Worthless Regression Chapter 100

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Amidst the fluttering fragments of the afterimage, weeds attack us. The doppelganger’s attack was threatening, but at the same time, it did not contain the slightest hint of life. So dealing with it was bound to be difficult. This is because it is difficult to detect because it is a lethal attack.

Not for Lee Sung-min. His senses and non-existent sixth sense clearly caught the doppelganger’s attack. The spear collapsed and spun in Lee Seong-min’s hands. Tatak! A series of kicks collide with Lee Seong-min’s window. Seongmin Lee strengthened his arm muscles without taking his steps back.

Boom! The spear swung wide to the side made the doppelganger step back. The doppelganger rolled its gray eyes, similar to those of Baek Sogo, and looked at the red window. When he checked Changdu, who had hidden the blade inside Changyeong. The window was already ahead of him.

‘It’s the same. It’s creepy.’

The doppelganger’s feet move. The overall gesture, starting with the footwork, creates a near-perfect martial arts spirit. Anyone who does not know Muyeongtalhon would be taken aback by the extreme pleasure and extreme movements that begin with those unremarkable steps. But not Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min knows about non-return to marriage.

From one step to two steps. What follows is the Ibogeopsal (二步劫煞), the three consciousnesses of Muyeongtalulhon (步劫煞). Muyeongtalhon is a supplementary law, but it is not a supplementary law. The ultimate martial arts technique that begins with walking is Muyeongtalhon. When the doppelganger took two steps, his entire body exploded, shooting out a concentrated force of energy. The purple force swelled greatly from the spear that Seongmin Lee held.

Kwaaaang! The strength of the Ibogeopsal is pushed away by the swinging blow. The spear began spinning furiously in Lee Seong-min’s hand. And the spear stabbed straight ahead pierced the doppelganger’s chest.

The doppelganger opened its mouth, but neither screamed nor moaned. However, he blinked his eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min, and then returned to being an ugly lump of flesh. Lee Seong-min pulled out the spear he had stabbed while looking at the limp, limp lump of flesh.

“how… “What is going on?”

“It’s a monster.”

Lee Seong-min muttered, looking down at the now simple lump of flesh that used to look like a white cow. The sensation that came to my hands when I pierced a monster. Lastly, the facial expression that was facing this way. Lee Seong-min shook off the lump of flesh on the window, and also shook off the discomfort and irritation he felt at that moment.

“It had the appearance of a white sword, but it was a monster… ”

“Didn’t you see it for yourself? That is such a monster.”

“The response was slow, but… The martial spirit shown by the ‘monster’ was definitely Baek So-jeo’s. “From what I experienced, it doesn’t seem like there was much of a difference in level.”

Jang Deuk-su muttered with an expression of disbelief. Lee Sung-min also felt something to some extent through his fight with his doppelganger. They didn’t seem to be thinking, but their martial arts skills were so powerful that they were not much different from their target.

[Originally, a monster called a doppelganger can only imitate its appearance and cannot imitate its techniques. But that’s common sense from the ‘outside’.]

Luvia muttered like that.

[Analysis is in progress. The information I have gathered from the line so far is that this dungeon is a complicated maze. I think I can serve as a guide, so trust me and move forward.]

‘Can I trust you?’

[Mr. Woo. Can’t you just trust me?]

Luvia grumbled. The barding that was listening to the conversation was humming and trembling. Heoju, possessed by her barding, seemed to want to talk too.

‘What is it?’

[Why are you letting that crude doll talk and telling me to shut up?]

[A crude doll? A subject that doesn’t even have a body of its own and lives in armor!]

[I swear, the moment I regain my true self, I will tear your ass to pieces.]

Heoju and Rubia started bickering. Seongmin Lee felt like his head was pounding, so he tapped his barding with his hand. Then, Heoju pricked her mouth and closed her mouth, and Luvia let out a boastful laugh.

“… “I feel terrible.”

Jang Deuk-su was walking carefully ahead with a wary expression on his face, unlike before. He looked quite comical, a giant holding a huge ax in both hands, twitching and walking forward.

“What are you thinking?”

“this… I mean the dungeon. “We just had a fight with a monster that looked like White Sawyer.”

We, not me. Lee Seong-min wanted to shoot back like that, but he held back.

“If others are fighting too… ”

Lee Sung-min also realized what Jang Deuk-soo wanted to say. The doppelganger in the form of Baek Sogo carried out Baek Sogo’s martial arts desertion. Even though he was not familiar with the fight itself, the martial arts displayed by the doppelganger were real. Since Lee Seong-min knows Muyeong Talhon, he could be taken down relatively easily, but if Wiji Ho-yeon’s doppelganger appears.


Recalls memories from a past life. In this dungeon, everyone except Wijihoyeon died. And Wijihoyeon came out of the dungeon and declared. He said he killed everyone else.

Could it be that the one who killed Baek So-go and the others was not Wijihoyeon but her doppelganger?

“Let’s hurry.”

Lee Seong-min passed by Jang Deuk-su and headed forward, conscious of the ominous feeling rising in his chest.


“Huh… Huh… !”

The peerless monster took a deep breath and glared ahead. Where he was looking, there were horribly mangled corpses lying around. It was Geukcheondo, one of the masters of the Murim Alliance who entered this dungeon along with the Musougwanhyeop. Geukcheondo was an expert recognized by everyone who was on the verge of reaching the peak of his power, but despite his martial arts skills and high level of obscurity, Geukcheondo’s death was one-sided.

“It’s like a monster… !”

The peerless monster was aware that he would soon meet the same ending as Geukcheondo. He glanced down at his hands, where his blood had stuck to them. His left fist is crushed and he feels nothing but pain. Although the bones of his right fist were not damaged, the peerless monster could not consider him lucky.

A monster approaches beyond the corpse of Geukcheondo. The monster had the appearance of an ice-cold beauty. Her black hair, which seemed to lengthen the darkness of the night, fluttered lightly as she walked, and her dark, light-less eyes did not show a single emotion.

Socheonma Wijihoyeon.

I knew it was a monster. I also knew that he had excellent martial arts skills for his age. The fact that he unilaterally cornered the Blood Heavenly Demon Baek Woo-seon, cut off his left arm, and escaped from Travia, Baek Woo-seon’s home base, without a scratch has already become a myth symbolizing the strength of Wiji Ho-yeon.

Nevertheless, he pursued Wijihoyeon. The reason Wijihoyeon followed Wijihoyeon into this dungeon was because of the peerless monster’s sense of justice. That’s why the peerless monster didn’t try to run away. He unleashed the Qin Wonjin Qi with the determination to kill. The power accumulated over a lifetime was imbued in the entire body of the peerless monster gang. Although he is just a beginner, he is also a top expert in Musou and Weird. If he is prepared to take Dong Gui Jin, he might be able to take at least one of his arms. That was all the peerless monster wanted.


The peerless monster roared and rushed forward. Attack without defense. Dong Gui Jin’s determination to not care for his life made the peerless monster’s body move. Wiji Ho-yeon, who was looking at such a peerless monster, raises his hand. The black dragon robe covering her shoulders swelled greatly.

Know. Just a moment ago, Extreme Heavenly Dao was unable to avoid that attack and became a miserable corpse. As Wijihoyeon’s strength increased, that seemingly weak piece of cloth became a blunt weapon harder and faster than anything else in the world, or a whip. It covers the entire field of vision and overcomes sweeping attacks. Because I couldn’t completely avoid it, my left leg was torn off and I was sent flying, but I didn’t care. The peerless monster forgot the pain. The peerless monster’s eyes, filled with murderous intent, only saw Wijihoyeon looking up.

There was no emotion in Wijihoyeon’s eyes as he looked up at the peerless monster. Wijihoen’s hand moved again, and his black dragon cannon flapped and leapt into the air. It was a monotonous attack, but its speed and power cannot be ignored.

The peerless monster gritted his teeth and twisted his body in the air.

Quad deuk! Left arm is torn off. It’s a dizzying pain, but I ignore it. I had to endure it. The peerless monster vomited blood and stretched out his right hand forward. The tension containing all the power that could be gathered was what the peerless monster saw as Wijihoyeon was there, and it was his last thought. In the earnest wish of the matchless monster that he had just before, his tension smashed Wijihoyeon’s head. But in reality, the person whose head was smashed was a peerless monster.

Wijihoyeon lowered his raised hand and was met with the pouring rain of blood. Wiji Hoyeon, who had been staring blankly at the sky, turned his body and saw the corpse of Geuk Cheondo.

The monster in the form of Wijihoyeon felt no emotions and left the scene.

When Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger murdered Geukcheondo and the Musougwonhyeop.

The real Wijihoyeon was staring blankly at the man standing in front of him. The man was covered in wounds. His side was torn wide open, but neither blood nor internal organs were flowing. Although the injuries were so severe that movement was impossible, the man did not flinch in the slightest. Nevertheless, the man’s eyes did not contain any special-looking tenacity or determination.

“… Hmm.”

Wijihoyeon lowered the fluttering black dragon robe and stroked his chin with his hand. She frowned and studied the man’s face again.

I know that it is not a ‘real’ human. Right in front of my eyes, I saw an unknown lump of flesh erupt and change into something like that.

“I was just wondering.”

I didn’t recognize it at first. After all, 9 years have already passed. Wijihoyeon, who was in Zenavis 9 years ago, had the appearance of a young girl, and ‘that guy’ also had the appearance of a boy. And 9 years have passed. After years and events, Wijihoyeon has become little of what he was 9 years ago.

“You were here too.”

Where did it come in? The Murim Alliance’s pursuers were aware of it, but none of them had ever sensed that guy’s presence. Wijihoyeon smiled bitterly while feeling a complicated longing. Because he never thought he would meet in a place like this, Wiji Ho-yeon was worried about what kind of expression he would make when he met the ‘real’ guy. If she had known it would be like this, she would have come dressed up a little more. No, that doesn’t suit either. While thinking about that, Wijihoyeon looked down at his chest.

‘It wasn’t that big.’



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That was the biggest complaint Wijihoyeon felt. Over the course of nine years, her physique changed, including growing taller and changing her face, but her breasts weren’t as big. She wasn’t at the level of nothing, but she wasn’t big enough for anyone to see, and she was a little smaller than average by Wiji Hoyeon’s standards. She did not pretend to be a man, but behaved like a woman, she wore women’s clothes, she introduced herself as a woman, and she lived for nine years. However, just as in her previous life that Wizzy Hoyeon had ‘heard’, her breasts did not grow, even though Wizzy Hoyeon lived as a woman and not a man, she did not grow her breasts.

‘I thought I made some effort.’

When we met again, I wanted to show off and show off the curves of my prominent breasts. But is it unavoidable what can’t be helped? Her breasts did not get bigger. She thought it would be better to get some feng yuhwan and eat it, but when she actually tried to do it, she didn’t think there was a reason to go to such an extent for that guy. Besides, if my breasts really grew as big as a watermelon, that would also be very uncomfortable. One way or another, Wijihoyeon was satisfied with the size of her breasts. There is no pressure to show off her martial arts skills.

‘But now I feel quite regretful.’

Even though I didn’t do it, I really wanted to see that surprised expression. Wiji Hoyeon raised her hand as she truly thought such a thing.

“This world is very mysterious. Over the course of nine years, I have seen, heard, and experienced so many things. That’s how I became who I am today. “The me now will be different from the ‘me’ you knew in your past life.”

I’ll try saying this though. Wijihoyeon chuckled.

“what. Even though you said you never met me in my past life. And this conversation is meaningless. you… therefore. That’s not the guy I know. yes?”

The doppelganger doesn’t answer. Ignoring the wound on his side, he attacked. He quickly narrows the distance with his forward stride and shoots the spear he was holding in a straight line. No, I just pretend to shoot. The spear flies and hides the head of his spear. The creation of a straight line shows a different movement than a straight line depending on the movement of both arms and hands.

That made Wijihoyeon satisfied. Gucheon Mugeukchang Seong Min-sik. The original Gucheon Mugeukchang is a martial art that Wijihoyeon modified to suit Lee Seongmin. To be honest, while teaching the martial arts, Wijihoyeon did not have high expectations from Seongmin Lee. Wiji Ho-yeon saw that Lee Sung-min’s talent was not really that great, so although he gave him 10 years, he thought that Lee Sung-min would not even reach the threshold of transcendence.

But lo and behold. The spear that was fired is covered with purple steel and is beautiful. This is the strength of Jashingong. Wiji Hoyeon stretched out his hand forward with a happy smile. The black dragon robe, which was hanging down, unfolds wide towards the front according to Wijihoyeon’s hand gesture.

The spear fired by the doppelganger was blocked in vain by Wijihoyeon’s black dragon cannon.

“It turned out great.”

Wijihoyeon muttered. When the outstretched hand clenches into a fist. The spear wrapped around the black dragon was crushed while making a terrible sound. The doppelganger tried to pull out the spear, but Wijihoyeon was moving forward faster than him. She brought her slightly closed fist to her doppelganger’s chest.


The doppelganger’s upper body exploded. Wijihoyeon laughed bitterly as he backed away from the scattered flesh.

“I will be very sad if you die here.”


Wijihoyeon added that and turned around.


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