many people asking for his autograph… … .

-Instead, it seems like they made a deal with a standby guild in this year’s world guild?

-Taiwan is not in trouble right now. The group that was supposed to enter this year’s world guild was eliminated hahaha – Taiwan was in a bubble with Japan, saying that Seong Ji-han should also be disqualified as a player. Well, I shouldn’t have stayed quiet then~ – Ugh, it’s a shame that Japan had to be eliminated.

-They have top lobbying power.

“Ugh… … “My uncle’s article is all over the place, and my winning article is very short!”

November 25th.

Yoon Se-ah, who achieved Gear E level 100 and won the TOP 100 Gold promotion match, pouted her lips while reading the portal site article.

“You also have a knight.”

[Neither ‘Cheonma’ Wang Rin nor ‘Two Status Window’ Barron took first place! This promotion match is full of surprises!]

[You make the game dirty! The winner, Yoon Se-ah’s Battle Tube, is plastered with malicious comments from all over the world.]

World Gold TOP 100 promotion match.

This promotion match was a match with many potential winners.

Seong Ji-han goes first, and Barron and Wang Rin become latecomers.

In addition, several players were selected as candidates for the championship, including the soccer god Masid, who quickly leveled up.

In fact, it was Yoon Se-ah who won.

She hides in the veil of the void and shoots arrows repeatedly in a disgusting way that makes people who see her curse.

[Nonsense!! Even to my nephew… … !!]

After hearing Barron’s scream for the last time, he was able to win the championship.

So, on her BattleTube, contrary to the usual confrontational relationship, American and Chinese netizens were joining together to pour out malicious comments.

“Hehe, it’s a malicious comment… … “Isn’t it high praise to make the game dirty?”

Yoon Se-ah laughed as she watched the hate comments from people around the world posted on her Battle Tube.

Now, she is not mentally disturbed by malicious comments.

Rather, I got to the point where I was giggling and laughing when I saw that.

“High praise. “I especially enjoy being criticized by foreigners.”

“That’s right, that’s right. “I feel like I did my best~”

So the uncle and nephew shared a consensus on malicious comments for a while.

“Ah, but it’s a pity~ I heard they won’t select archers for the rehearsal.”

Yoon Se-ah licked her lips with regret as she read the article.

Although I reached Platinum very quickly, I was not eligible to participate in this game.

However, Seong Ji-han looked at her as if asking what she was talking about.

“You should come too, what are you talking about?”

“uh… … Can I participate as a child? “Isn’t that against fairness?”

“I can select 20 people as I wish. And your survival skills are top-notch.”

“Oooh, are you really picking me?! But my level is too low. Will it be okay?”

“It’s okay, I’ll take a few more people with me besides you. Even at low level.”

Seong Ji-han felt this clearly while playing in rehearsal recently.

‘We need to develop some useful players.’

Now, it is possible for Seong Ji-han to grab the collar and carry alone.

When you enter the Space League game later, you won’t be able to finish it all by yourself.

Somehow, on a global scale, the children who received SSS-level gifts had to grow up.

“okay? Ugh, but I like it… … “I’m sorry that your level is so low.”

“You said it’s okay to be criticized?”

“To call it shameful is a high compliment. “It feels like I’m going to my uncle’s back, hehe.”

“Then let’s level up a little more.”

“I can’t play games until the 30th, right?”

“Oh, you can do my special map together, okay?”

“Special map?”


Seong Ji-han recalled the map that had been opened to him by Thunder God.

[A special dungeon map, ‘God’s Throne – Thunder God’, will be opened to player Seong Ji-han.]

[The special dungeon is a map that only the permitted player Seong Ji-han and his party members can enter.]

[You can enter the special dungeon only once a week.]

[Special dungeons do not count toward the once-a-day game play limit.]

I guess I can just raise my nephew’s level by at least 1 or 2 more.

‘I also need to hear the Raijin’s answer.’

Thunder God said he didn’t want to answer through the system as to why he wanted to be attacked.

Seong Ji-han decided to wait until a month had passed to hear what his answer would be.

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