The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 65

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 65>

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* * *

‘There are 200,000 achievement points.’

The constellation ‘Wandering Martial God’ recovering the gift was beneficial in times like these.

Currently, Seong Ji-han’s achievement points were accumulated at a huge 201,200.

‘First, let’s upgrade the store first.’

Achievement shop at LV.5.

Since there was nothing to buy right now, Seong Ji-han tried to start with an upgrade that cost 100,000 points.


[To upgrade the achievement store, the status window expansion and inventory expansion items must be upgraded to LV.2.]

Two items that I haven’t upgraded so far because I don’t find them particularly useful.

Seong Ji-han frowned at the message that the store could be upgraded only by leveling up two.

The status window is full after receiving the sword skills stats, so it’s okay to upgrade, but expanding the inventory is a bit of a waste… … .

‘I can’t help it.’

I think that the items that should be posted someday are posted now.

Seong Ji-han upgraded the two items first and then proceeded to upgrade the store.

120,000 points disappear in an instant.

[The achievement store has been raised to LV.6.]

[‘Add gift slot’ item is added.]

[‘Random Box of the Month’ items will be added.]

“… … Random box?”

I thought that ‘additional gift slots’ could be added to some extent.

However, the ‘Random Box of the Month’ item was unexpected.

Seong Ji-han opened the upgraded achievement store.

[Achievement Shop LV.6]

-Achievement Shop Upgrade: 250,000P

-Status window expansion LV.2: 50,000P

-Added class slot LV.2: 50,000P

-Inventory Expansion LV.2: 50,000P

-Added title slot LV.2: 50,000P

-Emergency recovery (item): 10,000P

-Added constellation slot LV.1: 50,000P

-Added gift slot LV.1: 50,000P

-Random box of the month (increased probability of gift appearance): 30,000P

The list of items is much longer than when the achievement store first opened.

‘It seems impossible to upgrade the store for the time being.’

The cost of upgrading the store was 250,000 points, so I couldn’t even think about it for the time being.

‘Constellations and gift slots… … ‘I don’t really need it right now.’

There was no need to increase what was not filled in the first place.

Looking at it like this, it was an achievement store that didn’t seem to have much to buy.

Among these, Seong Ji-han paid attention to the addition of class slots and random boxes.

‘Now that I’ve upgraded to Silver, I guess I’ll have to gradually break through to my original class, Warrior.’

Of course, I didn’t mean to break through the Warrior class due to lack of strength.

Starting from the Silver League, the basic class could evolve one level higher, so the evolution of the Warrior class was considered.

‘I may not be able to get my old job, Wusheng.’

Museong was the 3rd evolution special job of Warrior.

It is a special job that can be obtained through the care of the constellation ‘Wandering Warlord’, so it was difficult to obtain a star this time when Wandering Warlord left.

‘Well, just get something better.’

Because it has changed so much from the past, there was no need to worry too much about the voiceless class.

[Additional class slot LV.2 has been purchased.]

[Achievement points will be deducted by 50,000P.]

Seong Ji-han clicked on the added third class slot.

[You can change jobs to the basic class.]

[The classes you can change to are as follows.]



[Would you like to select a class?]

I soon selected Warrior, and the class slots now increased to three.

Warrior, Mage, Supporter. I ended up holding all three jobs.

‘If I add Archer here, I’ll get all the classes…’ … .’

What happens if you get an all-class like that?

Are the four classes just taking up slots?

Or what change will happen?

‘I’d like to experiment… … It costs too many achievement points.’

Add class slot LV.3.

This required 250,000 achievement points, the same as upgrading the achievement store.

Since the number was too high to be used as an experiment, any lingering feelings were completely eliminated.

Seong Ji-han looked at the newly added ‘Random Box of the Month’ item.


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‘It’s a random box with an increase in the probability of gift appearing… … .’

A gift that has been left empty since it was taken away by the God of War.

Thanks to that, I was able to earn points by clearing special achievements, but I couldn’t keep them empty forever.

‘That’s a phrase I can’t stand.’

Since there were 31,200 achievement points left, Seong Ji-han decided to pick a random box.

[This month’s random box has been purchased.]

[August’s special is ‘increased probability of gift appearance’.]

A golden, shining gift box appeared in Seong Ji-han’s hand.

[Random box will be opened… … .]


Soon the lid of the box opened, and a tremendous amount of light burst out.

A feast of lights filling the room.

One opening effect was truly spectacular.

I wonder how good they are doing this to come out with something good.

Just watching quietly like that.

‘hmm… … what?’

The light coming out of the box gradually began to turn black.

At that time, I was about to frown, wondering if it was a no-brainer.

A system message came to mind.

[The power of the constellation resides in the random box.]

At the same time.


Suddenly, Ariel jumped out from Seong Ji-han’s left arm.

“… … main body?”

The only being she can call her main body is the constellation ‘Shadow Queen’.

Indeed, the black energy emanating from the random box had changed to resemble the power of the shadow.

[The constellation ‘Shadow Queen’ pays a huge price to replace the contents of the random box.]

[Gift ‘Dexterity A’ is replaced with ‘Moon Shadow’.]

“Moon shadow?”

“what? main body… … “Are you crazy?”

Ariel asked in disbelief.

What kind of gift do you have such a reaction to?

Seong Ji-han clicked on the gift.

[Gift – Shadow of the Moon (Grade SS)

-The power of the constellation ‘Shadow Queen’.

-Greatly expands the shadow control area and loots and absorbs enemy shadows.

-The absorbed shadows are used to complete the shadow sword Eclipse.

-When you place the Shadow Queen as the background constellation, the gift level increases by 1 level.

“To expand the shadow area, to absorb shadows… … “Is it good?”

When Seong Ji-han asked this question, Ariel, who had not shown much emotion until now, opened her eyes.

“Of course! “The shadow of the moon is the ability that became the foundation for the Shadow Queen to become a constellation!”

“Hoo. The Shadow Queen was not a constellation since she was born, but did she become a constellation? “What happened to her?”

“Of course… … ———.”

Ariel, who was excited, said something.

Seong Ji-han could only hear the last words as a beep sound.

That seemed to be the same for Ariel as she spoke, as her expression quickly regained her composure.

“ah. “This was a tutorial.”

“Can’t I listen in the tutorial mode?”

“okay. maybe… … “You won’t be able to listen to it even after the tutorial is over.”

Ariel remained silent on the subject.

Instead, I told Seong Ji-han about the benefits of the gift.

“If you accept the shadow of the moon, you can gain sword fighting stats by suppressing your enemies.”

“Is that the ability to absorb shadows?”

“okay. “As the shadow area expands, my activity radius increases.”

Seong Ji-han was troubled for a moment.

If you don’t receive this gift now, you will be able to beat the special achievement without the gift.

The growth of the new stat, Sword Spirit, will slow down.

‘But you can’t invest stat points that aren’t even enough to increase your strength into sword fighting.’

Although it was a waste of achievement points, it was right to receive it in order to grow the shadow sword Eclipse.

“The shadow of the moon… … “Why are you giving me something so great?”

“I guess I want to become your constellation somehow. Why does the main body treat such a lowly species like this… … .”

If you receive the Moon’s Shadow, you will have no choice but to choose the Shadow Queen as your constellation in order to upgrade it.

I don’t know what the enormous price the Shadow Queen paid for the system was, but she wanted to take advantage of the player named Seong Ji-han, even if it meant risking it.

‘If there wasn’t an achievement store, I would have worried.’

If there was only one slot, I would have thought more about whether to receive the Shadow Queen’s gift.

It didn’t matter since I could increase the number of constellations and gift slots one by one anyway.

[Would you like to accept the gift?]


Seong Ji-han decided to accept the Shadow Queen’s favor.

* * *

“… … Are you telling me to rent to that guild?”

Robert Gates’ office on the 123rd floor of the American First Guild building in New York.

A middle-aged man with white hair was adjusting his glasses and showing a video to Barron.

It was an introduction video for a waiting guild that came out a while ago.

“yes. “We plan to pay 5 million GP per month.”

Robert, who tried to buy the secret guild of the standby guild with 100 million GP but failed, instead planned to lease Baron, the guild’s best prospect, over there.

The price they asked was 5 million GP.

Although it was not a small price, Robert willingly paid the GP.

“No, 5 million GP? it’s crazy? “Is there any money left?”

“yes. “I am helping others.”

“under. “I don’t want to go?”

Despite the advice of owner Robert Gates, Barron expressed his dissatisfaction without hesitation.

This is something that generally cannot happen.

Robert Gates didn’t seem to care much about his rudeness.

Ultimately, what matters in the industry is ability.

Even though Barron lost his spot as the world’s best prospect, he deserved the owner’s respect.

“I have no intention of moving the league to Korea.”

“There is no need to move it. “The standby guild is not a guild tied to one country, so after joining, you can participate in the league from anywhere.”

“… … “I’m not sure if my stats will increase, but are you telling me to give up the all-stat buff and go to that guild?”

“The all-stat buff is equivalent to +5 in Silver. “Isn’t that enough?”

“That’s true, but… … Why do I have to go to that country? “Wouldn’t American First be able to create a nurturing guild like that?”

“I’ve already made several for experiments.”

It costs a huge sum of 10 million GP to open a guild, but for the Gates family, that amount of expenditure was trivial.

“I created groups 2, 3, and even 4 and tested them. “Such numbers could not be obtained using any combination of methods.”

“Tsk… … No matter what you say, I won’t go. “I cannot trust that guild until I see the results of their growth with my own eyes.”

Barron stubbornly refuses to go to the waiting guild.

Robert saw in him an irrational stubbornness.

‘Is it because I lost badly to Seong Ji-han?’

He boasted that he was the world’s best prospect, but I never thought he would show such an inferiority complex.

Robert skillfully concealed his disdain for Barron and smiled softly.

“… … All right. I went too far. Then, let’s look for other prospects.”

“okay. “I hope you won’t call me out for such useless things in the future.”


Barron leaves, slamming the office door.

Robert wiggled his eyebrows.

Even if you give them a chance, they kick you away.

It was just frustrating to have to make something like that into a guild signboard.

‘Who should I send instead?’

What kind of promising talent would it be beneficial for the guild to send?

When Robert was thinking for a moment.

A message exclusively for BattleTube channel subscribers appeared on the monitor I had left on.

[Seong Ji-han begins broadcasting.]

On September 1, Seong Ji-han, who had been transferred to the Silver League, started playing the game.

Robert put aside his thoughts about promising players and focused on Seong Ji-han’s broadcast.

[Silver League – Welcome to Gangnam Area.]

[This mission is Invade.]

Invade missions that can be played starting from Silver League.

It was Seong Ji-han’s first mission, which started right away on September 1st.

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