The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 185

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 185>

“Breaking rehearsal with matching… … .”

Yoon Se-ah asked back with a surprised face.

“Oh, of course, uncle, no matter how different the race is, I will beat them all… … “It’s holding us back as a human race.”

“It’s gotten to the point where I can’t get caught anymore.”

Unmarried 200.

This ability, completed through fragments of a fallen star, boasted overwhelming power.

‘Now, I’m definitely stronger than my last life.’

Seong Ji-han was ranked 7th in the world in his last life, but was actually the strongest person on Earth.

I wondered when I would catch up to that level, but I was definitely able to surpass it through this chaotic battlefield.

‘Level 183… … At this level, I won’t become a diamond even after clearing the chaotic battlefield.’

The official opening match of the Space League will be held on January 1st.

There, Seong Ji-han had to be ‘Platinum’.

I could have gone up to Diamond and fought the enemy as a representative of Earth.

‘That’s why I can’t cause them much damage.’

Recalling the shocking incident that occurred in the opening match.

Seong Ji-han once again decided to stay at platinum this year.

“If you wake up with matching… … I feel a bit sorry for those who have worked hard so far. “I had a hard time training for a long time.”

“People from other countries?”

Yoon Se-ah’s words reminded Seong Ji-han of the expedition team that had recently gone through some hardships.

Because of the suicide uproar at the People’s Assembly, everyone was gnashing their teeth, thinking that they couldn’t wake up long ago.

‘I’ll have to take care of them.’

Despite all the time and effort I put into it, I couldn’t give a stat bonus to someone who came through matching instead of the expedition team.

“I need to contact the expedition team. “I’m going to match you, but are you coming?”

“Aha, it’s matching, is that possible?”

“uh. “The composition of the players for the rehearsal game is up to me.”

“So in the end, it’s the same as the expedition group except for the People’s Association?”

“If there are members who don’t come, it will change even more.”

“Are you sure you won’t come?”

These are people who gave up on promotion due to +7 stats.

“Isn’t it necessary to do it on Christmas Eve?”

“Eve… … Has it already happened like that?”

“Oh, it’s the day after tomorrow.”

Seong Ji-han nodded as if everything went well.

“okay. “Then let’s set it as that day.”

Let’s stay at Platinum in December.

Seong Ji-han scheduled the rehearsal to end on the 24th.

* * *

Christmas Eve 2020.

This was a time of turmoil due to issues related to rehearsal games and the opening of the Space League approaching.

“Everyone, it’s been a while.”

When Seong Ji-han turned on the battle tube, numerous viewers flocked.

-oh… … .

-The broadcast is on!

-It’s a rehearsal waiting area.

-Have we finally reached an agreement with the federation?

Although people expressed such doubts about the rehearsal game being played for the first time in a long time.

“There is no agreement with that side. “Today, we will end the rehearsal game with matching.”

-By matching… … ?

-no. The game always ends when an ally dies.

-How do I wake up with random matching?

When Seong Ji-han said it was a match, the reaction was mainly concerned.

Each time, there were less than 10% of our allies left, so the game ended with around 6,000 to 7,000 points.

“Now it is possible. Oh, and since the existing expedition members have worked hard so far, we plan to receive them first in matching. “Excluding the People’s Association TO.”

-It would be better if the expedition came first.

-ㅇㅇ Because it focuses on supporters and warriors.

-Oh, but then that means there will be 60 seats left in the People’s Council… … .

-If you actually wake up from rehearsal today, won’t it be a jackpot to get in the 60th spot??

-Is that so? Is this a Christmas present?

-Is there a level limit?

“Level or class, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can come.”

To Seong Ji-han’s leisurely declaration.

The eyes of Platinum players around the world rolled over.

-Please start a little later! I’m giving up my eve date and driving around. Honey, I’m sorry haha ​​- stat +7 is much more important than that date haha ​​- there’s no guarantee that you’ll beat the game this time, so what… … .

– Seeing Seong Ji-han being so confident, I thought something would happen, so that’s how the team formation started.

“I’m Dennis from Ireland, a member of the expedition team!”

“yes. Please wait.”

As if they had been waiting, members of the expedition team began to arrive one after another.


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“All 439 members of the expedition participated. Now, let’s go to the 60-digit random draw.”

Let Seong Ji-han start the game like this.

-Sacred player! Playing the game like this… … ! The Federation will never sit idly by and let this happen!

-The game is being played without the People’s Assembly. Is it really going to come out like this?

The World Battlenet Federation and the People’s Association launched a strong protest through Battle Tube.

He lightly ignored this and proceeded with random matching.

“I… … .”

“It’s surprising that the person who committed suicide last time is thinking of coming in as a matchmaker.”

“Well, I was sorry back then. Still, it happened like this, just once… … !”


“Mr. Seong Ji-han. That Wang Rin! Please give me just one chance… … !”

“We don’t accept people from that guild. Let’s go.”

A member of the expedition team from the People’s Association who caused the problem.

Although the Cheonma Wangrin tried to get involved, several incidents occurred, such as being forced out.

“That’s it.”

In the end, we were able to finish forming a team of 500 people.

‘The 60 newly added people were accepted by everyone except those from that guild without even looking at their levels.’

‘Will this be cleared…? … .’

60 people selected completely at random.

Among them, there was a level 100 player who had just reached Platinum.

There were many archer classes that were least helpful for survival.

Since teamwork will be difficult to match with the existing expedition team, won’t it be difficult to clear the mission?

It was no wonder the expedition team was so worried.

“Now, don’t get defensive.”

But Seong Ji-han was actually calm.

[All players have been recruited.]

[Start the game.]

[The assigned map is ‘Battlefield of Chaos.’]

That’s how the game started.

As usual, as soon as the map opens.

Concentrated attacks from races waiting in advance poured in.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

The attack this time was green smoke exhaled by a huge snake.

The gas, which contained strong poison, immediately threatened the expedition.

“Shield binding… … !”

In order to prevent powerful poison attacks, the expedition team tried to establish a defensive posture like before.

“are you okay.”


Seong Ji-han, holding the shadow sword Eclipse, took out two more swords from his inventory.

I plunged three swords into the ground.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

annihilation decision

God of all ghosts

When the martial spirit was low, the pattern of the Ten Thousand Demons was drawn so finely that it was barely visible to the eye.

However, the pattern Seong Ji-han drew now was different.

The land was embroidered with the character of the God of Ten Thousand Ghosts, which was large enough for 10 people to stand on.

And, unlike usual, the three swords were not broken.

Once all the patterns are drawn.

Seong Ji-han looked at the expedition team and smiled.

“It will be over after a short rest.”

Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

I’m afraid those words will end.


“Uh, uh… … .”

The symbol of the Ten Thousand Ghosts and Gods began to shine.

The entire expedition team began to be sucked into it.

‘There is no need to use the Ten Thousand Demons only to trap souls.’

Just as the Iron Blood Cross was used as a shield.

It is not necessary to use the Ten Thousand Ghosts and Gods only to subdue the enemy’s soul.

The allies who are holding you back like this and imposing a death penalty.

There was no problem even if it was properly used in the name of blocking it from the game.

of course.

‘If the martial spirit had not grown, reformation would have been difficult.’

Seong Ji-han, who has 150 martial arts skills, had a hard time drawing patterns.

Now that it has grown to 200, there is definitely enough room to use the Ten Thousand Demons God for a different purpose than its original purpose.

Originally, he would seal even his soul and destroy it.

Because it just quietly confined the player.

As such, the martial spirit ability level of 50 made a huge difference.

“Ugh… … !”

Before the poison reaches you.

An expedition team of 499 people were all trapped in Seongjihan’s Mangwibongsin.

Seong Ji-han put the lump of luggage aside.

[…] … what?]

[Is it an internal conflict?]

[The species summoned this time is strange.]

He looked at the giant snake race that was looking at him with strange eyes, and raised the phoenix flag.

“Give me the kill point.”

At the words spoken by a creature less than 1/10 the size of myself.

The group of giant snakes opened their mouths wide.

[He was crazy.]

[Take care of it quickly. Let’s move to the next location.]

[I get it.]

Smoke began to rise from the snake’s mouth again.


Seong Ji-han’s new form disappeared in the blink of an eye.

A red electric current coiled around the entire body of the snake that opened its mouth.

Grrrr… … !

A giant snake that burns and disappears in an instant.

One disappeared in an instant, so much so that one didn’t even have time to scream.

[…] … Well, what is it?]

When a giant snake cowered for a moment in a situation that I couldn’t understand.

“You guys give 25 points each?”

Seong Ji-han appeared in front of them and stretched out his spear again.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Thunder bee fire

Red thunder gun

Jijijijik… … !

Red lightning extends like a tsunami from the window.

It overturned a whole group of 19 giant snakes in an instant.

[eww… … This power… … !]

[Ugh… … ! I can’t stand it!]

[It looks like we lost this battle… … .]

[NO. 4212… … ! I will remember… … .]

When Seong Ji-han led the human expeditionary force and participated in the chaotic battlefield, many enemies knew about NO.4212.

Perhaps because it has been a long time since they arrived, they are a snake race that knows nothing about humanity.

As they were hit by red bombs and annihilated in an instant, Seong Ji-han glanced at the Mangwibongsin.

“Please rest for a moment. “Let’s finish it quickly and come back.”


Seong Ji-han’s body disappears, and it won’t be long before.

[This guy! Was it still there… … .]

[What, it got stronger!]

[I can’t run away either. So fast… … !]

The screams of other races began to echo from afar.

* * *

A battlefield of chaos.

A map where races gather for 500 points and engage in team play.

But the game that took place today was completely different.

[Is this guy a boss monster? … .]

[no! Come out as a species! NO.4212!]

[If that’s enough… … I think it’s 500 points alone!!]

[humanity… … Is it a new divine being?]

Seongjihan seals humanity and sweeps away other races.

Is it because his dance is so powerful?

The other races opposing him mistook Seong Ji-han for a divine race.

-and… … Was this map this easy?

-I sealed a chunk of luggage, so it’s over in one go… … .

-But doesn’t it seem like the sacred site has become stronger?

-yep; Red lightning is now pouring out in bunches.

Viewers who always watched the popular broadcasts were able to notice that the already strong man had upgraded to another level.

No, I haven’t played any games lately and have been secluded.

How do people become stronger?

‘A battlefield of chaos. It was a map I was very thankful for.’

Kurrrrrr… … !

As the earth trembled, cracks of chaos appeared.

Seong Ji-han looked at this with sorrowful eyes.

A fragment of a fallen star hidden in a crack.

Thanks to that, how much martial spirit, which had not been growing well, has grown.

If I hadn’t been limited to 200 martial arts, I would have wanted to stay here and mine star fragments.

‘But now that I’ve stopped growing, I have to graduate.’

Plus, there’s the Space League opening match soon, so we need to prepare for that too.

Seong Ji-han looked at the scoreboard.

1st Place – NO.4212 Humanity – Kill Points 9994

A chaotic battlefield where you only need to fill in 6 more points and end up in first place.

Seong Ji-han wanders around looking for prey.

[uh. Avoid, avoid… … !]

[It’s him!]

He was able to discover the mantis race that had been slaughtered by him before.

The enemy who turned his back and tried to run away as soon as he saw him.


“How many points did you guys have?”

[Well, what is it? Suddenly… … !]

They, who were only platinum, could not escape from Seong Ji-han, who had grown even more.

“done. Just let the 6 guys come out. “I’ll spare the rest.”

[What kind of bullshit is that… … !]

[That’s 2, 2 points for us! Only 3 people need to go!]

[hey! What are you talking about!]

[Then everyone dies?! It’s a game anyway, so we need to conserve power!]

[This bastard… … !]


Seong Ji-han exploded his anger and checked the scoreboard.

“That’s really 2 points.”

[…] … .]

“Okay then, just the two of you, come out.”

[Well, I’ll go… … !]


The praying mantis who was talking about realism earlier applied, and then there were no applicants.

Seong Ji-han glanced around at them and pointed at the mantis who was the most injured.

[Pfft… … !]

“Then let’s go. “Isn’t it good for you if we graduate?”

[Yes, that’s right. Let’s go!]

Let the realist mantis hurry.

“You did well with your friend.”

Seong Ji-han chuckled and moved towards the place where the Mangwibongsin was installed.

And among the three swords stuck on the ground, let’s pick out Eclipse.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … !

There was thick smoke on the ground.

“uh… … !”

“W-what is it?”

“It was released… … .”

Players who had been trapped in the Ten Thousand Demons began to come out in droves.

They looked at each other with incomprehensible expressions.

“Come on, everyone.”

When Seong Ji-han called them, they all looked towards him.

“Thank you for your hard work. “I’ll give it to you now as a Christmas present.”


With those words, the Mantis’ entire body exploded.

[You have achieved 10000 kill points.]

[The battlefield of chaos has been conquered.]

[Special mission cleared.]

[A 5-year growth bonus is given to the entire race.]

[For players participating in the game, 7 remaining stat points are added.]

The same message appeared to all players who were quietly trapped in Mangwibongsin.

“to… … .”

“Are you awake?”


At first, I looked at the message with a puzzled face for a moment.

“Wow, that’s crazy!!”

“7 points… … ! “It really came in!”

“and!! I got caught doing random matching today for the first time! oh my god!!”

The players who got the extra points had their eyes rolling.

It was just quietly sealed and then released.

What kind of ridiculous compensation is this?

-Wow, that’s a bitch lol.

-The expedition team went through some hardships, what the hell are they!!

-Your lucky draw is crazy haha.

– The People’s Association said it would be difficult without their items haha ​​- I cleared it in one day~ And the reward message was similar to Seong Ji-han as it was to other players.

His message had one line added to the end.

[If you are selected as the race MVP, you will receive additional MVP rewards!]

‘It’s MVP reward… … .’ I gained a lot from this map.

They give gifts until the end.

That was when Seong Ji-han smiled slightly and collected his reward.

In the star of martial arts, Tuseong.

[Hmm… … .]

The owner of the star was showing satisfaction as he saw the changed appearance of the Mangwibongsin used by Seong Ji-han.

[As expected, not yet… … It’s useful.]

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