The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

JiHan’s declaration stirred the audience. 

– Aah!

– Is someone going to join Gangnam’s Top Three Troublemakers?

– Hahaha, you cannot lose to the trolls! I’ll reject team play!

– Sh$%^&!!!!

– It looks like we’re going to see his status window today!

Their reactions were understandable because, in the ’10 Towers’ defense map, countless zombies crawled around at the bottom of the towers. It was truly hell. 

Going down alone?

Even if JiHan was an extraordinary player, that was like saying he would commit suicide.

– A Bronze player can be revived in the defense map. After being revived, he will probably fight properly from above, saying something like, “It seems like it still isn’t possible yet~”

– Can you revive in Bronze? I didn’t know since I don’t watch Bronze.

– I guess he’s doing it for entertainment purposes.

People’s excitement lasted only for a short while. When it was revealed that there were three chances for resurrection, everyone concluded that JiHan’s arrogance was meant to entertain people. No one thought that he was serious about going down to kill a thousand zombies.

“Mr. Sung… You’re truly a professional streamer… To think you’d go down there!” Golden Light also thought that JiHan’s sacrifice came from the attitude of a professional entertainer.

Although he’d been killed by him previously, he’d become one of his fans after seeing him fight.

“I’ll be filming from above until you come back. Viewers of Mr. Sung, if you want to see him fight from a different angle, please visit my channel!” Golden Light blatantly advertised himself, assuming JiHan would die.

“Alright. I’ll leave the top to you, and as for the Mage… Are you going to play properly this time?” JiHan’s cold eyes bored into Kim Gyu-hyuk.

Gyu-hyuk choked up for a moment as he remembered what had happened before.

‘f*ck. How dare someone who said he’s going down lecture me on how to play properly? Supports should just give buffs. Why’s he wielding a sword and causing a fuss?!’

In contrast to his inner thoughts, Gyu-hyuk nodded. “O-of course.”

Anger Management Mage Kim Gyu-hyuk…

After the last incident with JiHan, he’d been trying to do better with his anger management.

Meanwhile, Diego Massid, who hadn’t experienced playing with JiHan, had a normal attitude toward him.

“Support. Buff. Give me.” He asked JiHan for a buff.

‘It feels strange being asked for a buff.’

He’d only received buffs. He’d never given them.

‘But since Force has Divine Power in it…’

His Force was at 14, so he could use buffs that he couldn’t before due to the lack of Divine Power.

“Power Up.”

The skills he’d obtained as Support were Heal, Power Up, and Barrier, and Sung JiHan used Power Up on all three players.

“Woah. So you really were a Support!! To think you’d use Power Up, and on top of that, the performance is great!”

“Good buff.”

Pang. Pang.

Diego Massid’s soccer ball flew high into the sky thanks to the buff.

It could’ve been because, just like Martial Power, Force was also a unique stat, but the effect of Power Up was too good for 14 points of Divine Power.

[Protect the crystal and survive the zombie attack.]

[The battle will continue until 5 towers are left.]

As the game began…

“I’ll be going.”


JiHan, who was standing at the top of the tower, jumped straight down.


At the same time, Diego’s mouth fell open when he saw how the Support jumped off the tower.

“Is he crazy?”

“Yes. He’s crazy,” Gyu-hyuk answered while nodding vigorously. Then he quickly ran toward the tower’s edge to look down at where JiHan had fallen. 

Just like what had happened to him, he wanted to watch the zombies surround and kill JiHan, but…

The sight unfolding beneath the Tower was…


It was crazy in an entirely different sense. 

Force allowed you to dominate space. Baron, the first person to wield the power, always complained about it.

–  Force is too hard to handle. Especially controlling space… It’s almost ineffective against rankers.

Since rankers were strong, they could resist space control without much difficulty.

‘Baron’s biggest problem was his lack of control.’

Perhaps it was because of his overpowered Gift, but Baron had grown without much difficulty and reached 1st easily by crushing his opponents.

Even if Baron’s space-controlling Force didn’t work, his Super Magic Power, which resulted from the combined strength of Divine Power and Magic Power, was still intact.

With that, despite growing like a plant in a greenhouse, he’d become Earth’s strongest damage dealer.

If Earth hadn’t joined the Space League, he would have kept living in the greenhouse while keeping his position as Earth’s strongest.

‘He was too powerless when fighting against beings from other worlds.’

As soon as Earth began fighting against races from other planets, Baron’s power, which had overwhelmed Earth’s players, was only outstanding compared to other participants in the Space League.

That’s how Baron’s weakness—his lack of control—became evident.

– JiHan, let’s practice!

Baron called for JiHan all the time to overcome his weakness, but he had a hard time doing so.

If Baron had been able to do that, Earth wouldn’t have been demoted.

‘Having been Baron’s partner is helping me quite a lot now.’

JiHan was rapidly falling from the tower; the ground was crammed with zombies, and there wasn’t a single place to step.

He wouldn’t be able to avoid colliding with the zombies in such a situation.

“Fire.” As JiHan extended his hands and spat out a word…


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The heads of the zombies waiting below burst into flames.

As a Mage’s basic magic, Fire didn’t have much range since the flames rose around the hands, which was why nobody used it as offensive magic.

JiHan’s Fire was different. Not only were the flames that rose even more powerful from a distance, but his fire also glowed white because Magic Power and Divine Power had combined.


Thanks to Divine Power—the antithesis of the undead—the zombies’ bodies were turned into dust instantly.

‘It’s quite useful.’


Sung JiHan landed among the fire, and the sacred white flame extinguished itself, making room for him.

He’d used Force to control the space around him.


Ignoring the flames before them, the zombies recklessly charged toward him.

If one burned down, two more took its place.

If two burned, three, four trampled over the burning zombies and closed in on him.

No matter how lethal the Divine Power flames were, the mindless zombies kept flocking, which decreased the power of the white flames.


The zombies’ arms and faces sprung out through the weakening flames, and a hand seemed to be about to cover JiHan’s face at any moment, but as they got closer to him, their movements slowed down.

When he saw them slow, a smile appeared on JiHan’s face.

‘So the range of Absolute Domain… is about 1.4m.’

Absolute Domain was the area where Force could exert strong control—those who JiHan didn’t specifically allow would experience restricted movement, but since he had 14 Force, it had an area of 1.4m.

That was enough for JiHan. 


As his sword traced a line, the heads of more than ten zombies were cleanly cut, but that wasn’t all…

A white light shone from the cut zombies, and then they turned into dust.

JiHan nodded. ‘As expected, combining it with Martial Power is better.’

Rather than controlling the fire with Force, combining Martial Power and Force in the sword and emitting Sword Ki was much more destructive.


After he confirmed its destructive capabilities, JiHan’s sword began dancing, and the chat window also started to dance with comments.


– What? What’s going on?!!

– This is beyond common sense.

– If we empty our thoughts, it makes sense!

Dozens of zombies turned into dust and disappeared in just a few seconds.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

‘120 kills…’

According to the scoreboard, he was already at 120. It was possible thanks to how densely packed the zombies down there were.

The other towers had only achieved 10 to 12 kills on average, so it was an overwhelming performance, and if he stayed there, reaching the goal of 1,000 kills seemed more than feasible.


‘I won’t be able to do it at this rate.’

JiHan was aiming for the chain quest. Once he cleared the quest, another one was probably going to appear, so he began moving to achieve a thousand kills as quickly as possible.

Of course, staying in that position would be more comfortable since he wouldn’t get surrounded by enemies, but since he had Martial Power and Force, having the tower at his back out of fear wasn’t an option for him. 


JiHan shot forward like a cannonball.


Zombies poured in all directions toward him, but just a few movements of the sword were enough to cut them all in half.

The difference between him and the zombies was huge. It was as if ants were attacking a lion.

– Woah, he reached 300 kills in an instant.

– The other towers are just at 30, 40 kills… To think he alone could reach more than 500 kills. Is he even human?

The viewers couldn’t hide their astonishment at the kill score. Wasn’t he too strong?

He was sweeping away the zombies all by himself on a defense map meant for cooperative play.

The blood zombies that a lot of people struggled with poured out from everywhere, but…

– What the?! He’s killing blood zombies with one cut!

Dozens of blood zombies jumped at JiHan, but it was useless—they were all cut down in midair.

Absolute Domain could only exercise control within an area of about 1.4m, but the space within which he could exercise control was wider than that.

– Woah… What’s going on?

– Even if the balance of this game is broken, isn’t this too much? He hasn’t been hit even once. Is this real?

– Getting people to subscribe will make seeing his status window come faster. Lol. I’m willing to bet all my belongings that JiHan’s Gift is SSS-rank.

– Ah, you also think that? 

By the time JiHan’s kill count exceeded 700, the viewers had given up.

The other towers, even with the combined work of four members, couldn’t achieve 100 kills, but JiHan alone had killed seven times more than them.

– This isn’t Telekinesis…

– A Mage using Divine Power? That’s impossible…

– On top of that, his potential as a Warrior is top-notch. He’s insane!  

The scouts watching JiHan went crazy with excitement.

It was a power far beyond the standard, and it was something they hadn’t even witnessed when the Sword King was in Bronze.

What if they could recruit JiHan?

‘We must recruit him at all costs! No matter what!’

The scouts were going crazy, but among them, only one person’s eyes had coldly sunk.

“No… Mr. Sung, if you continue like this, you’ll draw too much attention.”


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