The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 198

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 198>

[‘The Witch of the Void’ is interested in you.]

[She wants to become the constellation that supports you. Would you like to accept it?]

[This is not an officially registered constellation in the system. Unexpected side effects may occur.]

Void Witch.

Through her last fantasy, Yoon Se-ah knew very well who it was.

“Seo, no way, mom… … .”

“Why, what’s going on?”

“I received support from the Constellation! From the Void Witch!”


In the fantasy, the Void Witch was Seongjia.

She is a ‘constellation’.

It was completely unexpected.

“uh… … “A message like this did pop up, though.”

As the final warning message was read, Seong Ji-han frowned.

It’s not an official constellation.

“It feels a little uncomfortable.”

“But I still want to do it. Anyway, the class is Void Archer. Even if the Void Witch is not your mother, it will be a great help.”

“Then you’re too connected to the void. “I don’t think it would be good to have too much to do with that.”

“okay. I have to count. I can go to the Grandmaster League and look for Jia… … .”

However, Yoon Se-ah, despite the two people’s dissuasion.

“lol… … “I already pressed yes.”

I already clicked yes and scratched my cheek.


“are you okay. and… … How long can we wait until Grandmaster!”

I’m afraid those words will end.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

From Yoon Se-ah’s body, purple smoke began to flow out.

[…] … I already decided to cooperate. Why do you show me this illusion? The will of the void. Don’t mock me… … .]

At the same time, the voice coming out of the smoke was Seong Ji-ah’s.

She asks if it is true that she applied to be Yoon Se-ah’s sponsor, and criticizes the void with an irritated voice.

Yoon Se-ah shouted while looking at the smoke.

“mom! Where are you? We’re here to find you. “Come out quickly!”

[How dare you imitate my daughter… … ! Se-Ah’s death is certain. Even among tens of thousands of cases, there was no change. Void. What kind of joke is this, giving me that ability?]

“What are you talking about? Seriously! I’m alive and well. “Why do you keep killing my daughter?”

[If you continue to mock me like this, I will not fulfill my duties as a witch. Close your eyes and close your ears, and you will not open the apocalypse.]

“No, over there. mother? “Listen to your child.”

A mother and daughter whose conversations run parallel.

To be exact, Seong Ji-ah was close to completely ignoring Yoon Se-ah, calling it an illusion.

‘… … Didn’t he support the Constellation? ‘Why is it like that?’

Seong Ji-han watched the two’s argument and intervened.

“sister. “Didn’t your sister sponsor the Constellation for Se-Ah?”

[joy… … ! You even added Jihan’s fantasy. Void, this is why I don’t believe it! If you want to compose a story, you have to plan it properly. Even though Jihan is still alive, there is no way he will come to his senses!]

“… … Wow. “I know what you think of me, sister.”

“lol. “That was the image her mother saw, Uncle.”

“Jihan. “Did you really do that?”

Seong Ji-han has always been Seong Ji-ah’s immature and lazy younger brother.

When Seong Ji-han was here, she seemed convinced that this was just an illusion.

[In addition, some future sisters-in-law were created as illusions… … There are so many different things.]

“Eh? really? “Sophia?”

“… … “What is sister-in-law?”

Sophia studied Korean hard and was able to speak it to a certain extent, but the term “sister-in-law” was unfamiliar to her.

“That’s what you say about your brother’s wife… … .”

“uh?? really??”

After hearing Yoon Se-ah’s interpretation of the words, both eyes sparkled.

“sister!! How did that future progress? How did I trick Jihan? Please tell us!”

Sophia approaches Yoon Se-ah without fear and grabs the smoke.

Before I knew it, the title for Seong Ji-ah had changed to sister.

Then, at that moment, purple smoke wriggled.

“So, Sophie… … Oh, really… … Stay still! “You’re interfering in someone else’s family affairs!”

“no! “It could be my family problem!”

“uh. Oh really… … Holy player. sorry. “I will never bring you next time.”

When I saw Sofia fighting with Kristoff, a voice came out of the smoke as if it were absurd.

[…] … That’s strange. For an illusion created by the will of the void, it is somewhat chaotic.]

“Oh, mom, am I real? “My uncle was so strong that he always came in first place, won gold, and became the national team, so my dad won too!”

“Uhm… … I have to count. “I didn’t lose to my brother-in-law.”

“Ah, anyway! So, after coming to my senses and getting rid of the Japanese girl with my father, I returned to Korea. This is not the same bad ending situation as before!”

[under… … That makes sense! There’s no way Jihan did that! Before being chosen by that monster, he was just a gambling addict!]


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Seong Ji-han clearly realized this when he saw his older sister treating him like a gambling addict and a lazy person.

Seong Ji-ah may be able to see the future of the past world, but she cannot see the present.


[Do not get involved in pleasant fantasies. Sejin Yoon.]

“… … “Yeah, yeah.”

Let’s see Yoon Se-jin, who was watching from the side, say something but it is immediately ignored.

Still, Seong Ji-han could tell that this was a ‘pleasant fantasy’ for his sister.

“okay. Like my sister said, it’s a fun fantasy. Let’s continue to imagine. “How can I get out of there?”

[…] … Hehe.]

Seong Ji-ah said with a laugh.

[The will of the void. You’re asking this knowingly. The Void Witch is a being who presides over the apocalypse. If humanity escapes the crisis of the apocalypse, the power of witches will also weaken… … .]

“Are we ranked high now?”

[Humanity? No way… … After all, it is a useless fantasy. Additionally, rankings can only be evaluated in the middle of the season. Flashy wins don’t help the evaluation.]

I think humanity will survive until we get to the middle of the season.

Is the power of the witch who presides over the apocalypse weakening?

“It might be faster to go to the Grand Master League.”

“therefore. “It would be faster to enter the Abyss directly that way.”

[Hehe, if you enter the Abyss and touch it wrongly, the Korean Peninsula will explode… … The will of the void. To pretend not to know such obvious common sense, this fantasy must have been elaborate.]

“aha… … is it so? “Then is there any other way?”

[…] … I don’t know if the fantasy Se-Ah, who has gained the power of the void, will grow further. That won’t be easy.]

Seong Ji-ah, who played fantastic batting and pointed out key points in her own way.

However, when the time came to bring up the story, the purple smoke that had been covering Yoon Se-ah’s body gradually began to fade.

[Is this the end? … This fantasy was quite enjoyable.]

The smoke disappears after saying goodbye.

Seong Ji-han and the others looked at each other.

“Sister, you have a lot of explanations for why we treat it like an illusion.”

“mom… … In fact, don’t you know that this is real?”

“From your perspective, isn’t it impossible to just talk about it? “If you are a Void Witch.”

“That’s quite possible. Jia was quick to notice.”

When they think of their own things like that.

Yoon Se-ah suddenly expressed a doubt.

“But supporting the Constellation… … Even the mother who was in charge didn’t seem to know, so who did it?”

“I don’t know.”

Even if Seong Ji-ah noticed and gave me various tips.

First of all, it was clear that she did not initiate the matter and sponsor the Holy See itself.

Then who made the connection?

‘There’s nothing I can guess about right now… … .’

Seong Ji-han thought about it carefully, but there were too few clues.

I thought that I should continue to keep in mind the person who connected Seong Ji-ah and Yoon Se-ah.

“first… … “Let’s go back.”

I finished my dungeon exploration schedule here.

* * *

[Dungeon portals have disappeared en masse. North Korea, regain peace!]

[The residents who were hiding have all been rescued.]

[The Abyss is closed, are the entry requirements for being Grandmaster Leaguer or higher?]

[A hidden contributor to North Korea exploration. Christoph commentary. Turned out to be the world’s first S-class searcher.]

[ Federation recognizes Yoon Se-jin’s contribution and allows him to participate in national matches.]

Seong Ji-han and Geomwang take action to demolish North Korea’s dungeon portal.

Their original goal was to find traces of Seongjia, but people paid attention to the phenomenon of the dungeon disappearing in North Korea.

-and… … Was it this easy?

-I thought the dungeon break was going to happen again. It ended peacefully.

– If I had known it would be like this, I would have been more careful the last time.

-At that time, I didn’t know that people with exploration skills could remove dungeon portals.

-But is Kristoff’s narrator an S-class true story??

-I’m going to cut out the commentary haha.

The results that North Korea’s dungeon investigation team achieved through this work were significant.

We have also built a large database of dungeons that threaten humanity.

Even the huge dungeon portal that was thought to be difficult to deal with turned out to be possible to subdue thanks to Kristoff’s joining.

Is that why?

The World Federation summoned members of the investigation team to New York and praised them.

In particular, the King of Swords was lifted from his ban from participating in the national team and given a large reward.

“Aren’t you sorry, uncle?”

Yoon Se-ah watched her father receive an award from the Federation president on TV, and turned her head towards Seong Ji-han.

“What, getting an award from the president?”

“huh. “Your uncle also called me to give you an award.”

“New York is far away. “It’s a hassle to go.”

“Still, it’s still a commemorative thing… … .”

“Ji should come to Korea. Where should I call you? “Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone if my brother-in-law hadn’t lifted his ban from playing, right?”


Sejin Yoon is playing the game hard these days and wants to advance to the Grand Master League.

In the Dia League – Gangnam 1 area, the players were shaking as they heard that the monster was starting the game again.

-Yoon Sejin joined the waiting guild?

-The Sword King doesn’t need any stat bonuses. Growth is important.

-Not only the Sword King, but all the existing popular rankers are knocking on the door of the waiting guild?

-With the level expansion, the old players are starting to grow again. Not only the Sword King, but also the existing rankers are lining up to join the waiting guild in exchange for more money.

In this case, the waiting guild was not a promising guild, but a gathering place for rankers.

“uncle… … Rankers are lining up. “You’re not going to kick me out, right?”

“Because I saw you doing it? First, become a ranker, you too.”

“I’m still playing the game hard these days. I don’t think there will be a promotion match in January, but… … We’ll catch up next month!”

“okay. But do you have any more contact with your sister?”

“uh. It’s quiet after that… … Just once. “There were times when he pointed it out to me.”


“It was when I was trying to evolve my class… … .”

Special class, Void Archer Yoon Se-ah.

Now that I’m Platinum, I can upgrade this class.

Void Shooter, an upgraded version of Void Archer.

One of the newly appeared ‘Void Analysts’.

“Looking at the effects of adding classes, Void Shooter was much better, right? The only abstract explanation is that a Void Analyst further analyzes Void abilities. So of course I was going to choose a void shooter… … .”


“Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice.”

[My daughter wasn’t this foolish. She was always the top child in school. Maybe it’s because she’s a fantasy, but she wasn’t really implemented properly… … My daughter’s wisdom.]

Seong Ji-ah was quiet until now, but when her class evolved, she made a difference.

“why? What’s wrong, Mom? “He’s a much better shooter.”

[…] … ha. No matter how much it’s a fantasy, are you stupid? ruler. look! Ah, the power… … ]

And then Seong Ji-ah’s voice, which was trying to explain something, disappeared.

Instead, only the Void Analyst flashed intensely in purple in Yoon Se-ah’s class selection window.

It means that no matter who sees it, they should choose this.

“So what did you do?”

“You should listen to mom. I worked as a void analyst. Tsk… … “I think he’s a much better shooter.”

“It must have a deep meaning. “If you’re a Void Witch, you probably know a lot about the Void.”

“right… … But other than that advice, there isn’t much support. “I heard that other constellations also give you ability points.”

Yoon Se-ah is sad that she doesn’t have much support since her mother is a constellation.

“Did your uncle receive a lot from the Constellation?”

“well? Specifically? “I decided to give you a reward only if I complete the requested task.”

The constellation Raijin, who promised to give EX-level rewards upon completing the Red Lightning.

But there were still a few steps left before completion.

‘There is one empty constellation slot… … Maybe it’s because of Hideout, but it’s not attracting much attention.’

Hideout chosen to hide himself from the Space League.

As a result, Seong Ji-han did not go unnoticed by the Constellations despite his outstanding performance.

Should I just get the Shadow Queen’s support?

Speaking of constellations, he was thinking that it would be a shame to leave a slot.

[The ‘Constellation of the Dead Star’ has finally found it and is interested in you.]

[He wants to become the constellation that supports you. Would you like to accept it?]

An unwelcome name suddenly appeared through the system window.

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