The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 180

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 180>


The second half of the regional league season has ended, and the Champions League matches are now in full swing.

Unlike usual, the public’s attention was focused on the chaotic battlefield rather than the World Champions League.

A rehearsal map that gives +7 stat points if you successfully reach 10000 points.

Attention was focused on whether the Earth expedition team would be able to obtain this enormous reward.

-Are we finally starting for the first time with proper formation?

-If successful, stat +7… … Only Warriors and Supporters played.

– Seong Ji-han, quickly elect Wang Rin!

-Are they still like that lol?

-Is it like that all December?

China’s opposition to Wang Lin not being selected still showed no signs of abating.

-The authority to select players remains with me.

Seong Ji-han dismissed this in one word and held several discussions with the World Battlenet Federation.

“In addition to the 479 people selected now, please select prospective members.”

“Are you talking about prospective members?”

“Yes, there may be times when some of the players change due to circumstances. “I hope we have about 300 people in reserve.”

“All right.”

Not knowing what will happen in the world.

Reserve members were essential to fill any vacancy at any time.

In this way, the expedition team was equipped to challenge the rehearsal game.

“Don’t worry about the attack. “I focus only on defense.”

“Warriors, we need to create synergy in a large-scale formation, so gather together in unity.”

“Supporters should not use all of their shields at once, but use them sequentially starting from group 1.”

Together with experts from the Alliance, 500 people devoted themselves to training to achieve unity.

The only person left out here was Seong Ji-han, who was in charge of the attack.

So it’s December 1st.

Seong Ji-han opened the rehearsal map and invited the promised players.

“Oh, finally… … !”

People summoned one by one.

They were definitely different from the players when Seong Ji-han used random matching in the past.

After being amazed for a moment at being summoned, he quickly ran to his position and started forming a formation.

‘This team will definitely live a long time.’

Platinum elites who have reached level 200.

Since I was fully prepared with warriors and supports, I felt like I would be able to block even if the hatchling’s breath rained down on me this time.

‘As expected, the federation is good at handling these kinds of things.’

Although he has a history of annoying himself with issues related to the King of Swords.

Still, the World Alliance is the perfect place to entrust this chore to.

If you had excluded the alliance and only worked with yourself and the standby guild, you would not have been able to gather such trained players.

Seong Ji-han looked at the trained players with satisfied eyes, thinking that he would continue to use the alliance often in the future.

When power is being provided so quickly.

“Oh oh! Holy land! How have you been?”

Barron, who had been summoned later, approached with a smile on his face.

Although he always had an inferiority complex towards Seong Ji-han.

I didn’t know I would be selected, but maybe it was because I was selected.

It seemed like the accumulated emotions had been greatly relieved.

“You chose me… … What an excellent decision! “Do you really recognize your rival?”


“Yes, your rival would be me!”

Dreams are also wild.

“It would be nice if you came in first place in the promotion match and said something like that.”

“Ugh… … That’s because your nephew behaved in a disgraceful manner. “I was first in kill score!”

“But isn’t the result what matters in the end?”

Yoon Se-ah walked behind Barron and said.

“Beat me first and then call your uncle your rival. “Uncle Barron.”

“… … wait. “I will completely destroy it during the diamond promotion match.”

“Even though I didn’t get a single hit.”

“Ugh… … .”

Barron is forced to do this while looking at Yoon Se-ah.

For some reason, that appearance was similar to the behavior he used when he saw Seong Ji-han in the past.

Seong Ji-han is already high up in the heavenly world to be considered a competitor.

Rather, he seemed to have feelings for Yoon Se-ah, who was holding him back.

“Has your force control improved?”

“Hmph, I’m not the same person I used to be. “Now I can even write the alphabet with the Force.”

Meanwhile, Barron carves letters on the ground.

Although the handwriting was crooked, as if it had been written by a baby, I was still able to recognize the ABCs.


Seong Ji-han was impressed when he saw that.


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That Vulcan Baron writes letters with the Force?

‘It’s better for Barron to harbor an inferiority complex like that.’

Even though I practiced a lot in my last life, my control skills never improved.

This time, you must have been greatly stimulated by the bitter taste of defeat.

Barron’s skills improved to a surprising degree.

As for force control, it’s even better than Baron’s in his last life.

[Seaya, has he made some progress? Keep teasing me in the future. I guess he’s the type of person who only improves his skills that way.]

Yoon Se-ah slightly nodded her head at Seong Ji-han’s message.

He glanced at the space behind him and spoke.

“Uncle, but why did you decide not to pick Uncle Wang Rin? “I keep hearing that question these days.”

In fact, Yoon Se-ah knew because she had already heard the story from Seong Ji-han.

‘Before the rehearsal game starts, we need a place to talk through the battle tube about why we weren’t selected.’

It’s just my opinion because I have the authority to select players.

The amount of malicious comments coming from a population of 1.4 billion was enormous.

Seong Ji-han read Yoon Se-ah’s intention and responded lightly.

“Oh, that? Originally, I was going to recruit them, but the representative sent by the People’s Association s*xually harassed our guild members. So I decided not to pick it.”

“s*xual harassment… … “You did it?”

“Uh, I don’t plan on picking that person until he apologizes. What if Wang Lin had withdrawn from the People’s Association? Well, he already selected 20 people, so the opportunity is gone.”

Seong Ji-han calmly tells me that he left the bus because of the representative of your People’s Association.

Barron, who was listening to this from the side, responded loudly.

“Hmph, it’s because I don’t really have manners. “It’s a good thing I didn’t pick it!”

Not only does Barron have bad manners, but he also enjoys seeing his rival Wang Rin screw up.

“That bastard is also acting like a bastard in front of you. He is a man with no manners. “Never pull it out!”

Watching Barron give advice on the subject of bad manners, which he also plays a part in.

Seong Ji-han pointed to the empty seat with his finger.

“Okay, just go to your position. “If you don’t keep your position and keep leaving, I’ll replace you.”

“Tsk… … It’s not just me, right? “Your nephew left too?”

“He’s my nephew.”

“… … “Go, go!”

“I’m going too, uncle!”

Let’s just provide a space for Yoon Se-ah to express her position and then leave.

Seong Ji-han chuckled.

‘Anyway, don’t worry.’

What’s the big deal about getting scolded by people in other countries?

Since Seong Ji-han had experienced hell in the world where the tutorial ended, he was not impressed at all.

What you need to focus on rather than those issues.

[All players have been recruited.]

[Start the game.]

[The assigned map is ‘Battlefield of Chaos.’]

It was a rehearsal game that started with all 500 people gathered together.

* * *

“Map opens!”

“Prepare your defense posture immediately!”

As soon as the game started, the leaders of the warrior organization prepared a defensive posture all at once.

The first thing Seong Ji-han confirmed while running several rounds of random matching was.

This is because attacks will pour in as soon as the game starts.

[It’s finally opened.]

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … !

The chaotic battlefield is covered by a huge shadow and becomes dark.

Above the sky, 20 giant hands blocking the sun fell at once towards humanity.

“Is it a giant this time…?” … !”

“I thought it was breath and came wearing flame-resistant armor!”

The warriors groaned and simultaneously raised their shields to the sky.

Compared to the giant’s huge hand, the shield is no bigger than a fingernail.


“Shield binding!”

Let hundreds of warriors use the shield binding skill at once.

A huge shield of light rose above the expedition, opposing the giant’s hand.

‘Shield bond’ becomes stronger the more people use it.

bang! bang!

When trained warriors used this, they were able to block a barrage of attacks as soon as the game started.

Of course, the damage inflicted by the giant’s hand was significant, and the shield of light cracked.

“Ugh… … !”

“Hey, heels… … !

Some of the warriors supporting it underneath were torn apart, and many were seriously injured.

‘Are there 20 warriors? … ‘Is it better than I thought?’ There were only a few casualties from the giant’s wave attack, which was as strong as the hatchling’s breath attack.

Seong Ji-han thought it was beyond his expectations.

If you keep going like this, you might be able to beat this map earlier than you think.

“Please just hold on. “They’ll catch their throats soon.”

Seong Ji-han looked around.

Ten steel giants were lined up on all sides, pounding their shields with their palms.

Compared to the hatchling’s breath attack, it is an attack that simply slams down.

But when it was done by a huge steel giant that rose all the way to the sky, it was very powerful.

‘for now.’


Seong Ji-han threw the phoenix flag into the sky.


The palm of the giant in the direction of the Phoenix Flag’s path was torn, and blue blood was flowing out.

The window reached up to the sky, immediately creating a huge space of light.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.

Heavenly Thunder God’s explanation.

Heavenly Judgment.

A huge window falling to the ground in a gap of light.

“Oh, the window of heaven…” … !”

“I can’t believe I saw this in person!”

Now, it was Seong Ji-han’s trademark, the Judgment of Heaven.


“uh… … .”

Seong Ji-han’s martial arts skills were different from usual.

“Well, what is it? “Is there one more?”

“This one is red?!”

From one hole, two spears fell.

And that too, compared to the spears of light that usually fall.

A red thunderbolt spear that shows off even more powerful force.

[I will try to stop it.]

The steel giant who was hit directly by the first spear of light tried to resist.

As the spear slowly penetrated the crown of his head, the giant raised his hand and tried to pull it out.

Jijijijik… … !

But even my hands were burning black and I couldn’t use my strength.

[God-level attack. Damage cannot be repaired. Escape.]

He spit out that one word.

Shoooooo… … !

Like a deflated balloon, the body instantly shrunk and disappeared.

The image of the giant disappeared like that.

Perhaps because he escaped, no kill points were added for killing him.


The second spear, the Heavenly Judgment full of red lightning, was different.

As soon as it is hit directly by the spear, the head is pierced in an instant.

Grrrr… … !

A red electric current flowed through the giant’s entire body, and flames instantly bloomed in its steel body.

Then, the giant’s voice came out with something completely different from before.

[No escape. Loss of c*ckpit functionality. NO.4212 Humanity. Data entry required.]

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

Unlike the giant that shrunk and escaped a little while ago.

A giant whose entire body melted and turned into molten iron.

When he disappeared like that.

100 kill points have been added to humanity.

-Oh, 100… … !

-It’s the same as a hatchling.

-The hatchling died in one hit, but he was tougher. Shouldn’t I give you more points?

-They fly instead. It’s just that it’s hard to catch.

-ㅇㅇ It’s easy to catch him because he’s a saint.

A steel giant whose value is equal to that of a hatchling.

When one of their colleagues died, they all made mechanical noises.

[I was wondering how the lowest species came here.]

[There was a hidden knife.]

[Maybe a candidate for the Constellation. Retreat.]

They stopped striking their palms and turned their backs at once.

Rather than seeking revenge on his colleagues, he appears to be trying to maintain his power.

‘These guys… … ‘You don’t even want to fight?’

Seong Ji-han quickly went forward to kill the rest.

Pushuuu… … !

The bodies of the giants shrank in an instant, like deflating a balloon.

Their traces have completely disappeared.

“There are all kinds of races… … Scoreboard.”

Now that we’ve met the other person, we can figure out what race they are.

Seong Ji-han opened the scoreboard.

Then, the tribal name that came out there was completely unexpected.

1st place – NO.113 Pillar of the World Tree – Kill Points 8782

2nd place – NO.456 ?? – Kill Points 3321

… …

9th place – NO.3491 ?? – Kill Points 930

10th – NO.4212 Humanity – Kill Points 100

‘Pillars of the World Tree?’

I thought it was just one of the giants.

The pillars of the World Tree?

Seong Ji-han asked a world tree expert.

“Ariel. Do you know about the pillars of the World Tree?”

[Pillar? Why is that?]

“You said the giant was a pillar?”


Ariel, who was startled by Seong Ji-han’s question, actually questioned him back.

[Well, that can’t be… … That’s a pillar? A giant? Are you sure?]

“It showed up that way on the scoreboard.”

[then… … I’m sure… … .]

She clearly looked embarrassed by Seong Ji-han’s words.

He remained silent for a moment and then answered.

[…] … I will contact the Holy See and ask. That pillar is a giant… … .]

“okay. “Do it quickly.”

[First of all, we can only contact you once the game is over. Let’s go back and talk.]

“i get it.”

Seong Ji-han nodded and went up to the sky.

To the east, there is a crack in the earth where a chimera pops out.

In the distance to the west, a space with a huge circular barrier came into view.

‘There is no need to go straight to the Chaos Rift.’

In any case, you can only get a score of up to 2000 in cracks.

“Let’s go west.”

Seong Ji-han led the expedition team and moved toward the direction where the barrier was located.

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