The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 62

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 62>

* * *

“Guild Master?”

A cafe in the Sword Palace building.

Lee Ha-yeon, who met Seong Ji-han in a private room inside the cafe, looked embarrassed.

He suddenly asked me to meet him and we talked about something, and I realized he was asking me to be the guild master.

“… … “Are you serious about what you say?”



It was often the case that the guild owner and guild master were different.

Not only American First, but also three of Korea’s top 10 guilds have this system.

However, the guild masters they put forward were all the best players in the guild, and like Lee Ha-yeon, they were not ordinary people.

“Hayeon, doesn’t she have a support gift?”

“… … “Are you talking about this useless gift?”

Lee Ha-yeon opened her status window with an absurd expression on her face.

[Gift – Training (Grade A)]

-This is a supporting gift. Help other players grow quickly.

A simple gift that helps other players grow.

Lee Ha-yeon glanced at Lim Ga-young, who was standing next to her, and said.

“The results of testing on our bodyguard. This gift wasn’t very useful. “I was told that it cannot be applied in conjunction with the experience buff that can be purchased with GP from the guild.”

“What I’m interested in is not experience buffs.”

“The training gift only applies to experience points?”

“no. There’s no way you could get a grade A for something like that.”

Even though it was Lee Ha-yeon who had the supporting gift, Seong Ji-han seemed confident.

“Among the supporting gifts, have you ever seen one that was rated A or higher?”

“… … well. I couldn’t see it. “Most of them were D or C, and B was rarely seen.”

Unlike other gifts that are rated up to SSS level.

Currently, the highest level of support gifts released to humanity is A.

This is soon.

This meant that Lee Ha-yeon’s gift was the highest level among supporting gifts.

“It’s the highest grade in the same category. It only gives you a 10% experience buff? “Isn’t it strange?”

“Mr. Jihan, you may think so since you are an outsider. However, after sharing the results of the experiment with those who received the support gift, the conclusion reached was… … Regardless of the gift level, it only gives ‘10% experience points’.”

Why didn’t Lee Ha-yeon think of a way to use this gift?

However, after many tests, it turned out that the support gift was useless.

“The results of that experiment. Does the growth rate increase include Guild Master cases of guilds that went all-in on points?”

“… … Increased growth rate? “You invested in that useless option?”

“yes. “The reason I created a standby guild was because of that option.”

“The guild name is waiting… … Is it?”

When Lee Ha-yeon heard the name of the guild, she was immediately able to figure out why Seong Ji-han created this guild.

“You think so much about your nephew?”

“Seah’s thoughts are extreme, but it’s not necessarily because of him.”

Seong Ji-han then pointed his finger at himself.

“Because I have to grow too.”

“… … Do you really think the option to increase growth rate is effective? “Many countries and guilds around the world conducted research and found that it had no significant effect.”

“I think it works.”

How can you be so sure?

Seong Ji-han showed a confidence that could not be expressed without knowing something.

Does the true Support Gift have abilities different from those previously known?

“But I belong to the guild of the opposite s*x… … .”

“You’re not a member of the guild, right? “I’m just an employee.”

“… … “That’s right.”

“Then you can do it in parallel. There is no need to act as a guild master. “You can just lend me your name.”

“Just your name?”

“yes. There is a player with a supporting gift as the guild master. “Because this is important.”

When I told her that she could just put her name up, Lee Ha-yeon was prompted.

This guy knows something.

‘And this offer has nothing to lose to me.’

Rather, it will be beneficial to you if you learn additional information about the support gift through this incident.

Still, she couldn’t be satisfied with just one additional piece of information, so she managed her expression and spoke.

“Still, it’s okay to just lend your name…” … .”

“Of course, I plan to give you appropriate compensation. First of all, if you become a guild master, I will tell you a clear betting pick just like last time. Ah, you earned a lot this time, right?”

“ah… … .”

At Seong Ji-han’s words, Lee Ha-yeon’s calm expression distorted for a moment.

Seeing that, Seong Ji-han made a puzzled expression.

“… … No wonder I took the picture perfectly. “Have you suffered any losses?”

“that. that is… … .”

“Even if it’s because I don’t believe I filmed the Korea-Japan match. “Didn’t you have five times as much fun in my TOP 100 games?”

“… … .”


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“Mr. Seong Ji-han. I earned it thanks to you. Thank you.”

Next to Lee Ha-yeon, who could not bear to speak, Lim Ga-young bowed her head and said hello.

The usual blank expression disappeared, and a subtle smile appeared.

I earned my bodyguard position, but Lee Ha-yeon, who actually had to earn my money, looks like a shit-eating person.

Could it be that he bet on Barron?

‘Is it zero as expected? Even if I tell you, I’ll lose it.’

Seong Ji-han sighed and said.

“I made more than 100 times more with those two cases. So I was able to create a guild solely with my own funds.”

“100 times?!”

“yes. However, for Hayeon, betting seems unreasonable. “Even if I tell you, they won’t listen, so what should I do?”

“Oh, no. Now I will trust and follow you. “Just let me know!”

“Even if I tell you, I will lose you. “It would be better to pay compensation separately.”

“ah. I will do it. Guild Master! All I have to do is post my name, right? I will do it, so please… … !”

“Ah, lady… … !”

“They said they earned 100 times!!!! “I will!”

Lee Ha-yeon shook off Lim Ga-young’s dissuasion and quickly shouted.

He seemed to have lost his temper.

Seong Ji-han seemed to understand why she lived penniless even though she received a large amount of money as the leader of the American First 2nd guild in her last life.

‘Oh my goodness. ‘I didn’t know it would be this easy.’

Still, you can’t miss this opportunity.

Seong Ji-han immediately began the guild master appointment process.

When Seong Ji-han pointed to Lee Ha-yeon, a system window appeared in front of her.

[Would you like to become the guild master of the waiting guild?]

“miss! “Come to your senses!”

Lim Ga-young quickly tried to reach out and stop Lee Ha-yeon.

Her finger touched ‘yes’ first.


[You have become the guild master of the waiting guild.]

[The guild’s growth rate increase level has exceeded 10. The effects of supporting gifts and training are strengthened and applied to all guild members.]

[The efficiency of the growth rate increase option is doubled.]

[A 30 percent experience increase option applies to all guild members.]

“… … ?”

Numerous messages unfold before Lee Ha-yeon’s eyes.

Only then did Lee Ha-yeon come to her senses and rub her eyes in disbelief.

“What is this… … ?”

“What did I say?”

Guild owner Seong Ji-han also saw the same message and smiled.

“Are you sure about its performance?”

* * *

Next day, same place.

Lee Ha-yeon recalled yesterday’s events.

A phone call with her older brother Lee Sang-jin, the guild master of the Lee Seong guild and the group’s successor.

-Seong Ji-han is trying to appoint you as guild master? I guess I have a crush on you.

-brother. That’s not it, look at my support gift… … .

-Supporting gift? There’s no way that would be useful, right? Hayeonah. He fell in love with your beauty.

-… … .

-Great. There wasn’t much to do in the guild anyway, right? Help Seong Ji-han with his work and try to persuade him to join us. I controlled it well so that there were no dating rumors.

Lee Ha-yeon had a wry smile on her lips.

My half-brother, Lee Sang-jin, who is 20 years older than me.

Although he was kind to his half-sister Lee Ha-yeon.

That kindness came from looking at the ‘product’ to strengthen the marriage of a chaebol family.

-Your bodyguard is by your side, so you won’t make any mistakes.

Lee Ha-yeon glanced at Lim Ga-young, who was standing silently next to her.

Security and basic duties.

A bodyguard who doubles as a watchdog to make sure the man doesn’t get caught.

Thanks to the pre-modern family atmosphere and her, I couldn’t even dream of dating.

They’ll probably stick around until they get married.

“Mr. Lee Hayeon. “You’re already here.”

“yes. Mr. Jihan.”

When Seong Ji-han entered the cafe’s private room, she stopped thinking and managed her expression.

“Yesterday I behaved indecently. “I apologize.”

“no. Thanks to you, I have a good guild master, so it’s okay.”

“Speaking of that guild master… … “You know that I can resign at any time, right?”

“Are you going to resign?”

In response to Seong Ji-han’s question, Lee Ha-yeon shook her head and spoke carefully.

“no. Thanks to Jihan, I learned how useful my gift was. but… … “I want to be treated appropriately for the gift.”

“It’s a worthy treatment. “Which do you want?”

Seong Ji-han readily nodded.

In the first place, I only told her the number of bets and had no intention of using her.

Lee Ha-yeon’s talent is unrivaled in the supporting gift field.

We both liked the fact that we were compensated appropriately and that we stayed as guild masters for a long time.

“The issue of Mr. Jihan’s management, which was the issue in this Daehan Ilbo case… … “I want to do it in our castle.”

Seong Ji-han showed an amazing performance in the TOP 100 broadcast live around the world.

He was already the most notable figure in the industry.

If Lee Seong took over the management of Seong Ji-han, Lee Ha-yeon would have achieved great results by joining the guild.

“Of course. But I have no intention of filming commercials. hmm… … Still, out of consideration for Hayeon’s face, I will take at least one picture a month.”

“oh. You have to row when the water comes in. Still, you have to take one picture a week… … .”

“I can’t believe I barely got into the water with the bronze TOP 100. “Your scale is small.”

Seong Ji-han said with a confident smile on his lips.

“One a month until I win the Silver Top 100.”

“… … “Have you already confirmed your victory?”

“Who else can do it but me?”

What kind of confidence is this?

Still, since I promised to be managed by the opposite s*x, I decided to skip this topic.

“all right. Well then, do this in this case. “Can I ask you one more thing?”

“another one? “You don’t have any greed.”

“yes. Speaking of guild master duties… … “I want to try to do it right.”


You can just be the boss of the pants.

You want to do guild master work?

‘Because my brother persuaded Seong Ji-han and told him to bring him to the guild of the opposite s*x. For that to happen, there needs to be a point of contact.’

Lee Ha-yeon’s true intentions were like this, but she did not show it at all on the outside.

“Mr. Jihan. Honestly, you don’t have much interest in running a guild, right? “This guild is just for buffing Jihan and his nephew, right?”

“… … “Why do you think that?”

A guild for buffs.

Seong Ji-han was slightly surprised by the very accurate point.

Did Zero’s head turn like this?

“If it was going to be run properly, I think they would have invested at least 1 point in expanding the guild’s personnel.”

“That’s because increased growth rate is more important.”

“Just look at Jihan’s Battle Tube and it’s like that.”

Why is BattleTube suddenly happening?

When Seong Ji-han tilted his head, Lee Ha-yeon took out her smartphone and showed him his channel.

“Look at this. With over 600,000 subscribers now, what channel doesn’t have an editor? “At least the highlights should be removed separately or the video split, it’s all the full version.”

“Well, I still see it a lot.”

“We need to make them see more!”

Lee Ha-yeon said as if she felt even more sorry for herself.

“It feels like a diamond mine is being neglected.”

“Would you like to manage it for me as the guild master?”


“hmm… … .”

Are you okay?

Seong Ji-han did not have much intention of running the guild properly in the first place.

She said she would manage it, and the longer she stayed with the standby guild, the better it was for her.

‘When I was the 2nd guild leader in my last life, I was evaluated as an excellent guild leader as long as I didn’t gamble.’

Even though he seemed like a gambling addict during his time in Zero, he was so strict about his work and life that he would never touch the guild’s public funds and would just wait for his payday.

If you think about it, there was no reason to stop you from trying hard over there.

“great. If you manage it for me, I can also have personal training time. But why do you suddenly want to do this?”

“Mr. Jihan. “Why do you think I bet on the outcome?”

“Isn’t it just because you like gambling?”

“no! My original dream was to be a guild owner! The bet was made to raise capital to create a guild. Originally, I was an innocent child who didn’t even know about gambling! Right, Gayoung?”

In response to Lee Ha-yeon’s question, Lim Ga-young nodded her head ‘very’ slowly.

“That was… … “It seems like something.”

“So, would you like to practice operating as a standby guild?”

“I don’t think of it as practice. “I will work hard like my guild!”

“great. then… … .”

I’m going to do it now, so let’s push it properly.

Seong Ji-han opened the guild window and looked at the guild owner’s authority.

‘This might be best.’

Transfer of guild shares.

Seong Ji-han handed over 20 percent to Lee Ha-yeon.

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