The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 93

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 93>

When Seong Ji-han turned on the broadcast, viewers came flooding in.

As the number of subscribers increased significantly due to yesterday’s incident, it was natural that the number of viewers watching the live broadcast increased.

‘uh… … Already 50,000… … .’

Lee Ha-yeon blinked her eyes.

Not even two minutes had passed since the broadcast was turned on.

People were flowing in like crazy.

That’s right too.

[Status window released with the promise of reaching 1 million subscribers, starting soon!]

The broadcast preview title that was posted before the live broadcast completely caught people’s attention.


-at las!

-Status window! Status window! Status window!!!

-1 million people gathered so quickly hahaha

-Yesterday’s incident had a big impact.

-Because silver smeared diamonds. It also rose to the top in overseas news.

People who were curious about Seong Ji-han’s status window were busy cheering and waiting when the day finally came.

What kind of ability does he have that makes him display such crazy behavior?

Can Silver, who has limited abilities, defeat Diamond, who had 100% power?

Today, this mystery was finally solved.

“Nice to meet you. everyone.”

Seong Ji-han bowed his head slightly in greeting with his usual relaxed expression.

Lee Ha-yeon, who was sitting across the table, looked at the camera and waved happily with a smile on her face.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Lee Ha-yeon~. “Today, I was assigned to three roles: video filming, editing, and interviews.”

-No, why does Gilma do all those chores??

-Spend some money ㅜㅜㅠ

-Where is the huge amount of rent going?

“Haaa… … everyone. If you saw the incident yesterday, you would know that the editor I chose threw Sadal away… … .”


-Was it chosen by Gilma, the woman he was attracted to?

-Then I guess I have to work haha.

-How can you elect such a person and still sit here shamelessly? Do you know how dangerous Jihan was because of you?

When extreme fans tried to blame Lee Ha-yeon, Seong Ji-han offered a word of support.

“it’s okay. Who knew that Joo Eun-ji was Shizuru Ito? “You can’t blame the guild master here.”


-How do you know that they came in disguised with intention lol?

-That’s right, Japan is the bad one.

-But Jihan, how did you know in advance?

-I know? You turned on the broadcast in advance.

Before entering the cafe, Seong Ji-han broadcasted live by sharing his perspective, as if he had already had a premonition.

When people wondered how he knew of Joo Eun-ji’s evil plans, the answer came quickly.

“She’s charmed me before too.”

“Oh my, really? Owner. When on earth did Ito Shizuru become fascinated…? … .”

“Last time, we filmed training at my house.”

“iced coffee! For some reason, the owner suggested that I film a training video… … At that time, I thought this person was… … “I was proud to hear that he had become a better person and that he thought of guild work as if it were his own work.”

-Have you been fascinated since then?

-It’s a design mistake… There was an intention behind the sudden upload of the training video.

“I pretended to be fascinated at the time, but… … .”

Seong Ji-han, who was so lucky, said that when that person contacted him before he did, he sensed that something had gone wrong and turned on the point-of-view sharing broadcast.

-In the end, it all went wrong because of the text message, then haha.

-Usually I contact them first haha.

-In a state of fascination, Ito Shizuru is a goddess herself, so what is the Zen character?? I made so many phone calls that my phone was on fire haha ​​- but I think I did well to get caught. If she had a woman like that in her guild for no reason, she would have been ruined.

Let Seong Ji-han explain what happened yesterday.

Suddenly, a donation message appeared in his chat window.

[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[Player last name. Thank you. Barron almost got hit too.]

“Barron? Why is Barron… … .”

[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[Last time Barron went to Korea, Ito Shizuru must have charmed him. So he asked me to get Joo Eun-ji’s contact information. However, it seems he came to his senses belatedly after watching yesterday’s broadcast.]

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

Barron’s stay at the guild was very short, but when did he get hit?

at that time.

[Barron sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Robert this holy $%^&… … Why are you bringing up my story?]

[Barron sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[When did I fall in love! I have never done that!]

[Barron sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[This %^&. So please shut up. And this channel is receiving sponsorship messages starting at 10,000!]


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By continuously sponsoring the minimum sponsorship unit of 10,000 GP, Barron pushed back on Gates’ sponsorship message.

He seemed quite excited, perhaps because what happened to Joo Eun-ji was a very dark experience for him.

“Owner. I guess… … .”

“hmm. Well, let’s believe it’s not true. We.”

-Kkkkk Barron is making a sudden move.

-Two Americans are offering a lot of support^^

-But aren’t you planning on lowering the donation amount from 10,000 GP? It’s too expensive ㅠㅠ-This channel has only been supported by foreigners so far haha.

“Oh, I think if I lower it any further than that, too many messages will come out. It can get in the way when fighting. “I just gratefully accept your thoughts.”

Seong Ji-han, who gave an appropriate concluding comment, got to the point.

“Then, shall we reveal today’s topic, the status window?”

Seong Ji-han opened the status window and activated the small ‘Publish status window’ box at the bottom of the window.

“uh… … “Owner, the status window is quite large, isn’t it?”

Lee Ha-yeon was amazed to see a large translucent window that appeared as soon as Seong Ji-han revealed the status window.

“and… … !”

When I looked at the details in the status window, my eyes widened.

And this reaction was the same among viewers.

* * *

Name: Seong Ji-han

Level: 46

Affiliation: Silver League – Gangnam 1 Area

Force: 61

Force: 61

Sword training: 23

Class – Third-rate warrior +3

Gift – Shadow of the Moon (Grade SS)

Title – King of Kings – Bronze

Ruler of the Bronze League

Achievement Points – 150,300

“When did you become level 46… … ? Forceless there? What kind of stat is this? “Isn’t Force one of Barron’s unique stats?”

Lee Ha-yeon, who saw Seong Ji-han’s status window, lost her composure and seemed genuinely excited.

Questions pouring in like rapid fire.

To that extent, his status window was completely different from the normal status window.

-What are those stats?

-Safety, sword fighting, force…

-Wasn’t Force a Barron trademark?

-Are you saying that this is a stat that can only be obtained through my 2 status windows?

-Wow, but powerless… … I’m eating three lines like Force?

-Is that also unique? Hahaha

It was widely known that the number of lines occupied by a stat in the status window showed the rarity of an ability.

General stats such as stamina and strength were one-line size.

The rare stats you get when you go to Dia League were the size of two lines.

However, force and force took up three lines in the status window.

“yes. Strength is also a unique stat. Well, the Force is the same as Baron’s… … “There’s no law that says only one person can use it, right?”

[Barron sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Nonsense!! How can you have my force, my own force?! This is manipulation!!!]

Even before Seong Ji-han finished speaking.

Barron was denying reality even more than before.

-Look at Barron getting angry lol.

-Barron Nimew throwing away 10 million won just to argue.

-It’s worth getting excited about. The force feels like Barron’s martial arts skills…

[Barron sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[What on earth have you done? Seong Ji-han!!!! How can you have my force!!!!!!!!]

“Thank you for your support. “Barron.”

Seong Ji-han smiled brightly at Barron’s support message, which was filled with exclamation marks.

“I’ll tell you now. Barron, I hope you handle the Force better. “It’s an ability with endless possibilities, but it’s only used to strengthen magic.”


When Seong Ji-han stretched out his hand to the side, an apple that was in the kitchen far away floated and came towards him.

“ruler. see.”

When Seong Ji-han clenched his fist, the apple peel was cut off beautifully in the air.

The shell cut off like that soon turns to dust and disappears into thin air.

The apples were cut into eight pieces and arranged straight in the air.

Seong Ji-han put one of them in his mouth and ate it with pleasure.

“Now that you’re good at using the Force, how much easier does your life become?”


-He peels apples with force haha.

-What Seong Ji-han used like telekinesis was force.

-Have you never seen Barron write like that?

-ㅇㅇ I thought it was just an ability to strengthen magic. There is a protective shield.

The operation of force demonstrated by Seong Ji-han.

People didn’t realize how difficult it was, so they just thought it was amazing.

Baron, who manipulated the Force, knew well how difficult such fine control was.

He must have been shocked to see this and remained silent the entire time.

-Our Barron… is speechless…

-Hey… are you crying?

-You guys, don’t be like that. It’s pitiful. ㅠㅠ

-Even though it’s a pity, he’s ranked 2nd in the world’s promising talent rankings haha. Just today, he gave out 50 million won in sponsorship.

-Oh, I see. Who cares about whom? Are you crying? Are you crying? Ebebebebe woondaeyo~~~~-Crazy newbies hahaha

Viewers were actually making fun of him.


“Owner, can I eat it too?”

“sure. “Let’s eat together.”

Seong Ji-han continued the interview with Lee Ha-yeon while leisurely eating pieces of apple floating in the air.

“Two unique stats. Geomyoung… … Looking at the number of lines, it seems like a rare stat?”

“yes. “That’s a rare stat.”

Other people barely get even a single rare by going to Diamond, but this person already has 2 uniques and 1 rare in Silver.

-Last time, Ariel asked me to take the shadow stat if I won the bet, so I wondered what she was talking about hahaha – Is there a reason why she doesn’t take the sword stat!!!

-Isn’t it true that you passed the two unique items?

-The line was already crossed a long time ago when Silver broke Diamond.

“How did you get this unique stat?”

“I can’t tell you the details, but I benefited from the missing gift.”

“ah… … “Wasn’t this Moon’s Shadow the original gift?”

“yes. The old one gave me unique stats and disappeared. “The shadow of the moon was obtained by breaking the barrier in Bronze.”

Instead of explaining in detail the process of obtaining the unique stat, Seong Ji-han said that he obtained it through ‘Wanderer’s Eye’, a gift that has already disappeared.

“There’s a third-class warrior… … What is the +3 next to it?”

“+3 is for other classes.”

“uh… … All class… … Is it? “How do I get another class?”

“My first gift played a role in that too.”

Go further than that.

Things like 4 class slots that could only be obtained through the achievement store.

“oh. Two titles? How can you wear two titles?”

“My first gift played a role in that too.”

“… … .”


Also about title slots.

They all said that they had benefited from a gift that had already disappeared.

-Ah, this is not it!

-What kind of gift gives you title slots, class slots, and unique stats?

– Seong Ji-han, reveal the truth!

Viewers who were watching this booed Seong Ji-han, who passed all responsibility on the missing gift.

-If Jihan is like that, then why??

-So, I should be thankful just for making the status window public~~Why do I keep explaining this~~^^;

-You said it was because of the gift. Just accept it!

The First’s fans put up an extreme shield and began to fight with regular viewers.

The chat window is on the verge of going crazy.

Still, Seong Ji-han didn’t care at all.

‘I can’t even talk about the achievement store.’

And if you really look at it, it’s because of the Wanderer’s Eye that he survived until the end and even returned, so it’s not like he was wrong at all.

“I believe this will answer any questions you may have about my status window.”

“Owner… … To be honest, I only had more questions… … ?”

“For the remaining questions, I’ll leave it to your reasoning skills. “Today’s broadcast will end here.”

And Seong Ji-han ended the broadcast at this point.

His status window was soon shared across the community around the world, becoming a hot topic of discussion.

And Barron was watching this heated reaction.



I was breaking a glass.

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