The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 181

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 181>

A space with a huge barrier.

When the expedition team arrived there, they could see why attacks had been pouring in as soon as the game started.

“ah… … .”

“You can see it all from outside, this.”

Inside the barrier.

As several races with pig-like faces were summoned, a lot of movement was underway.

That appearance was similar to the random matching when Seong Ji-han first played the Battleground of Chaos.

When I was inside, I had no idea what was going on outside and was just amazed that I had been assigned to a new game.

Races already participating in the battlefield were able to prepare to attack in advance while looking at the enemy.

‘The difference between the rehearsal and official maps appears here as well.’

When a game is officially played in Space League, all races are summoned and start at the same time.

This difference seemed to have arisen because the rehearsal map had different exit and entry points for each race.

“Mr. Seong Ji-han. What would you like to do?”

Seong Ji-han looked closely at the inside of the barrier at that question.

A pig-faced race numbering nearly 500.

They seemed to be the lowest race, treated as 1 point like humanity.

“I think the barrier will open soon, so let’s wait.”


Even if they were to wait, the main expedition corps had nothing to do but prepare for defense.

Seong Ji-han, who was in charge of the deal, was different.

‘I now have time to prepare properly.’


In front of the enemy barrier.

Seong Ji-han stabbed the shadow sword Eclipse.

Slurrr… … .

Then the shadow seeped into the ground and spread widely, completely surrounding the barrier.

[If it covers this much range, it won’t be able to attack very powerfully.]

“are you okay. “I will attack the center, so just deal with the disintegrated enemies.”

[i get it.]

Eclipse was installed to deal with enemies who run away.

The main attack was to be launched from above.

“Summon a thundercloud.”

He returned to the sky on a thundercloud.

‘It’s not just us.’

In addition to humans, two other races could be seen approaching the barrier from afar.

This is probably because attacking newly summoned races is the easiest to inflict damage on.

‘They all resemble bugs.’

One of the races to come was a swarm of winged, human-sized mantises.

The other one was a giant centipede, each measuring over 10 meters long.

-What, are people who look like mantises and centipedes a species? thief

-Is that something you do with kids like that in the Space League? … .

-The only species similar to humans are the orcs inside the barrier.

Viewers were able to understand the opponent by looking at the enemy caught in Seong Ji-han’s gaze.

I realized that different races had participated in the rehearsal.

When the Space League opens, we’ll also be fighting against kids like this.

-Oh, I absolutely hate fighting bugs.

-ㄹㅇ Why is it so big? Reallyㅡㅡ

-Orcs are fairies… … .

Viewers freely expressed their disgust for the insect race.

Seong Ji-han, who had already played the Space League once, was not particularly impressed and calmly assessed the number of enemies.

‘The mantis race, is the number 150? ‘I guess they’re not a very strong race.’

I don’t know what number they first started with.

In any case, if there is only 150 left, it means that the species itself is not that strong.

‘I have to wipe out all the kids coming in.’

Seong Ji-han decided to score a lot of points here.

“Thunderclouds, spread here.”

Thunderclouds used to be a means of flight until now.

However, a cloud containing lightning could be an excellent means of attack in itself.

In the sky above the barrier, thunderclouds spread widely.

I received the power of Seong Ji-han and prepared to pour out a thunderbolt.

‘That’s enough here.’

When the thundercloud’s attack preparations were completed, Seong Ji-han kicked his feet towards the mantis species that approached first.

[Kit! Enemy population over 400! The lowest race!]

[There are two prey!]

[Let’s hunt before the giant comes!]

Looking at the number of human beings, the mantises fly in eagerly, concluding that they are the lowest species.

They want to spread out and attack humanity all at once.


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[One of the lowest species approaches!]

[The speed… … I don’t even have wings… … !]

[Take care of that guy first!]

As I saw Seong Ji-han approaching at high speed, I quickly tried to prepare for it.

It was impossible to stop Seong Ji-han’s spear from moving sideways in the distance.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.

Samjaemugeuk (三才武極).

Hoengsocheon County.


The mantis is split in half all at once.

Although it was spread widely across the sky, dozens of objects fell to the ground in an instant, cut in half.

And between the cracks, the phoenix’s flames burned until there was not even a corpse left.

The enemy was very surprised.


[The outer skin splits right away… … ?]

[Spread out, spread out!]

It was only then that the mantis nobles tried to spread out and avoid the attack.

‘These guys will just be sorted out in basic ball.’

Seong Ji-han identified the enemy’s level with just one attack.

Jumped at the enemy at once.

A phoenix flag that cuts horizontally 7 times.

Each time the spear moved, more than ten enemies were set on fire.

[Well, what is it? Why is this monster here?]

[The number is already less than 20 percent!]

[Wasn’t this a map that only Platinums could participate in?!]

The enemy’s reaction can be heard vividly through the translator.

It was very similar to the Earth player who was dealing with Seong Ji-han.

-Haha, there’s nothing wrong with alien races, right?

– Like the Japanese, the praying mantis fell with one blow wwww.

-Korean people… … He was enjoying this to himself.

-Let’s share the good stuff together, kinda.

-I hate you more than anyone else in the national team match, but here I am the most reassuring… … .

Not only Koreans were involved in the mass murders that Seong Ji-han usually committed.

Viewers from countries in the Northeast Asian League that were beaten by Seong Ji-han were also enjoying it.

Although he is the most annoying opponent in the national competition.

As Earth’s representative player, he is an incredibly trustworthy player.

[After, retreat… … !]

As the mantis race quickly escaped, the next target was a centipede.

Seong Ji-han immediately turned and flew towards the direction where the giant centipedes were coming.

“Watch the ground!”

“Please put up a barrier on the ground. “A centipede is digging a tunnel!”

“Uh, uh… … ! “What is this, a tentacle??”

“Help me!!”

A human unit is thrown into chaos after being attacked by a giant centipede.

Still, perhaps because it was made up of only Warrior Supporters, it was able to withstand quite a bit of enemy attacks coming from underground.

‘Since their population is small, they must be a bit strong.’

There were about 40 giant centipedes.

Seong Ji-han injected more energy into Eclipse, which was stuck on the ground.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill.


Black spirit ascension.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

Shadows seep into the ground.

The color of the ground becomes completely dark.

And there, the shadow energy deepens.

“uh… … .”

“The enemy’s offensive has stopped… … .”

The movements of the centipedes that had been fiercely attacking the expedition team from the ground stopped all at once.

Shoooooo… … !

The shadow energy that colors the earth rises one by one into the sky.

In an instant, 10 black pillars ascended to heaven.

There were giant centipedes inside, one by one, and they couldn’t even move.

[Crook… … Crunch… … Diamond is coming here… … .]

[Diamond? It’s more than a diamond, this is!]

[NO.4212… … Don’t approach them… … .]

[I broke the rules of the game. We need to protest against… … !]

A giant centipede that disappears after leaving a will telling humans not to approach it.

Ten individuals died in an instant.

Kurrrrrr… … !

The giant centipedes that had swarmed towards humanity escaped back the way they came.

[Lord, master. Was the power this much? … When did it develop like this?]

“It’s like this. “It’s been a long time since I’ve used Shadow God’s Gyeol, so it turned out better than I expected.”

[…] … Is this below expectations?]

Seong Ji-han is disappointed that compared to the martial spirit possessed, the Black Spirit Ascension was not properly included.

When Ariel heard this, she felt absurd.

At this level, it’s beyond a truly advanced race, it’s a top-class race, right?

Just like that, the centipede attack was coming to an end.

“Ah, that giant from earlier… … !”

thud! thud!

The giant giants were approaching from afar towards the barrier from the west.

[It’s those guys from earlier.]

[Get out.]

After seeing the human expedition team, to be exact, Seong Ji-han.

I hastily took a step back.

“The giant… … I’m going… … .”

-Wow, that big giant runs away right away haha.

-this… … The level of humanity… … .

-Where did they bring humanity? Seong Ji-han did it all by himself haha ​​- As soon as he entered the chaotic battlefield, Seong Ji-han blew up the game by himself in the rehearsal, just like in George’s District.

Maybe it’s because only Platinums can participate in the map in the first place.

There was no race that could stop Seong Ji-han’s transcendent power.

“Ah, the barrier opens!”

At that time, the barrier opens just in time.

[Is this a rehearsal map?]

[Kurk, kkurk! Uruk, let’s dominate the battlefield!]

The 500 pig-headed race, Uruk, came out of the barrier with great vigor.

“Thunderclouds, start.”

Kurrrrrr… … !

Thunderclouds that had already spread widely in the sky struck down lightning.

[It’s easy. Yes, this is the lowest level of race.]

Eclipse raises the shadow of the sword from the ground and decapitates Uruk.

[Well, something… … This!]

[You attack as soon as the game starts. This is a foul… … !]

In an instant, the enemy race collapsed.

“Seeing that reminds me of when humanity first rehearsed.”

“Even then, we started off with a bad breath, so they must have been embarrassed too.”

“Wow, the points are accumulating quickly… … “It’s already over 1,000.”

“7th place? this… … “I might wake up this time!”

Including Uruk, we have already encountered 4 races.

The human expedition team, relying only on Seong Ji-han and focusing on defense, was able to take down all of them.

If this continues, it is not unreasonable to be greedy for up to 10,000 points.

Most people were happy about this situation, but there were some who couldn’t laugh.

* * *

“Okay, sir. this… … “Isn’t it supposed to end today?”

“Uh, um… … .”

Platinum warriors from the People’s Association’s 2nd Army made eye contact with each other.

How is it that the game runs so smoothly?

When the giant clicked or when I was attacked by the giant centipede, I thought, oh, this is how it ends.

‘Seongjihan is really crazy.’

‘No, that’s the same pl… … .’

‘It doesn’t make sense, really.’

Starting with the giants, killing the mantis and the centipede.

The man who annihilated even Uruk really didn’t seem like a person.

If you just trust in Seong Ji-han like this, it is really possible to clear the game.

The People’s Assembly warrior thought.

‘… … Although I am greedy for stat points. ‘You have to follow orders from your superiors.’

The People’s Association was not just a guild.

It was an organization representing China, led and established by the country.

I could not dare to disobey the orders given there.

‘There are 440 people left… … .’

The leader of the People’s Assembly checked the number of people.

I thought quite a few people would die from the centipede attack.

Seong Ji-han reacted so quickly that there were a significant number of survivors.

‘Of these, there are about 50 of us. It’s enough for us to fall in… … ‘I can maintain 10 percent power.’

Only 10% must remain to be eliminated from the game.

Somehow, the remaining power was so solid.

If this happens, I think the game will just end.

“I… … Should I commit suicide right now?”

“No, wait. “If you commit suicide now, it will be too obvious!”

“But if the game ends like this, won’t you be kicked out of the guild…?” … .”

“it is not so. Wait for your chance. “I’ve only gotten about 1,000 points yet!”

The Chinese warriors whispered to each other in very low voices so that no one could hear them.


Seong Ji-han expanded his five senses as much as possible to understand the enemy’s location in the chaotic battlefield.

Their plans could be heard from the sky.

‘I didn’t think the People’s Assembly would just step down. ‘Did you have this kind of intention?’

Are you saying that the kids representing Earth in the Space League game are intentionally trying to ruin the team?

‘These guys… … ‘Is this helpful?’

They say poop can also be used as medicine.

Seong Ji-han smiled at the corner of his mouth.

With the defense power, the game went much easier than expected.

Before the crack exploration ended, I wondered what would happen if I reached 10,000 points… … .

‘I guess I should use it well.’

Seong Ji-han decided to provide a place for them to die in grandeur.

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