The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 78

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 78>

* * *

Defense map, ‘One Bridge’.

This map, which appears in games from Gold to Dia League, was famous for its extreme difficulty.

Especially in the case of players who had just become gold, the goal was simply to survive rather than block enemies.

Survive even a few minutes longer than other players and be in the top 50 percent.

‘This map… … ‘It’s been a while.’

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han felt new.

This is because one of the maps I played the most as a player in my last life was this one bridge.

So I knew the strategy of this game better than anyone else.

‘The goal of the game is simple.’

On the bridge, protecting the enemy from falling over.

Seong Ji-han, who had been summoned, looked around.

The 50 players summoned to this map were gathered together at the starting point of the bridge.

Everyone was confused as they looked at Seong Ji-han.

“… … what? “Why are you here?”

“When did Seong Ji-han reach gold?”

“Isn’t there any news like that?”

“Did a bug pop up?”

This was Silver’s first time participating in a Gold game, so it was natural that they didn’t know.

However, because they were also communicating with viewers through BattleTube, they were able to quickly figure out what was going on through viewers.

“uh… … “I heard you were matched with a higher league because there were no matching partners?”

“and. Nonsense! Our guild party members are all level 60s… … So that’s how you evaluate Seong Ji-han on”

“I am indeed. Still, gold and silver are on a different level… … .”

Some gold players frowned, as if they didn’t like it.

Gold and silver.

It may only be one level difference, but that difference determines whether you are a professional player or not.

‘No matter how strong Seong Ji-han is, how can Silver participate in the Gold game? … .’

‘I hope you don’t grab my ankle.’

Seong Ji-han has so many fans that he couldn’t say anything openly now that it’s being broadcast live on Battle Tube.

Quite a few players were feeling uncomfortable.

“Then where will Seong Ji-han be assigned?”

“It’s random, but since it’s Silver, wouldn’t it be in the back?”

“No. Then it’s not fair. “Wouldn’t it be considered the same gold and distributed fairly?”

When the players were arguing among themselves about where Seong Ji-han would be assigned.



The huge bridge vibrated, and a huge roar was heard from beyond the bridge.

The players clutched their ears and frowned at the roar that seemed to shake the earth.

“Oh, we haven’t even started yet. “We can make a little noise.”

“It’s really annoying.”

thud. thud!

The middle of a large skybridge that connects huge cliffs.

From there, a person walked this way.

No, it would be more correct to call him a giant rather than a person.

Even if several people gathered, it would not reach his size.

The approaching giant, wearing armor covered in blood, was giving off a ferocious look.

“While the gatekeeper fights alone in front, the soldiers chatter behind the scenes!”

Imperial gatekeeper, giant spleen.

He approached the players in an instant and stuck his face out.

To match the body size of 4 meters, the face and spleen are large.


-No matter when I look at him, he’s ugly.

-It feels like something out of a dream haha.

-No, don’t hit me with a double plate;;;

Among humanoid NPCs, it had the worst visuals.

Skin distorted with many wrinkles.

He has a beard that sticks out indiscriminately, and age spots are blooming all over his face.

The nose, mouth, and chin were strangely curved.

Only a few strands of hair were stuck to the bald head like seaweed, so much so that I didn’t know why I had shaved it off and left it behind.

“You weaklings! “You are not worthy to fight with me!”

The gatekeeper glanced around at the players and stamped his foot on the bridge.

Then, all the players’ bodies suddenly rose up and flew towards the nearby cliff.

-They kicked me out too.

-KIA~~ㅇㅇOur gatekeeper doesn’t even treat Gold Leaguers like people~~-Were you able to fight together on the bridge starting with the Diarigers?

-Is it possible to play at level 150?

Defense map, ‘One Bridge’.

Contrary to the name of the map, this game only allowed players of a certain level to stand on the bridge.


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‘A certain level’ refers to a player who has reached a level that passes the giant’s secret test, but it was nowhere near the gold level.

Therefore, gold players had to shoot down flying monsters with soldiers in a defensive posture at the edge of a cliff.

‘Please, a sweet spot! Please, it’s a sweet spot… … !’

‘ah… … Aren’t you going to be assigned to a bad place after coming into the sacred place?’

‘Let’s get in the top 50 percent!’

Players fly by praying to be assigned the best seats.

None of them tried to resist or hold on to the gatekeeper’s foot stomping.

Since I was gold, this was a natural step.


“… … You guy. “What are you doing?”

Just one person.

As long as it’s sacred, it won’t fly away.

He remained in his seat with a relaxed smile.

* * *

-?? What are you doing?

-Ah Jihan, you shouldn’t hold out there;;

-If you are on the bridge, you are guaranteed to be in last place ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Viewers’ chats poured in toward Seong Ji-han, who stood on the bridge rather than surrendering himself to the gatekeeper’s foot stomping.

Most people responded by wondering why they made that choice.

– Haha, it’s really over this time.

-Are you finally able to see the status window?

-I thought I would be the first to reach 1 million subscribers hahaha I finally missed out on first place!!!!!

-No matter how holy you are, you can’t prepare for this lol.

-Well, you probably imagined that Silver would play on the Gold map?

Viewers thought that Seong Ji-han resisted stamping because he was not familiar with the characteristics of this map.


There was a reason Seong Ji-han, who knew this map better than anyone else, remained on the bridge.

[Epic Quest]

– Obtain the recognition of the imperial gatekeeper, the giant Spleen, and prevent his death.

-Reward: Achievement Points 50,000 / Cloud Spear Cloud Thunder

This was because an epic quest with a huge reward had appeared.

‘Achievement points are points, but cloud spear clouds are a reward.’ Cloud spear clouds.

This was the exclusive weapon of the imperial gatekeeper’s trumpet, and it was a giant spear used to wipe out the enemy’s large army that was approaching alone like autumn leaves.

A weapon that seems to be at least SS grade.

But you’re giving me this?

‘Eclipse is a good weapon, but it is not compatible with the Thunder God result. Cloud Thunder will fit perfectly with the Thunder God, so you must obtain it at all costs.’

To do that, first of all, you need to be confident in this leg.

Seong Ji-han spoke with a relaxed face towards Spleen, who was glaring at him.

“The gatekeeper. “Don’t you need someone to assist you?”

“under! “What about you?”

The gatekeeper, Spleen, twitched his eyebrows as if it was absurd.

Soon, a wry smile appeared on his lips.

“Then listen to this!”


At that moment, the large spear tied to Spleen’s back flew up and fell toward Seongjihan.

The Geochang, which boasts an enormous size as expected from a spear used by a giant, resembles an ordinary telephone pole.

If things continued like this, I was going to die from being crushed by a window.

-I’m already dead!!!!

-No, Jihanniemuㅠㅠㅠ

-You have to be level 150 for the secret test to pass it hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – Let’s go check the status window~~~

The general consensus among viewers was that no matter how great Seong Ji-han had shown himself, he could not pass that ignorant test.


“Is this enough?”


Seong Ji-han took the Geochang lightly.

“… … ?”

It wasn’t something that was taken at an angle.

They lifted it with one hand, as if exchanging objects.

-What is this?

-Don’t you think you had to have 100 strength to lift that spear?

-No, what on earth is a gift?!!! Let’s take a look at the actual status window.

Enthusiasts who are familiar with were more excited than general viewers at Seong Ji-han’s light show.

Because the weight of the thunderbolt, the secret spear, was so heavy, only those among the Warriors who had adequate strength scores could pass the test.

-If there is anyone who watches without subscribing, please subscribe!!!

-Now there are only 1 million…


Spleen also opened his eyes wide, perhaps surprised by Seong Ji-han’s unexpectedly strong strength.

“Sniff… … ! There is power. Do you think Hana Unrei will accept you so easily?”

He still couldn’t hide his grumpy expression.

[The spleen does not like the player.]

[Cloudspear Clouds further test the player according to the will of its owner.]

Jijijijik… … !

A huge electric current rose from the huge window.

The intense thunder energy contained in the cloud spear was trying to engulf Seong Ji-han.

-Eh? Why test again?

-I know?? Is it because it passed so easily?

-If you passed easily, you should take him quickly, why bother again?

Although further tests were conducted on Spleen’s whim.

‘It’s happening again.’

Seong Ji-han, who had experienced many of his whims in his last life, easily absorbed the brain energy by using the Thunder God’s Wisdom.

When the brain energy that had tried to burn Seong Ji-han was completely neutralized, the current rising from the cloud soon subsided.

[Player Seong Ji-han passed the test.]

Despite the message that he had passed the test, Spleen did not hide his dissatisfied face.

“Sniff… … ! You seem to have some talent. “It looks like a girl and is weak!”


– Seong Ji-han??

-He’s handsome, but not the handsome boy type…

-ㅇㅇ He’s the Honam type with thick lines, but he’s a bit soft… haha.

-He always picks fights like that against handsome players. Haha. -Ah. In short, you’re going crazy?


Imperial gatekeeper’s spleen.

Among the humanoid NPCs on, he is so ugly that he ranks in the top 5 worst based on appearance alone.

Whenever a good-looking player appeared, we would start a fight for no reason.

‘So later on, Spleen’s nickname was called Handsome Reader.’

Although these properties of the spleen were not widely known during the tutorial period.

After many years had passed, players who had not been bullied by Spleen shed tears of regret.

“Sniff! You! Pick up your spear and follow me!”

Spleen spits on the floor, turns his back and walks away.

Seong Ji-han looked at him with a dissatisfied expression and frowned.

‘In my last life, I didn’t care if my spleen hated me… … This is a problem because I need to get his approval this time.’

In the past, when my spleen started an argument like that, rather than feeling bad, I would just shrug my shoulders.

This time things were different.

Because in order to complete the epic quest, I had to get his approval.

‘for now… … ‘Let’s proceed with the game.’

Before he knew it, Seong Ji-han took the Cloud Spear, which had suddenly become small enough to fit in his hand, and followed behind Spleen.

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