The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 75

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 75>

* * *

-They were all confiscated haha.

-Look at the obsession with pentakilling the well.

-They don’t have to kill it outside, but look at them throwing it into a safe place hahaha – Hiding was cool, but finding it and arresting it is more legendary haha.

In the Doomsday Canyon map, where the game is decided by a fierce 5v5 battle of strength, one player flies alone, captures all of the opponents, and throws them into a safe haven?

It was a sight that made no sense in common sense.


If that player was Seong Ji-han, it was a situation that everyone could understand.

“ruler… … .”


An eclipse stretched out from Seong Ji-han’s left hand, and a pure white electric current surrounded it.

The target to be destroyed this time is the demon camp’s shield.

It was effective when attacked with the attribute of light.



The white electric current contained in the sword was actually weakening the power of the shadow.

[master. Eclipse’s level is still low and it cannot embrace the power of light. Rather, it will only have a negative effect.]

“It doesn’t work either.”

[If you go up to SSS level, all attributes can be strengthened, but now only the dark attribute can be strengthened.]

When you reach SSS level, all attributes are strengthened, that’s amazing.

Still, it was inevitable that the powers of Shadow Sword Eclipse and Thunder Lightning were completely opposite right now.

Seong Ji-han took out the sword and took out the Phoenix Poetry from his inventory.

‘There are three left.’

When I completed the quest related to the Shadow Queen, it was a phoenix city that I had used twice.

Now, if you throw it three more times, the item will disappear.

If you want to continue using this item as a spear, you can consciously avoid javelin.

‘There is no need to save.’

Although it has been useful so far, it is still an A-grade item.

Later, as you grow, you will need to use better items, but there was no need to obsess over this too much.

When you write, you have to write.


A white electric current rushed through Phoenix City.

Unlike the Eclipse, it was a thunderbolt that went well with Phoenix City, which contains the power of fire.

Soon, the city of Phoenix was covered with white flames, emitting intense force.

[The Reaper is on high alert for the energy that threatens the devil’s resting place!]

[The Reaper ignites the flame of death!]

Just as the lightning struck the angel’s resting place.

As they attacked the devil’s resting place, black flames rose at Seong Ji-han’s feet.

It seemed like the black flames would engulf his body at any moment.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Step method

Seomcheonroebo (閃天雷步)

Seong Ji-han’s new form jumped high into the sky.

So much so that the flames rising from the earth cannot reach it.


Seong Ji-han, who used the Force to float into the sky, fiercely burned Phoenix City.

Then, an intense power that could not be completely contained raged inside Phoenix City, and white electric currents and flames fluttered around.

[The Shinigami strengthens the protection of the sanctuary!]

[The Reaper’s Scythe directly protects the resting place!]

Did you feel an unusual energy?

The Shinigami’s scythe, which protects the demon camp, preemptively flew into the resting place.

This is a situation where you can see how powerful the power that Seong Ji-han emits from the sky is.

Seong Ji-han could not contain himself in the phoenix poem and looked at the current extending in various directions.

‘It’s still impossible to completely control it.’

The Heavenly Thunder God’s Jewel, one of the three sacred skills of the Nameless God.

Although its destructive power was outstanding, it was a martial art that was difficult to control.

Especially now that I am using it without the backup of the skill ‘Unknown Divine Art’, it has been more difficult to use.

‘Still, it’s easier than Bronze.’

Perhaps because my abilities had increased significantly compared to level 25, I was able to better control the power of the thunderbolt spreading out in all directions.

Seong Ji-han gathered his strength.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Heavenly Thunder God’s description

Thunderbolt thunderstorm

A phoenix falling from the sky.

The thunderbolt it contained became a huge thunderbolt.

[The Shinigami uses his secret move to prevent the humiliation of the resting place.]

[The Reaper’s Scythe is divided, strengthening the sanctuary.]


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Even before the lightning struck, did they already predict that it would be unstoppable?

A system message saying that the Reaper’s scythe had been divided appeared before Seong Ji-han’s eyes.


‘Yes, that’s all.’


When the dark shield was temporarily pierced, the bodies of the five players inside burned like charcoal.

The huge thunderbolt itself was briefly pierced by the Shinigami’s scythe, but was blocked.

The players inside could not withstand that brief burst of firepower.

[Penta kill!]

[Player Seong Ji-han achieved a pentakill!]

A much more overwhelming power than when it pierced through the Archangel’s protection.

This was possible because Seong Ji-han’s level had risen by 5 compared to before, and he used the Heavenly Lightning Divine Jewel, which was the most powerful of the three divine skills of the Nameless Divine Art.

[Obtain a fragment of the Reaper’s Scythe.]

[This is a quest item. It is automatically stored in your inventory.]

[Linked quest – Traces of an Apostle (1) has been cleared.]

[20,000 achievement points were obtained as a reward.]

[The linked quest continues with Traces of the Apostle (2).]

‘You finally woke up.’

Seong Ji-han smiled lightly and looked at the contents of the linked quest.

[Linked Quest – Traces of the Apostle (2)]

-The apostle, who belongs to neither light nor darkness, is hiding under a deep lake, plotting a conflict between the two camps.

-The cunning apostle, ‘Count Nasheed’, will make his move when he sees that the Archangel and Reaper’s weapons are broken.

-Throw the fragments of the two gods into the lake to pull the Count out of the lake and subdue him.

-Reward: Void Veil / 50,000 achievement points

* Caution: When you upgrade from Silver League, this quest will disappear.

‘You want to catch the real Count Nasheed?’ Seong Ji-han, who confirmed the linked quest, felt absurd.

The reward itself was enormous.

Just like when you completed the Shadow Queen-related quest in the past, you will receive 50,000 achievement points.

The reward called ‘Void Curtain’ didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

However, there was a reason for giving it that way.

‘Count Nasheed… … It’s a monster that Platinum players hunt as a group.’

Platinum League starting at level 100.

Count Nasheed was able to hunt only after the five players belonging to him received the full buff within the canyon.

The quest reward was so good because Silver was asked to kill a monster by himself that requires 5 Platinums to win.

‘It’s impossible to catch it right now.’

Seong Ji-han judged calmly.

In order to catch Count Nasheed, the power I had now was not enough.

‘I’ll have to challenge it when my level approaches 50.’

Thinking of leveling up further, Seong Ji-han watched the demon camp’s main base explode.

[Achieved a pentakill in both factions’ haven.]

[Hidden quest, ‘Complete Conquest’ has been cleared.]

[30,000 achievement points have been earned.]

Angel and Demon camps.

Both sides received rewards for pentakills.

‘This game has a lot of income.’

Jihan Seong logged out with a happy smile.

* * *

Gimpo Airport’s private jet terminal.

There, the American First Guild’s private plane landed.

The people who got off the plane were two white men and a woman with blonde hair.

Both of them were tall and boasted outstanding looks, so they definitely stood out.

click. click.

“oh… … “It really came.”

“Barron and Sophia, did you really come to the country to join the waiting guild?”

“American First sent two people… … “So it’s 10 billion a month?”

“It’s a cheap price considering we’re nurturing promising talent.”

Reporters talked among themselves and took pictures of the two prospects.

Although both were only silver.

The two people with SSS-level gifts and SS-level gifts were already widely known in the industry, so they were worth covering.

Barron frowned as he watched the flash fires exploding from all directions.

“shit… … Do countries like this vote for me too? How did you find out? “Sung, did he send it?”

Sophia, who was listening to those words from the side, blinked her blue eyes.

“Barron. Could it be possible that the castle did that?”

“It’s worth it. “The standby guildmaster could come to America, so why do you think he called us here?”

Robert Gates politely asked the waiting guild if he could come on a business trip to the United States.

He even promised that if the guild master came in person, he would provide significant additional compensation in addition to the GP that would be paid in the existing rental contract.

“I heard that the female guild master had a pretty positive attitude toward the U.S. business trip. “Because the travel expenses were significant.”

“But the castle told the guild master not to go?”

“okay. Why would you do that? “It’s all to keep my growth in check.”

‘… … It’s really an illusion.’ Anyone can see that Barron is the one who is conscious of Seong Ji-han, but it seems like they don’t think much of it.

Sophia didn’t bother to say her thoughts out loud.

“Shit. “Is there only one limousine?”

“under. Why is it so narrow? “Is Korean Limousine of this standard?”

“Is alcohol only something like this? “It’s so cheap I can’t eat it.”

After leaving the airport and getting into the limousine, Barron continues to complain.

Sophia, who was next to me, couldn’t listen to the complaints, so she took out her tablet PC.

Sophia plugged in wireless earphones and accessed Battle Tube.

Her eyes lit up when she saw a video posted on the channel she subscribed to.

‘castle… … ‘I guess you were playing a game?’

Player Seong Ji-han.

The first time I learned about him was during a TOP 100 match.

The game where Barron, who was cracking open a glass of champagne in the seat next to his limo, was retired with one blow.

When Sophia saw Seong Ji-han at that time, she was so fascinated by him that she was surprised.

‘As expected, it’s refreshing… … !’

She always liked warriors fighting at the front rather than mages and archers.

Seeing Seong Ji-han’s unrivaled power in blowing up the game all by himself, I fell deeply in love with him.

Of course, there are many people who are more powerful than Seong Ji-han right now.

As great as they were, they were unable to dominate the league they belonged to.


Seong Ji-han explodes the jungle monster with one strike.

“and… … !”

Sophia let out a small exclamation.

Seong Ji-han, who can destroy anything with one blow.

There are crises even in blockbuster movies, but I couldn’t find anything like that on the famous channels even if I looked for them.

An extreme cider pass that sends the enemy away with one strike.

It was perfect for Sophia’s taste.

“Tch… … !”

As Sophia watched the sacred channel with excited eyes, Barron watched with fearful eyes.

Only you deserve to receive those envious looks.

After a guy named Seong Ji-han suddenly appeared in the TOP 100 match, everything started to go wrong.

“Oh, my God… … !”

‘Oh my god what!’ As Sophia continued to let out exclamations.


He picked up the bottle of champagne, which he had just described as cheap, and took a gulp.

‘They kept me in check and even called me to Korea… … ‘You’re playing a game, right?’

Barron firmly believes that the reason he was called to Korea was to keep his rival in check.

That Baron is determined to grow rapidly once he joins the guild.

‘If you just join the guild, things will turn around in no time… … !’

He didn’t put down the bottle until the limousine arrived at the Sword Palace.

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