The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 192

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 192>

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‘It’s a shame.’

Seong Ji-han quenched his appetite while looking at the pitch-black sky.

The game stopped when the map collapsed.

However, in his eyes, he still saw a sapling of the World Tree that had not completely disappeared.

‘Did you give up on the map yourself because it felt like it was going to break? … .’

The dark spirit sword that has invaded the entire map and the world.

The darkness that exploded from the Shadow Sword did not disappear no matter how much time passed.

Rather, the further back you go, the more momentum it goes up.

The world tree sapling that had been receiving this power realized that it would disappear if it held on any longer.

The map collapsed by itself.

Elgasia, a paradise like an island floating in the air.

This was possible because the driving force that maintained paradise was the sapling of the World Tree.

[…] … This is the dark spirit sword… … .]


[The power of the master… … Was it this powerful? The shadow energy flowed infinitely from the owner’s hand. So much so that even I, a shadow elf, am worried about losing my sense of self.]

“No, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Ariel, can’t you understand even after experiencing it with your own body?”


“Interaction with the energy of life.”

The energy of life possessed by the world tree.

It had complex and complex characteristics that even a soulless Seongjihan could not understand.

What I don’t understand the most is its compatibility with shadow energy.

The two powers, which would not be surprising if they pushed each other away, were amplified when they reached a certain level, creating a synergy beyond imagination.

This time, the dark spirit sword invaded the world.

This was possible because the shadow power was unleashed infinitely, fueled by the energy of life emitted by the saplings of the World Tree.

[I felt it with my body, but I can’t understand it at all. The World Tree is the enemy of us Shadow Elves. Their powers are completely opposite… … .]

“If you ask me to explain the reason, I don’t know yet… … I got a feeling. “When the two powers are fused, they will constantly amplify.”

[…] … That feels really good. How did you come up with the idea of ​​such a ridiculous fusion? amazing.]

“Well, that’s fine. Is it the inspiration of Saryu Samurai?”

The inspiration of Saryu warrior, who is busy reciting the ways of heaven and earth.

This effect was so great that at first, there was no hesitation even though Eclipse was infusing life energy to the point of bursting forth.

Because it allowed me to do outrageous things.

[…] … master. Can I report this fact to the Shadow Queen?]

Seong Ji-han nodded in response to Ariel’s question.

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

The World Tree Alliance that trampled on humanity.

If I could keep them in check, I could give at least a clue about the Shadow God Sword to the Shadow Queen in the distance.

“But it’s not free. “Seek appropriate compensation from the Queen.”

[i get it. Now that the tutorial is over, the Queen will likely show serious interest in her.]


When Seong Ji-han ended his conversation with Ariel like that.

[Game 5 ends.]

[The ‘humanity’ side wins.]

[Jihan Seong is selected as the MVP of the 5th game.]

[You have achieved a special achievement, ‘Space League Match MVP’.]

[Get 1000000 achievement points.]

[Seong Ji-han is selected as the opening series MVP.]

[You have achieved a special achievement, ‘Space League Series MVP’.]

[Obtain 2000000 achievement points.]

[The special achievement, ‘Map Collapse’ has been achieved.]

[Obtain 3000000 achievement points.]

A system message appeared in the dark.

6 million achievement points earned after playing just one game.

As if the series MVP had already been selected, Seong Ji-han was awarded 2 million points.

‘Of course I’m the only one.’

The 5 games that Elf put the most effort into.

They completely turned that around, so who would give them the MVP?

Seong Ji-han had a cool smile on his lips.

‘Now it’s execution time.’

He recalled the opening match in his last life.

Humanity without sacred knowledge.

Platinum Supporter, who was called up for 5 games, was Italy’s promising female supporter.

She came to the paradise of Elgasia in fear, but was swept away by the elf supporters who had been raised as warriors.

-99 times left.

It doesn’t end once you die.

He continued to resurrect and die over and over again.

Later on, the opposing elves are too boring for human supports to deal with.

-How did you participate in, but are you this weak? I’ll have to dissect it.


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In front of all mankind.

He tore his opponents to pieces and conducted experiments on the human body.

Although there were a lot of cruel scenes on

Playing with people so blatantly has never happened before.

Many people were on the verge of trauma after watching the broadcast that day.

The female supporter who died 100 times that day was so traumatized mentally that she later retired from the industry.

Later, the story that he committed suicide became widely accepted.

‘Is that all? A lot of rankers died here.’

Including America’s No. 1 Oliver.

After the game was over, numerous players were selected through a lottery and executed.

In an already difficult Space League game, humanity’s power has been reduced.

Couldn’t escape the relegation zone.

Still, the reason we weren’t relegated from the league was only because we were newcomers.

At the end of every season, they are pushed around and receive huge penalties.

In the end, when the final 10 countries remain.

We lost and perished in the relegation battle against Uruk.

‘This time, I won’t leave it like that.’

To do that, you have to be as cruel as possible.

Jihan Seong made that promise and logged out.

* * *

“… … .”

The elf high priest watched with blank eyes as the map collapsed.

Paradise Elgasia.

This map was an elf-only map created by a ‘higher being’ of the World Tree Federation.

Because of the extremely biased map settings, if you don’t make it to game 5.

And if you don’t have 4 select cards, it’s a map where you can never get hit even at random… … .

‘Over there, none of the top races could endure and they all collapsed… … .’

No race has ever escaped Elgasia’s trap.

Given the class limitations of Platinum Supporter, the enhancement of spirit power granted by the World Tree sapling was deceptive.

But the lowest race can do such a ridiculous thing… … !

‘The author there. I’ve definitely dealt with my mother’s strength… … .’

The energy of the world tree.

It was a power that only the chosen could handle.

But for this lowest-class species to use it… … !

A thoroughly trained supporter of Elgasia would call the lowest species her mother.

This meant that the use of power was perfect.

The human race from before, what on earth are they doing?

“Penalty, I’m looking forward to it.”

At that time, across from the director’s table.

Director Davis laughed with a smile on his face.

He almost became the worst manager, putting 20 percent of his players at risk.

I felt like I was flying as Seong Ji-han completely turned the situation around.

The high priest looked at the excited director with calm eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“Let’s negotiate.”

“What negotiation? You have to take responsibility for the penalty you decided. “Please be executed quietly.”

Director Davis had no intention of listening to anything the elf said.

I learned through this game just how much of a monster my opponent is.

I couldn’t miss this genius opportunity to reduce the enemy’s strength by 20%.


“I will pay 1 trillion GP.”

“what… … 1,000 trillion?!”

I was speechless at the conditions presented by the Elven High Priest.

-… … 1 trillion GP?

-It used to be 1 dollar per GP, right? So it’s a trillion dollars?

-It’s now 2 dollars haha. Earlier, when it looked like we were going to lose, it went up to 2.5.

-Wow, if that is supplied all at once, won’t the price be cheaper than before? Hahahaha-ㅇㅇ Maybe that’s why I’m having fun as soon as those words come outㄷㄷㄷ

“We will also compensate for the GP market price.”

-Huh, you mean they will match the exchange rate as well?

-Are you crazy? So will it be like the tutorial? thief

-It looks like you really don’t want to be executed.

-You guys are like dogs. But why did they put a penalty on it ㅡㅡ

-They probably didn’t know they were going to get hit lol. Since coming to, GP has become more and more useful.

If we could get compensation from them and stabilize the fluctuating market price, it was a very attractive offer.

“Umm… … .”

“GP is a basic resource in conducting the Space League. Receiving this support will be more valuable than executing a player we rarely encounter this season.”

=Director Davis… … I’m worried!

=In my mind, I want to return the penalty to that elf, but the reward is really good!

=Space League matches are played twice per season, against one race. Even if we execute them, we will only see them one more time this season.

=For practical purposes, it might be better to get GP… … .

=Ah, director. We request time to discuss with the federation.

=You did well. It’s not something you can decide on your own!

Even though I was designed to play 5 games, I had a burning desire to give it back.

The reward they offered was too great for mankind to refuse.

“this… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be better to accept the offer?”

“Even if I execute them, what kind of person will I meet now?”

“GP exchange rates are fluctuating like crazy right now, wouldn’t it be better to have a stable supply?”

Even the officials of the Alliance were tempted by Elf’s proposal and were about to move on.

Seong Ji-han, who finished the game and logged out, walked towards Coach Davis.

“Director. “Do you remember what I said?”

“… … I remember. “I told them to make sure the execution is carried out.”

“Yes, but you seem hesitant.”

“I tried to do that too. But the conditions they proposed… … i love it.”

Seong Ji-han chuckled.

“I definitely said before the game, ‘No matter what the conditions,’” he said.

“that… … but. I can’t decide on my own. “I am just a messenger for the Federation.”

“Is that so.”

So does this mean that the reaction is different when entering the bathroom and when coming out?

Seong Ji-han glanced around at the Alliance officials around him.

“Well, we also want to execute them, but… … .”

“GP rewards are so great. The federation has an obligation to stabilize GP prices… … .”

“The league will greatly reward the merits of outstanding players separately.”

Maybe I was pricked by his gaze.

Federation officials speak in haste.


He smiled coldly on his lips and turned his back.

“All right.”

With those words, Seong Ji-han leaves without any regrets.

Director Davis felt sorry when he saw that.

‘I want to kill you too, but I can’t help it. This is a choice for humanity… … !’

The director alone could not overturn the decision of the Alliance.

Bishop Davis returned to the bishop’s table and spoke to the minister.

“I will accept the condition if it is 2,000 trillion GP.”

“I will.”

Even though I asked for the compensation to be doubled, the high priest readily gave the OK without any intention of engaging in a further tug-of-war.

That’s why it seemed important not to carry out the 20 percent execution this time.

“Then, I would like to ask you to change the penalty right away.”

No sooner had the Elven High Priest finished speaking.

A system message appeared in front of the director.

[Do you want to change the penalty?]

[The ‘Humanity’ side cancels the existing penalty.]

[‘World Tree Elf – 71’ compensates humanity with 2,000 trillion GP and plants golden trees on Earth.]

“Golden tree… … .”

“This tree is needed to preserve the GP market price, which I mentioned a little while ago.”

“By what standard is the GP price determined?”

“That’s a little complicated to explain… … It’s hard to believe that we met as enemies, right? Please contact a more objective system than ours.”

An elf high priest speaking to the director in a soft voice.

Director Davis happened to see a ? next to the golden tree, so he clicked on it.

[Golden trees have the function of supplying GP.]

Then comes a one-line explanation.

Although it was not stated to completely preserve market prices, it still seemed to perform an appropriate role.

“It really is… … .”

“Then, shall we conclude a deal?”

Even though I felt a little uncomfortable with the minister’s words.

Coach Davis was about to press yes to the penalty change as agreed with the federation.


When my fingers suddenly stopped moving, I blinked.

‘Mo, why is your body like this?’

The body seemed as if it had been paralyzed, unable to move.

No, what on earth is going on at this critical moment?

at that time.

Slurrr… … .

His hand, which was pointing towards yes, slowly moved towards no.

“director… … sir?”

The elf priest’s expression hardened when he saw that.

One of Davis’s fingers pressed straight down and said no.

[Cancel penalty change.]

[Would you like to execute a penalty?]

“you… … ! “What on earth are you doing!”

When the High Priest lost his composure and jumped up from his seat.

The director’s finger finally pressed yes.

[Execute the penalty.]

[1/10 sentences will be executed.]

[Depending on the map settings for game 5, the penalty is doubled.]

[Of the World Tree Elf -71 players, 20% of the players are executed.]

“This, this lowest level paper… … !! How dare you mock me… … !?”

The High Priest’s eyes were bloodshot, and he glared at Director Davis.

=What is this… … !

=No, director. Are you crazy… … .

=They double the compensation and then execute them?!

When the commentators relayed the current situation with expressions of no understanding of the English language.

Seong Ji-han, who was watching this in the waiting room, raised the corners of his mouth.

‘Where are you going to run away?’

A shadow energy was waving in his left hand.

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